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Theater is a type of live performing art that includes genres such as drama, musical and comedy.
Broadway Musical Theatre There are many styles used throughout, from slow lyrical songs to upbeat fast tempo numbers. Dances such as the Flamenco could be performed to the faster of the songs in West Side Story.
Hugh, Broadway Musical Theater is the city's largest tourist  attraction.
Most theaters do not allow outside food or drink.. The ticket price  only pays for the rental on the film. The concession stand is where  they make their money.
There are several, such as Jean Val Jean, Cossett, or Fantine.
September 1964 - July 1972And no she did not personally win a Tony for the role...although Fiddler on the Roof did win many Tony Awards in 1965, inlcuding Best Musical.
It depends on which writer to whom you are referring.
William Shakespeare's theatre company built the Globe to perform  plays in. He was one of the owners/founders.
The Globe's capacity was 1500, but often held over 3000 people.  Unless you were wealthy and sat in the balcony, it was standing  room only.
Yes. It burned to the ground in 1613, but was rebuilt bigger and  better in 1614.
Many establishments such as hotels will offer spring season  discounts to people. Spring season usually runs from mid-March to  mid-May.
what is naturalistic play
Although I do not know the specific amount of time that Jersey  Boys has for their intermission, the most common time is  fifteen to twenty minutes. A show can't have a too long  intermission because then the audience would be in "reality" for  too long. They need to stay invested in the story,...
There are diagrams and descriptions of The Globe, based on the  reconstruction, all over the internet.
Men and boys acted, and sometimes the boys (who played women) died  from lead poisoning due to large amounts in the makeup they wore.  The groundlings, or people who stood in the floor, often threw  rotten fruit at actors or booed them. Other than those setbacks,  they were watched by all of...
Jean Valjean wins salvation through good deeds.
The Chico Theater Company is in Chico, California. It is a company  that puts on plays.
chico theater company is awsome it has tons of fantastic shows and musicals and that are made by local people around chico and the person who makes it all possible is Mark edson and his family and friends i have been in some plays there two its a wonderful kid friendly place with snacks and cake and...
I believe it is the bottle of green elixir that Elphaba's mother drank while her father was out of town. It could also be the broom or the hat, but I think the green bottle is more unique
she is the second main character, well as a girl 
Essays are not really for proving things. You need to assemble the  facts and then write clearly about them. You can only use the  historical information we have, so 'proof' really doesn't come into  it. You should be clear whether you are discussing the original  Globe or the modern...
Virtually nothing of the original exists. The original burned in a  fire in 1613. The rebuilt playhouse was pulled down after the  Puritans closed all theaters in 1642. The reproduction is a few  hundred meters away from the original cite.
Discount code for Broadways "Rock of Ages" 2016 is: 40AFF1. Copy  and paste at checkout.
There was a plague. All of the theaters were closed for public  health reasons.
While no one has sketched the Globe Theatre or described its  structure, the structure of other Elizabethan amphitheatres gives a  fair enough indication of the materials and structure of The Globe.    It was most probably made of timber, sawed and nailed with iron  nails. Flint would have...
my mom There were eight shares of The Globe. The Burbage Brothers each had two\nshares. Shakespeare had one share as did three other actors in the \ncompany.
$400 one way ticket for the Hindenburg dated August 16, 1937. Thatticket is on sale on ebay for $2,500.
Lucifer (Pride) Satan (Wrath) Asmodeus (Lust) Beelzebub (Prince of demons, according to some sources) (Some think Lucifer, Satan, and Beelzebub are the same demon, but some think they are separate) Lilith (First wife of Adam, Queen of demons) Belial (demon of lies and deceit) Azazel (a demon...
  If you mean in the context of who created the musical, it was Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Elphaba- Donna Vivino      G(a)linda- Katie Rose Clarke      Madame Morrible- Myra Lucretia Taylor      The Wizard- Lenny Wolpe      Fiyero- Richard H. Blake      Boq- Ben Liebert      Nessarose- Kristine Reese      Dr. Dillamond- Paul...
the mayor is her father, and her mom was never really talked about  except in the beginning
His name is Alfred P. Doolittle and he's a dustman (garbage man or  garbage collector).
Stage directions are directions given to the actor(s) by the director. They involve the physical movement of the actors on stage. The actors are supposed to note the directions in their scripts. The Stage Manager is also supposed to write down all stage directions in their master book, known as the ...
totally up to the director of the musical but usually yes because she's a cabaret dancerand that was sort of the typical style
Like Shylock and the Merchant of Venice, it has overtones that are  anti-Semitic.   1) It mocks Jews (as well as Christianity and Islam).   2) It portrays Jews as controlling all the money.   3) It portrays a Jew as immoral and murderous. Hitler would approve  of this.
The story of West Side Story was based on Romeo and Juliet, a play  by William Shakespeare. The Jets and the Sharks correspond to the  Capulets and the Montagues and Verona is changed to New York City.
It created many more roles for latinos.
