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Raisins are dried grapes and are somewhat plump in texture. They are eaten plain or used in many recipes for cooking, baking, and brewing.
I will assume you are talking about a real horse and not a plastic model. It is not mentioned what part of the horse tasted like raisins. I will also assume it was somewhere near his mouth. If he had recently eaten fruit or something sweet this could give his saliva a certain flavor. If the odor...
not quite but u can re hydrate it
There are 129 calories in 1 small box of Raisins (Seedless).
the purpose of the dancing raisins project is showing that the carbonation of the soda can float the raisins up in tiny bubbles and make them dance
988 calories are present in 2 cups of raisins.
Raisins are dehydrated grapes, so they fit into the fruit group.
Because then go under Endosmosis.
Yes, raisins are bad for dogs, as are grapes. They can cause liver and blood damage.
im not sure if they but i do no that they cant eat grapes
because of the fizz
They are not. Chickens can eat raisins,grapes and almost any type of fruit, dried or fresh.
No, they cannot. Grapes, sultanas and raisins are toxic to dogs and any food that has these foods in should never be given to them.
Bobby ate the raisin he found in the couch
yes niqua nigr
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raisins will float due there carbonarion and the raisins low density level in them.
Raisins are dried up grapes.
An oatmeal raisin cookie is not a solution since it is not a homogeneous mixture. It is a heterogeneous mixture.
it depends how big the raisins are and how big the cup is
George and Asagai as well as Ruth and Walter
As a part of their diet - sure.
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Simmer them just covered in water for about 3-5 minutes and then drain on paper towels. Sugar dissolves and they plump up--like new!
three millennium. tried and tested.
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All foods make you gain weight to a certain degree. It depends onthe energy they give you, the energy you put out, and how much youeat of it. In the case of raisins, they have about 1/2 the calories per cup aspure sugar and so have the potential to be a source of too muchsugar in your diet. On the...
If you didn't put raisins in a Hot Cross Bun, it wouldn't be a Hot Cross Bun, it would a bread that would be sweet.
Some of them do. The average raisin weighs in between one and two grams.
The Waldorf Salad, which was invented at the Waldorf Hotel in the late 19th century, reputedly by its maitre d'hotel, Oscar Tschirky. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry.
It eats rasins, although we don't exactly know if it likes rasins.
The purpose of the raisins and apples in Tom's bag are so that he doesn't starve to death.
It is an example of hypotonic solution and the raisins will swell up.
It's based on your taste buds,
By drying grapes the citric acid they contain will not be removed
Golden raisins were made from green grapes, and dark were made from using purple grapes.
Yes, raisins do float in water.
Normal raisins do not cost much, at most about two pounds fifty but other raisins may cost a bit more.
can u help what is it?emily makes 250 grams of a snack mixture.15% of the weight is raisins,25% is banna chips and rest is peanuts.how many grams of peanutts does she use
Hmm....very interesting question im pretty sure there may be something in raisins?.....im not really sure at all actually...
Willy and Bobo are Walter's "business partners," and he plans on opening a liquor store with them. Walter's family sees them as "good for nothing loudmouths," and criticizes Walter's trust in them. In the end, their mistrust is validated, when Bobo is forced to be the bearing of bad news. He reports...
He should make 12 tarts with 2 raisins per tart.
No, guinea pigs should not eat raisins.
Prunes are dried plums and get a bad wrap, because they are truly delicious.
With 90 percent of U.S. raisins produced within eight miles ofSelma California, the city adopted the slogan "Raisin Capital ofthe World" in 1963.
'raisin' is the French name for grapes. 'raisins secs' is the name for the English 'raisins'
first you have to leave the grapes in the sun to dry then bake the bread and you will get the raisin bread
None. But if you eat enough of them you will not care about your problems as much.
15 percent plus 25 percent is 40 percent. So peanuts make up 60 percent. 100% is 250g, so 10% is 25g and so 60% is 6 times 25g.
Raisins are just dried grapes, so when raisins are kept in water they re-absorb liquid (that they lost in the drying process). They swell to accommodate the new liquid.
It was as wrinkly as a raisin. It was so small it looked like a raisin etc :D
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well we are having a discussion about it right now. and we have 3 people say brown and 2 people say purple and one person said maroon. To be exact, i think the actual color of raisins are a purplish brown meaning there is more brown in the color but with hints of purple. Another Answer Some...
It plumps up then goes back down and comes up again and it will keep doing that
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mixing vinegar and baking soda produces a gas and the gas bubblesmake the raisins rise. When the gas has finished escaping theraisins sink
Oatmeal raisin cookies are cool because they are not only delicious but are more nutritious compared to other types of cookies.
Yes, raisins are dried grapes. Grapes are fruit, therefore raisons are fruits.
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yes she does. She sprinkles some raisins over her breakfast sometimes because she doe'snt like to eat raisins by themselves
When grapes get old they turn into raisin's
No. Oatmeal raisin cookies have varieties of texture and density throughout each cookie.
...He stayed in the sun too long?
a 'pain aux raisins' is a round-shaped pastry, rather flat, with a taste resemblind the croissant, plus some vanilla and raisins.
Raisins dance because when you put a raisin in a lemonade with a small cup of vinegar there are bubbles gonna come up to attach to the raisins then at the top bubbles pop.
Yes and, the term "compounds" refer mixtures which have been chemically bonded to form a new substance. Cooking creates new substances which are distinctly different from the ingredients and dough which went into it. However, the raisins specifically are not chemically bonded to the bread, they...
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no, not really
Go here and search raisins. They have everything. It's a USDA site:. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/. One small box (1.5 oz.) has 129 calories shown as kcal on the website:. http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/cgi-bin/list_nut_edit.pl.
No. . However, raisins and grapes can be harmful to dogs.
50g = 1.76oz. Ounces are a measurement of weight, and grams measuremass.
NO DO NOT FEED THEM RAISINS!!! Your bearded dragon will be in danger if it was to eat a raisin and if you have fed it one I advise you not to anymore and feed it watermelon grapes carrots or peas. A raisin is something a bearded dragon cannot eat and please do not harm it by feeding it them.
Yes, they are dried grapes actually.
No one knows for sure, because since raisins are naturally sun fried, they have been around since the beginning of time. Some one --or some thing -- may have decided they were quite tasty. Who this smart guy was, no one knows who. (Sigmundo Ricarda has been linked with the discovery, but not however...
all you need is an empty water pistol and a bag of raisons
Of coursse they do! They have one cup but if you have a recipe follow that.
Yes it is a mixture !!!
Yes, and the 8 spotted ladybugs can breathe FIRE!! Watch out for the 9 spotted ladybugs, you do not want to know what they do!! In all truth, ladybugs eat microscopic insects that neither you nor I can see. Their natural eating tools are unable to eat a raisin.
no, they are dead
There is still some moisture in raisins. They could have a deadly form of botulism & kill you-so not a good idea.
club soda usually has bubbles no matter what you put in there. but when you put the raisins in the club soda, the raisins will dance around because the club soda has carbon. which makes the raisins float or as you say dance.