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Easter Sunday is the feast day in the Christian calendar to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We welcome all questions pertaining to the Easter Bunny too!


Christians like celebrating Easter because that is when the Jesus defeated death and raised himself from the dead. Then somehow someone changed the holiday to a bunny day.
It is set to the lunar calendar .
 If you go way back, though, the Easter Bunny starts to make a  little sense. Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. Plants  return to life after winter dormancy and many animals mate and  procreate. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals to celebrate  this renewal of life and promote...
Easter Sunday last fell on March 31 in 2002. Easter Sunday previously fell on this date in the years 1720, 1771, 1839, 1850, 1872, 1907, 1918, 1929 and 1991. Easter Sunday will next fall on March 31 in 2013.
Easter Sunday last fell on March 26 in 1989. Easter Sunday has previously fallen on March 26 in the years 1758, 1769, 1780, 1815, 1826, 1837, 1967 and 1978. Easter Sunday will next fall on March 26 in 2062.
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No, chicken ovules don't recognise rabbit sperm cells as being  compatible.
AHA !! Rather than a Biblical conundrum, this is looking like one of thosequiz questions that always gets a groan from the assembled quizzerswhen the answer is revealed. The 'Good Friday' referred to isactually the name of a racehorse. I don't know when or even if thehorse had a fall on a Saturday...
Jesus was executed on Passover and came back to life two dayslater. Passover generally falls at the time of the first full moonof spring.
April 4th, 2010
Pascha is the Greek name for Easter. It is derived from the name  Pesach, the Hebrew festival of Passover.
In Norway they celebration for Easter is similar to the other  countries around it. They celebrate the colors, eat Easter chicken  and Easter eggs, and the celebration last for five days.
Dyeing with natural dyes is not much different that dyeing with chemical dyes--you put the egg into the dye solution, and then leave it in until the egg has changed color sufficiently. Chemical dyes tend to work much more quickly, and are thus preferred by most egg artists. Natural dyes often take...
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Easter Sunday last fell on March 29 in 1970. Easter Sunday has previously fallen on this date in the years 1739, 1750, 1807, 1812, 1959 and 1964. Easter Sunday will next fall on March 29 in 2043.
Eggs are associated with Easter because meat was forbidden to  Catholics during Lent. After the Lenten period was over, there was  a surplus of eggs, and these were used during the Easter feast.
Since 1933, Easter Sunday has fallen on April 1 in 1934, 1945 and 1956. Previous to 1933, Easter Sunday has fallen on April 1 in the years 1714, 1725, 1736, 1804, 1866, 1877 and 1888. Easter Sunday will next fall on April 1 in 2018.
yesNO::: a fast means you eat no food...this includes communion waffers, crackers or bread which ever the church uses for communion.
Usualy you go to church for a special mass and receive a palm.
Easter Sunday last fell on March 23rd in 2008. Easter Sunday will again fall on this date in 2160. Good Friday will fall on this date in 2035.
Easter Sunday will next fall on April 21 in 2019.
Any country that has Christianity present in it will have people celebrating Easter. Western countries observe it officially...the US, Britain, Australia, Canada are just a few examples.
  i think it is because it is a leap year
In 2010, Good Friday fell on April 2.
You can wear normal church attire. Nothing extra is required.
For the origin of the Bunny/ Easter egg story you have to go back in time to Germanic or Anglo Saxon folklore before Christianity came to Europe. At that time people celebrated the return of spring as the time that the Earth once more became fruitful and birds and animals produced their young....
There is always a chance, however miniscule it is. In the meantime,  enjoy those delightful strawberry ritz sandwiches from Japan - a  pretty close substitute if you ask me. They go excellent with  Nutella.
Easter falls on the Sunday after good Friday. It marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
You can have a regular Easter Egg Hunt where the eggs are scattered about and kids run around and collect as many as possible. I found this game ideas at http://www.partygameideas.com/easter-games/ Easter Egg Treaasure Hunt where clues lead you to eggs and then the Easter treasure. Easter Egg...
Well the french make baskets out of material such as twigs, grass, hay and straw etc. When they have made their baskets they hide it once everyone child has hidden their basket the church bells stop ringing on good Friday. They start again on Easter Sunday when all the magic bells have filled their...
  The Easter Bunny brings the eggs and the Bunny Rabbit eats them!
He arose from the grave. Crucified Good Friday (day 1), in the tomb Saturday (day 2), and on the third day (Easter) He AROSE!. He is alive to this day.
April 23, 1961 fell on a Sunday.
The front page of Target's online ad reports that all Target stores  will be closed on Easter Sunday. This Examiner story implies that  some Target stores may be open:  http://www.examiner.com/article/are-target-walmart-costco-stores-open-or-closed-for-easter-sunday-2014
Almost all holidays we celebrate today are Pagan based. Easter is based on the pagan holiday Eostre or Ostara. These holidays are pagan fertility holidays. The eggs and "Easter bunny" of the Christian Easter come from the pagan use of them as fertility symbols.
Eggs signify new life, which Jesus Christ gave us in the resurrection, allowing us to have eternal life after death with him in heaven. Thus the eggs signify new life, this was its original beginning. It has become secularized, but it still has a Christian foundation.The egg was used by ancient...
Usually but not always. Sometimes it's in March instead. (If you're Eastern Orthodox, sometimes it's in May instead.)
In A church on Easter morning. Also in the park
Easter falls on Sunday April 4
Easter Sunday has fallen on April 7 in the years 1765, 1822, 1833, 1844, 1901, 1912, 1985 and 1996. Easter Sunday will next fall on April 7 in 2075.
For the year 2010, Easter Sunday falls on April 4th.
