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Illinois is a state located in the mid-western area of the United States. It ranks 25th in terms of total land area and fifth in terms of population, and is home to Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States.
This is regulated individually by each state/country, so you should check with the driving manual or on the dmv website of the state/country where you are driving. Typically, there is a weight limit for the child, under which they need to be in a car seat. Above that weight, a seat-belt is fine. 80 …
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Not if the person has a court ordered custody agreement. If no visitation/custody order is in place, it is at the discretion of the person who has custody of the child.
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Yes According to The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury, 325 men and boys have died either directly or indirectly from playing football at the high school and college level between 1982-2008 (26 years). Direct injuries are defined as those fatalities which resulted directly from par…
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The first Constitution of the State of Illinois was adopted on August 26, 1818 by vote of the members of a constitutional convention. No one signed the Constitution. The members of the convention included two or three delegates (depending on size) elected from each county in Illinois.
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%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% I believe th Chicago Park Police was absorbed into the CDP in 1957.My father was a Park Policeman from 1931. He retired from the CPD in 1963. I am a retired Park Ridge police since 1986. My father was Sterling Benson, he passed azway in 1997.   is there a list of nam…
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Lincoln Highway I am not a real OLD TIMER but I did live in a three flat on Lincoln Highway in Chicago Heights about 1954 to 1956 when I was just a toddler. My grandparents lived in the 3 flat next to us and I can recall watching the trucks roll by through their living room window in the late …
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%DETAILS% Answer CHI PUB LIB Try this website, at the Chicago Public Libraries....in their special collections Chicago Public Library Special Collections and Preservation Division Neighborhood History Research Collection Historical Note The first permanent settlement in the Calumet re…
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%DETAILS% Answer Check Bill Roemer's book "The Enforcer", biography of Tony Spilotro by a former FBI agent in Chicago. Mentions the hotel many times.
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%DETAILS% This listing appears in a booklet titled "Where to Eat and Sleep in Chicagoland" by Marie C Pedderson (1947): "ATLANTIC HOTEL, 316 S Clark St, Ph[one] Wabash 2646. One of the moderate priced Chicago hotels, located in the loop business district. 400 rooms. Single $1.75 to $4.00; double …
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%FOLLOWUPS% I do not know if this would be helpful to you, but a Frederick Boldenweck is mentioned in '*Who's Who in Chicago' 1931; 'merchant; April 14,1842-September 30,1929. See Who's Who in Chicago,1926.''The Book of Chicagoans' was first published in 1905. The title was changed to 'Who's Who …
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Chicago before it was called Chicago was just land of Indian territory. They named the area Chickagou or Checagou, which meant a type of smell which at the time indicated wild onion, skunk cabbage, and a resentful colony of polecats. The word was also in general use among the savages to indicate a …
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%DETAILS% History of Chicago Housing Authority   The history of (CHA)is poverty. It was a terrible idea to put all of those low-income people into big buldings, in apartments one on top of the other. Public housing was nice until Mayor Daley begging using to segregate the city's rapidly …
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%FOLLOWUPS% For some reason, I thought the family came from the Oak Park-River Forest area, and in googling, I found the following in the special collections of the Chicago Public Library:Bowman Dairy Reitzel, J. A. The Flourishing Tree: A History of the Bowman Dairy, 1874-1949. Chicago, 1949. Ra…
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%FOLLOWUPS% I have still not seen the tunnel you refer to, however, I have spoken with a couple rail people, and the have told me that it was highly unlikely that this was a freight line due to the fact that the railroads had right of way to go above ground, and they usually avoid tunneling in ca…
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That was my Uncle's bakery, then my father's, then my brother's. Are you still interested. I did not make the cookies, but perhaps my brother knows the recipes. Let me know (rpuetter@att.net)
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The entire building was designed by Marshall and Fox architectural firm.
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To the best of my knowledge it was Lithuanian, Irish, Polish, German originally. And is known to be one of the lowest academic schools of Chicago.  Polish and Slovak.
