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This category covers questions about Texas, the second largest state in the United States. Texas has had six different nations rule it, making it the only state to have had six flags flown over it. Texas is one of three states to have existed as an independent nation and the only state legally permitted to secede from the Union.
A person from Kansas is a Kansan. The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk. Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters
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Dalhart, Texas, is located in the Texas Panhandle, and is situated in the counties of Dallam and Hartley. Dalhart was founded in 1901, and was named for its location in Dallam and Hartley counties.It is the county seat of Dallam county. The city's total area is 4.3 square miles (11.1 square km.) A…
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Mr. Pizza was originally located on the southwest corner of Hyde Park Blvd. and Harper Ave. where the wireless store is now. Around 1969, they moved down the street a few doors and sadly closed about a year later. Best pizza I have ever had to this day. Cafe Enrico was located on the south side of 5…
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They can be worth anywhere from 25 cents to several dollars apiece, depending on what you have and what condition it's in.Anything with a P or D mintmark, that has been in circulation, doesn't have any added value, and likely never will.P's & D's in uncirculated condition will have a value of 25…
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Not if you've already signed a purchase contract. However, most car lots WANT their customers to be happy. Go back to the lot and tell your saleman if you'd like to trade it in for a new car. A reputable dealer will give you fair market value for the demo, (which should be pretty close to what you p…
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No. The buyer assumes all liability after the title is in his/her name.   Anybody can sue anybody else for anything. The question is can the win? Will a lawyer help them? Will the judge laugh them out of the courtroom? I could probably sue you for asking this question.
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In Texas, they take you to court on a judgment in order to collect. Statutes of limitations on debt collection in Texas is four years. Debtors cannot garnish any wages.
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To COLLECT??? 9:00 PM unless they are reasonably sure you are up(see you moving around,out in the yard,ect) But, REPO agents dont come to collect, they come to repo. Told the person doesnt live there?? How many times do you think an agent here's that a day? Its not impossible that the "agent" is ver…
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99% of the time, at the BOTTOM. LOL Lot attendant, gopher, drivers helper. Like most other professions. Cassy, would it impress you if a person walked up to you and told you a lot of things about YOU that wasnt common knowledge??? Well. you can do the same thing with the repo co. Study their website…
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NO, in NO state can the repoman LEGALLY involve the police. repossession is a CIVIL matter. Calling and coming to your home?? YES, when you are in DEFAULT, the lender can repo the collateral.
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YES, you have to THINK about what you want to know and have the iniative to look for yourself Does the word M-O-N-E-Y ring a bell? LOL Decent truck=$25K,INSURANCE(IF you can get written)$15Kper year office= phone lines,computer,faxes,cell ph,files,5-10K.AFTER you get all that, do you have CLIENTS???…
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You "face" the unpaid balance due on the loan. PLUS repo fees, attorney fees, auction fees, fees fees, ect. TRY your best to sell the car even if you have to borrow some money to complete the payoff. It will be MUCH cheaper than any repo.<><>You also face the long-term consequences of a …
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NOT LEGALLY...however you wouldn't be the first to do it. That's why most repair shops have fences for storage. The shop is legally entitled to its repair charges. Why not just let the LENDER pay the repair charges and then get the car?? That's how its supposed to work. Email me if you have more qu…
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IF you will be filing WITH an attorney, the attorney will do the filing. ler her/him do their job.
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anyone "can" get shot anywhere repoing cars. Not just Texas. Texas does have their little law that says you can shoot someone in "defense" of your property. BUT, it doesnt fly that you can kill someone for repoing a car you cant/wont pay for. Good try, NO candy   Well, several years ago, at 2…
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Is it legal for you to shoot the Seven Eleven clerk because they are doing their job. While I know Texas is a little bit different when it comes to protecting your property, as long as the Agent is acting in the scope of the law, then NO you can't shoot them.Just remember if you breach peace first, …
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%DETAILS% Answer this is a GENERIC definition... BOP is usually decide in the APPEALS Courts. Links at the bottom Breach of Peace. However, even if there is a right to repossession, the repossession agent cannot Breach the Peace in conducting the repossession. That means that the repossessio…
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6-7 months is the "longest" normal Im use too. I dont know of a legal "limit". Call a wrecker to move it as a TOW-A-WAY. They usually do that for FREE. Then you will have more grass to mow.
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need approval from hair vehicle
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repossessing a vehicle is NOT tresspassing in any state. It is a LAWFUL reason to be on the property. READ your contract again, you likely gave the lender permission to do so.
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One can find them in the phone book under Collateral Recovery or one can find them delivering repos to auto auction.
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YES. If not, everyone would be buying their cars in TX. No other state would sell cars.
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Look at ORS 164.135 (c) (2), does that qualify???
