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Beer and Brewing

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The art of fermenting malted grains, flavored with hops and other natural ingredients and the alcoholic beverage derived thereof.
It will not cause much hard but it can cause GI upset.
India USA UK France Paris   * * * * *    That is simply not true - apart from the fact that Paris is not  even a country!    There are several different measures of per capita consumption: one  of these is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head. There are also  different ways of...
She has been a very popular figure in Australia and she was awarded senior of the year in 2010. There is no why in it. It must have been because of her commendable effort
No, drinking just one beer is bound to harm your body. But  continuously drinking all day, everyday is not a healthy living.
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    when you drink green beer the chemicals in your body change to allow the green beer become pee. when you drink other things they all have their own colors but in average, the colors usually sum up to a yellowish color. like i said a couple of sentences ago: the chemicals change, making...
  There are 170kcal (i.e. Calories) in one pint of Guinness.
Yes, Guinness is a dry stout that is brewed at the St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.
The average is about 180 calories
because it is made from hops and yeast and a teaspoon of sugar. when its in the sun it ferments and goes seedy and becomes inbred as related nuerons fuze
It's a scoop of vanilla ice cream served over a mug of root beer.
Use a room temperature glass, preferably 20 ounces which is the  traditional size. If a chilled glass is used, as soon as it hits  room temperature, condensation will occur. This will prevent the  Guinness from getting thick and creamy. It also lessens the head  size.    Ensure your...
No, Iron Brew is a drink made in Scotland. It has a bright orange color and has a slight citrus flavor. In it's original formula Iron Brew, spelled Irn-Bru, is banned in the USA due to the fact some of it's contents are not approved by the FDA, although an American version is available if someone...
Alcohol is a substance found in alcoholic drinks, while liquor is a name for these drinks. So for example one might say "I'm drinking liquor, which contains alcohol." Liquor is a beverage that contains alcohol. Not all alcoholic beverages are liquors though, beer, wine, malt beverages all contain...
Yes but adarall is filtered out by your body within 2-3 days
Avoiding any extreme temperature is good while storing beer, especial the warm ones. However, taking a beer out of the fridge and then putting it back in will not affect the beer's taste. Distributors put beer through these temperature changes all of the time.
Yuengling Coors Molson Olympia
An Irish lager is a beer
Depends on the beer, city and pub but on average one pint or 0,5 litre is around 30 CZK or 1 EUR
I don't think it's possible to make a potion with he same effects as any type of alcohol.
Mouth alcohol takes around 20 minutes to disperse.
Its 4% now, but used to be 5%. Go figure....
you pick your fruit that you want in it and you get the juice offof the fruit and then you slice the fruit up an put it in the beer.
  Ah! The original Budweiser is brewed in Czechoslovakia. The name derives from the Bohemian city Budweis where there is a long tradition of brewing beer since 1265. In 1876 a Czech emigrant started to brew a plagiarism of the original Budweiser Beer in the USA. During the following trademark...
There are many factors involved: How big is the man? The bigger, the more he can drink without being impaired. How fast? One beer an hour and I could never get drunk. One beer every half hour and it would take me about six hours to build up to the legal limit. What type of beer? I can sit...
because it is supposed to do that
sweden is the country that consumes the most candy annually
  Beer glasses have to be washed carefully after each use with very hot water. Use detergent rather than soap if more than water is needed. Then clean them with baking soda.   Let the glasses air dry in a dish rack. If water droplets cling to the glass or if spots show while drying, then the...
no take 4 more tylenols and then drink 10 beers time to get messed up!
16 oz = 1 pound so that pretty much answers ur question
Yes, I have been having trouble getting it locally, so I called Budweiser in St. Louis and was told it has been discontinued
Yes they do have beer in Canada, one of the famous brands is Labatt Blue.
Yes it is. It was purchased just last week (March 17, 2014) at  Walmart in Niagara Falls New York. This is a product of the USA.
No store or distributor has it yet. Nema nijedna prodavnica a ni distributor.
There are a few alcoholic drinks brewed in Ireland but the most well known would be the world famous guiness which has been made in dublin for years.
· Sack Time Amberl Ale (Boss Brewing Company; Raleigh NC) · Sam Adams· Scarecrow (Wychwood Brewery, England) · Schlitz (Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company)· Sharp's (Miller Brewing Co.)· Shock Top (Anheuser-Busch)· Simon Pure (Buffalo, New York) · St. Pauli Girl (St. Pauli Brauerei;...