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%REPLIES% Answer The Southtown was a theater on 63rd just East of Halsted in the Englewood shopping district. Answer The Southtown was one of the last truly opulant movie houses built. I think is was built in the 30's. It was located on 63rd Street about a block or so east of Halsted St. on…
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The easiest way is first go online to the Cook County assesors page, and type in the property address. This will give you the Pin num. of the property. Then go to city hall, and on the county side in the basement, are all the tract books that have the property owners since the land was aquired. Brin…
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I have an Abstract of Title from my aunt's house on 116th and Prairie Avenue. The history of the area goes back to 1835. The first date showing the name Kensington was in 1875. It says "First Addition to Kensington" with a legal description There is also a map. In case you are interested, that whole…
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There were once two Chinatowns, Argyle/Broadway and the Cermak St Chinatown. Which was first? I don't remember but I do remember the story of this all was very interesting. One can learn alot about Chicago from listening to WBEZ radio.   The Chinese settlement was on Clark Street between Van …
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Not sure if this is the Gerolamy referred to in the question but Louis Arthur Gerolamy (1867,Iowa-1909,Texas) established a portrait studio at 205 West Madison in about 1883. He soon after moved his studio to 591 West Madison (see Chicago City Directory, 1889) and lived in Chicago until about 1898. …
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Yes, in the 1930's there was a restaurant called Forum located at 64 W. Madison Street.  The Forum restaurant on W.Madison existed till it had a fatal fire of 3 firemen in Jan,1973.It was a 2 level cafeteria style style restaurant. When I was a kid, my grandmother would take me there. I liked …
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No, it closed in the early 1990s.
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You can find the names of people living in Chicago from 1900 to 1930 on ancestry.com indexed census records. It is a subscription site that requires paying a fee.
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Billions of years old, like the rest of the earth. :->Chicago was incorporated as a town on August 12, 1833. It was chartered as a city on March 4, 1837. You can do the math from there.There's a timeline of Chicago history at http://www.chipublib.org/004chicago/chihist.html
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Not that I can tell from reading the IL code. You will need the proper plates on your tow truk or they will snag you quik.   Yes you need a license in Illinois. Check with I.C.C. and you need proof of insurance.   No. As of this writing, individual agents are not required to have a "re…
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If you get the account current. Call the lender and ask. They will be the final answer on the subject.
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Butch, read your contract. Most say only that you have to be in DEFAULT. Sooo, your answer?? ONE DAY.
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Mike, dont know what state you are in sooo cant say if you had to have "notice" or "repo papers". The LENDER is liable for Damage to the car. You will need some type of proof that damage was done during the repo. Cant just pop up and say, "oH'they broke my car". Tooo many folks try that so lenders a…
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YES, they can remove it to any state of their choice
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%DETAILS% Answer What MUST be done is CONTACT the LENDER who repoed it. They determine who, what, when and HOW MUCH.
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Thats an excellant question to ask your B/K attorney. maybe if you REAFFIRM the debt, you can get it back. MERRY CHRISTMAS
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CALL the lender or better yet, VISIT the lender with CASH ready to pay off the car.
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READ you contract. Likely not on a 1st payment default.
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Probably around $120. When I get a ticket I ALWAYS go to a lawyer. They can talk to the court and most likely get your ticket down to a non-moving violation and there fees aren't much more than what you would be paying for the ticket in court. Plus a Non-moving violation does not put points on your …
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Be extremely prepared. Be up front. Denial may certainly play into this when you confront your partner. Don't let the confrontation get side lined, and keep the topic at hand. Don't confront in a public forum. Do this in private. Keep a cool head. No drinking or drugs what so ever. Do this when the …
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A petition with exemptions that were applicable to the defendant should have been presented to the court. All states have a set of exemptions that protect specific property from creditor attachment. W/O knowing the state of residency I cannot give a more specific answer. Sorry!My state is Illinois..…
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Not on your own, you have to involve social workers. Otherwise the police will look for you as a runaway. but if you get it all organized like tell your parents something that isn't really that bad but would make your parents flip out on you and take a video of how abusive they are and take it to …
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Your best bet is to go to an IL approved traffic school to get the ticket removed.
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Answer The real question should be: Were you convicted? Being arrested is one thing, going to court and being tried and convicted is something else. If you were convicted and have not been granted a Pardon, you will most likely be denied that licence, as a felon. Apply for a pardon, as soon as …
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There are several web resources about repossession in Illinois. In addition to this information, the Illinois General Assembly's website contains the full text of all Illinois Laws. Please see the links below.
