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Whether it's going to the grocery store, an antique mall, auto parts store, or clothing store, shopping is something that people do daily. Sometimes, it's a quick trip to pick up an item that is needed, but it can be an all-day event done "just for fun." Ask questions such as where you can buy an item, the best places to shop, the features of an item, and anything to do with products and shopping here.
%DETAILS% Answer From the website: Urbanites Cathedrals This, regarding, the Siegel-Cooper store in New York..... New York the Siegel-Cooper store opened at 18th Street and Sixth Avenue in 1896, with financing arranged by Goldman, Sachs. A steel-framed stone building six stories high, elab…
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when they first built the Apparel Center the Holiday Inn was opened on the top floors.
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Levitz furniture or Ethan Allen are local to you. N.C. is still by far the cheapest place for a couch, if it is worth the drive to you. You can buy a quality couch from some Chinese furniture supplier, I suggest you to visit the related link below and you will find a Chinese solid wood furnitu…
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%DETAILS% not sure which Hill & Associates you mean. Can a car be repossessed from repair shop?": YES   Hold that thought because here in Ohio if a car is up for repossesion and it is sitting at a repair facility and a bill is owed on the car for repairs it cannot be repossesed unless …
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Not just anyone can go out and buy refrigerants! The following people can buy any type of refrigerant under the EPA's sales restriction (for instance, R-11, R-12, R-123, R-22, and R-12), except for "small cans" containing less than 20 pounds of R-12: technicians certified to service stationary app…
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I've been researching but haven't bought one yet...seems the differences are: some attach to your skimmer and run through the pump, others have their own bag & motor. Some clean the walls and the floors, some won't climb (my pool goes from 3' to 10') and work only in a above ground pool. It's ce…
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Purchasing Directly from Manufacturers Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: If I remember correctly, I read somewhere that you need a resale license or certificate and a TIN. A lot of manufacturers and distributors will sell to the public. Others will only sell to someone with a resa…
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concept mall is a "theme" mall, eg. Disney land theme with 7 dwarfes and snow white. You could use a Jurassic park theme with dinosaurs and tropical forest. Concept only means certain theme or main idea of marketing. This could be popular but doesn't necessarily go over well.
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I'm pretty sure the mall of America has four stories i live an hour away from it and I've been there quite a few times Good for you!!! West Edmonton Mall Varies depending on the phase you are in, for the most part it has 2 public stories and then a utility basement. The Hotel in the mall has appr…
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Trenches were used in world war1 for shelter and to outflank your opponents. Trenches were formed on the eve of the invention of the machine gun. Mainly to shelter from a hail of bullets which can literally cut a man in two.they can also offer so much protection that they can prevent people from di…
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There are plenty of sites, including the Better Business Bureau, local protection offices in your area, your state's regulatory agency (see comments below) or licensing boards, and even certain Federal agencies take complaints (see comments below). But if you are looking for something more public wh…
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Learn how to sing in falsetto You must train your voice for singing in falsetto as explained below. A good music voice teacher can help you accomplish this and more. It is an artificially high voice; especially : an artificially produced singing voice that overlaps and extends above the range of th…
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i think he Eddie is going to say rey is not his real dad or rey had an affair  I think the secret is that Rey's son is adopted  Eddie is Dominic's REAL father. NOT REY.  one day i went to eddies offical website it use to have forums some one wrote the secret at first i did not beli…
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Of course. Computers are used for payroll records, right?It depends. Sometimes different branches of the same business are owned by different companies. For example, two McDonald's or two Hampton Inn Hotels will not have any info about each other's payroll records. However, I would be tempted to pu…
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Each state, city, or town has its own ordinances. In most cases, the person who chooses to use the cart is responsible for the safety of people and property in maintaining control of the cart. In too many cases, the person who causes damage by irresponsible control of a cart does not remain on the s…
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I'm presuming that you mean "Clive's Cat Cartoons" which is based in Looe a small town in Cornwall, South-West England. Clive also does placemats, bookmarks and postcards.
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By Michael D.YEs http://www.state.fl.us/dbpr/pro/childlabor/overview.shtml
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Try Numrich Gunparts. I have one of their catalogs and it has all sorts of parts for the Winchester Model 69A.  Try eBay i have bought several, remember models 69a and 75 are the samr bolt
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I can't remember how much they used to cost, but at the moment they cost from 85p to £1.20 (in my experience). 500ml of fizzy drinks (pop) werer averaging 38p
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A supermarket is the same as a grocery store. It is a big shop with a range of food, clothes, DVDs, technical items, homeware, bakeries, sometimes opticians, fresh meat and fish, toys, furniture, mobiles... People mainly shop at supermarkets for a particular item such as e.g. a certain size kitchen …
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Whether you do Christmas shopping online or offline depends on your personal preferences. Some people like the rush of holiday shopping while others cannot tolerate the crowds and the lines. If you think of shopping as a sport, offline is probably best for you. If you think of shopping as a nightmar…
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You can find some great Christmas Deals at Boots, Metro Centre, Blue Dolphin Centre, Superdrug and Savers.
