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This category covers questions about Texas, the second largest state in the United States. Texas has had six different nations rule it, making it the only state to have had six flags flown over it. Texas is one of three states to have existed as an independent nation and the only state legally permitted to secede from the Union.
Answer It's not something you just "do". Very few courts will allow a parent to walk away from their responsibilities. Usually there is a history of neglect and/or abuse, where the court is already involved. Regardless of the circumstances, the child is the top priority. You might be able to re…
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Probably from the Longhorn Bulls that reside in Texas. The Daily Texan's sports editor (and later editor), D.A. Frank, was the first to use "Longhorns" in the newspaper when referring to the Texas football team during the 1903 season. Prior to that point, the team had been known as "Varsity." Tex…
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According to John Marshall of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: " It is agreed that this term for a bloop single into the outfield dates from around the start of the 20th century. But where it came from is the subject of at least a half dozen theories, as recounted in Paul Dickson's authoritative "…
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Dalhart, Texas, is located in the Texas Panhandle, and is situated in the counties of Dallam and Hartley. Dalhart was founded in 1901, and was named for its location in Dallam and Hartley counties.It is the county seat of Dallam county. The city's total area is 4.3 square miles (11.1 square km.) A…
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Not if you've already signed a purchase contract. However, most car lots WANT their customers to be happy. Go back to the lot and tell your saleman if you'd like to trade it in for a new car. A reputable dealer will give you fair market value for the demo, (which should be pretty close to what you p…
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In Texas, they take you to court on a judgment in order to collect. Statutes of limitations on debt collection in Texas is four years. Debtors cannot garnish any wages.
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None! Answer Palms do well in Houston and don't seem to mind the pool. Answer Meyer lemon tree. Answer: Palm trees::: palm fronds, seed pods or numerous fruit drop can be drudgery to clean and can plug the skimmer and pump baskets not to mention getting past the pump basket and plugging …
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The first answer quoting the family code is wrong (that must be an old version because I have 2007-2008 open in front of me as I type). Trooper Davis and the other person are both correct. Licenses may be issued to anyone over eighteen. If you are between 16 & 18 you need either parental consen…
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....well i was 16 when i gave birth to my daughter and my boyfriend was 26 where from New York we just moved to Texas ...but my best suggestion to you is if your parents don't approve of your relationship and wont let ya get married then you guys should just not let the father not be there for the b…
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According to Texas Penal Code, Chapter 22, that would be sexual assault of child, which is Texas' version of statutory rape. If charged, the 22-year-old would go to jail, bail would be set in the thousands of dollars, and even more expensive legal representation would become necessary. If convicted,…
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A Georgia Drivers license class "CP" is also referred to as an instructional drivers license requires another license driver (18 or over) to be present with the permit holder. There is no exception(Ga. O.C.G.A. 40-5-20). Georgia law further provides a class "D" or provisionary drivers license to new…
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As someone who's helped many people put together resumes and has taught job-hunting, I can tell you that it's not a requirement to use a resume writing service. Most of the people who've come to me do so because they either: Don't know how to write a resumeDon't really know how things should be word…
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Absolutely! If by your query you mean can a creditor in Delaware sue and get a judgment from someone in Alabama. If you mean leaving a state where a judgment has been granted and it being enforced in the state you move to, the answer is still yes. It just would be a little more difficult and the add…
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The narcissist knows to tell right from wrong. He is perfectly capable of anticipating the results of his actions and their influence on his human environment. The narcissist is very perceptive and sensitive to the subtlest nuances. He has to be: the very integrity of his personality depends upon in…
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The Texas leaguer got it's name from my Great Grandfather, Ollie Pickering, who hit seven bloop hits in a row in his baseball debut in the Texas League. The above is certainly one of the theories on the origin of the term 'Texas Leaguer'. Another is that three players had been traded up to the maj…
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Yahoo Email Support Phone Number NZ New Zealand. Password recovery, help & support, quick solution by our technical team. at
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Texas Rangers Stating Rotation You will have to give it time. They got McCarthy and Harrison in rotation now and they have Holland in the bullpen, he will be starting by atleast by next year. They also have Neftali Feliz throwing 96-98 and hes just 20 in AAA. Plus Thomas Diamond and Tommy Hunter …
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Finding an AccountantThis is basic advice on how to find an accountant from the Federal Consumer Information Center and the Small Business Administration:You want to find an accountant who is knowledgeable, capable and discreet. With the ever-changing complexities of tax laws and developments in acc…
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Farm Classification in Alabama If I had not just gone through this, I would have never known. You have to have at least five acres and then it is classified as a mini-farm. You have to have ten acres to be a classified as a full farm.
