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Saint Patrick's Day

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St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity's most widely known figures. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery. Ask any questions here about celebrating St. Patrick's Day.
It is an ironic phrase. The Irish have been, and are a spectacularly unlucky race. The "luck of the Irish" is BAD luck, as any reading of Irish history will document. When I did my Master's thesis on Irish references in the American language, I found the original and proper use of this irony goes c…
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"The Wearing of The Green" was written by a Dubliner, Dion Boucicault (1820-1890). After America's revolution, the Irish thought it was time for their own independence. The color greem became a symbol of sympathy for Irish independence and the British actually began executing persons found wearing a…
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St. Patrick's day was first celebrated in the United States in Boston in 1762. It's not surprising that it reached our shores as there are more Americans of Irish origin than there are Irish in Ireland. The man himself, St. Patrick, was born in Wales in 385 AD. His given name was Maewyn. He had an …
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Yes, people will buy you more drinks than usual on your birthday....and you might get a few for free if you do a pub crawl!!
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Actually there's no connection between green and St. Patrick. It's just that Irish connecting green color to fairies, angels, and saints, and any other Holy things.Ireland is known as "The Emerald Isle," and emerald = green, so green is the color of Ireland and thus of St. Patrick's Day.Now, if we w…
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They guard the gold at the end of the rainbow.The name leprechaun may have derived from the Irish leath bhrogan (shoemaker), although its origins may lie in luacharma'n (Irish for pygmy). These apparently aged, diminutive men are frequently to be found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew po…
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St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, died on 17 March 461 AD and the day has been celebrated ever since. St. Patrick spent thirty years building and setting up ministries and places of worship all around Ireland. Since the earliest centuries of Christianity, it has been a custom to celebrate th…
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St. Patrick's day was first celebrated in the U.S. in Boston in 1737. It was and is a Catholic Holy Day.According to legend, St. Patrick lead all of the snakes out of Ireland. A day was created in honor of this supposed feat.
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Corned beef and cabbage is the traditional Irish and Irish-American fare on St. Patrick's Day. Many will also tell you that beer has to be a part of that as well.
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Green and the Irish The Celts called their idea of heaven "Green Erin" a nickname eventually given to Ireland. Green is the symbolic color of St. Patrick's Day because of his ministry as the 2nd Bishop to Ireland, also known as the "Emerald Isle" due to the lush ground cover of clover over the e…
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It sounds like an American creation rather than Irish.
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Because that's what America seems to do with most holidays. Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, New Years, etc. However, due to great Irish beer, it just makes sense to celebrate with a frosty one. Have you ever met an Irishman who didn't like beer? Also, the holiday has become a day of celebratio…
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Death of Saint Patrick: 17 March 461Feast day first celebrated in Ireland: 9th/10th centuryHoly Day of obligation (Ireland): early 1600sPublic Holiday in Ireland: 1903First US St. Patrick's Day parade: 18 March 1737 (Boston) OR 17 March 1762 (New York). As usual, each city denies the other's claim t…
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The Irish don't wear green as such. the colour is used on flags, banners, team colours etc.traditional colour - first Irish flag, represents st. Patrick etc.
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%REPLIES% Answer the question is inverted - the beer came first, then the book, and the guinnesses were a large and eccentric family, spread widely and only connected by their common income from the brew. the name cantrell itself is a well known drinks label in ireland, as "C&C", cantrell an…
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It is another way to say "good morning," often associated with the Irish. When you wish someone the "Top of the Morning," you are wishing them the best part of the morning. To which they should reply, "and the balance of the day to you." This is wishing you a good rest of the day.
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Saint Patrick's Day is the feast day of Saint Patrick who was Ireland's first Bishop and preached Catholicism and the Holy Trinity throughout Ireland.March 17 is the feast day of St. Patrick.
