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The Kingdom of Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe. It is the 55th biggest country in the world at 173,745 sq mi and was ranked as the world’s second most competitive country in 2010.


Probably 1 SEK. Or 5 if it is a 5 SEK coin.
Sweden, much like most old-world countries, wasn't founded but  rather evolved. However, one could make an argument that the modern  Sweden came about in 1523, with creation of Gustav Vasa as King of  Sweden.
Stockholm Syndrome describes the behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors. The name derives from a 1973 hostage incident in Stockholm, Sweden. At the end of six days of captivity in a bank, several kidnap victims actually resisted rescue attempts, and afterwards...
I cant speak for everyone, but yes, I think most kids love playing in the snow.
The Scandinavian mountains, also known as the Scandes.
  In 1921, same year as my grandma' was born. Guess they thought they'd get troble if they didn't let her vote ;)
Depends where you are in Sweden. On the beach you will be at sea level and at the top of Kebnekaise you will be at 2104 m.
Depends on what you buy and where you buy it.But last week I paid SEK255 for Heracillin. But since the government gave up their monopoly over Apoteket (the pharmacy) the price may vary...
Drottning Silvia (Queen Silvia)
Stockholm, Sweden and Uppsala, Sweden which is actually only an hour away from Stockholm.
Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, and Uppsala.
The Baltic. Would it not be easier to look at a map than asking wikianswers?
No, not even in the zoo.
because this school saw very beautiful.
56° 6′ 0″ N, 12° 44′ 0″ E56.1, 12.733333
  Mostly Herring and fish. Occasionally vlargensteken or in otherwards Moose.
Sheep and Horses are the most common but cows and chickes ar also produced
Hagstrom is a Swedish company that makes bass guitars. http://www.hagstromguitars.com/gallery_hb.html
Pancaces. Everyone loves pancaces.
Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.
About 9,045,389 people from 2010 census.
There are a wide variety of animals found in Sweden. Some of these  include wolves, bears, deer, as well as moose.
Norway and Finland
the southern sea candy Sweet
  its very cold and sometimes moderate
"Your stupid" is "din dum". "You're stupid and bad at spelling" is "du är dum och dålig på att stava"
The current prime minister of Sweden is Fredrik Reinfeldt of the  Moderate party. He has been serving as prime minister since October  6, 2006.
  == Answer ==     Almost no one. The state religion is the Church of Sweden or Lutheran. 93 percent of the population is Christian.
Yes. look at a map.
No, Denmark is a country
no but stoke city leeds and Liverpool fail :)
The turning torso is a land mark in Sweden
9.22 million people
In Sweden there are 230 McDonald's restaurants.
u.k transit visa on arrival
The ''typical'' swedish house is a red house w white corners made of wood.
7hr 45min to 7hr 55min Newark Liberty (EWR) to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) by a nonstop flight operated by Continental Airlines or SAS - Scandinavian Airlines System.
  If you mean the letters of the swedish alphabet then it is as follows:   Swedish:   a b c e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z å ä ö   Pronounced:   aa, like a in car. be, se, de, e like the e in left, eff ge, hoo, i like ee, ji like yee, koo, ell, em, en, o, pe, ku, err,...
No. Even though it is called the same, and very similar they have different money.
Long winter = too much time for practising
10 minutes or more -depends on where you enter and depart the train
Sort of, but maybe not. Since 1902, military service has been mandatory in Sweden, however there are many options to serve in an unarmed service, like the fire department, instead of serving in the armed forces.
Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige)
  Hi! As I'm a swedish studetn myself, I'd say the first thing you should do is to check out the website of "higher swedish educations", www.studera.nu On top of that page is a link "In English", where you can get all the information you need in English. Good luck!
From Stockholm to Vancouver, approximately 7620 kilometers (4735 miles).
82% in 2008. The remaining 18% was either born outside Sweden or had parents coming from another country.
Where there's wind. We don't have that many hidden places for sailing, but the High Coast (Höga Kusten) is very beautiful.
As of 2009 census there are 9,354,46 habitants in sweden.
Schools in Sweden provide free food to all students and teachers. It is free to get education in Sweden.
It costs about $10,000,000
  IKEA AB   Ikeag. 7 SE-343 81 ÄLMHULT Kronobergs län SwedenTelephone: Fax: +46 (0)476 810 00 +46 (0)476 821 30
The highest mountains of Sweden are as follows.    2,104 m (6,903 ft) Kebnekaise, South tip (Lappland)  2,097 m (6,880 ft) Kebnekaise, North tip (Lappland)  2,089 m (6,854 ft) Sarektjåkka Stortoppen (Lappland)  2,076 m (6,811 ft) Kaskasatjåkka (Lappland)  2,056 m (6,745 ft) Sarektjåkka...
  Du är vacker och jag gillar dig.
CP is an abbreviation for "Celebral Palsy" and is used derogatorily about other people meaning "idiot" or "retard"
I know 2, the Ice hotel and liseberg They also have some great nature trails
At the end of 2008, 72.9% of Swedes belonged to the Church of Sweden (Lutheran); this number has been decreasing by about 1% a year for the last two decades. Church of Sweden services are sparsely attended (hovering in the single digit percentages of the population). At least 45% and up to 85% of...
Democratic Socialism ;)
A random search for flights from Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) to Accra (ACC) shows:OPTION 1: 10hr 40min via Amsterdam (AMS) ARN - AMS KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flt 1108 Dep 10:10am 19Mar,Fri AMS - ACC KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flt 0589 Dep 02:00pm 19Mar,FriFlight Duration: 9hr 00min; Layover Time: 1hr...
  The latitude is 57.43N and the longitude is 11.59E.
It's the clothes brand by Avril Lavigne
A random search for flights from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) to Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) shows:OPTION 1: 13hr 35min via Amsterdam (AMS) DFW - AMS KLM Flt 670 Dep 04:40pm 19Mar,Fri AMS - ARN KLM Flt 1109 Dep 10:10am 20Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 11hr 25min; Layover Time: 2hr 10min; Total Trip Time: 13hr...
Not many think of Sweden as an island nation, but in fact Sweden  has lots of islands. The actual number could be as high as 221 800,  or as low as twenty-four. Which is correct? It all depends on how  one defines an 'island' and which 'pieces of land surrounded by  water' are counted and why ...
It varies a lot depending on where in Sweden you measure.   In the winter it's average between -1° and -20°   and in the summer between 30° and 15° Celsius.
Yes, very much so.
Stockholm Syndrome is an example of the defense mechanism of identification.