The principal decides to shake things up by having the two gangsdance together.
there were 5 members billy gun,triple h,Shawn michles,x-pac and chyna
Before opening on Broadway it opened at the La Jolla Playhouse and then opened at the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway
halfway, after that he is running out
  1.  "Overture / No One Mourns the  Wicked"  Kristin Chenoweth,  Sean McCourt, Cristy  Candler, Jan Neuberger, Ensemble  6:40    2.  "Dear Old Shiz"  Kristin Chenoweth,  Ensemble  1:26    3.  "The Wizard and I"  Idina Menzel, Carole Shelley  5:09    4.  "What Is...
it was before dorothy came to Oz, whenever THAT was
The opera house where most of the action is set in Phantom of the  Opera is called the Palais Garnier. It was built in 1871 and is in  Paris, France. Unlike in the musical, the opera house is still open  today.
Gaston Leroux the creator of the Phantom of the Opera, he intended to be full pledge Opera because the Phantom had a huge vocal range. Chapter XII Apollo's Lyre- I heard a long, beautiful wail which I knew well. It is the plaint of Lazarus when, at the sound of the Redeemer's voice, he begins to...
  Annazette, Cheryl, Courtney, Daveigh, Ilka, Jennifer.
No. The first show they wrote together was called The Likes of Us, written in the early 1960s. The show was never performed until 2005. After that, they wrote a cantata which eventually became the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technical Dreamcoat . That, too, only became popular after the...
Truly, there are no preachers in Guys and Dolls. I suppose youmight consider those who work for the missionary to be preachers.Assuming this is what you mean, Sister Sarah Brown is the lady whopractically runs the mission. I hope this helps! If not, you canalways Google the cast of Guys and Dolls to...
The role of Christine was played by Emmy Rossum in the 2004 Phantom of the Opera movie.
No, they relied mostly on costumes and props to convey the scene.
...the immediate, personal exchange and chemistry between audience and performers. (theatre the lively art: wilson, goldfarb)
It is when they performed on a street
  The baker learns that even childless people have an important role in life and that mistakes do not have to be passed from generation to generation.
Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Itis the story of the Gospel from Judas Iscariot's POV.
well there is a few...though the one I was thinking about is who  will Christine chose. Say if Christine chose Raoul, how would Erik  feel? Now if she chose Erik, well knowing Raoul he would do  something like Erik doing something.. hope that helped!♥
the wicked witch of the east's name is Nessarose and the wicked witch of the west's name is Elphaba
there are many, if you mean crisises in the plot. You will have to  watch it or read it to figure out all of them
Erik bitterly resents the necessity that compels him to literallywear a mask to hide his distorted face; however, ironically, Erikis much less masked than the other, metaphorically masked characters. Christine plays at a bogusengagement with Raoul, both Christine and Raoul try to deceiveErik, and...
There are currently four books in the series - Wicked: The Life and  Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995), Son of a Witch  (2005), A Lion Among Men (2008) and Out of Oz (2011).
  Dream Theater is classified as Progressive (Metal)
West Side Story is a 3rd person musical. However, viewers are ableto experience some 3rd person omniscient though a few of the moreemotional songs, in which characters pour out their thoughts andfeelings. I hope this helps.
I do not have absolute proof, but it is more than conceivable that some of the big theatrical strobes may have been made by the Dutch firm of Philips (One L) Philips made and makes a huge variety of both lighting equipment(including the patented Philips venturi spots for outdoor work)-In color these...
The musical 'Cats', ran from 1982 through 2000. This Broadway  musical has been performed around the world and translated into  over twenty languages.
wicked is the most amaaazing musical i have ever seen!!!!litterally go and see it you wont regret it, i sweeaar!!!! :P
Joseph was primarily in Egypt. The musical is based on the Bible'sbook of Genesis, so additional insight into location can be easilyfound through this text resource. I sure hope this helps!
It is set in the playground near the school in New York.
a lot, there are infinite numbers, even ones in different countries or languages. it would be impossible to count them all. why do you even want to know that?
The duration of the show is approximately 2 hrs 33 mins
"Danseurs, Ballerino or just... male ballet dancers.   Some just call them heroes, pioneers... or very, very brave for  what they do."
== Opinion ==   Some famous/popular Broadway shows (or musicals, at least) are:   * The Fiddler on the Roof  * Seven Brides for Seven Brothers  * Chicago  * The Phantom of the Opera  * Peter Pan  * Hairspray  * Wicked  * Oklahoma  * South Pacific  * Grease  * The Music Man  * Joseph...
May I suggest the following websites? . spokenenglishpractice.com/get-american-accent-5-innovative-tips/ . effortlessenglishlearning.com/how-to-get-an-american-accent/ . wikihow.com/Fake-a-Convincing-American-Accent . Having performed as Maria in WSS myself, I choose to face some of the songs,...
Ten years after the mysterious disappearance of The Phantom from the Paris Opera House, Christine Daaé accepts an offer to come to America and perform at New York's fabulous new playground of the world - Coney Island.Arriving in New York with her husband Raoul and their son Gustave, Christine soon...
West Side Story first appeared at the Winter Garden Theater onBroadway on September 27, 1957.
I think it is a drama or more likely a musical drama
Wicked is a family-friendly drama.
Yes, Les Misérables is being performed on Broadway in New York.
elphaba doesnt officially get married in the show, but we all  assume Fiyero
The real Angel of Music in Phantom of the Opera is the Phantom (Erik). Christine calls him, "My Angel of Music." However, it can be interpreted that Christine's father, Gustave Daae, is the true Angel of Music since Erik in a way represents a father figure that Christine never had.