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Raymond Martin Personal account from a FAQ FarmerWhen I arrived in Laredo, Texas in 1975 it was like living in the 20's or maybe in the late 1800's. Mayor Martin had managed through out the years to rip off all the people who lived here. There were no paved streets. No sidewalks, no gutters, and in…
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Virtually all schools public and private have what is called a "moral clause" in teacher and employee contracts. Whether or not one can be fired for being convicted of a crime depends on the terms agreed on when hired. In general if the "crime" is a felony, most definitely. If a misdemeanor involvin…
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Change the locks and fast!   If it is actually YOUR home and not a home you bought together call the police, he's trespassing.   You'll have to ask him to leave, leave yourself or go to a lawyer and the lawyer can decide who gets the house.   You have him served Or-- you can go …
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Answer Every State has differ papers. Louisiana has vol. surrneder (V/S repossession) and the new 2005 (year) self-help (S/H repossession). Let's start V/S (2 pieces of paper), you must be in default of payment or request repossession of your vehicle, plus a voluntary release agreement (…
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The state name originates from the Caddo Indian word "taysha" meaning "friends" or "allies." 'Texas' comes from the Caddo Indian tribe. The Spanish Conquistadors encountered the Caddo Indians around 1540 in the area of East Texas. The Caddos referred to the Spanish as "tayshas," which meant "friend…
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Probably no state has a more well-known nickname than Texas - the Lone Star State (which is how it is described on its licence plates). It represents the symbol on the 1836 Texas Republic flag (itself based on history going back to the "Long Expedition" in 1819), and on the state flag and sea…
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Answer First of all, this question does not have a simple answer. The prospective tattooist should contact the Dept. of Health in his state to inquire about required requlations. He could also start by contacting an already licensed tattooist in his area and ask if they could provide inform…
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You can go to a local shelter and get any kind of bunny. Not only that, but you'll be saving it's life.Also there are many helpful sites, such as the related link below, which allow you to search by breed and area.Of course there are also breeders and pet stores as well.
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Six months after this question was asked, Fiesta Mart is still open at 1320 N. 25th Street in Waco, Texas.
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Answer You are going to need an attorney for this. It's best to spend the money to protect your rights in the Will. Just because someone is executor (male) executrix (female) doesn't give them the right to sell any properties, spend any monies (other than pay the deceased creditors or back …
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Answer I got a moving pod delivered to my house after filling out a form on this [link removed] company. I live in Nevada but understand they have moving container trucks all over California. I hope that helps
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graduating high school has nothing to do with it. however i know for a FACT that you can move out at 17 in the state of texas. im a texan myself and i have a had several friends do it and i actually got into some trouble with the law a while back. you are considered a legal adult at 17 in texas. …
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Technically, there is no "legal separation" in the state of Texas. So one doesn't need to be separated for any amount of time to file for a divorce. One can just file at will. You can still be sharing a residence and have your spouse served. You have to wait at least sixty days before you can go to …
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Texas intestate succession laws are quite complicated, especially when they pertain to married couples -- Texas being a community property state. Professor G. Beyer teaches at TTU school of law and has a very informative site concerning such issues. http://www.professorbeyer.com It depends on t…
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Answer Id recommend talking to an attorney about how to remedy the problem. According to Texas law (family code, chapter 160), a man is presumed to the father of a child if "he is married to the mother of the child and the child is born before the 301st day after the date the marriage is term…
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Answer Texas is the only state in the nation that does not require employers to carry workmens compensation insurance for their employees. Answer All 50 states require Workers Compensation but most if not all allow for some exemptions. However, exemptions, due to number or type of employees, …
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Answer If the road test has not been taken and passed then the driver testing site monitor will have the "hard" copy of the permit in their file. If all tests have been passed then no permanent record will exist and you'll have to start all over again by taking the written and road tests.
