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Molecular Biology

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Molecular biology is the study of how molecules (biomolecules such as protein, DNA) communicate in the cell and how the field helps to study them in a external condition.
Biotechnology is used in many fields. Biotechnology is the useof living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or"any technological application that uses biological systems, livingorganisms or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products orprocesses for specific use. this is found on...
Every protein molecule sooner or later reaches the end of itslifetime. This might be for example when oxidative damage hasdegraded it to the point where it cannot fulfill its function. The only option left to the cell in this case is to somehow get ridof the damaged protein. A typical mechanism for...
C2H4 or Ethene is an organic molecule composed of covalentinteractions.
There are many molecular biologists that have contributed tounderstanding living organisms. These are few examples: Linnus Pauling, "Father of chemical bond", & Robert Corey (30's- 40's) discovered 3D structure of many amino acids and guided themto elucidate the alpha cheratin structure. Their...
Yes, it unwinds the DNA double helix prior to transcription/proteinsynthesis and DNA replication.
A single mRNA molecule has 3 codons i.e. 1 amino acid. The questionis flawed and does not make sense!
Coli means in relation to the gut or colon. E.coli is thescientific name (Genus and species) for a common gut bacterium.
Carbohydrates. proteins, nucleic acids, lipids
They can be used in genetic modification as a vector to insert geneinto the genome of a target cell. This has happened naturally in a few occasions, hence why much ofhuman DNA is derived from viruses (retroviral DNA).
they would share the very same DNA, that doesn't mean the geneswill be expressed the very same way yet they will still begenetically the same.
The most common product from biotechnology processes arerecombinant proteins. Briefly, a cell line or recombinant strain (abacterium strain genetically modified) is placed in a vessel orbioreactor with all necessary nutrients (carbohydrates, growthfactors, vitamins, sometime antibiotics, etc.) in...
Cutting of DNA at specific DNA sequence is done by 'restrictionenzymes' & these specific sites are called as 'restrictionsites'.
Originally, and too briefly, called bio-engineering, it is now known most commonly as Biotechnology; the types referred to are called biotechnological fermentation techniques.
The logical process of passing from observations and axioms to generalizations; in statistics , the development of generalizations from sample data , usually with calculated degrees of uncertainty.
Yes, there are a few quizzes for central dogma under the related links.
A buffer is a chemical solution which keeps the PH of a solutionconstant
It works as a vibration device to help properly mix solutions. It may break glass, so when handling test tubes, one should hold firmly in the palm of their hands and place hand on vortex to vigorously vibrate the solution.
The answer is unclear from the wording of the question. "Interacting with the world around us" suggests proteins, which are obtained from other living things or manufactured by cells. The proteins in cells are the functional chemicals of life, and DNA and RNA are molecules that control protein...
Restriction enzymes are mainly used in recombinant DNA technologyto the DNA sequence at specific site so it can be use to insertinto vector system and then the host cell, as to express thatparticular gene.
Yes. An antigen is a substance that stimulates an animal in orderto produce an antibody reaction to counteract the substance by aspecific binding antibody-antigen. Most of the times this antigenis a molecule of protein.
Elements are the same in chemistry or biology. They are serially listed in the periodic table. Biochemical such as carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids and lipids are all derived from the element C, H, N, O and micro nutrient P, S.
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Experiment is some things scientist does based on the facts and available knowledge to answer a particular research question. They observe the results and infer their conclusion based on that. For example if you want to say compound A is causing a change in cell cycle, they treat cells with the...
the ability of some viruses to transfer information from RNA to DNA
In simple words, you can not conclude without molecular data. You may sometimes see a visible phenotype such as change in color of eyes, skin or growth or any such things for some genotype. but this doesn't validate that the gene knock out actually happened in both allele.
Central dogma dictates DNA-->mRNA-->proteins. This explain that a gene or DNA make mRNA first. the mRNA transported to cytoplasm for protein synthesis.
