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This category covers questions about Texas, the second largest state in the United States. Texas has had six different nations rule it, making it the only state to have had six flags flown over it. Texas is one of three states to have existed as an independent nation and the only state legally permitted to secede from the Union.
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A domestic or foreign corporation, limited liability company,limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or otherforeign filing entity that regularly conducts business or renders aprofessional service in this state under a name other than itslegal name (the name stated in its certificate of...
It depends on where in Colorado you are:    Denver, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 644.39 mi   Boulder, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 668.45 mi   Grand Junction, CO to Fort Worth, TX: 901.42 mi
Fort Worth, Texas was founded June 6, 1849, and was named in honor  of the later General Worth. Hope that helps! :)
About 925 miles or 13.5 hours, depending on stops and traffic.
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 14 hours and 39 minutes.
The distance from Johannesburg to Austin Texas is 9103.8 miles  (14651.2 kilometers/7905.7 Nautical miles.)
The sadistically cruel President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna launched the assault against the Alamo Mission that had followed a 13-day siege, ultimately killing all the "Texian" defenders, who were led by co-commanders James Bowie and William B. Travis. See the related Wikipedia link listed...
They brought new foods such as beer, sausage, and cheese. They also introduced us to German meat smoking which is the foundations for Texas barbecue.
The Mexican Forces won and the Texans were unprepared and seiged by the Mexican army and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Susannah Dickinson was spared. She was the wife of Capt. Almaron Dickinson, who was killed at the Alamo.
The main campus is located at 1616 Guadalupe Street.
The largest ethnic group in Texas derived directly from Europe was  persons of German birth or descent. As early as 1850, they  constituted more than 5 percent of the total Texas population.
Bill has stated he owns a home it Texas.
The Mexicans were worried about the great influx into Texas by Americans
  Texas has 12 incorporated towns and cities beginning with I. The largest (by far) is Irving, with approximately 200,000 residents. Only two others have over 5000 population: Ingleside (a suburb of Corpus Christi) and Iowa Park (a suburb of Wichita Falls).
If you are talking about Six Flags Over Texas, then it is special  because it was the first Six Flags amusment park.
In 1960, the Alamo became a National Historic Landmark and later  was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The long  barracks were turned into a museum in 1968.
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  they were mad at santa anna.so sam husten sent his men to attak him.
List 3 problems that the republic of texas faced
Many Americans wanted to limit the spread if Texas because 1st Texas was no longer a republic sate but was state accepted into the U.S Union act upon Manifest Destiny. But they wanted to make assertive that There were only few ways to enter through the US after all there were many immigrants at this...
the philiphines is long 14 hours.
Buck Taylor, born Donald Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky USA in 1950 does not live in Texas. He now resides in the West of Ireland.
There were a total of 13 ships in the 2 Navies of the Republic of Texas (First Texas Navy and Second Texas Navy) between 1837 and 1845: The First Texas Navy (1837-1838): Schooners Liberty, Brutus, Invincible, and Independence. The Second Texas Navy (1838-1845): Schooners San Jacinto, San Antonio,...
There are about 1,200 miles between El Paso, Texas and St. Louis.
The State of Texas has many beautiful lakes on which to boat, swim,  and fish. However, only one of them - Caddo Lake - is natural.  Caddo Lake is found in East Texas and along (and into) the State of  Louisiana.    All other lakes are either the work of the Army Corps of Engineers,  or are...
Mapquest says about 1925 miles (about 28.5 hours driving time).
Mapquest says about 6.5 hours (about 422 miles).
Tim Dungan is the president of Lone Star Steakhouse.
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The most recent Census Bureau estimate (issued in 2007 but based on July 1, 2006) is 1,232,940, making Dallas the 9th largest city in the U.S.
Network with thousands of different agents with different skill  sets-
It is 1,002.12 miles according to MapQuest.
It's big, has a cool fish called Catfish, and there is another cool animal called Armadillo
To delay the advancing Mexican army.
A single star was part of the Long Expedition (1819), Austin Colony (1821) and several flags of the early Republic of Texas. Some say that the star represented the wish of many Texans to achieve statehood in the United States. Others say it originally represented Texas as the lone state of Mexico...
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Ranges to around 200-2,000. Depends on what kind you get, and where you are located.
Ferrets are legal to own in Dallas, TX. There is a ferret shelter called Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue in Balch Springs, which is a suburb of Dallas, and they usually have plenty of ferrets needing adoption. As of today (06/01/2010) they have a total of 24 ferrets needing to be adopted
In Texas the abundance of cattle created a greater demand for beef from folks back east. This was after the Civil War to the late 1880s.
White settlers (overwhelmingly Hispanic colonisers from Mexico)  numbered probably fewer than 5,000. The Native American population  in the early 19th cenbtury is variously reported as 14-45,000. 
MapQuest estimates the driving time as 17.5 hours.
The main reason was for.. 1. Rich soil. 2.People look for adventure. 3.Cheap land. 4.Religion
A flight from Dallas to Jamaica is about 4 hours.
  Check out this link for the listing national Bank routing numbers it lists two different bank routing numbers. 1 for the Sherman location and 1 for Marble Fallas.   http://www.gregthatcher.com/FINANCIAL/DEFAULT.ASPX?action=browseByName&arg=A
It is 1,692 miles according to Google Maps.
Texas' state colors are red, white, and blue.
The Texan army set up for battle there to suprise the Santa Anna army.
James bowie arrived at the Alamo in January of 1836
Check out the local websites for that area to find city  (agency.governmentjobs) and county jobs that are open. The San  Antonio Express publishes classified ads. If you have skills in the  automotive or restaurant fields, try paying those places a visit.  Make sure you have all of your...
Take I-10 WEST to I-5 NORTH via the 210 WEST in California. (Exit at EXIT 77B off I-10 to get onto the 210 WEST to PASADENA, then the 210 WEST to I-5 NORTH to SACRAMENTO at EXIT 1B.) On I-10 you can bypass Phoenix by taking the Phoenix Bypass Route. This consists of taking I-8 WEST (EXIT 199 in...
The Alamo is in the state of Texas.
It is 753.25 miles according to MapQuest.
Losing made them that much more eager and spirited to win.
  == Answer ==   No, you cannot purchase a firearm if you have a felony conviction.
Google Maps estimates the driviing time as 22 hours and 57 miinutes.
Susannah Dickenson, wife of Captain Almaron Dickenson. She survived because the Mexicans did not kill the women as the Texans feared they might do. Before the battle the other wives of the Alamo defenders were sent away to safety, but Mrs. Dickenson refused to leave her husband.
It is 1,365 miles according to Google Maps.
Regulated Draft is 40ft FW from Sabine Pass to the Port of Beaumont. Actual depth is 42-44ft.
No, it still exists today and it has become a Texas travel destination.
By Age 16 or under you cannot be on a public place after 11.
She is one of the few survivors at the Battle od the Alamo
Red White and Blue just like their flag
It is 1,168 miles according to Google Maps.
On March 2, 1836, Texans signed the Texas Declaration of  Independence at Washington-on-the-Brazos,creating the Republic of  Texas.
It is 212 miles according to Google Maps.