    == Weight Gain from Beer ==     It depends on how much you drink (and how much you exercise). Beer is empty calories, most have 100-200 calories per serving. See the related question for more details on specific beers.     Plus you have to take in the munchy effect.   ...
the target market of Heineken would be males from the ages of 22-35 who follow sport, mainly rugby as they are the complete suspports of the Irish Rugby Heineken Cup
It is worth about $75 dollars in bad condition and over $100 when in good condition. I hope this helps.
Yes, Wrigley Field is bound to have had a no hitter. It is the second oldest ballpark, behind only Fenway Park. Various Cubs pitchers have pitched no hitters here.   Here are Cubs pitchers with no hitters:     No-Hitters     Larry Corcoran 8/19/1880   Larry Corcoran 9/20/1882  ...
Both are hard on the liver, and the stomach lining.
No sodium nitrate is not harmful if added to soap. Sodium nitratehas been used in many products such as fertilizer and it is alsoadded to food as a preservative.
Newcastle Brown Ale is a beer which begins with the letter N. There  is a mixed drink made with heated wine and spices called negus.
cerveza=beer tomar=drink (as in beer, not water, but some hispanics, like me, use tomar for everything)
Of all time, it would be Lawrence Bruno Nero Dallaglio. Currently, Pierre Spies, mainly due to a lack of real competition Jordan Crane is up and coming
Arguably, yes. It's unpasteurized when it stays inside Ireland.
Yest, they are still producing non-alcoholic beer.
  not even close - it is thought that beer was created by the ancient sumarians
to make sure all colors that can be used on cans, are working and tested properally
it is rumored that buffalo bill's alimony ale from hayward California is the hoppiest
  According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, as of October 6, 2008, international travelers may bring 125 grams of caviar without a permit. Previouosly, travelers could bring 250 grams. Read the article on:   http://www.fws.gov/news/NewsReleases/showNews.cfm?newsId=D293127D-BC2E-DAD7...
in the biostil fermentation the fermentation and distillation are coupled.
yes you can the reason for this is because the pressure of the beer will not allow you to let your muscles contract to be able to move yourself up.
NoNo Guinness products (beers, ales, stouts, etc.) are vegetarian- or vegan-suitable. See the Related links further down this page.
It is advised to avoid alcohol when taking any form of medication. Medication and alcohol can go two ways, depending on the medicationtype and the strength of the alcohol. . The alcohol will dissolve the medication and neutralise it, soit has no effect on the bodily healing or preventative process...
it tastes amazing
I think Bud Lite Lime is sort of like a cheaper version of Corona Lite.
The brew they sell in Sweden has 5.0% alcohol. It is 4.8% in the UK and 5.2% in the US.
So you can collect them and play with them.
Beer mixed with motts clamatto juice.
  Beer's law says that absorbance of a molecule or solution is:    A = a*b*c    where A is the absorbance, "a" is the absorptivity (in units of per molar per cm, M-1 cm-1), "b" is the path length (in units of centimeters, cm), and "c" is the concentration (in units of molar, M). The...
it depends on how large the man is. the larger the man the more alcohol he can consume.
The ingredients used in brewing beer depends on the type of beer you are brewing and the specific recipe. All beers use hops and malts for flavoring and yeast for fermenting. You can look up the recipe for your favorite beer online to find all the ingredients needed.
apparently etching on the base of a beer glass, ie the carling glass which is laser engraved on the base improves the taste! might be a myth! Also there is a CE stamp engraved to state the imperial measurement in the UK which is a legal mark to state the glass holds a pint. http://en.wikipedia.org...
It was built in Oakland by Electrical Products. Herb Dempsey at age of 32 built all the sheet metal for the six story, three dimensional sign. He also made many of the old neon signs in the bay area.
Carbon isn't root beer, it's actually an element on the periodic table with the atomic number of 6.
no. 18 or more daily and you're pushing it though.
i don't know about in 1 day but in 1 sitting Andre "The Giant" drank 119 beers in a 6 hour period, think about that it is a 12 oz. beer every 3 minutes Yes, and here he is http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ok6tSPK8RxY/UDnhzwo8ALI/AAAAAAAAAPs/ZMH-JupI7gw/s1600/3.jpg
Yes, Sir Edward Stout was bottled in Cincinnati Ohio; by the Schoenling Brewing Co.
Yes beer is a homonym with beer, bear, and bare