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Butterflies and Moths

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To many people they are indistinguishable. There is a difference and this is the place to satisfy you curiosity. Both are class Insecta but the butterfly has a longer smoother antenna and tends to be more colorful. With 165,000 known species, there is room for lots of questions in here.
Spanish moth larvae cause damage by chewing gregariously on leaves,  bulbs, and rhizomes of the host plants. Economic damage to lilies  by Spanish moth has been noted by Biezanko and Guerra (1975),  Bourquin (1935), Bruner et al. (1975), D'Angelo (1941), Figeiredo  and Pereira (1944), Gundlach ...
No, but they are hosts to certain protozoans, such as  Ophryocystis elektroscirrha , which affects only  butterflies. The monarch has a species defense against predators,  which are toxic glycosides found in some parts of its body -- these  are unpalatable to predators.
They are just called eggs, what hatches from them are called larva  or larvae.
They look like they are wet. Their wings are saggy. Butterflies  take time to let their wings dry out so they can fly.
antennas, eyes, mouth. If that didn't answer your question look up  butterfly anatomy :)
It depends on how long it lives, but an efficient flower sometimes  creates a few hundred joules a day. That's about 50 calories, but  the plant eats most of these for itself.
no they are orange with black polkadots the caterpillers are yellow, back, white, and kind of a limy green stripes!
they have huge eyes covering 3/4 their face and are very fuzzy
They are called the blue morpho butterfly because the top of  the wings are blue. However, the bottom of the wings are brown with  spots, so when they fly, they seem to disappear and appear, giving  them a morphing effect.
Because they like the light and there is no light in the  rainforest.
using its wings =D its wings press against the air which cause them to go down and up...basic physics ;)
  I want to find out that question too
All true caterpillars turn into butterflies or moths. There are many other critters that resemble caterpillars, such as sawfly larvae and hoverfly larvae, that are not caterpillars.
It sits in the caterpillar's body, slowly building up in the form  of string proteins.
A butterfly comes out of a pupa or chrysalis.
Caterpillars walk by lifting and compressing the body between the  last two pairs of legs, then moving the last pair of legs forward
6 legs they are insects
 Most monarch butterflies do not live more than a few weeks. There  are about 3 to 5 generations born each spring and summer and most  of the offspring do not live beyond 5 weeks. The lone exception is  the last generation born at the end of the summer.  The last generation of each year is the...
Some are completely without Southport and do not eat at all. They live long enough to mate and lay eggs then die.
no, the wings do not grow back, but can be repaired. please see www.livemonarch.com
The caterpillar is probably preparing to build a cocoon arounditself. It must first store up energy, and weeks later, it willemerge as a butterfly.
I think someone messed up and instead of saying flutter-by , they said butterfly
It depends on the species. Most caterpillars are herbivores however, there are some specieswhich are carnivorous (one, the chalk hill blue, feeds on ants)
It is probably a yellow striped army worm, but the colors may vary. I found green, brown-gray, brown, and black. the way they eat the ferns is they attach themselves onto the stem and suck. I've collected over 20, but they died soon after. Just simply pull the caterpillars off, but don't squeeze it...
  == ANSWER: ==   No. It's an insect.
The butterfly's pupa stage is spent inside a cocoon
Moths enjoy eating feaces and human/animal blood. Beware of moths as they can create deadly wounds and enjoy darkness. Keep your house light at all times to prevent moths from entering and eating members of your family.
A caterpillar is a butterfly before its transformation. A mealwormis a beetle before its transformation. Yellow Mealworms are a kind of warehouse pest, and is subjected tobe Coleoptera,Tenebrionidae, Tenebrio. They are also called breadworms. Yellow mealworms are also known as a "Protein Warehouse...
Butterflies all have wings.
A Hummingbird is undoubtedly a vertebrate. It is the smallestliving bird on Earth. Being a vertebrate, it also belongs tokingdom Animalia and class aves. A humming bird MOTH, on the other hand, is NOT a bird; it is aninsect and an invertebrate . There are actually two types ofmoths that get...
I came across a micro world in a hollow tree stump. Minute toadstools, plants etc. And moths the size of a pin head, that did not venture out into the larger world.
