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Cats (Felines)

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Cats are a type of pet first domesticated in Egypt around 2500 BC. Today, they are very popular as companion animals worldwide. Cats are independent, and are less attention demanding than other animals. They also need very little exercise and does not need to be walk daily, like the way dogs do. These qualities make them ideal pets for people who can only spend little time with their companion animals each day, and people who wants an indoor pet. In this category, there are questions containing information about cats.
As many as he wants.
Yes, but only certain ones. If my guessing is correct, they snatch and eat eagles that go around the rainforest. Since jaguars mainly come from rainforest, they will kill and eat eagles. Usually, like the monkey eating eagle, originally from the Philippines, eats monkeys there. And so jaguars do...
Cheetahs live in tropical and warm places, kind of like the  rainforest. They can live in grasslands, savannahs, and other  places.
We should save the Bobcat because if we didn't have them then the pests that they control by eating them would be destroying our economy.
They can bleed for 3-5 days after giving birth. It is not uncommon  for the bleeding to continue for up to 7 days.
yes..The bobcat resembles other species of the Lynx genus,but is on average the smallest of the four. Its coat is variable,though generally tan to grayish-brown, with black streaks on thebody and dark bars on the forelegs and tail. Its spotted patterningacts as camouflage. The ears are black...
Yes. There are around 460 still left alive today. 200-260 survive  in the wild, with an additional 200 kept in zoos. There is much  being done about the population and hunting.
Just as parents "childproof" their home, so should pet owners  "petproof" theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infants  and small children, are naturally curious and love to explore their  environment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can't know  what is dangerous and what...
common aptitude test
Yes, because it's so similar to the measles virus. However, even if  it replicates in humans, it has no effects on us. But if a human is  carrying the virus, he or she can still potentially pass it onto an  animal.
it honestly just depends on what it is, if its something that you  really don't feel comfortable doing then I would talk to them about  it and let them know how you feel
Tigers don't go in much for shelters. A female tiger will seek out a den when she's about to have cubs.But it's usually a pre-existing feature, like a gap between somerocks, a fallen tree, maybe just a dense shrubbery, and she won'tdo much to improve it. They go under a tree or rock, or if they are...
No. Another answer about Do cats huddle, different people might use theword huddle when they actually mean cuddle. Yes, cats love tohuddle or cuddle together with other cats, dogs, and any otheranimal that will let it lay by him or her, even their humanfriends.
First, take the cat to the vet. If there are no urinary tract orotherwise problems, place litter boxes in places where he/sheshould not be doing his wee-wee or poo-poo. If you can't do that(like if your cat is doing his/her business where you have towalk), make the place where he's going as...
well since dr. suess tends to like rhymes in his books, but I think  its because the book "the cat in the hat" is a bestseller so I  think its because of that.  Rosimar~ 
No, they only live in the Himalayas... ^.^
I've seen clips of Lion prides attempting to corner a Rhino or chasing a Rhino but nothing more. Rhinos have a thick armor that Lions in all likelyhood would find impossible to penetrate.Besides that a Rhino is about 4tons of armor and a leathal horn and speed which makes it exceedingly dangerous...
Apart from species in which an animal lives in a group and every  member has a specific job, the animal kingdom doesn't really have  generalists or specialists. Ligers are extremely rare, and usually  lives in solitude, so neither.
a female lynx leave some of it's urine on a males territory
yes, because i taught my cat how to sit stay and down.
they have an instinct that tells them what to do in a situation  like for example the kittens are mewing and the mom will give them  milk.
Camshaft gear, on your 3406 Caterpillar diesel engine, by using a  car puller. You will need to remove the front engine cover in order  to get at the gear.
Please take a stool sample to your veterinarian for analysis. They'll prescribe mediation for the worms, depending on what kind they are. If your cat's nasal discharge is clear, it's probably nothing to worry about, but keep an eye on it. If it's yellow or green, she needs an antibiotic and...
no, the amount of microwaves is to small for anybody to realize
Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
Cats and Lions pant when they need extra oxygen. A: cats can pant, my cats always pant after they have there vets injections as it makes them drowsey and hot, lions pant as they hav lots of slivah, just like we sweat!!
