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‘Opera’ is the Italian word for ‘work’ and an abbreviation of ‘Opera in musica’. An opera is a drama to be sung with instrumental accompaniment by one or more singers usually in costume and with scenery. As well as singing, this may include recitative or spoken dialogue. Questions should relate directly to the subject of opera.
Reginald Unterseher is an Opera Singer who was a Truck Driver, but he is from Washington State, not Alabama You may be looking for Carl Tanner from Virginia. He was a truck driver/bounty hunter turned opera singer. He appeared on the today show last year.   Another famous former truck driver was...
"'O sole mio" is a globally known Neapolitan song written in 1898. It has been performed and covered by many artists, including such stalwarts of opera as Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Mario Lanza, The Three Tenors, as well as rock/pop artists such as Bryan Adams, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes,...
  Figaro, Susanna, the Duke, the Duchess, and Cherubino.
Apparently, thanks to Wikipedia, there are three operas with that name: Œdipe (opera), by George EnescuOedipus rex (opera), by Igor StravinskyOedipus (opera), by Wolfgang Rihm
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I think what you're looking for is O dischius'è il firmamento from  the 4th Act, Scene 2.
  I presume you mean Abigaille's cabaletta 'Salgo già del trono aurato' [I am ready to ascend the bloodstained seat of the golden throne) from act 2 scene 1.
No, he is not blind. When he conducts, he does wear readers, apparently, from photos. The blind opera tenor you may be thinking of is Andrea Bocelli.
  Yes, the soprano is the highest voice range, with the exception of a soprano who can sing higher than a C#6, in which she(he?) is known as a sporanino.
A solo sung by female or a male in an opera is called an aria.
A quick search does not reveal such an opera.
No, the opera Faust was composed by Charles Gounod. If you are asking who wrote the main story of Faust with which the opera is based, it is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
  All I can find is that he has two sisters but that's not much help. Sorry.
Todd Duncan is the first Black member of the New York City Opera.
4 dishes: Peach Melba, Melba Chicken, Melba Sauce, Melba Toast.
  According to biographical information on several websites, Abgela Gheorghiu is still married to her second husband, Roberto Alagna.
On May 20, 1599, Claudio Monteverdi married Claudia de Cattaneis, one of the singers in the court of Mantua. They had two children together. Source: Concise Baker's Biography of Music and Musicians.
    Soprano Aprile Millo performs fairly continuously up through 2008, and last season had her busiest season at the Metropolitan Opera singing three roles, Tosca, Andrea Chenier and La Gioconda to sold out houses. MIllo also has a popular blog names Operavision at wordpress.com. She...
The easily available information available for her indicates that she was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania and grew up in Rochester, New York. The Fleming name is more Scottish than Irish, and originally indicated people from Flanders, where the name originated.
'Dido's Lament' in Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell
On the whole, most opera`s have a tragic ending, but operettas seem to have a happy ending. The tragis ending in the operas` seem to get the audience to become so involved that as the curtian closes for the final, they start to get a standing ovation.
The Can Can is featured in the French Operetta, Orphee aux enfers or "Orpheus in the Underworld composed by Jacques Offenbach.
"Let nobody sleep!" and "(That) none may sleep!" are English equivalents of the Italian phrase Nessun dorma! The masculine singular noun and third person singular present verb may be interpreted as being in the imperative of command (case 1) or the subjunctive of wishing (example 2). Regardless of...
The opera Cosi fan tutte was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and first performed in 1790. Mozart died in 1791. World War 2 began in 1939.
Opera can be very demanding because of vocal technique combinedwith a foreign language (usually) combined with a need for actingskills.
there is no deep river 2!
People who enjoy operas attend operas.
  The Bridal March is from Wagner's Lohengrin.
Within this context -- any Verdi opera would be considered a  classical opera.
  Basically -     Don Giovanni [a rake] meets defeat in three encounters -     With Donna Elvira, whom he has deserted but who still follows him.     Then with Donna Anna, who must postpone her marriage to Don Ottavio after Don Giovanni tries to rape her and kills her...
Verdi was the 19th Century composer of many Italian Operas. Amongst the most famous are "La Traviata", "Rigoletto", "Nabucco" and the magnificent "Aida".
  There would seem to be no record of this name in the opera context
Giuseppe Verdi composed operas, and was not known to sing them. As well, men rarely sing in the soprano vocal range.
Early 1600s, according to Wikipedia: "[The opera] was first performed before the Accademia degl'Invaghiti on 24 February 1607 in a now unidentifiable room in the ducal palace at Mantua, and was published in Venice in 1609."
French lyrics:   Ah! Bien souvent mon rêve s'envole   Sur l'aile de ces vers,   et c'est toi, cher poète   qui, bien plutôt, était mon interprète!   Toute mon âme est là!  "Pourquoi me réveiller, ô souffle du printemps?   Pourquoi me réveiller?   Sur mon front, je...
The Can-Can is from Jacques Offenbach's operetta, Orpheus in the Underworld (Orphée aux enfers).
