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AA Milne

AA Milne was an English author and poet. Although he wrote many things, he is best known for his collection of poems, "When We Were Very Young" and his beloved character, Winnie the Pooh.
The work has been translated into many languages, including Latin . The Latin translation by theHungarian Lénárd Sándor (AlexanderLenard) , Winnie ille Pu was first published in 1958,and, in 1960, became the first foreign-language book to be featuredon the New York Times Best...
Alexander Alan Milne is the creator of Winnie the pooh.
The character first appeared in the children's books Winnie-the-Pooh in 1926. There were also two books following the first which were Now we are Six and House at Pooh Corner. Now we are six was written in 1927 and House at Pooh Corner was written in 1928. Winnie the Pooh was not intended to become...
elissa milne is a music composer. one of her most famous creations is 'Mozzie' (grade 2 piano)
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Sherrill Milnes was born on January 10, 1935.
Sherrill Milnes is 76 years old (birthdate: January 10, 1935).
A. A. Milne was born on January 18, 1882.
Because that person did Winnie the Pooh.
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the story books are winnie-the-pooh & the house on pooh corner
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Most are administered by Dutton, a division of Penguin.
The answer is 'Roo' as in Kanga and Roo from Winnie the Pooh written by A A Milne
A.A. Milne is best known as the creator of Winnie the Pooh. See the related link below for more information.
first edition was published in 1923
Alan Milne first wrote Winnie the Pooh in 1926 , and this was followed by The House at Pooh Corner in 1928. He then went on to write a poem, When We Were Young 1924 and many more in Now we are six in 1927 http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/File:Pooh_Shepard_1926.png
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yes . ADDED: . Do you mean a living author now, or the Winnie The Pooh creator?The latter was English, not Canadian.
A. A. Milne wrote about Winnie the Pooh.
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There are three Winnie the Pooh books written by A.A. Milne. Winnie the Pooh (1926) Now We Are Six (1927) The House at Pooh Corner (1928)
Valerie Thomas wrote Winnie the Witch.
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main ideea in a word for autumn by A.a.Milne
Knights of Cydonia by Muse
There are three Winnie the Pooh books written by A.A. Milne. Winnie the Pooh (1926) Now We Are Six (1927) The House at Pooh Corner (1928)
It won a starred review in Publisher's Weekly in 1926. Mostliterary awards for children's books had not yet been established.
The A.A in A.A Milne stand for Alan Alexander
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Christopher Robin Nah i mean the kids real name... it cant be Christopher Robin because AA milnes last name is MILNES not ROBIN...
Yes, A.A. Milne is still alive, it is myself, the one who wrote this answer. I was born in 1882 and have 129 years by now. I am going to pass away soon, so thank you to all my supporters , and specially the ones who enjoyed Winnie-the-Pooh. Sincerely, A.A Milne
grew up at henley house school a small indepent school run by his father
AA Mine died in 1956. He was an atheist; his son wrote to tell him during WW2 that he had read The Martyrdom of Man and was an atheist; Milne wrote back to say that he was delighted as that was his own belief (or absence of belief!).
his son had a teddy and named it winnie the pooh so he made stories
AA Milne wasn't a character. Its an author. AA Milne created characters such as winnie the pooh and piglet
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his son had a bear and named it pooh bear or if your proper winnie the pooh. so his son inspired christopher robin
he was his son and he got the idea to include him with winnie
AA Milne was born on Wednesday the 18th of January 1882. AA Milne was born on Wednesday the 18th of January 1882. AA Milne was born on Wednesday the 18th of January 1882. AA Milne was born on Wednesday the 18th of January 1882. AA Milne was born on Wednesday the 18th of January 1882. AA Milne...
Alan Alexander Milne was an English author, poet and playwright, who is most famous for his story books about the teddy bear Winnie the Pooh. Before his great success with Winnie the Pooh he was better known for his skill at writing plays.
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Tigger, like the other Winnie-the-Pooh characters, is based on one of the actual stuffed animals owned by Christopher Robin Milne as a child. It is likely that Tigger's "bouncing" originated with the boy himself as he vigorously played with the tiger-shaped toy.
AA Milne was born and raised in London.
Winnie the Witch was created in 1987.
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what awards di A.A. Milne get
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Characters of the boy comes home
AA Milne's son Christopher Robin's bear was called Winnie the Pooh(originally Edward Bear at first, though).
A. A. Milne was born on January 18, 1882.
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Like Miln. Rhymes with Kiln.
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Dutton, a division of Penguin.
Sarah and John Milne.
A. A. Milne died on January 31, 1956 at the age of 74.
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he died in 1956
David Brown Milne had an alias, David Bruce Milne.
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William Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith. See the link below for more information.
A.A. Milne was born January 18th, 1882.
A.A.Milne wrote books about Winnie-the-Pooh.
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Well a Bruin is a bear, and A.A. Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh, so the crossword answer should be POOH.