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You might really be asking two questions here.1. Is it legal, as in can the provider find himself with criminal charges for doing it2. Does the Insurance Company permit it? Could the provider lose his HMO or PPO contract?1 Here's an answer from Minisota's Medicaid siteClarification of DHS Copay Guid…
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from what i know if you have a family there then you can apply for Application of Waiver of Ground of Inadmissibility you can file it with the American Embassy or Consulate where you are filing for a visa, or you can do it on line ,the Filing Fee it about 545$ …….form i-601.the web site is /www.…
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The first answer quoting the family code is wrong (that must be an old version because I have 2007-2008 open in front of me as I type). Trooper Davis and the other person are both correct. Licenses may be issued to anyone over eighteen. If you are between 16 & 18 you need either parental consen…
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....well i was 16 when i gave birth to my daughter and my boyfriend was 26 where from New York we just moved to Texas ...but my best suggestion to you is if your parents don't approve of your relationship and wont let ya get married then you guys should just not let the father not be there for the b…
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According to Texas Penal Code, Chapter 22, that would be sexual assault of child, which is Texas' version of statutory rape. If charged, the 22-year-old would go to jail, bail would be set in the thousands of dollars, and even more expensive legal representation would become necessary. If convicted,…
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The age of consent in TX is 17. You can have sex with her and not go to jail. But the parents can get a TRO on you if they want. She is still not 18 and still has to listen to the parents. If she is at your house and her mom calls the cops they will go to your house and just tell her she needs to g…
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In TX, if you are 16/17 you can get married with parental consent. If you are under 16, then a court order is required.
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A Georgia Drivers license class "CP" is also referred to as an instructional drivers license requires another license driver (18 or over) to be present with the permit holder. There is no exception(Ga. O.C.G.A. 40-5-20). Georgia law further provides a class "D" or provisionary drivers license to new…
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As someone who's helped many people put together resumes and has taught job-hunting, I can tell you that it's not a requirement to use a resume writing service. Most of the people who've come to me do so because they either: Don't know how to write a resumeDon't really know how things should be word…
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Oddly enough the amount is not always the biggest factor in whether or not a lawsuit will be implemented. The ability to collect a judgment is the major factor. If the person has steady employment, bank accounts, etc. then it makes legal action more likely. Lawsuits like BK are almost always "no ass…
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The narcissist knows to tell right from wrong. He is perfectly capable of anticipating the results of his actions and their influence on his human environment. The narcissist is very perceptive and sensitive to the subtlest nuances. He has to be: the very integrity of his personality depends upon in…
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It depends. If, at the time of death, the child was functioning as a source of narcissistic supply to the narcissist - then the narcissist will mourn and grieve. Otherwise, he is likely to remain indifferent (though he may pretend otherwise in order to maintain his standing in society and his relati…
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Yahoo Email Support Phone Number NZ New Zealand. Password recovery, help & support, quick solution by our technical team. at
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Texas Rangers Stating Rotation You will have to give it time. They got McCarthy and Harrison in rotation now and they have Holland in the bullpen, he will be starting by atleast by next year. They also have Neftali Feliz throwing 96-98 and hes just 20 in AAA. Plus Thomas Diamond and Tommy Hunter …
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Finding an AccountantThis is basic advice on how to find an accountant from the Federal Consumer Information Center and the Small Business Administration:You want to find an accountant who is knowledgeable, capable and discreet. With the ever-changing complexities of tax laws and developments in acc…
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Raymond Martin Personal account from a FAQ FarmerWhen I arrived in Laredo, Texas in 1975 it was like living in the 20's or maybe in the late 1800's. Mayor Martin had managed through out the years to rip off all the people who lived here. There were no paved streets. No sidewalks, no gutters, and in…
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Virtually all schools public and private have what is called a "moral clause" in teacher and employee contracts. Whether or not one can be fired for being convicted of a crime depends on the terms agreed on when hired. In general if the "crime" is a felony, most definitely. If a misdemeanor involvin…
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Yes. You will need to get a marriage liscense. However, your new spouse may not be able to stay in the US after you marry, as their tourist visa or I-94 will expire..You don't want your beloved to get deported after all. Visit the website of the US Embassy in their country for visa information, spea…
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Change the locks and fast!   If it is actually YOUR home and not a home you bought together call the police, he's trespassing.   You'll have to ask him to leave, leave yourself or go to a lawyer and the lawyer can decide who gets the house.   You have him served Or-- you can go …
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At least 4 or 5
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Revised AnswerThe group nickname Fab Five is a play on the Fab Four, a famous nickname for The Beatles. It has since been applied to the following:* The members of 1980s pop band Duran Duran:Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, and Roger Taylor* The starters on the University of Mich…
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1 You should always bring lots of bottled water. If you have very small children, you might consider bringing cans of formula -- if you used the powdered kind, be sure you don't forget to mix it with the bottled water. Use the bottled water for anything and everything...even brushing your teeth …
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Answer The official age of majority in Texas as in most US states and Western countries is 18. That's when you're considered a legal adult and you can make all your own decisions. However there may be a loophole for 17-year-olds in Texas. Apparently if they are supporting themselves Texas po…
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You can't in the US, Check out the following link:http://www.coolnurse.com/marriage_laws.htmYou're too young anyways, make somthing of yourself first.  I don't know but i am trying to find out the same thing, don't let anyone bring you down. If your mature enough then age isn't nothing but a n…
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The state name originates from the Caddo Indian word "taysha" meaning "friends" or "allies." 'Texas' comes from the Caddo Indian tribe. The Spanish Conquistadors encountered the Caddo Indians around 1540 in the area of East Texas. The Caddos referred to the Spanish as "tayshas," which meant "friend…
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The law on this varies from state to state, but in general, a vehicle recovery agent has to be licensed by the state they do business in, and have liability insurance and be bonded.They act on behalf of who ever gave you the loan to buy the car. If it was a bank or a credit company or a car dealer, …
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You can go to a local shelter and get any kind of bunny. Not only that, but you'll be saving it's life.Also there are many helpful sites, such as the related link below, which allow you to search by breed and area.Of course there are also breeders and pet stores as well.