Because...They are YUMMY! and have absolutely nothing to do with the Christian Holiday. They are simply the opportunist marketing of a tasty confection that enables candy makers to make huge amounts of money. Same thing at Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc. To my knowledge, jesus never...
The early church fathers wished to keep the observance of Easter in correlation to the Jewish Passover. Because the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened after the Passover, they wanted Easter to always be celebrated subsequent to the Passover. And, since the Jewish holiday...
We have hot cross bun because Easter is when Jesus died on the cross. On hot cross buns that is what the cross in the middle is for. Jesus give up his life on Good Friday and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday for all of humanity.
Easter Sunday will next fall on March 28 in 2027. Easter Sunday has previously fallen on March 28 in 1717, 1723, 1869, 1875, 1880, 1937 and 1948.
In the United States most Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. For quite a few years now unbelievers have tried to pull attention away from this Christian holiday by introducing "Bunny rabbits" and "Easter eggs", both of which have nothing to do with...
In 2010, Easter Sunday fell on April 4.
Good Friday will next fall on April 1 in 2067. Good Friday has previously fallen on April 1 in the years 1763, 1768, 1774, 1825, 1831, 1836, 1904, 1983, 1988 and 1994.
Because they taste good. We eat hot cross buns as they have the symbol of the cross on them to represent Jesus Christ dying on the cross for all of human kind. Also yes they do taste good. :)
  Pentecost is observed 50 days after Easter Sunday.
In 1985, Easter Sunday was on April 7.
In 1972, Easter Sunday fell on April 2.
Easter originates from Old English, which is an ancient Germanic  language. According to Old English poet Bede, the word Easter comes  from Eastre or Eostre, the name of a Germanic goddess connected to  springtime.
The notes for 'Hot Cross Buns' on a recorder are as follows: BAG BAG GGGG AAAA BAG
Around the World Easter is celebrated by people of the Christian faith wherever they are around the world.
Sorry but its just a make believe creature like the tooth fairy
Jesus set Easter off because he felt like it.
In 2010, Easter Sunday fell on April 4.
It began after Jesus'es reserection from the dead
To celebrate the religious holiday called Passover.
-They eat pupusas, which consists of a thick totilla combined with a variety of ingredients such as ground beef, cheese, pork, beans, loroco, etc. Pupusas can be costume made with ingredients of your preference! -On Christmas and new year's the use of fireworks are prominent-On Easter week, they...
In 1950, Easter Sunday fell on April 9.
Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of spring. It just so happened that the first day of spring was March 20th, 2008 and the first full moon was the day after on March 21st, 2008. So, sticking with the rule the first Sunday after the full moon it lands...
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Jesus went to Jerusalem at the start of his last week before  crucifixion probably in preparation for the Jewish Passover feast  later in the week. He also went to teach, and during this week he  spoke many parables , the Lord's Prayer, and a number of key  teachings for His followers.   The...
Easter Sunday will next fall on March 30 in 2059. Easter Sunday has previously fallen on March 30 in the years 1766, 1823, 1834, 1902, 1975, 1986 and 1997.
In 2013, Easter Sunday will fall on March 31.
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people wave palm leaves
People give each other Easter Eggs;This is to represent the surprise of Jesus rising from the dead.People celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ.People go to church to rememberthe resurrection of Jesus.There is a church service that parades from the church to a hill to put up three crosses to...
Well I am not quite sure how we celebrate Easter the religious way apart from going to Church , but I do know children think its all about the Easter bunny delivering Chocolate eggs. I always celebrate Easter with my families. We will: . Paint eggs . Provide Easter baskets . Watch Easter movies ...
Very simply, Christians have eggs at Easter because pagans used to celebrate the coming of spring with eggs (which were a sign of new life and rebirth). When Christianity spread and conquered pagan cultures, the old customs got absorbed into the new religion. This process is called "religious...
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Officially, in 2010, just over 80 million Easter eggs were counted, but it is estimated that over 150 million Easters were sold. A lot of shops count how many of each iten they sell, you see.
Because it's the day that Jesus died on the cross, so it is called good because he did it so all our sins could be forgiven. Actually He could not have died on Friday because the Bible says He was dead three days and three nights. That would not be possible between Friday and Sunday.Actually the...
Jesus started Easter when he rose from the dead
The White House Easter Egg Roll began during the Presidency of  James Madison. His wife, Dolley Madison, was responsible for  putting together the event.
Easter Sunday has fallen on April 4 in 1706, 1779, 1790, 1847, 1858, 1915, 1920, 1926, 1999 and 2010. Easter Sunday will next fall on April 4 in 2021.
A:John Shelby Spong (Jesus for the NonReligious) puts it this way: The Jewish eight day celebration of the harvest, known as Sukkoth, and also called the Festival of the Tabernacles or Booths, was probably the most popular holiday among the Jews in the first century. In the observance of Sukkoth,...
Yes; Because Saturday was the Sabbath, Jesus had to be taken away before 6pm on Friday (as 6pm Friday is when the Sabbath begins). That's why the women didn't go to the tomb until Sunday - as they couldn't annoint the body on Saturday.
Easter Sunday has fallen on April 24 in 1859. Easter Sunday will next fall on April 24 in 2011 and then in 2095.
That is the intention, but it often falls a month before Passover.
It is also called Hosanna sunday.
Easter is the celebration of Jesusâ?? Resurrection. It is not  exactly clear when the Jewish Christians first began celebrating it  as a distinct event separate from Passover. However, texts from the  second century C.E. allude to Easter as a well-established  celebration by this time.
they celebrate Easter by going on lent and do carnivals. the Germanic celebration of Easter (ostern in German) is very much like that in most of the christian church.
Ultimately named after Austron, a goddess of spring and fertility. Check this website (see related link) for more information.
We have Easter because that is the day that Jesus comes back to life.
In 2035, Easter Sunday will fall on March 25.