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Answer Steps to Become a CPA Follow these 5 easy steps to begin the journey to a rewarding career: 1. Decide where you want to be licensed and apply to that jurisdiction. Specific requirements for becoming a CPA, and the rights and obligations of a licensed CPA, are set forth in the l…
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Ok, To find a great quality skateboard in San Antonio, go to The Goodtime Skateshop, at 8800 Broadway St. #106. Good luck finding a great deal on a great board.
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A veterinary assistant is an entry-level position at a vet clinic. You can expect to earn somewhere between minimum wage and $10/hour in the United States, with hours varying from 20-50 per week.
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Texas became the 28 state to be admitted to the United States of America on December 29th, 1845. The present boundaries of Texas were established with the Compromise of 1850. James Polk was the President at this time.
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On February 28, 1845, the U.S. Congress passed a bill that would authorize the United States to annex the Republic of Texas and on March 1 U.S. President John Tyler signed the bill. The legislation set the date for annexation for December 29 of the same year. On October 13 of the same year, a majori…
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Depending on the route you take, the Dallas and Austin are between 181 and 199 miles apart and it'll take about 3.5 hours to drive between the two depending on traffic and holiday conditions. The flight distance 182 miles / 293 kmThe flight distance from Dallas, Texas to Austin, Texas is:182 miles …
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Some things that make Texas a unique state include: Texas was one of only three states that were once officially recognized independent nations (as Republic of Texas) before joining the Union, the others being Vermont (Vermont Republic) and Hawaii (Kingdom and Republic of Hawaii). Texas is the o…
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the San Antonio Express News, and La Prensa (spanish)
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Texas Tux is tuxedo worn with jeans, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat. Often the cummerbund is replaced with a large belt buckle as well. Hence, only the tux shirt, jacket, and bow-tie remain from the original tuxedo.
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there is not any major industries
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I don't know about where to buy in Texas, but you can order online from: http://www.poppers-sale.net
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Rifles and shotguns, yes. Handguns, no, you must be 21 to legally purchase a handgun.
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I flew from San Fransisco, CA to Frankfurt, Germany and the flight was about ten and a half hours non-stop. =)
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Jackson didn't want to lose support of the northern states, because they were against slavery and he thought that Texas would want slavery.
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Reliable answers to a question like this need verifiable and reproducable information; the Marfa Lights are no different. In our test, MLs were videographed at the Observation Area. At the same time, a hyperspectral sensor, with full crew recorded data from UV-TIR (ultraviolet to Thermal Infrared) o…
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British Airways flies direct.
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I made $8.00/hr as a host $10.00/hr as an expo, and $6.55/hr plus tips as a server. But that is in MN. I"ve heard of one that payed it's hosts $2.33/hr in another state. It depends on where you live.
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3 hours 6 minutes by car
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All members are routinely issued Sig Sauer P226, .357 - although it is said, that the Rangers are granted wide latitude in what they may actually choose to carry.
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The pre-employment test is to see if you are completely retarded or not. It is very simple. Stay away from CPS. You will hate it. Especially in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
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40 miles taking this route: Take I-35E SOUTH from Denton to PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH TURNPIKE EAST at EXIT 445B.Take PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH TURNPIKE EAST to Richardson.About 35-40 miles taking this route: Go to either I-635 WEST or PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH TURNPIKE (toll) - WEST.Take either I-635 WEST or P…
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It is 36.45 miles according to MapQuest.
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you can go to shoe gypsy :817) 927-7700 2966 Park Hill Dr, #B
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i think there is 11...
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Yes, but it is possible that Texas MAY deduct from your unemployment benefits that portion of your 401k that was contributed by the employer. Check the Related Link below and the Texas 'office to determine their criteria.
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Texas Back to Work (TBTW) is an employer incentive program in which the company benefits from hiring qualified individuals for open, regular (not temp) positions. The phrase may mean TBTW approved candidates for jobs.
