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New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is located in the northeastern part of the US, bordered by the Canadian province of Quebec in the north. It ranks 42nd most populous state in the US, with an estimated population of 1.3 million as of 2010.


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Manchester has the largest population, Concord is the capital and Nashua is often considered as a Boston Suburb. Coos, Grafton and Carroll Counties have nothing that can be called a major city and that is about the upper half of the state.
No it was on 21 June 1788 that it became the ninth US State.
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 1,395.67 miles.
Captain John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges.
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Major New Hampshire Lakes:   Bow Lake Comerford Reservoir Conway Lake First Connecticut Lake Francis Lake Great East Lake Mascoma Lake Massabesic Lake Merrymeeting Lake Moore Reservoir Newfound Lake Ossipee Lake Paugus Bay Second Connecticut Lake Squam Lake Sunapee Lake Umbagog...
Answer . According to the State of New Hampshire web site on the state seal it is the frigate Raleigh.
i think the general direction from new hampshire from connecticut  is north
There are at least 234 with a population of 40 or more residents.
Yes, there are some in: Pelham, Concord, Exeter, Portsmouth, Nashua, Manchester, Milton, Merrimack, Conway, Londonderry, etc.
It is 291.81 miles according to MapQuest.
Yes it is even nicknamed the Granite State.
thay sent troops out for the cold war.
Cheshire, Hillsborough, Rockingham, Strafford, Merrimack, Sullivan, Grafton, Belknap, Carroll, Coos
the New Hampshire colony was known for many things. one thing it was known for was its granite it was also known for being a new England colony.
It's New Hampshirite! Said as ' New Hampshirt' It's not that different from Hampshire actually. Most places are name changed because of embarrassment! It's not weird. I understand.
  Hilly and mountainous, with lots of green stuff.
I'm not sure what city you are referring to but this is one of the address I found, "42 Freetown Road, Raymond, NH‎ - (603) 895-0066‎." I recommend you go to Google Maps and search for Walmart Distribution Center <Your City and State goes here> but leave out the "<>". I hope I was...
Because the mountains in the northern part of the state are granite.
New Hampshire designated Granite as the offical state rock in 1985. "The Granite State" is also New Hampshire's official nickname.
  Eighteen miles in length.
Im not sure what your question is but yes there is a derry nh. It is actually where the largest public high school in the Northeast is located and where Robert Frost grew up.
That is kind of an opinionated question....
As of 2009it is 1,235,786 As of 2007 it was 1,315,828.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
It's about 170 miles long.
New Hampshire is situated to the north of Connecticut, and her seaboard IS further East than Connecticut's Easternmost point.
Rugged mountains, grassy plains, and lots of water.
The state of New Hampshire was the first to form a democraticrepublic form of government. New Hampshire broke away from GreatBritain in 1776.
New Hampshire's state bird is the Purple Finch.New Hampshire's state tree is theWhite Birch.New Hampshire's state flower is the Purple Lilac.Llast but not least New Hampshire's state capital is Concord
saint gaudens national historic sight not much, we're a quiet state. a not to well known fact is that the actor Adam sandler was actually raised in Manchester nh! just a litttle food for the brain.
Officially it has none.
It was founded in 1623 to become a fishing colony for Britain. As a fishing village planning to become a fishing empire.
New Hampshire got its nickname ,"The Granite State", because of itsmountains. Its Mountains are mostly made of granite.
only as far as the blink of an eye in some places but elsewhere up to several hundred miles
the state seal stands for the historic warship,the nine stars stand  for new hampshire being the 9th state to join the newly formed  U.S.A. and I'm not sure what the blue stand for
The seventh star since it was the seventh state to join the US.
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  Dummer, NH: Population 335, is the smallest town in New Hampshire.
The major cities of New Hampshire areConcordManchesterNashuaPortsmouth (you can check my answer on http://www.kidport.com/RefLib/UsaGeography/Facts/NewHampshire.htm)
Stafford county is the smallest county in New Hampshire.
    It was found in 1638 by John Wheelright
well did you know that a  fishing was not a chief product in the new england colonies
The state bird of New Hampshire is the Purple Finch.
Never. Nobody lives up there and there's nothing to sell. Hypothetically if i would open a store i would sell cucumbers and underwater lighters because when scuba diving in northern N.H. you need your veggies and your cigs.
No. It did not take place anywhere in the United States of America, except for the Aleutian Islands.
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no they weren't virgina was the fist colony
You can carry a handgun openly without a permit, except in your vehicle. To carry a gun in your vehicle, or to carry a gun concealed, you must have a NH permit or a permit that is recognized by the state of NH. For more information, see opencary.org, or handgunlaw.us
Well, he was called "Koo-Koo-Sint" or "The Stargazer" by a first nations tribe. I don't know anything else, though.
go look it up somewhere else, cuz i don't know!
The U.S. would end the bombing and make it cease, steps would be taken to ensure tha south vietnamese played the larger role.
Appalachian Mountains, I believe.
In Season 5, Episode 6, corporate transfers Holly to Nashua. In Season 5, Episode 16, Michael travels to the Nashua branch for closure with Holly.
"We put in more- they match it. I see more and more fighting with more and more casualties on the U.S. side and no end in sight to the action."