1-3 weeks it has to lose its hormones
depending on what cat you have
Leopard cubs start walking when they open their eyes. They open their eyes after a few days of their birth.
Cats can be very vicious, yes. When they find prey -- mice or small birds -- they won't just kill it. They play with it and torture it for hours. Like, they'll maim it until it can barely walk, and then let it walk away a little bit, and then catch it again, bat it around for awhile, let it escape...
1996 - Joe decided  to breed some Munchkins to Persians. He called this  new potential breed "Napoleons" as a take-off of Napoleon  Bonapart who was known for his short  stature. 
The coughing of a cat occurs when its either got a hairball, a cold, chronic bronchitis, respiratory infections, allergies, feline bordetella (kennel cough), feline asthma, heartworms, and so on. Treat the cat with antibiotics if it has a bacterial infection. If it has asthma, try treating it with...
Whatever you are comfortable with.However, if his name is currently "Pete", may I suggest "re-Pete"?
There are lots: Tiger, Timmy, Stripey, Tommy,Leopard =^.^=
A cougar eats very violently! It will tear its food (meat) apart but finish it all. A cougar will eat as much as it gets as well, it won't matter if the cougar is full. It will eat a lot because it doesn't know when it's next meal may be.
Yes, they do. It is also known as a nictitating membrane. See the related link below.
Cheetahs aren't the Strongest Big Cat on the plains. In fact, they're the weakest! They are fast and fragile, so they don't have much options when it comes to confrontation. They aren't strong enough to defend territory, so if food and water is scarce, or if another threat comes, it's time to move...
Yes, they do. The female raises the young alone. One to six, but usually two to four, kittens are born in April or May, after roughly 60 to 70 days of gestation. There may sometimes be a second litter, with births as late as September. The female generally gives birth in some sort of enclosed space,...
Do not crouch, bend or stoop. Your perceived size acts as a factor of intimidation to the attacking animal. Even raising an arm or arms increases the perception of size. (Animals do not recognize the symbol of surrender which is a social and cultural skill.) If a platform of any type is...
Very active and sly cats. They seem as if they are mini leopards.  Ocelots can wonder around trees and hunt birds. They can be  energetic yet fun-sized felines.
No, night vision is the ability to see in low light condition and  infrared vision is the capability of biological or artificial  systems to detect  infrared radiation. The terms  thermal vision and  thermal imaging, are also commonly used in this context since  infrared emissions from a...
In southern Iraq the Tigris River is joined by the River Euphrates.  They run together as a single river roughly 120 miles (193 km), and  empty into the Persian Gulf. The Iraqis call this confluence of  rivers by the Arabic name,  Shatt al-Arab, "Coast/Beach of the Arabs." The Iranians call it ...
Yes its very simple. Put the cat in the toilet and flush it. this provides a rinse. Then open the lid and add dish washing liquid. Flush 3 times. Hang the cat and the toilet on the washing line. The cat and the toilet will be sparkling in no time. This is not from Samantha Thompson.
According to several websites and my brain, J.R McDuffie  has bean researching the leopard.
Cats i'd say are better than other pets. Why? Number 1. You do not have to walk cats. Number 2. You can pet them, (not like dogs, dogs move around too much, don't blame me, i got it from a book.) Number 3. Cats are very cute, (My cat sticks out her tongue when she sleeps) Number 4. You don't...
The most common cause of a Caterpillar see 13 diesel engine not  starting and producing and a lot of white smoke is a bad camshaft.  A plugged air filter can also cause the same problem.
Yes. Kittens as young as 4 months old can potentially get pregnant.
  A cat spraying is an instinct that male cats have to mark their territory. Whatever they're spraying on, it means "this is mine". There are some deterrents available at your local pet store to prevent this.   Spraying is a part of communication among cats, helping to define boundaries and...
Keep your cat (s) out of trouble, make sure they know how to use their litter box. keep their litter box out of sight, but where they can get to it. (also make sure you do their litter box!) don't let them scratch up the the furniture, make sure they have a scratching post. Make sure you keep your...
Kittens usually don't taste very good in salads, try slicing your kitten into long strips of meat and adding them to your favorite Asian dish! Very good!