The central dogma of molecular biology is Gene or DNA -->mRNA-->protein. This means DNA transcribe the mRNA in nucleus and export it to cytoplasm after processing. mRNA translates protein with the help of ribosomes and tRNA.
bio talk . Molecular bio is the study of molecules (atoms or groups of atoms), Microbiology is the study of microorganisms... small stuff, viruses, bacterium, etc. which is made of molecules.
If you look at the gene sequences of a species, you can see a clear homology among the same species. Distantly related species wont have similarity at DNA level. Hence by knowing the molecular level information one can predict the evolution of a species.
Yes. It deals with the chemical building blocks and chemical reactions that take place in living things.
agglutination is when B-lymphocytes, more specifically plasmaB-cells, link antigens together using the binding sites on theantigens. This prepares the antigens for phagocytosis orperforation from a killer T-cell
DNA -> RNA -> protein. That simple!
First it's molecular biology not molecularabiology and Molecular biology is the study of biology at a molecular level. The field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. Molecular biology chiefly concerns itself with understanding the interactions...
Ions are the same in physics, chemistry and biology and any other field of science. There are two ions namely positive and negative ions or charges. A molecule when loose an electron it becomes positively charged, in contrast they will be negatively charged if they receive.
Carrier proteins performs the diffusion of different molecules. They found as an integral protein in the cell membrane. When its specific binding partner molecule binds to it, the protein undergoes conformational change that allows the transport of the solute molecule inside the cell. Glucose...
biochemistry, botany, embryology, histology, microbiology, molecular biology, neurobiology, sociobiology, zoology, Biopsychology, cell biology, zoology, among others.
Yes! This is part of the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.
Have the same molecular formula
Conservation ecology typically deals with larger classifications in ecology such as the community, ecosystem or biosphere levels. All of these larger levels are affected by the smaller ones it consists of. The chain of classification starts with the molecular level so any changes on this level could...
Molecular evidence can prove or disprove some fylogenetic relations between organisms that were previously based on morphologic aspects or ecologic aspects.
For the most basic molecular biology knowledge, Wikipedia is a great place to start
"Currently, the research areas offered by our department fall into the following fields: - Fermentation Technology & Bioreactor Design - Molecular Biology & Genetic Engineering - Bioseparation - Tissue Culture Engineering - Food Engineering - Biosensor - Biosensor"
DNA is transcribed to Messenger RNA (mRNA), and protein codingmRNAs form proteins
Cellular biology studies and describes everything about cells - their structure, their processes, their life, reproduction etc. Molecular biology mostly studies "biological macromolecules" (proteins, DNA and RNA) and their interactions (which happen, logically, on molecular/atomic level). An...
positively- quantum mechanics have given us a proper perspective on time, molecular biology has proved the latent library of DNA theory, cosmology has shown us how the earth is protected, all this and the impossibility of life ever forming by chance has converged with the ancient mysteries.
In prokaryotes tetracycline, chloremphenicol can inhibit protein synthesis. Puromycin is an antibiotic that inhibit both prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein synthesis. Each antibiotics has specific mode of action where it inhibits by binding, for example Chloremphenicol block the peptidyl transfer...
In labs, all food and drink are prohibited, so I would assume that yes, it is prohibited. (Used to work in a Molecular Biology lab)
Microbiology, molecular cell biology, immunology and genetics for several disciplines that study bacteria.
Main branches of Sciences in enlisted below: Aerodynamics Anatomy Anthropology Archaeology Astronomy Astrophysics Bacteriology Biochemistry Biophysics Biology Botany Chemical Engineering Chemistry Climatology Computer Science Ecology Electronics Engineering Entomology Environmental Science Forestry...
Kary Mullis is an American scientist. He developed the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a powerful technique used to produce copies of DNA. PCR is now widely used in molecular biology and in the diagnosis of genetic diseases. He won the Nobel Prize in 1993.
A person who is passionate or interested to learn about how life works will study biology. Sometimes people from other branches of science such as chemistry or physics are also come to biology to answer any research question. biology is a broad field of science that encompasses various categories to...
