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The author Thomas Harris was born on 11 April 1940 in Jackson,Mississippi.
"The hamlet of Shottery was only a mile from the town of Stratfordwhere William Shakespeare lived with his family. Anne Hathawaywould have often visited the town and would have therefore had theopportunity to meet William Shakespeare. At this time Anne wouldhave been 26 and William 18. A...
Langston Hughes' "Thank You, M'am" contains three main themes: love and trust, forgiveness, and dignity . AfterRoger tries to steal the purse of Mrs. Luella Bates WashingtonJones, the weight of the purse causes Roger to fall down. Joneskicks Roger, picks him up, and drags him to her home. After...
She started writing in 3rd grade.
The Dickens  repository in central London  means to celebrate the best novelists in British history  Charles Dickens. The museum exhibits over 100,000 items from  personal items to artwork and manuscripts from some of his  books. 
Yes, she was indeed.
Her maiden name was Gail Carson. She has been married to David  Levine since 1967. Instead changing her last name, she chose to use  both her maiden name and her husband's name.
Jack Gantos was born on july,2,1951. he was born in mount pleasant, pensylvania.
This poem can be interpreted in many different ways, the most basic of which is simply a reflection of the sounds that bells can make, and the emotions evoked from that sound. For example, "From the bells bells bells bells/Bells bells bells!" brings to mind the clamoring of myriad church bells....
well since dr. suess tends to like rhymes in his books, but I think  its because the book "the cat in the hat" is a bestseller so I  think its because of that.  Rosimar~ 
There are a lot of women named Catherine Mayer. According toWikipedia, she is a British author and journalist.
not always they are two different jobs the writer wrights it and  the editor corrects it.:)
"learned academy" definition
The husband's names were Logan Killicks, Jody Starks and Tea CakeWoods. Logan Killicks threatened to kill her. Joe or Jody Starkshad a stark attitude about life. Teacake is a sweet man that treatsJanie well.
He wrote a lot of great children's book that were immensely popular  and remembered by generations of children. He also, through his  books, raised awareness of social issues like pollution,  discrimination, or war, and how damaging they can be. He gave many  children their first lessons in...
He gives her until his own wedding, in four days. He wants  everything settled so he can enjoy his nuptuals.
Interpretation often depends on you, the reader, but people  generally read it as a colonial commentary.
She died in May 2014. So no.
Romeo's infatuation with Rosaline causes him to crash the Capulet's  feast where he first encounters Juliet. That's the best answer I  can make from the vague question.
She wrote Silent Spring. The first book about potential  environmental disaster.
If I recall the events correctly, Steinbeck, unlike some modern writers like Ernest K. Gann, does not use the back-to-front perspective in writing novels. the plot unfolds from begining to end. The animal dies towards the end of the story. I was not aware of Steinbeck using the Back-to-Front...
Ms. Angelou was a distinguished writer who exposed her readers to  unique ways of viewing her culture.
Belva Plain died, so she does not write.
Well, I don't know who wee Ken is, but the infatuation with  Rosaline is there to motivate Romeo crashing the party so he can  meet Juliet. It points to his immaturity.
There are several that populate on a Google image search, two of  which depict him with dog(s).   randomhouse(dot)com/features/garypaulsen/journal(dot)html
"There remains some controversy about what killed Bram Stoker on 20  April 1912. Stoker's nephew Daniel Farson published a biography in  1975 in which he suggested that the death certificate stating one  of the causes of death as 'Locomotor Ataxy 6 months', a euphemistic  way of avoiding public...
  i like buttermilk eggs and chocolate   ryan kelly
Because he is insane and he heard the beating of the old man's heart. He cannot take the sound of his crime anymore, therefore he confesses in order to try and make it go away. He says the following, "Villains!" I shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed! --tear up the planks! here, here! ...
The sign of the Globe Playhouse was Atlas holding up the earth. If  you meant Reign, he wrote under the reigns of Elizabeth I and James  I.
Happines was Poe's life long dream.
It is in narrative form. However, if your question is otherwise, it  is an autobiographical and inspirational poem as well.
He liked to get involved and do work he should more properly have delegated to others.
No, in their biographies, they are shown to have different parents, in diferent birthplaces.They are not directly related, if at all.
The Home of the Scholars is the source of all inventions, such asglass and the candle, the latter of which had only discovered ahundred years ago.
It depends on what production you saw. There is no specific song  included in Shakespeare's script.
Shakespeare probably meant to convey the message about the  pleasures that one can extract from the nature. When he says  'sermons in stones', he probably hints the readers to scrutinize  and grasp the eternal messages from natural surroundings.  Similarly, 'books in running brooks' conveys the...
The Burmese hate George Orwell in shooting the elephant because he  was British. The British had made India a colony of the empire and  unjustly occupied Burma. The Burmese wished for the British empire  to fall.