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can you get a vin # if you have a check from the bank take it back to the bank the should help you out
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Answer It is against the law to move in new tenants if the apartment or suite is not up to standards (needs new paint or carpeting, different things needing to be fixed.) Usually the person that will be renting will not pay rent or move in until this is done. If you have damaged the apartment and…
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First of all - installers are paid per sq/ft and rates depend on the product they're installing. I've been an installer for 10 years and I've never earned less than 75,000 a year. and I know guys that earn 150,000 a year. 10-20% goes to supplies. and the guys that make 150,000 a year often have one …
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Answer You are really going to hate this answer, but you're too young! You could probably live with this young man without many problems since you are on your own, but he can be charged with "Statutory Rape" if it should ever come up to the wrong person what age you are, and what age he is. Re…
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Most definitly, Artists can aquire licenses to tattoo in their home or in the home of their clients. Many popular artists do this because they are required to travel around for special assignments. My friend's first tattoo was done in her living room.   Check with your local Health and Human…
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This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability to con…
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No. There is no statewide registry of domestic partnerships in Illinois and the term has no legal meaning under Illinois state law, except that out-of-state comprehensive domestic partnerships (i.e., those from CA, NV, WA and OR) are recognized as civil unions under Illinois state law.
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No US federal law takes effect before it is passed by both houses of Congress and signed by the president. However, the executive branch of the government does have a huge amount of power. The IRS can set many rules and regulations without any law being passed, as long as no law is violated. Furt…
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Answer You can buy a Car in any state without a license The law says you need ID that can be in the form of a SS# or a state ID You just cant drive the car on a public street I deal with Car titles every day and licensing. I'm not sure about Illinois but in Nevada virtually every dealer will requ…
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It may depend on the city too. In our city we can move out 17 no matter what the parents say. My friend moved out at 17 and moved in with a 25yr old guy. Her dad contacted the police and they said she is 17 and there isn't anything they could do. 17-Year-Olds Moving Out in IL The legal age o…
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May I ask why you are seeking the address of Michau's Paint Shop? My great grandfather owned that store, so I am wondering what your interest is.
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Answer Just got a ticket the fine is $55.00 The fine for not wearing a ticket and being caught would range from 50 to $750. The fined for being in an accident with no seatbelt? More than you can imagine.
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4 to be exact. and there is one in each exhaust manifold, one before cat and one after cat. gm Jim
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Filing For Divorce Knowing Your Husband Is In Another State: There is a Statute of Limitations which can vary from State to State. In Canada it's 7 years as long as you haven't had contact. Please go on: www.google.com Type in: Statute of Limitations for divorce laws in ___ca_______(put you…
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I already know what you mean pal. The pulsating you feel when you are cruising is very annoying although it does not effect performance but here's your answer. Timing and Ignition!!! If you are using low octane such as 89 or even 91, you have to tune your car to run that otherwise you run lean and…
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ANSWER Depends, if its a WWE Event Check There Websitee, same with TNA or anyother Promotion!
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The cost of a POD moving service depends on several factors; each move is different and will result in a customized price for your individual situation. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of your move: -Location you're moving from -Location you're moving to -Size of the home…
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Yes, a 12-year-old in Illinois can obtain a work permit. They must have their parent's approval and signature of the school principal verifying that they are doing okay in school.
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The state's legal age of majority is 18. For ages 16-17 you must get an emancipation order from the court which may be limited to specific areas.
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Currently, 2 points are assessed for failing to stop for a red light. However, in Maryland, if you are caught running a red light by an automated camera system NO points are assessed. You only pay a monetary fine which is about $75.00. The violation notice is sent to the registered owner of the car …
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Answer The minimum time in Illinois is six months. Generally the estate has to be open for six months to wait for claims to be filed. However, if the decedent has already been dead for 2 years then the statute of limitations to file has passed and if everything else is taken care of then the e…
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In most countries it is usually the same process. You must file for divorce in France and they will require that you serve them with the divorce papers and this is accomplished with your spouses signature as proof that he received the divorce papers. One thing...It DOES NOT have to be his/her signat…
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13 hours or so according to mapquest
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This exact question has been answered on here before. The answer is still the same: Being provided for is irrelevant. A 17-year-old is a minor and therefore, unless they have been emancipated, their parents get to decide where they live. At 18, you can move anywhere you want without parental consent…
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Not in Arizona TITLE 4, CHAPTER 3 4-244. Unlawful acts 12. For a licensee, when engaged in waiting on or serving customers, to consume spirituous liquor or for a licensee or on-duty employee to be on or about the licensed premises while in an intoxicated or disorderly condition. Answer In m…
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Answer I'm from Louisiana and have been in law enforcement and worked in the court system for over 17 years. I know that here in Louisiana one must have a court order to relinquish parental gurdingship. So the answer here is a court must grant the order with a parents signture. Now at 17 years ol…
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Answer "You are 17 years old can you legif i were you i would go to the court and get an emancipation request. when you do this and it goes through your parents are ordered to give you so much money per month for you to live on until the court sees fit.The previous poster is wrong. Once a child is e…
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Library, Blue Book of Gun Values, Standard Catalog of Firearms.
