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The landlocked Plurinational State of Bolivia is a South American neighbor of Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina. The Bolivian city of La Paz is the world's highest capital. Contributions typically raise questions about the country's ancient Aymara and Incan imperial past; extreme geography of rain forests, mountains, highlands, and lowlands; subsistence lifestyle despite vast mineral resources; and violent politics.
one US dollar is equal to 7 bolivianos
  Bolivia is the most developed country is latin America
No it is a democratic country but if you are thinking in travelling to Bolivia visit www.itraveladventures.net they have very nice adventures trip I recommend it
La Paz and Sucre Hope this helped!
The spoken langauge spoken in la Paz is spanish and if you are thinking in travelling to Bolivia visit this web site they are a nice travel agency www.itraveladventures.net
you would be in venezuela,guyana,suriname,french guiana
They Are called Bolivians
the Republic of Bolivia
most of the jobs in Bolivia are the same in the USA
No. Bolivia is in South America.
The exact location of La Paz, Bolivia is 16 degrees South and 68 degrees West.
i was wondering the same thing when i came upon this and so i'll tell you what i know: low paying jobs, poor conditions, and crime such as pick pocketing and theft (people also steal cars :o)
Lake Titicaca & Christo de la Concordia
my answer would be i have no clue
la paz,sucre,yungas road
the fertility rate (which is average amount of children per woman) is 3.2 hope that helps
2010- Bolivia 6.95 about 7
Breakfast is one of their main meals. For breakfast they usually have eggs or cakes and a drink called "api". Soccer is a big sport in their country, and on a rainy day, they sometimes play board games. They have two capitals, La Paz and Sucre.
It's from 90 to 6542 meters above sea level.
because for the use of water
People of Bolivia led a triumphant struggle against the privatisation of water in the year 2000.
Pressure groups are organizations that attempt to influence government policies. However, unlike political parties, pressure groups do not aim to directly control or share political power. These organizations are formed when people with common occupation, interest, aspirations or opinions come...
The difference between the movement of Nepal and Bolivia are as follows:- a)The movement in Nepal was to establish democracy, while the struggle in Bolivia involved claims on an elected, democratic government. b) The popular struggle in Bolivia was about one specific policy, while the struggle...
Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru.
Bolivia is 424,162 sq. miles
I believe they are mostly Christians and Catholic.
Bolivia has a navy, although it is almost entirely composed ofriver craft, since Bolivia lost its Pacific coast in a war withChile in 1879.
Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay are all south of Bolivia.
Bolivia has two capitals, which are La Paz and Sucre
No. Bolivia is in South America.
  1,098,580 sq km   in total
Bolivia comprises about 424,000 square miles on the South American  continent. By comparison, the United States is 3.794 million square  miles.
Bolivia is a land locked country. If you are looking for beaches you will have to go to one of the neighbor countries, but if you want to enjoy the beautiful Andes it is the right place to be. :)
Compared to other countries, it is. It's a little smaller than three times the state of Montana.
La Paz and Mexico City, respectively.
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Peru landmass is 1,285,220 square kilometres.
Boliva's most loved animal which happens to be their animal capitol is the llama. If you are looking at Bolivia and their animals you will find that they herd llamas on the beautiful land.
depends which part of the lake you count
Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, Chile and Argentina.
Bolivia makes its money from mining. It has been famous for this since Colonial Times.
Its existence at altitude of 12,507 feet above sea level.
Three thousand four hundred ninety six
Tin and silver are it's most valuable of the countries natural commodities. but they also mine gold and iron, tungsten and antimony have been excavated.Natural gas is also dug for I'm not sure you can class that as mining though.
The Cantuta. The Sacred flower of the Incas.
The Spanish comqueatadors
Plurinational State of ...
The 3 most common languages in Bolivia are Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. I don't know how say boy in Quechua or Aymara but in Spanish it is Niño (neen-yo)
Common foods include Lamb,chicken,rice,beans and lettuce. Bolivians commonly mix all of these together with water or broth and make soups and stews.
