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Pebble Smartwatches

Parent Category: Wearable Technology
The Pebble Smartwatch series was first released in 2013 (Pebble Smartwatch) and has made different iterations since its debut. It received the majority of its initial funding through crowdfunding. It can connect to either an Android or iOS device.
The retail price of a Pebble smartwatch is $150 USD. Its moreupscale cousin, the Pebble Steel, costs $250 USD.
The original Pebble smartwatch retails for $150. The Pebble Steel is to retail for $250. I found it to be a great investment, but it does have it's downfalls and problems.
The pebble watch uses Bluetooth to communicate with your phone.
This is entirely your decision, no one can advise you on this  without knowing much more about your needs and financial  circumstances (which you provide no information about) and even  with such information most responsible people would hesitate to  give advise that you might regret acting on...