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Jim Duggan did not coach or play baseball in San Antonio, Texas. He is known for his career as a professional wrestler, and he is from New York.
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Answer Weaponry used by the Texans was widely varied. The Kentucky or Jaeger flintlock was surely present including some that had been converted to the percussion firing system. More common would be the Brown Bess musket, shotguns and even the blunderbuss. Calibres were as varied as weapons …
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Six months after this question was asked, Fiesta Mart is still open at 1320 N. 25th Street in Waco, Texas.
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The legal age for moving out in Texas is 18.
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The average cost of a gunite pool is $75,000. The price for the installation of this type of pool can range from $50,000 to $100,000.
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Answer The answer depends on exactly how old you are. For more information, please refer to the following link to the California DMV website: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/hdbk/pgs09thru12.htm#minorpermitrequirements Well first of all you have to be a mature driver and have at lest 100 hrs of fligh…
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This varies from state to state, with different rules applying to handguns and long guns. Some states are really draconian; others quite liberal. From the perspective of the federal government (and thus applying to all states), a handgun can only be transferred through an Federal Firearms Licensee …
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1 I believe Texas, once being a Republic, that is a nation of its own, has the OPTION to leave the Union.  2 It has been a long time since I studied this in history class, so this answer will be a little short on details. As best I can recall, as an inducement for Texas to join the United Sta…
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Answer Like previous entrants, a misdemeanor conviction (above the grade of Class C) will stay on your criminal record forever. A defendant has the recourse of getting their record expunged; however, for the ardent background searcher, a conviction will never FULLy go away.   There is no SOL f…
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I live in England but if you have an old folks home for old people then you can wash dishes and read the newpaper for them??
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Technically, there is no "legal separation" in the state of Texas. So one doesn't need to be separated for any amount of time to file for a divorce. One can just file at will. You can still be sharing a residence and have your spouse served. You have to wait at least sixty days before you can go to …
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i was told to believe in the state of Texas you are able to move out of your parents house at the age of 17 and if emancipated the police can not make you go back home and go to school if not graduated but i'd highly recommend to atleast get a GED if emancipated.
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Answer No. You can not get introuble for it. In the law of Texas when you turn 17 you are considered an adult. Which means you may move out of your house when you turn 17:). If your parents kick you out at a younger age that's a different story. You can move out at which ever age you please as lon…
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Answer The flight time is NINE hours from DFW to FRA. Direct flight.
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Homeschooling is really simple first you should cheack out the requirmens set by Texas because they vary by state i live in Mississippi and there arent very many requirments before the 9th grade so i am homeschooled you can purchase the books you can rent them and return them but either way all the …
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i know from experience, and talking to many cops and the court. You can not move out at the age of 17, unless you have applied for an emancipation, and have been gratned the right to emanipate your self. in which case, you have to live completely on your own. paying for all your own affairs, you can…
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Texas intestate succession laws are quite complicated, especially when they pertain to married couples -- Texas being a community property state. Professor G. Beyer teaches at TTU school of law and has a very informative site concerning such issues. http://www.professorbeyer.com It depends on t…
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since Texas is one of the largeststates in the union and it takes approximately 12 hours to drive from tip to tip in the east/west direction, you will have to tell where in Texas you will be driving from.The time of travel depends on: (1) the mileage from your point of departure to your destination,…
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Top Ten College football Programs by stats. 1: Michigan - 11 National Titles, Most winning program in college football history, most winning seasons of any college football program, most undefeated seasons of any program, most games played without being shut out, 42 Big Ten Titles, Tied second most…
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Answer Texas is the only state in the nation that does not require employers to carry workmens compensation insurance for their employees. Answer All 50 states require Workers Compensation but most if not all allow for some exemptions. However, exemptions, due to number or type of employees, …
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Answer Stop in New Orleans and sit back and have a cafe' au lait and beignets at the Cafe Du Monde - near Jackson Square. Then tour Bourbon Street. Try out the jazz clubs; buy a Hurricane. Buy a string of tacky beads. Then drive quickly through Mississippi and Alabama, unless you want to sto…
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The county court house of the county in which you reside.