The size of a fingernail.
First a note: it is actually the larvae of moths that eat your sweaters, not the adults. Most experts seem to say that moth larvae only eat "natural "fibers, ie. wool, cashmere, silk, angora, etc. If your rayon or other synthetic is blended with wool, as many are, the larvae will eat the wool part...
A large butterfly (wingspan 3-5 inches), the two-tailed swallowtailis found only west of the Mississippi in North America (in canyonlands, foothills, valleys, woodlands, and gardens from southwesternCanada through the western half of the U.S. and into Mexico).
Other mammoth moths
A butterfly uses its feet for tasting.
yes, it is kinda like that. That's what moth holes are in clothes.
When winter time comes and the temperature drops monarch  butterflies migrate south to Mexico since its warm there. but when  the days get longer and warmer, they fly back to canada or the  US 
In Joshua Tree National Park, the yucca moth (Tegeticula paradoxa) visits the Joshua tree blossom at night, rolls the pollen into a ball, flies to another flower, and ascends the pistil to force the pollen ball into the tubular stigma. Using her ovipositor, the moth then lays 4-5 eggs within the...
the yucca plant grows in the southwest can be pollinated only by the yucca moth
They drink from all sorts of flowers. They mostly drink from daises.
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1. It makes a cocoon for itself 2. It stays there while it develops3. It breaks through and becomes a butterfly!
according to wiki answers they do not die when they lay their eggs because they live up to 8 weeks and they will lay eggs several times before thy die.
Depending on the type of butterfly, an eyespot can be sometimes used to scare off predators. Another use, again depending on the butterfly, is to make itself look larger.
Bees, butterflies and some animals visit flowers because they aredrinking nectar, a sweet substance that plants generate.
N they don't they actually come from chrysalis
The Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly does not live in the rainforest. It lives in the Southwest United States in scrub oak habitats. It can be found in the Rocky Mountains and San Juan Mountains in Colorado, between the elevations of 6,500-7,500 feet.
Most caterpillars are herbivores. Some species are omnivores because they eat other insects.yes it is. it eats plants only.
This means you have butterflies making a cocoon and getting set for a long and cold winter, i strongly suggest that you leave them there, and if they don't seem to be making anything like crystals/silk in the next few months, then put them outside, or if you like to keep them as a pet- research what...
Wings, beaks and feet are a birds special tools. You can tell where a bird lives and how it gets food by these special adaptations.   Birds have hollow bones and they make uric acid instead of urine, this removes excees water more efficiently to save water wieght. their feathers are an adaptation...
· Cabbage White Butterfly · Cairns Birdwing Butterfly
Yes, you can move a cocoon without harming the insect inside. Use a  toothpick to disconnect the cocoon at the top and move to a safer  place.
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A Caterpillar 150 kilowatts SR for generator ways approximately 800  pounds without fluids. The generator will weigh over 1000 pounds  with fluids.
Yes it odes, but not as a moth, it comes as a caterpillar.
They have one full generation of moths in a year, if that helps. There's nothing on this...
Butterfly species come in such a variety of sizes. The smallest  butterfly has a wingspan of just half an inch and the largest  species has a wingspan of up to twelve inches.
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No, a butterfly does not compete for food with a honey bee. Thereis usually enough nectar for both of them.
Butterflies normally appear in June but it really depends on when the Caterpillar decides spin its cocoon.
they may be eaten by a big hungry bear named fluffy, or get stopped on by a hippo.
butterflies have wings and some of them have wings that camouflage with the surroundings. They also drink nectar and sugar water
Adult butterflies have a proboscis, somewhat like a drinking straw. It curls into a tight circle when not in use. Palps help hold the curled proboscis in place. Recent studies reveal that the proboscis works by wicking up fluid, like a paper towel.
i don't know the proper answer, but i know butterflies use their feet to taste if the leaf is good enough to lay eggs on.
You can touch and handle butterflies if you do it properly. There are butterfly tagging programs in which butterflies are caught, tags are placed on their wings, and they are released. Some tagged butterflies fly hundreds of miles before being recaptured, even though their wings were touched. If...
butterflies can only see red, green and yellow.