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Check your local novelty soda stores or just weird/odd stores in general. Also, BevMo does have Leninade, but it is not usually in stock.
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It is 596 miiles accordiing to Google Maps.
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MapQuest estimates the driving time as 9 hours and 41 minutes.
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Yes, Alaska is over twice the size of Texas. Alaska has 660,315 square miles of area. Texas has 268, 820 sq. miles. Alaska has over 3 times the size of Texas.
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They run south to north.
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Mesquite isn't a type of grass. It's a type of tree. Mesquite makes good BBQ wood. Other than that, the actual tree itself has thorns and a bluish gray moss like fungus growing on it.
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Texas CPA license holders are required to complete 120 credits hours of CPA CPE in each three-year period and a minimum of 20 hours in each one year period. In addition, they also need to fulfill the Texas CPE ethics requirement by completing a 4 hour state approved ethics course.
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Rick Perry is 6'1" tall. Just look at pics of George W. Bush standing next to Rick and you may notice Rick is about 1 1/2" taller also pics with Rick next to Al Gore and they are the same height. George W. Bush is 5' 11 1/2" where as Al Gore is 6' 1". thus Rick Perry is 6' 1" as well.
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837 miles taking this route: Take I-10 EAST from El Paso all the way across to I-37 SOUTH in San Antonio via I-410 EAST (and SOUTH) to bypass downtown. (EXIT 564 off I-10 to get onto I-410, follow signs to I-410 EAST; EXIT 41 off I-410 SOUTH to get onto I-37, follow signs to I-37 SOUTH to CORPUS CHR…
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The first time was in 2010.
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Think about the legal age to buy a gun. It's probably around that age.
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The average year in El Paso gets 3 snowfalls. However, this is just based on data from the airport- elevation varies greatly within the city, but the airport is practically at the top, almost 4,000 feet. The bottom of the city and the valley can be lower than 3,000 feet. Also, the median is 0, which…
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Below are the CPA CPE requirements for the state of Texas. Credit Hours Requirement: 120 hours, with a minimum of 20 per year. License Renewal Date:Last day of birth month annually.CPE Reporting Period: Ends at the end of the CPAs birth month, over a three year rolling period. Ethics Requirement: …
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it very rare to see snowfall in Harlingen TX due to that Harlingen is right near the equator. so if you see snow in harlingen your one of the lucky ones
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McAllen is safer than most US cities, according to a study done recently by Farmer's Insurance (McAllen placed in the top 12 safest cities in the entire country). It's Mexico that's having problems with violence. The drug people over there are killing each other, and sometimes innocent people get in…
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The Soda Shoppe in Bishop Arts.
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I saw them at HEB for $24.99I saw them at HEB today for 15.00 and 8.00 for outfits.
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DMV issues them if you don't want a license instead.
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The two most famous artists I know of from Texas are Terrence Malick and Jeffrey Dale Starr (although, Malick is technically a director and Starr lived a long time in San Francisco). I think Georgia O'Keeffe may have lived in Texas for a while too. Addition: No, when Georgia O'Keeffe moved south i…
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Depending on the route you take, 55.4 miles (about 1 hr and 5 min).
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approximately 211 miles
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95 Days Days from the DOS
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It is 269.80 miles according to MapQuest.
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Mexican's realized that they had a very sparsely populated region at the American border, so they offered the land to them. Since it was good farmland, many settlers moved to Texas.
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Some music festivals that take place in Austin TX are the SXSW Festival, The Old Settlers Music Festival, ACL Music Festival and the Austins Wine and Music Festival.
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They flow to the southeast because the land is higher in the northwest.
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The District courts are often described as the Chief Trial court of the state, and as group these courts are called the general trail courts.
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i would tell ya but dont know
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Based on area in square miles, you could fit the smallest 23 countries of Europe into Texas with a little over 6000 squre miles left over.
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Texas ID Card Fees. 59 years old & younger - $16 (expires on birth date after 6 years). 60 years old & older - $6 (no expiration).
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Google Maps estimates the drivin time as 30 hours.
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They were worried about adding another slave state to the union
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