Absolutely; in fact, Biology is increasingly getting down to the molecular level, very much intertwined with Chemistry.
they are a lot of different areas of biology such as biochemistry, zoology, molecular biology.
molecular biology, embryology, explanation of genetic codes
first of all it's not central dragoma. it is central DAUGMA. process of transcription and translation is described as the central daugma
Study biology
------------are plasmids whose phenotypic traits are not yet beenascribsd
An LB medium isn't the only medium used in microbiology; it depends on the microbe and what the microbiologist is trying to achieve. But for general growth of bacteria (usually E. coli), the LB broth is most commonly used because the nutrients allow for optimal growth.
Molecular biology Ecology Physiology Anatomy Cell biology (Etc)
Paleontology, genetics, molecular biology, taxonomy, evolutionary development and comparative anatomy, just to name a few.
Biology is linked with chemistry, which we call biochemistry.Molecular structure is necessary to understand the functioning and the ingredients in the cells of different organisms including plants.
SiF4 is molecular.
Protein structures are stabilized largely by non covalent forcesand the surrounding medium. Forces such as ionic bonding, Hydrogeninteraction, Van der Waals forces keep the proteins stable.Disulphide linkage also plays a role in protein stability.
No nucleotides can build proteins. Nucleotides can build nucleic acids but not proteins. Proteins are produced from its monomers called amino acids.
Proteins work by interactions. Enzymes can interact with its substrate and can cause chemical changes. Hormones can interact with its receptors to trigger signalling events.
9,12-octadecadienoic acid (Linoleic Acid) ..according to scietificpsychic.com=)
I was given this question by a teacher in chemistry and they told me that there was none. Hope that helped!
No. Darwin published his theory in the 1850s. The structure of the DNA molecule was not worked out by biologists until around the 1950s. Darwin was long dead before molecular biology came into play to support his theory.
Yes. Hydro = water ; phobia=fear
DNA--->RNA--->Protein Naturally, this no longer holds. Consider retroviruses.
The study of molecular biology includes an extensive investigation of the genetic activity that takes place in a given cell. During the replication of a cell's DNA and the transcription of RNA molecules, there are rare but present instances where particular strands are copied incorrectly,...
The method that uses bacteria to copy DNA is called molecularcloning. Molecular cloning is experimental with modern biology andmedicine.
The branch of biology that deals with the formation, structure, and function of macromolecules essential to life, such as nucleic acids and proteins, and especially with their role in cell replication and the transmission of genetic information.
Ribosomes are protein factory that synthesize proteins from amino acids (no other organelle can do this). Ribosomes structures containing site for protein production. when the mRNA exported to cytoplasm, ribosomes sense it and bind to start protein synthesis.
Does question are make sense
As per the central dogma, DNA or gene transcribe the mRNA in nucleus and send out to the cytoplasm. mRNA binds to the tRNA and ribosomes to make proteins as coded on their triplet codes. So the expression is depending on when the gene is "ON" by a stimulus.
Proteins are produced as polymer of amino acid chains. They gain secondary structure elements such as alpha helix, beta sheet during folding and for their three dimensional structure. Some proteins such as Hemoglobin make quaternary structure where they form the final structure with four different...
There are four molecules of water in 4H 2 O. One molecule of water is written as H 2 O. The subscript 2 tells you that there are two H(hydrogen) atoms. Since there is no subscript after the O there is one O(oxygen) atom. Now back to 4H 2 O. The coefficient 4 tells you there are four molecules of...
CH3OH is molecular.
Simple answer they just do. More helpful suggestion. Assuming they are not affected significantly by gravity or movement of the medium they diffuse through or perhaps a magnetic field they will just move. There is nothing giving them any preference so they move in any direction until they hit...
Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology.
The study of transcriptome of a spices that transcriptomes are set of the all RNA. hadi from Islamic Republic of Iran.
components of nucleic acids: ribose sugar nitrogenous bases phosphoric acid
The repressor protein falls off the DNA molecule, and RNA polymerase binds to the promoter. ?
microbiology genitic engineering and molecular biology
Modern molecular genetic testing uses a strategy where the suspected DNA is amplified in a PCR reaction and then mixed with known normal DNA. The mix is heated until all the duplex DNA falls apart and then is allowed to reanneal. The population of duplex DNA now will be a mix of normal-normal DNA,...