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I am in the same situation, im 17 and im trying to move out of my parents house, and they moved me to Fort Worth Texas and I was living in spring and they took me away from my boyfriend and all my friends and I wanna move out buy my parents are saying I cant but im going to do it anyways because im …
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To properly register a foreign car in Texas the owner of the vehicle will have to have local insurance, driver's license, a fill out several forms of paperwork. The paper work is to ensure the car as legally brought to the country.
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Actually that isn't true. With parental consent, 16 and up. And depending on the region of Texas, 17 without parental consent. But mostly 18 with out parental consent. Try south Dallas for 17 year old places.Acording to every website I saw you must be 18 in Texas to ger a tattoo, and according to Am…
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You Have to be 18 yrs old:( sucks........
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Answer You can retire at any age and at any point in your career. Being "retired" simply means that you are permanently out of the workforce and have no intention of obtaining another job. To retire with the "retirement benefits" of a position, that depends on the individual position, the …
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You can start researching Texas law at the Related Link below
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yessss sir
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It is 1,160 miles according to Google Maps.
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Ok, To find a great quality skateboard in San Antonio, go to The Goodtime Skateshop, at 8800 Broadway St. #106. Good luck finding a great deal on a great board.
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The minimum wage in Texas is $7.25 an hour, or $2.13 an hour for tipped employees.
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They drastically reduced the distance the ranchers had to travel to sell their cattle, as they often grazed on the great plains - but the introduction of the cross continent railway system allowed a much easier transportation of cattle from point A to point B.
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Answer Paternity testing typically costs between $250.00 and $1,500.00, depending on the area which you live in and the type of paternity testing you choose. Results are usually given in 14 business days or less.
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Answer you have to be 18, in the state of texas. They dont allow you to be under 18 with a perents signature anymore.
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the real reson, no matter what anyone says, patroism(excuse the spelling). You say the pledge, and by putting your hand on your heart believe in the pledge. Same as a solider saluting while the flag is being raised. because we love America
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i just got one today. going 73 in a 55.... $154.00it depends on the area though. but that's an estimate
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To be eligible for WCI benefits the injury or illness must be directly job related. If it can be proven that conditions at the worksite were the cause of the seizure it is likely a claim would be considered valid. A person who suffers an injury or illness that is not covered by WCI, may be eligible …
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No, your parents can't give you permission to marry at 14 in Texas. In Texas, you can marry at 16/17 with parental consent. If you are under 16, then you also have to have court approval. Good luck convincing a judge that it would be in the best interest of 14-year-old to get married.
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Answer I have never done it, but my opinion is "YES"... Google inground swimming pool kits and you will find a multitude of information similar to the following found at poolkits.com: INGROUND INSTALLATION SELECT THE SITE. STAKE IT OUT. Set your elevation so that the top of the pool will be 6 t…
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Wholesale car dealers license in Texas are issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicle division. Dealers must also register with the Texas Department of Transportation for a GDN or general distinguishing number.
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Elementary Art Teacher in Texas It took me 27 years, and those little devils don't even appreciate me!!!! thats not nice. they would appreciate you if you did fun things maybe:)
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i went to Florida by driving from san antonio and it took 18 hours to get to Florida
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Liens do not expire, they have to be settled to the satisfaction of the lien holder or lifted by the court because they are deemed invalid.That's not true. Certain liens do expire, i.e., Abstracts of Judgment, Mechanic's Liens, Construction Liens, etc. all expire after a certain amount of time unles…
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3rd June 2009 The Solemnity (i.e. major feast) of Corpus Christi is now called the Body and Blood of Christ. It is celebrated either on the Thursday or the Sunday following Trinity Sunday. It commemorates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Solemnity of Christ the King is the last Sunday …
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Answer No, but there is a Statute of Limitations as to how long you can go on WCB and when it becomes a Disibility. Go to your Labor Relations Board about this. If you have a WCB claim then you must have hurt yourself on the job obviously. WCB has all rights to any reports from your doctor relate…
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