It is called a CADENZA where the soloist shows their virtuosity. In the Baroque and early Classical period, soloists were free to make up their own cadenzas but later on Composers began writing them out.
What is the question?
Charice. She's very popular, she was also on glee.
Miss Marian Anderson was the first African American, to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City on January 7, 1955. Miss Leontyne Price on January 27, 1961 she made an historic debut in at the Metropolitan Opera the final ovation lasted at least 35 minutes, one of the longest in Met...
It's in 4 acts, but none of them are that long. Add the three intermissions at 15 to 20 minutes, though, and it is well over 3 hours. May sound like a long time, but again, that's with nearly an hour of intermissions, so it's really not much longer than the average movie - and it's a very accessible...
Pavarotti happens to be my favourite.If I want to be inspired about something, I find the very best.Pavarotti has long been associated with "Nessun Dorma": he is truly "the" tenor for that piece; so that would make a good start.Further, I have heard him on Youtube doing a number of absolutely...
  The act 1 duet from Don Giovanni between Giovanni and Zerlina, in which he woos her and after hesitating she succumbs.
The Magic Flute, or Die Zauberflöte, is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Operettas actually used songs instead of spoken dialogue. CHiNO =]
Look for a sheet music store near you. The larger ones will have vocal scores of operas in stock, otherwise they can order them. Or just search on Amazon or some other bookselling website under vocal scores.
Oratorio uses sacred text, and is typically not staged (no costumes, lights, sets, etc.).
Maria Callas and Luciano Pavarotti are the most famous opera singers of all time, apparently. As of right now, I'd say either Renee Fleming or Anna Netrebko, but I'm not too crazy about the latter.
one is that it has a lake running through. it was built on top of a lake well kind of.
The Phantom of the Opera (the novel) was written by Gaston Leroux. The more famous musical adaptation was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe. There hasn't been an actual opera of it though, so this question is kinda out of place in the opera category, and...
Mimi introduces herself to Rodolfo and the audience in this aria in act 1.
Often these are called 'trouser roles'. The female voice is low, singing at the highest possible range for a male voice. In the 2009-2010 season, Susan Graham sang the role of a male in Der Rosenkavalier at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.
Marian Anderson did not write any songs.
R-E-uh I would know my name is Aria
"La mamma morta" from from Andrea Chenier. She recorded it in 1954
It was called the Opera Populaire in the 1880's.
Which one ? Probably Turandot, with the aria Nessun dorma, that everyone loves.
  South Pacific is the obvious answer! My old man erroneously thought it was about the Southern Pacific Railroad. By the way the interracial romance theme did not bode well with some censors. One understands the church magazines, pun intended (Spiked) SP without any references to Golden track...
  There are a number of good websites that offer synopses of operas. A couple of these are listed below.
It's a duet between Giulietta (the courtesan) and Nicklausse (Hoffmann's friend, who is also the disguised Muse of Poetry). Both are mezzosopranos.
The Florentine Camerata (apex)
  Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.   Libretto [words] by Lorenzo da Ponte.
Any operatic solo is called an aria.
Sold by Neol Coward, a bit cheeky!   Another Answer  Not Gilbert & Sullivan. It's by Sir Noel Coward, for his short  play Red Peppers. He and Gertrude Lawrence first performed it in  1936.      Has Anybody Seen Our Ship?  What should we do with a drunken sailor?   So the...
Libretto (singular) or Libretti (plural)
Some of the most notable mezzo-sopranos of the last century are: Marilyn Horne Stephanie Blythe Agnes Baltsa Frederica von Stade Cecilia Bartoli Janet Baker Teresa Berganza Elina Garanca Hilda Harris Jennifer Larmore Conchita Supervia Susan Graham Magdalena Kozena Christa Ludwig Rise...
They are a duo called Vibration, but beyond that, I can find  nothing on them.    They are called Vibracia - this is their "homepage"  http://duet-vibracia.ru/node/45 and a link to another of  their youtube videos -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTgv8iI2b4U&feature=related
Arias are essentially songs ( lit, airs) that are , as operas are sung directly part of the plot- they should not be confused with recitate- or reciting which has some prose or poetry- not really sung, but maybe like a chant or sing-song, which carries the dialogue and the plot- this is a familiar...
Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote this modern opera.
Serious opera, Comic opera - Can contain spoken dialog, Mixture of serious and comic For more information visit http://musicanappreciation.blogspot.com/
No. Cherubino is in Le Nozze di Figaro.
Emperor Joseph II
Most were sung in Italian, even if the composer wasn't from Italy.
I saw a version years ago, and the madame was a man.
  Could you possibly mean Fritz Löhner-Beda? He was a well known librettist, lyricist, and operatic singer in the '20s and '30s. He died at Auschwitz in 1942.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed "Cosi fan tutte", and Lorenzo Da Pante wrote the libretto. I just saw "Cosi" last month! :o)
Nessum Dorma from TurandotCeleste Aida from AidaChe gelida manina from La bohemeDi quella pira from il TravatoreRecondita amore from Toscae lucevan le Stella from ToscaVissi d'arte from ToscaTo name but a few