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Meizu M6 2.4 Inch MP3 Player With FM 4GB you can buy it from online and save your money.
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You Can Go To argos when they are on sale for example now until the 31st august 2011 and you can go to charity shops they usually have sewing machines which are cheap
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I bought an ornamental samurai word online. I was impressed by their customer service. It was really easy, no memberships, no long procedures, and the item arrived quickly. There are other similar services, but in my research the one I used seemed to be the best value. If you want to buy a sword for…
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Answer The Disney Store in most malls sells them but, if not always check out a Kohl's near by depending on where you live.
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go to your local craft store and see what new gadgets they have for knitters but for the most part those long needles and yarn find some of those patterns for different types of stitching  My knitter just loved the gift I gave of having perosonalized labels made for her...said something like "…
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you can buy them at auctions of old farms, or you can order them specaly from componies that make them. Another source may be Jewellery supply houses. Automotive body shops have an assortment of dollies and small hammers for pounding out dents that may work well enough to get started with
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There's a place in Burnaby, BC, in the Metrotown Mall, on Kingsway. Its on the basement level next door to Toys R Us. I can't remember the name of it, but it has loads of cool action figures. If you googled Metro Town, it might be listed in their directory, or you cold call the Metro Town Toys R Us …
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Some people say all you have to do is wear pink to be feminine. It depends on what type of person you are and how old you are. Obviously you should take care of yourself and do the basics like washing your face, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, exercising, sleeping, ect. You can get a nice ha…
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You could try eBay or mod-chip.com.
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Some stores feel the need to protect their customer image by discriminating against people who walk barefoot. Stores will erroneously site the food establishment health code.There are no health or safety laws requiring shirts or shoes for public customers in the US. On the front page of my states' f…
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Are there any steps a consumer can take to prevent becoming a victim of a dishonest or incompetent merchant's Restocking Fee omnipotence?" Yes! begin your report here: http://www.bbb.org/ Best wishes
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You can go to eBay and search under "Zorb", or "Hyper Core" Or you can go to http://www.hyper-core.co.UK . They will send it to you... Just be expecting to pay over $1000 for one! Go to http://www.theogo.com - this is the website of the inventors of zorbing.
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Answer It is not legal to buy it in the US, but you can buy it elsewhere and bring it back - it is legal in many foreign countries. A friend of mine bought some in St. Maartin You can also buy absinthe online from other countries and ship it to the US. Be aware of websites which highlight high…
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They are "Disc Balls". Made of mirrors and hung from above the dance floor they had a small motor that turns the ball. Spot Lights are pointed at the ball and bounce off to the floor and walls around the dance floor. Amazon sell them - There are more sophisticated types that have coloured lights on …
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You virtually never "need an agent" for any real estate transaction. Because of the strained situations in foreclosures it's likely that they aren't involved.Most mortgage companies will provide you a list of properties they already have foreclosed on, if you contact them for their Real Estate Owned…
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If it looks like I would wear it walking down 5th Avenue. If it's drop dead gorgeous and it looks ah-dorable on you! If an LBR {loser beyond repair} doesn't have it!!!!!! And if it gets eyes on you. Maybe you should ask Christian Dior. ok realy what the flipin floper stean kind of answer is t…
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Try Amazon or eBay. You can also download software that will allow you to calculate using Chinese characters.
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ebay or try google search try several times I have also found that Overstock has a lot of these Tiffany lamps. Better yet, everything costs $2.95 to ship. I've had great luck.
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Read the links below there is a lot of difference between the UK and US legal systems on what is allowed and assuming the spelling above which is American you might want to understand it before you launch into buying things. Items bizarrely enough which are often not illegal to sell in the UK but ma…
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Answer Try eBay or call the Springfield company, itself. Ask around at local gun shops. Contact gun clubs or the National Rifle Association. Good luck.
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The Level Collection is the best place.
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take a look at the following page which has a lot of jobs listed for those with a degree in economics http://www.econ-jobs.com
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Tiemco fishing hooks Try eBay it really helps me?