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To kiss the Blarney Stone you must lie on your back and bend your head backwards over a huge gap, and look backwards over the ground below. Even though the castle is in partial ruins the Blarney Stone remains. They say that kissing the Blarney Stone will give you the gift of eloquence, gift of gab …
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Potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes. Also did I mention potatoes? Parades, parties, national games, and religious services etc. Why? A sense of national identity and pride, of togetherness. When? In Ireland on March 17th and sometimes the Sunday closest to it, such as if the 17th was a Saturday or …
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The celebration of St. Patrick's Day was imported to America and other countries by nostalgic Irish immigrants in an attempt to inspire unity, assert a presence, and to celebrate their cultural integration. After Irish immigrants found their way to America, the colonies celebrated St. Patrick's Day …
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Answer Irish do not weat green on St. Patricks day because if you are Irish the green is in your blood. Anyone at least One third Irish are not supposed to or do not have to wear green on St. Patricks day. Answer I've never heard of that view before but it's terrible. It's funny cause in…
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Answer MARCH 17
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Saint Patrick's Day is now associated with everything Irish, from the colour green to shamrocks, good luck to Guinness! However the color of Saint Patrick is blue!! However, its true meaning is as a time-honoured day for spiritual regeneration and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. St P…
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It's Irish Folklore and it has it that if you follow the rainbow the "little ones" will leave a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These little guys were rascals and always playing tricks, so I wouldn't count on that pot 'o gold at the end of any rainbow. Marcy   Leprechauns made their g…
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The leprechaun is an old Irish legend. He is like a spirit.I don't think there is a direct connection. Leprechauns are based upon Irish luck fairies and the Celtic version of dwarves, which were small slimy gold hunting tricksters. St. Patrick was the person who supposedly drove out the pagan belief…
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Answer Kissing the blarney stone gives you the "gift of the gab". You'll supposedly be very talkative, and spreading "blarney" (or BS). Answer The tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone is said to bestow eloquence on the kisser. To be able to kiss the stone you have to dangle yourself from a …
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I believe orange is acceptable to wear on St. Patrick's Day if you are Protestant. The Flag of Ireland is green, orange and white. The green represents Ireland (meaning the original Catholic Ireland), the orange represents the Protestant Ireland and the white represents the peace between the two -- …
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Well, far from being a specialist on the matter, I can say that I would see no reasons why French-Canadian would wear orange. Myself, French Canadian who lived in Montreal for 30 years, celebrated several time the St Patrick's Day in Montreal and never really see anything then green, green and …
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Saint Patrick's Day CelebrationsOur users share with us:Most people in the US with kids and people in Ireland. Everyone in Canada (generally)
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"CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE" means "100,000 Welcomes".
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Legend says that at the end of a rainbow a leprechaun can be found with a pot of gold. A leprechaun is part of Irish folk law, which is why rainbows are often associated with St Patrick's Day celebrations.
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One of the reasons that one wears green on St. Patrick's Day is because the Catholic side of Ireland is identified with green, and St. Patrick is a Catholic Saint credited with converting the island to Christianity. Whereas the Protestants are identified with orange, and are often called "Orangemen,…
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The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, but it is not the national symbol. The official national symbol of Ireland is the harp, which can be seen on Irish coins and documents. Tradition says that St. Patrick, in attempting to explain the meaning of the Holy Trinity, picked up a shamrock leaf to illustr…
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Most countries with a large Irish immigrant population celebrate St Paddy's, especially America (where the parade form of celebration originated) and Australia (which has a large Irish descendent population due to factors such as the penal colony past).
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Because most clover have only three leaves not four, so it takes a bit of luck to find a four leaf bit of clover in a field. The Irish have a tradition that says if someone finds one by accident they will have good luck. Only 1 in 10,000 have 4 leaves. They stand for: Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck. W…
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Celts originated in central Europe not Ireland.They word "Celt" comes from the Greek word "keltoi" ANOTHER ANSWER: The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from Post-Ice Age settler from Northern Spain, especially the Basque country. This is indicated by the Y-chromosome studies of the pas…
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Answer The Catholic and Protestant Irish often get into fights on St Patricks day.
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Only an American would ask that. Poor dears. Kissing a grotty black stone is nothing after the vertigo you will get walking round the top of a high empty shell (like a big factory chimney) and being pushed out on your back over a 100 foot drop. Answer Apparently not. Daughter kissed it 3 years …
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It's thought that the pinching started in the early 1700s, about the time that awareness of St. Patrick's as a holiday came to the fore, too, in Boston, in the Massachusetts colony. They thought if you wore green, it made you invisible to the Leprechauns, which was good because they would pinch anyo…
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Answer Gift of Gab
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The New York parade has become the largest Saint Patrick's Day parade in the world. In a typical year, 150,000 marchers participate in it, including bands, firefighters, military and police groups, county associations, emigrant societies, and social and cultural clubs, and 2 million spectators line …
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Wearing shamrocks and the color green are only a few of the traditions observed on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. But not all of these traditions are traditional to the Irish!Americans are used to wearing a lot of green on St. Patrick's Day, for example, to avoid getting pinched. In Ireland, however, …
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Answer Easy Answer: New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia The second largest St. Patrick's Day parade is in Savannah, Georgia. Really. : )
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I'm sure after several pitchers of green beer, there have been more than a few circumstances where people end up kissing each other (and probably a lot more) on St. Patrick's day :)
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Because back in the day when Irish Catholics observed LENT in a more strict manor,...we abstained from a great many pleasures,...one of them being drinking not to mention gluttony, sex or gossip for that matter. However on Saint Patty's Day we were relieved of our obligation to abstain,...hence,...e…
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The Pot Of Gold does not have a single place but it is the thing at the end of the rainbow! It carries many gold coins that one coin can be traded for a whole mansion!