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Answer I have no specific informantion about the shakers, and I am not sure about the "W" in the logo, but I have an ad from 1936 for a Garden City Brewery that was at 2111-2123 So. Albany Avenue in Chicago. The ad states that the brewery was founed on July 15, 1901. One of their beer labels was…
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6 hours 57 minutes
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Answer I left Chicago in 1979 and was a regular at Hobson's for years. I can remember the first Guiness in Chgo at Hobson's only on draught. Hobson's was one of a kind even for a metro area as large as Chgo. Hobson's served a wonderful gumbo that I will never forget , never disappointing and …
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Sometimes nothing. Sometimes quite a lot. It depends on the product, marketing and environment.
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The age of majority in IL is 18. You can move out at 17 if your parents give you permission to do so OR you've been emancipated in some manner.
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It is 10 hours by air.
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Well, besides for odd jobs in the neighborhood and for your parents and family and friends you must see what the legal age to work in your state is if you want to get paid on the books.  Become paper delivererIf you have any local newspapers try getting a paper route with them.Edit: the legal …
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Google Maps estimates the driving time as 12 hours and 2 minutes.
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yesYou can legally own anything (except for a handgun and body armor) as a felon, even if you're still in prison.
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According to the Google Maps website, the driving distance between Washington, Iowa, and Chicago, Illinois, is 265 miles (about 4 hours 28 mins).
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Depending on the style, the city seal, the hallmark, and other things. You may have a good badge or a reproduction. Send me a scan of the badge front and back. EARLYBADGES@aol.com Hi,I sold this badge on Ebay 2 years ago.It belong to one of the officers that was on the police force in 1930.I got 40…
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Air Jamaica flies between Chicago O'Hare (ORD) and Montego Bay (MBJ) in about 4 hours each way.
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A lot. (c:
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I'm not quite sure what you mean. If your license is revoked in Illinois, you can not drive.It was 1991 i now live in NH. and want to get a drivers license.
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Garfield Park Hospital was a once popular hospital in Chicago. Besides serving the medical needs of residents in the community it was also a sanitarium. Information on Garfield Park Hospital can be found at the local library in this Chicago area.
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Michigan Has 11 National Championship Wins ; 1901: Michigan and Harvard recognized as National Champions UM recognized by: Billingsley, Helms, Houlgate, National Championship Foundation Harvard recognized by; College Football Research Association Yale recognized by: Parke Davis ; 1902: Mi…
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Answer it was established in 1833
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Water - the Mississippi River, Rock River, Lake Michigan etc, Timber- it covers more then 10% of the land Minerals- petroleum, lead, flourite and coal Soil- we grow many crops like soy beans, corn, pumpkins, etc.
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Answer As I recall, Indiana and Wisconsin (poss Ohio now too) have a right to petition Illinois if you don't pay an out of state ticket. They can petition to suspend your license. I got a ticket in Indiana and kept calling for two months to find out what I owed. Repeatedly a very ignorant woman t…
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St. Valentine's Day Massacre link Here's some notorious info: Gangsters George "Bugs" Moran, Henry Gusenberg, and optometrist Reinhardt Schwimmer all lived here at the Parkway Hotel at 2100 Lincoln Park West at the time of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929. Schwimmer was one of those killed d…
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Kentucky grows tobacco, corn, soybeans, maybe wheat In Illinois it is mostly corn and soybeans. Illinois finishes #1 in most years for total soybean production and #2 in total corn production.
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about 2,000
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Answer Illinois Legislative Civil Statute, Chapter 750/30. "Rights and Remedies/Family"
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It is nothing more than a myth that you can return any vehicle after you buy it. You cannot return it at all. Once you buy a car you own it and you are stuck with it.
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State sovereignty, National union.
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First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
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