Cats don't pay attention to what you say, unless it is their name or some other very common sentence they associate with themselves. They will more likely notice the tone and body language you use with it, not the words, and actions such as petting will also make them happier.
Your cat or cats probably eat weird stuff because he/she is hungry or just is a greedy guts and your ok because 1 of mine eats tikka,yoghurt and other strange and wonderful things! Hope you found this helpful.=D
"What was the political situation in Germany before  the Munich Putsch?"  need this answered in 2 or three paragraphs please  ASAP  
no just make sure you whatch your dog
Normally they are killed for their furs, bones, or meats. Sometimes  even for fun.
My cat's name is Passion. Is that what you were looking for?
Lions are felines that are in the Panthera genus.
this question made me think, the first I could think of was that it was for camouflage reasons. Their vertical stripes help them hide in tall grasses. If the stripes were to be horizontal it would be easy for the prey to spot the tiger out of the crowd. Therefore giving the tiger's prey a little...
Dreams of cats have multiple meanings. Cats are known as familiars, and are our escorts into the unconscious. To a woman, a cat can represent her archetype of intuition (the witch archetype). To a man, the cat could symbolize his inner female, known as the Anima. Your dream shows that there is...
That's cat language for, "Please stop that!". She's letting you know politely to stop. When she "says" it more firmly, you'll know!
It was probably important because he loved the cat so much and was  his friend.Some people care about their animals alot.For example I  have animals and I love them alot.
Ocelots may be small, but they're like fierce predators too! The  Ocelots live in rain forests, woodland forests, and fresh leafy  lush forests.
A tiger's home is called a lair.
Definitely. A jaguar is a powerful fighter and is much larger than the cheetah.jaguar6 - 9 feet long 80 - 350 pounds.cheetah4.5 - 7 feet long75 - 175 pounds.
"White Tigers" aren't a subspecies of Tiger. White fur is a rare  variant among most, if not all, big cats. So i cant answer your  question directly. However, Bengal tigers weigh up to 300-560  pounds. Siberians weigh up to 300-675 pounds. Sumatrans weigh  170-310 pounds.
Fur is used in reference to the hair of  animals, usually mammals, particularly those with extensive body  hair coverage. The term "pelage" (French, from Middle  French, from poil hair, from Old French peilss, from  Latin pilus; first known use in English circa 1828.) is  sometimes used to...
There are usually 2 or 3 cubs in a litter but there can be more.  But the reality is that usually only 1 or 2 at greatest survive.
most likely, it appears to be leopard fur but with larger spots and  it was in smaller quantities so it was also one of the more  expensive pelts
It is valuable because they keep our ecosystem balanced by killing  prey and not letting them over populate.If there was no cheetahs  they will over populate and the ecosystem will be unbalanced
yes just rub some at the top of the mat and at the bottom neat the  skin and in a couple of days the matted fur will fall off
The size of the territory could be several square miles, larger in  areas of less available prey. Competition with humans may drive the  tiger into more mountainous areas.
Well this doesn't  really answer the question but this is what I researched about  The first sign of a  skin problem may be a crusty area on the skin, nose, or foot. In  other cases, skin problems which may start out small can progress  and develop into more extensive lesions. They may open,...
The teeth are located on both sides of the mouth. Two rows of upper  teeth are anchored in maxilla bone of the face. Two rows of lower  teeth are anchored in the jaw bones (mandibular bone). Each tooth  has a crown, which is the part that can be seen in the mouth, and  one or more roots, which...
When a baby tiger is born it is called a CUB or a WHELP.
 A salmon gets its food by capturing it with the sharp little teeth  that are all around the edge of its mouth 
Because all creatures have value. Although the population hasbenefited from the ban on legal international fur trade, whichmeans the number of furs going to China and Russia has reducedsignificantly, illegal hunting still represents a major threat.Habitat loss, with a resulting loss in their prey...
No! Depending on the antibiotic, it may be dangerous to the cat. And, certainly, the dosing would be different. Consult your veterinarian, please.
Consumer. Anything that does not directly produce it's own energy from the sunlight (photosynthesis) or chemical compounds (chemosynthesis) is a consumer.
some panthers do hunt zebras, yes. because panthers eat meat, they  hunt for zebras though zebras eat plants.