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New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is located in the northeastern part of the US, bordered by the Canadian province of Quebec in the north. It ranks 42nd most populous state in the US, with an estimated population of 1.3 million as of 2010.


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It was intended to be a fishing colony.
Manchester has the largest population, Concord is the capital and Nashua is often considered as a Boston Suburb. Coos, Grafton and Carroll Counties have nothing that can be called a major city and that is about the upper half of the state.
The hard working skilled craftsman.
No it was on 21 June 1788 that it became the ninth US State.
It depends on the context. If you are saying that you found a lost item, then no, they don't mean the same thing. But if you are talking about who founded a city then it can be the past tense of found. Make sense?
Shipbuilders, boatbuilders, furniture makers, lumbermen,
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 1,395.67 miles.
Captain John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges.
john zagirel . hanna lendckie .
Major New Hampshire Lakes: Bow Lake Comerford Reservoir Conway Lake First Connecticut Lake Francis Lake Great East Lake Mascoma Lake Massabesic Lake Merrymeeting Lake Moore Reservoir Newfound Lake Ossipee Lake Paugus Bay Second Connecticut Lake Squam Lake Sunapee Lake ...
Yes in fact he died without ever seeing it.
Answer . According to the State of New Hampshire web site on the state seal it is the frigate Raleigh.
Perhaps Prince Whipple a slave owned by General William Whipple and believed by many historians to be pictured in the painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware.
i think the general direction from new hampshire from connecticutis north
There are at least 234 with a population of 40 or more residents.
1 was a light. Another was a shelf. One ather was a tree.
New Hampshire is really known for: . maple syrup- it is always the best tasting syrup in New England . apple cider- afresh, local beverage . New England Clam Chowder- nothing beats the "Chowda" in New England . Squash- I don't know, people think it is just really good:) Hope this helps:)
Yes, there are some in: Pelham, Concord, Exeter, Portsmouth, Nashua, Manchester, Milton, Merrimack, Conway, Londonderry, etc.
White Mountains and that's all I know.... :)
NH Colonial Facts: . It was founded in 1623. . Its founder was John Mason who never saw New Hampshire. . David Thompson created the first settlement as a fishing village in Rye. . The colony was intended to become a fishing empire. . The soils of New Hampshire were thin, rocky and infertile. . The...
He was the second, fourth, eighth and tenth Governor, a US Senator from New Hampshire a member of the Continental Congress and an early supporter of the American Revolution.
The white tailed deer, but it also has a second mammal with official status that is the State's Official dog the Chinook.
It is 291.81 miles according to MapQuest.
Yes, beryl is found in New Hampshire, at dozens of pegmatite localities. Crystals range from colorless to white, yellow, green, or blue, and can be quite large, eg. 30 cm or more! They are typically hexagonal prisms embedded in matrix or, more rarely, free-growing in cavities. The transparent blue...
Yes it is even nicknamed the Granite State.
About 2,225 based on the 2000 US Census.
thay sent troops out for the cold war.
Cheshire, Hillsborough, Rockingham, Strafford, Merrimack, Sullivan, Grafton, Belknap, Carroll, Coos
A little over 3,000 feet. 3065' im pretty sure.
the New Hampshire colony was known for many things. one thing it was known for was its granite it was also known for being a new England colony.
It's New Hampshirite! Said as ' New Hampshirt' It's not that different from Hampshire actually. Most places are name changed because of embarrassment! It's not weird. I understand.
Hilly and mountainous, with lots of green stuff.
they were stone cutters. they cut and made bricks and other things out of stone.
I'm not sure what city you are referring to but this is one of the address I found, "42 Freetown Road, Raymond, NH‎ - (603) 895-0066‎." I recommend you go to Google Maps and search for Walmart Distribution Center but leave out the "". I hope I was helpful. Source: maps.google.com
Because the mountains in the northern part of the state are granite.
New Hampshire designated Granite as the offical state rock in 1985. " The Granite State " is also New Hampshire's official nickname..
Yes, John Mason did have children. He had two daughter and twosons. He was a Major in the English Army and came to America in1632.
Eighteen miles in length.
Im not sure what your question is but yes there is a derry nh. It is actually where the largest public high school in the Northeast is located and where Robert Frost grew up.
That is kind of an opinionated question....
As of 2009it is 1,235,786 As of 2007 it was 1,315,828.
John Mason was the founder of the New Hampshire Colony.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
It's about 170 miles long.
The state is Massachusetts and the capital is Boston.
New Hampshire is situated to the north of Connecticut, and her seaboard IS further East than Connecticut's Easternmost point.
The Puritans were the first religious group to settle in NewHampshire. This group solidly occupied all of the New Englandcolonies.
its located in the new England colony
Rugged mountains, grassy plains, and lots of water.
The state of New Hampshire was the first to form a democraticrepublic form of government. New Hampshire broke away from GreatBritain in 1776.
Hampshire was a location in England. When the English settled the region, they named the region '"New" Hamshire', in dedication to the English location. The Same thing applies to 'New York' & 'New England'.
New Hampshire's state bird is the Purple Finch.New Hampshire's state tree is the White Birch.New Hampshire's state flower is the Purple Lilac.Llast but not least New Hampshire's state capital is Concord
saint gaudens national historic sight not much, we're a quiet state. a not to well known fact is that the actor Adam sandler was actually raised in Manchester nh! just a litttle food for the brain.
Jeanne Shaheen was born on January 28, 1947.
English fishermen under the leadership of David Thompson.
Officially it has none.
Judd Gregg and Jeanne Shaheen
It was founded in 1623 to become a fishing colony for Britain. As a fishing village planning to become a fishing empire.
New Hampshire got its nickname ,"The Granite State", because of itsmountains. Its Mountains are mostly made of granite.