Women in Bolivia do not live in conditions of equity with regard to men. Illiteracy amongst women is greater, they have a low income generating capacity, the maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world ... yet despite this, important progress has been made recently with regard to...
Yes you can take a open tour bus in La paz
If you mean as civilised any that has ever been touched by European pirates, invaders, stealers and dominators, Bolivia too undoubtedly is a civilised country; anyway before any contact with non-american folks, Bolivia had known high civilised human groups within its territory and near around it,...
Paraguay is southeast of Bolivia.   Due south of both Bolivia and Paraguay is Argentina.
the national tree in Bolivia is a tall trunked japsnekketyi. it has red leaves, and is sometimes nicknamed 'the mare'. it is very flamable and has a feisty temper. for some reason this tree belives its leaves are blonde, but no, it is a true ginger tree and no matter what it ever thinks, it will...
That's a personal call, but the most visited destination is La Paz, along with Lake Titicaca and further south, the Salar de Uyuni.
The climate of Bolivia varies drastically from one ecoregion to the other, from the tropics in the eastern llanos to polar climates in the western Andes. The summers are warm, humid in the east and dry in the west, with rains that often modify temperatures, humidity, winds, atmospheric pressure and...
They are people living in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
Yes. Bolivia won its independence from Spain in 1825.
tin, silver, and zinc   gold, petroleum, natural gasses   But Bolivia is still a poor country about two-thirds live in poverty
9,775,246 as of July, 2009
China- it has 16 countries around it.
Yes, and the Bolivian national bird is the Andean condor.
Yes. Bolivia is roughly the size of Texas and California combined.
The national bird as well as the national symbol of Bolivia is the  Andean condor. This is also the national bird of Colombia, Ecuador,  and Chile.
Located on Plaza Murillo in the city of La Paz is the Congress and Presidential Palace. The Supreme Court and judiciary branch of government are located in Bolivia's capital city, Sucre.
  Theey live along side beni and tucci river
Yes. Cattle ranching is big business in Bolivia's eastern departments of Beni, Santa Cruz and also farther south in Tarija.
Yes, many. Agriculture is one of Bolivia's largest industries and activities.
The Capital of Mexico is not la paz its Mexico city La Paz means peace.
Next to any other countries? Bolivia is surrounded by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. In beauty it is next to none. :-)
I do believe that Bolivia is compared to Ecuador. :)
There are a number of major cities in Bolivia. Some of these  include Cochabamba, Potosí, Chuquisaca, Tarija, as well as Oruro.
Roughly 12,000 feet above sea level. It depends where you're standing in the city because there's a drop in elevation of nearly 3000 feet between downtown and the southern end of the city
Winter in Bolivia is June, July and August. See the related links for more.
Some famous figures in Bolivia's history are: Simón Bolivar, who helped Bolivia gain its independence from Spain (and he was Venezuelan, not Bolivian) Antonio José de Sucre, the first president of Bolivia and the person for whom Bolivia's capital city - Sucre - is named Eduardo Avaroa, who...
Bolivia is bordered to the North and East by Brazil, to the South by Paraguay and Argentina, and to the West by Chile and Peru. Because it is surrounded on all sides by these neighboring countries and thus has no access to the ocean, it is called a landlocked country.
The general attitude in Bolivia, is not known. Having the name "plurinational" has placed further uncertainty into the mainstream thought of the nation. While varied sectors of society struggle to carry on a"decent" life, strife can be called a common denominator. After the World People's Conference...
It has two: Sucre is the historical, constitutional, and judicial  capital. But the other government functions are based in La Paz,  the adminstrative capital since 1898.
How Mitch money does the president have
There are actually two capitals. one is La Paz and the other is Sucre
Mostly soccer,football.
La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia.
Yes yes and yes it is delicous!
  Latitude: 16°29′S to 19°2′S Longitude: 65°15′W to 68°8′W