Nope it's all fake, some people say that the End of the World is on December 21,2012 but we had so many Earthqukes in the past and a lot of debris from Space like Meteors and Asteroids headed toward Earth but most of that debris burns in Earth's atmosphere before landing on Earth and nothing happend...
Authors use metaphors and similes to help describe people, objects or places.Metaphors are used to encourage the reader to draw a comparison between two seemingly unrelated things, and find similarities between them.For example, the phrase "My garden is an oasis" does not literally mean it is an...
Dont read it . I had nightmares of cannibals about a week from the day I read the story. Well the story is a short account of a computer whiz named Pasand who is eaten by a lady and her children. I am freaked out that this is 3:00 am i am writing and I live near a graveyard . Freaky , I heard...
Maya angelou had 1 child and it is a son at the age of 14
She could have been inspired by many authors of her time, if her  style of writing is like any other author who lived before  September 2, 1973 and after January 3, 1892, then she could have  been influenced by him/her                           ...
Wordsworth deviated from the then traditional formal stylised style  of writing by using nature and the diction of the common man. He  believed that poetic style should be as simple as everyday  language, and that the more one draws on elemental feelings the  better or their art.
In short, yes. Stephen King makes an appearance in all of his films. Whether it is a cameo by voice or physical appearance he is in them. Just like Stan Lee is in all of his movies. You'd have to look to spot him though, if you aren't looking for him you might miss him, it is usually just seconds.
"To thine own self be true / And it must follow like the night the  day / Thou canst not then be false to any man."
Every good play is really two plays: one we follow from beginning  to end , and one we see from the end to the beginning. The forward  play is about Antonio repaying the debt. The retrospective play is  about showing mercy.
The work has been translated into many languages, including  Latin. The Latin translation by the  Hungarian Lénárd Sándor (Alexander  Lenard), Winnie ille Pu was first published in 1958,  and, in 1960, became the first foreign-language book to be featured  on the New York Times Best Seller...
0 three to amend the part of the Judges Act such as 2007, "social worker in (2007) in December and care worker method from large long-term care to nursing care in accordance with the mental and physical condition, but are promulgated, social workers and provision of care worker method has been...
Go to http://www.CaroleFlynn.com for a list of upcoming author events in Connecticut and southern Massachusetts.
Beatrix Potter was born July 28, 1866 and died December 22, 1943 at the age of 77.
Mercutio, the first to go, dies within minutes of his stabbing by  Tybalt. Tybalt dies almost immediately upon Romeo stabbing him.  Paris dies soon after Romeo stabs him in the churchyard. Lady  Montague dies offstage; how long she lingers is not reported. Romeo  dies within seconds of drinking...
He tells her the story of his life, all of the advantures and close  calls in battle.
R.A.Salvatore is the author of The Ghost King.
He didn't want to go to school because he thought that it would be a waste of time, and because he idolized the gang members who lived on their own and didn't like school. :)
No there are not any aliens in Beatrix Potter school.
A second person singular present tense of can
Sir Toby Belch should check into rehab.Either Viola is a pretty masculine woman or Sebastian is a pretty effeminate man.Feste shouldn't give up his day job."Come away, come away death" is a highly depressing start for a song.Chucking someone into a dark room is a nasty way to treat them just for...
The Globe's capacity was 1500, but often held over 3000 people.  Unless you were wealthy and sat in the balcony, it was standing  room only.
  Along Came A Spider is the first book in a series written by James Patterson
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, The BFG, The Giant  Peach, Esio Trot, Matilda, and lots of short stories,, too many to  repeat, plus poetry
Towards the end of 1916 Enid Blyton was due to begin studying atthe Guildhall School of Music aged 19 but decided against it as shehad just finished Boarding School and preferred to train as ateacher
The Capulets are Juliet's family, the rivals of the Montigues,  Romeo's family. The name has no special meaning other than that,  any more than Montigue has any special meaning.
Yes. It burned to the ground in 1613, but was rebuilt bigger and  better in 1614.
Tybalt challenges Romeo to a sword fight, which Romeo declines, but  Mercutio accepts in Romeo's place. Tybalt wounds Mercutio when  Romeo attempts to break up their fight. Mercutio dies and, in a  rage, Romeo kills Tybalt. This results in the Prince banishing  Romeo for life, only hours after...
The Mechanicals use a rough prosaic English. The lovers use a  refined level of English, and the Fairies use a highly poeticized  English.
Joseph and the "TechniCOLOR" Dream Coat is a Rock Opera written by  the combined genius of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1968. It  was based on the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors in  Genesis in which Joseph is eventually reconciled with the other  Sons of Israel. So yes, that...
It means that Capulet is angry. He wants to hit Juliet! He is becoming violent.
Bernard Shaw's Inspiration- His Own Life.To know what inspired George Bernard Shaw, the strange and out of the way things in his life need be just gone through. It is clear that it was his own life that inspired him. It is very interesting to watch that tiny ship sailing the tumultous seas.Finding...