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"its a needle that was used in America to make people drunk and make them tell the truth by them saying "I did it, there i said it!!" That is true no lie" Nice try, but no cigar. You can't buy it, but if your smart enough, perhaps you could make it. It goes by the name of sodium pentathol.
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Prices for refrigerators vary so much its amazing! You can get very cheap ones for less than $400 and get some as high as $10K!!! What affects the price is mainly features such as Frost regulation systems, energy efficiency, capacity and obviously looks! Added by User:You're looking at about a grand…
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I'm not exactly sure what the avatar is but I'm sure you can get it from maybe eBay or go to a superstore (like walmart or target or whatever you have in your area) and ask them specifically what you're looking for and I'm sure they would either help or tell you where you can buy "avatar wallpaper".…
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Go on the Internet and type in Mario Batali's program and ask them about the clock. They have so many stores that the studio deals with for props. I saw some beautiful lamps on a Home Improvement Show and I just contacted the Home Improvement Show and asked about their lamps. They were kind enough t…
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Wholesale Garden Flags These wholesalers sell a range of garden items, including decorative flags: http://www.special-tplus.com/home_decor.asp http://www.flags-wholesale.com/ http://www.celebrationflags.com/ http://www.wholesalecentral.com/searchbycategoryresults.htm?catid=15&subcatid=636
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In Florida, you can began working at the age of 14 without a work permit. There are limitations to when you can work. When public school is in session, minors may work a maximum of 3 hours per day on school days and up to 8 hours per day on Saturday, 8 hours on Sunday and 8 hours on non-school days …
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Statistics on Counterfeit Merchandise I have found a few websites you can visit for info: http://www.interpol.com/Public/FinancialCrime/CounterfeitCurrency/Statistics/default.asp http://www.havocscope.com/Counterfeit/counterfeit.htm
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Shirley Temple Films are available at her website, listed below:
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Balloon BouquetsI don't know where you live but Taylor rental delivers.  In UKHere, most firms that deliver bouquets will deliver a balloon with it and sometimes a box of chocolates or a little teddy too.I lived in the US for four years and I suppose much the same happens there.  Any rep…
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Buying WineInternet! However, after searching through 20 sites (from wine.com down) you find it either discontinued or zero inventory. So call the wholesaler (e.g. Pine State) or the importer in Georgia directly and ask, ask, ask. It takes a good month or two to get it. Good luck and if you do the …
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You could be referring to "Sunshine Superman" by Donovan.
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Obviously someone who doesn't have large breast or a man wrote the answer below. I wear a 46 ddd bra and I wear shirts with buttons all the time. To the person that asked this question; take it from someone with experience you can wear any kind of shirt as long as you get it in the right size and yo…
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Where to Buy Certos in the UK Certo is stocked extensively throughout the UK. Available in most major supermarket chains including: TESCO ,SAINSBURY ,SOMERFIELD ,WAITROSE
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Anywhere. 4 cycle oil is regular automobile oil. An automobile engine is a 4 cycle engine.  WarningIf you are talking about one of the new 4 stroke power equipment types like a hedge trimmer it uses regular 2 cycle oil. Read the owners manual   four stroke oil is ordinary engine oil, buy…
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Cost of Used XboxAs of Nov, 2013, the cost of a used, 8gb Xbox right now looks to be $62.
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Shopping in the Northern US That is the "popular" shopping day for most people in the U.S. 'n stuff...
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There are a number of ways to shop online. First, you will need to have your credit card handy as most sites will want to have that information. Always make sure the web address starts with https:// before putting your credit card info in (at checkout). You can go directly to the site which sells wh…
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Not Yet Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a 71-store U.S. regional supermarket chain with stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland. The family-owned company, founded in 1916 by John and Walter Wegman, is headquartered in Rochester, New York. Store count by are…
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There are different ways of doing that. You have to contact the seller and find out how.
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Well, it should have at least two layers of wood, preferably seven though. I suggest you buy a bakers skateboard, all of theirs are very good quality!bakerskateboards.com/
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Where to Buy a Fat Caliper Walmart, nearest pharmacy to your house, or any other store. Our company can supply fat caliper and digital fat caliper.If you want to buy please contact me by email or MSN:yongqingda1@hotmail.com
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Well, we all know the tried and true is money. It is a bit impersonal so now the big thing is gift cards to where ever they like to shop. If your creative go the route of getting something that had to do with her degree. Depending on how much you want to spend there are numerous items a graduate cou…
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Kroger probably wouldn't hire a 15 year old. Now n days you have to be at least 16. But if they do hire you, you would probably be a stocker or cart pusher and get paid 5.15 to 5.50 an hour.