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Go raibh maith agat (agaibh, plural).
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Orange is symbolic of Irish Protestants while green is symbolic of Irish Catholics. On the Irish flag, there is an orange stripe, a green stripe and a white stripe. The orange is for the Protestants, the green is for the Catholics and the white is for the hope of peace between the two. "Blue was the…
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Green beer Green food coloring WOULD work (if beating the leprechaun doesn't work). And -- I'm not kidding about this -- adding green cream de menthe to the beer will color the beer markedly. It doesn't take much. We always do this on St. Patrick's Day. But not with good beer.
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St. Patrick's day is not an official US holiday but a holiday which goes back to 1782 when Irish soldiers held a parade in New York City giving themselves comfort while away from home. The parade became an annual event which grew to a national level which mostly celebrates Irish culture.The holiday…
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Actually, as the Irish became more and more politically active, and as their contributions to to the U.S. grew, it was a way to pass off all of their major accomplishments as "the luck of the Irish" instead of giving them due credit. It was a derogatory term, essentially.one reasons why the Irish ar…
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The Druids believed that the shamrock could give you powers such as the power to detect presence of bad spirits. And with the luck of the Irish they need all the good luck charms they can find. They also think that the number 4 is lucky so therefore, it is a perfect plant.
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New YorkSome historical details with link. After Irish immigrants found their way to America, the Colonies celebrated St Patrick's Day for the first time in Boston, in 1737. In New York City, the earliest celebration was held in 1756 at the Crown and Thistle Tavern, according to the U.S. Department…
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Five miles north west of the small city of Cork is the village of Blarney - its name being derived from the Irish An blarna meaning 'the plain'. Near the village, standing almost 90 feet in height, is the solidly built castle of Blarney. Cormac MacCarthy erected the present castle, the third constru…
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It means "good morning."And nobody in Ireland says it, unless they are making fun of an American.
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Answer The pin is a Girls Scout Pin known as The World Trefoil PinEvery part of the World Trefoil pin, a unifying symbol of WAGGGS, has a meaning:The golden trefoil on a bright blue background represents the sun shining over all the children of the worldThe three leaves represent the threefold Promi…
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Not in Ireland anyway. Nobody would dream of fouling good beer with green dye, and since lots of people drink Guinness, which is black, it would be pretty hard to do anyway. This is purely American in origin. Some person, most likely not Irish at all decided to desecrate beer in the name of St. Pa…
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Answer I can't find a single account of anyone having fallen while kissing the Blarney Stone. But a pilgrim was reputed to have slipped to his death when trying to kiss the stone by hanging over the edge. Nowadays you go out through a hole on your back and kiss the underside of the Blarney Stone…
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St. Patrick's Irish Credentials St. Patrick was born somewhere in Britain, but he is the patron saint of Ireland. He brought Christianity to Ireland (the Emerald Isle). St Patrick's Day, 17th March every year is the National Holiday of Ireland, North and South. It is also a public holiday in Montser…
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i am irish and i love wearing dresses skinney jeans leather leggins jumpers its cold and wet alot of the time so u do need a coat
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Both Green and Blue can be associated with Ireland.
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We here in Canada celebrate, some of us get carried away.   We do here in the UK, which is Wales, England, Northern Ireland & Scotland....so you can add those to your collection!  It is also widely celebrated here in the United States, given our large population of Irish descendant…
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No, St. Patrick was an actual person.  However, there are many tales and legends that have grown up around the story of this saint.St Patrick himself is not a folk tale. Some stories about him (for example, the one about "driving the snakes out of Ireland") may be.
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Answer It is a Catholic Feast Day that has become a time to celebrate all things Irish. (Me grandmudder's name were Murphy.)
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Yes it is. It is in honour of St. Patrick who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. It is Ireland's national holiday, and also a day of holy obligation, meaning that people go to their churches on that day. Around the world where there are Irish people, it is celebrated, though it is…
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It remembers the day on the day of St Patrick's death. His birth name was maewynn (ma-he-wynn) which is a Celtic name of the time. St Patrick's closest surviving kin and clan are the Welsh . Welsh is the modern form of the Brythonic Celtic language Patrick spoke. == As with almost any holiday's ori…
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Since the earliest days of Christianity, it has been a custom to celebrate the anniversary of saints' deaths. This allows Christians to honor the saint's accomplishments and also to celebrate their entry into heaven. A "feast day" is made for every saint, even when their date of death is unknown. I…
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wear green because it is on of the colors on the Irish flag.
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St.Patrick's day is the celebration of st.Patrick converting the Irish to christians, and the symbol of Ireland is green.
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it is the main color of Ireland
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Because saint patrick was awesome
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Blue not green was the color associated with St. Patrick long ago. Green, the color most widely associated with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day today, gained in popularity through the phrase "the wearing of the green" meaning to wear a shamrock on one's clothing. In Ireland, to do so was seen as a sig…
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Saint Patrick's ministry was in Ireland, and Ireland is known for its green landscape. Green is the color of Ireland (often called "The Emerald Isle"), the color of shamrocks, the official "Irish" color, as it were.
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St. Patrick is a missionary who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. The myth is that he "drove the snakes from Ireland," but most people believe that "snake" is a metaphor for evil. He was a very charitable, upright man, and so he was given a feast day on the Catholic calendar. St. P…
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some people just wear green on st paddy's day but others have parties and have fun in memorance of st patrick.
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St. Patrick was born in Britain, in either Scotland or Wales.
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To commemorate Saint Patrick, and the Irish people and Irish heritage of which he is the patron. Patrick grew up in England. His father was a strong believer in God but Patrick was not and was a trouble maker. One day Irish soldiers attacked their town and Patrick was captured and sent to Ireland…
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in the year 1999 march 17St Patricks day is actually the feast day of St patrick, a real saint who lived hundreds of years ago. He drove the snakes out of Ireland.It starts on the 17th of march
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The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day.
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Irish Catholics wear green, and Irish Protestants wear orange. This is because of the first Protest King William of Orange. St. Patrick was neither Catholic nor Protestant, he was Christian, as he was alive long before the Protestant Revolution.Answer:I myself do not wear green nor orange on Saint P…
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Green is the colour of the shamrock, the national symbol of Ireland. Also, it is said that Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish, so the shamrock as a symbol is also very much connected to Saint Patrick himself. Because the shamrock is green, green is the colour of…
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Saint Patrick's day begin in Ireland in the 9th and 10th centuries. It is celebrated around the world on March 17th.
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I think it does because he wanted to get alot of them but he couldn't so he went and got drunk that is a true Irish man even know he wasn't from irsland
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Answer Irish people feel that Corned Beef and cabbage is about as Irish as Spaghetti and meatballs. That beef was a real delicacy usually served only to the kings. According to Bridgett Haggerty of the website Irish Cultres and Customs she says that their research shows that most likely a "bacon…
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A white 4 leaf clover? - NoAll that follows is WAY off. While it may be correct for an Aryan Brotherhood gang info it has nothing to do with the Shamrocks. There is a full three patch motorcycle club "Shamrocks" that uses a white 3 leaf clover as its main patch. They do have a large chapter in Texas…
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Answer to why Rogers attacke St FrancisAs to the question, "Why did Rogers led an expedition against ther St Frncis Indian mission?" First of all, you need to know the context in which the attack took place. For nearly 70 years prior to what was known as the Seven Year's War begining in 1754 (later …
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We have no idea what St. Patrick looked like as there were no cameras at the time and we know of no portraits of him. Pictures that show him are fanciful renderings by artists who can only guess at what he looked like.Look on google images.
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the term originates from many centuries ago when an Irishman by the name of Times Shermend was out in the vally and drank so much whiskey that he ended up stumbling off a huge cliff and landed in a huge patch of clovers that saved his life. This explains why Irishmen love the clover I'm not sure wha…
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How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day:Wear greenPin a shamrock to your hatSpeak with a http://www.answers.com/topic/brogue-1Wear http://www.answers.com/topic/brogues-1Drink Irish beer and spiritsWish your friends and family "Top o' the morning to ye" and every so often cry out "http://www.answers.com/t…
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There are some great Irish Pubs that will be quite busy on the day, and the day before. you will want to check out barrett's barleycorn, brazen head, two fine irishmen, clancy's, dubliner pub, finnegans, Maggie mccalls. theres also mcflys tavern, mccormacks, Maggie mccalls, muldoons, o'briens lounge…
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in the Irish language Ireland is known as éire, but you will also see it as éireann it depends on the sentence, the syntax will decide the dashes over the vouls and how the noun is conjugated
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first off, i think anyone who drinks beer should really rethink things. beer is pretty much like a slow poisoning that kills you yet bars insist on making the big bucks by selling things that KILL YOU. ==You drink beer as you would drink water or milk. The mechanics are precisely the same.
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Yes there are 4 leaf clovers in the Philippines if you have clovers, you have 4 leaf clovers somewhere, and you have 5 leaf clovers somewhere and even sometimes 6-or-more leaf clovers. All it is, is a genetic mutation in the clover that tells the plant to grow 4 or more leafs instead of the usual 3…
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