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Should be available in orange shops mid December according to cust service
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The United States will not allow you to ship liquids through the mail, especially liquor. If caught doing so, you could be fined. If you are in Mexico and coming to the US through customs, they will allow you to bring some with you. Depending on the amount, you will have to pay a fee.
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Purchase Fireworks You can buy Fireworks in Seabrook, New Hampshire.
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It all depends on what kind you buy.Xbox 360 Arcade-around 200$Xbox 360 elite- around 300$Xbox 360 Special Edition- around 500$regular original Xbox- 100$ on a good day.
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D.E.M.O. would be a good start. Try the Women's listing at LankyLife: http://www.lankylife.com/women/ or try somewhere fashoinable, like dotti, valeygirl etc there are so many butiques around these days! have a look around :)  Actually, you can kinda go everywhere if you're skinny and very…
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A DEALER SHIP BUT THAT MIGHT BE EXPENSIVE CHECK ON EBAY COMPARE PRICES Answer 2 If you Google "Chrysler parts direct" you will find a site that sells Chrysler parts for a discount. It seems to be a dealership that is selling online. You could also Google "discount auto parts" for a list of auto pa…
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You can go on the companies website and contact them regarding where their products are sold. You can also go to your local supermarket's website and try to search for the product. Some supermarkets also allow their customers to give suggestions as to what they think should be sold at their local ma…
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ebay, if you are lucky.
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Name Brand ProductsWell, some people like brand names but to me with most items its just a name on a box. Some name brands and off brands are even made at the same place and owned be the same company. Don't get me wrong some brand names are better. With important stuff you might want to go with a we…
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New South China Mall it is great question like bothbuyandsell.comThe biggest mall in the world is the Golden Resources Mall -- China. The biggest mall in the usa is king of prussia.
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Buying a Home with Cash Usually you provide a cashiers' check or a certified check. A wire transfer can also be used. You can save quite a bit of closing costs when you are paying cash for a home.
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On April 10, 1861, Brig. Gen. Beauregard, in command of the provisional Confederate forces at Charleston, South Carolina, demanded the surrender of the Union garrison of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Garrison commander Anderson refused. On April 12, Confederate batteries opened fire on the fort,…
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J.C. Whitney catalogs HAVE IT ALL. And SO much more. More than you want, more than you will ever need.
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you could buy 50 pounds of candy
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Answer It would need to be made out to the store with the exact amount on the check. It would be worth a phone call to the store, to make sure they would accept the check at all, and if there are any conditions attached.
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Anywhere from $800-$4000 dollars
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Answer It's better to have the American flag in the original colors so it stands out. Obviously you are proud of your country so flaunt the true colors! It's also freedom of speech to make it black and white, this also symbolizes something else though. It symbolizes the country in a recession,…
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Off of saratoga ave I think. Not sure. Never been in but seen it driving by
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In the macroeconomic sense, sanctions are measures taken to stop or limit trade with another nation, in order to influence its policies or actions (internal or external). In a sociological sense, sanctions are negative expressions by a society or culture toward those whose behavior violates establi…
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Answer Black out screens were used because the German and Japanese might be trying to bomb us, so the curtains were used to prevent them from finding targets and being able to use large metropolitan areas as navigational aids.
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You need to call Slim Fast to order it.
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I have been looking for one, and I have found someone who calls it a receipt spike. Sounds good to me.You can also find it when you search online under bill spike.It is called a Spindle.Otis: There is also a receipt holder called BillBandit. More functional than the "Receipt Spike".It is a metal pla…
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Industrial Chemical Prices For general industrial pricing trends www.icis.com is a good resource. .icis.com/StaticPages/a-e.htm has a list of many chemicals and their pricings. The best way to obtain current prices for industrial chemicals is to obtain a quote from a chemical manufacturer, or vendo…
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Yes, especially middle school, junior high school age. i would say yesss. in the older grades... and in high school, some times and other times they dont care some high schoolers. but not alottt!!! its horrible that people do that but yesss alot of people do it i woood sayyy in middle school do.As…
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In the United States, the sale and purchase of human skeletal material is far less regulated than most people seem to believe. The only federal law regulating human bones is narrowly focused on native American bones and grave goods. This law is known as NAGPRA, the Native American Grave Protection a…
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about 2.50 from primark
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Stock Ticker JCP The ticker symbol for JC Penney Co. is JCP and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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The diet part has more sugar than the regular so they took it off the market. The fake sugar they use in it was really not good for you Heres an expearament for you to try out and that would tell you why they did:get a regular coke can with coke in it and put a metal nail in it. Wait. For a week and…
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Answer Walmart
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