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Care of Horses

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Horses are such animals that take responsibility and understanding to be properly cared for. Knowing what is involved in raising and caring for one or more horses is very important for their health well-being. Information about caring for horses can be shared, asked and answered in this category.
u hav 2 b 9 yrs old to be in the Devon Horseshow
Well, they are cousins. They both eat grass, they both have a single toe, or hoof, on each foot. They both live in herds, and they both give birth to 1 foal (live twins are 1 in 50,000 for horse and I'm sure similar for zebras). And they both have manes and tails, although they look different. And...
168 cm is around average height for an adult woman, so anythingfrom 14 hands on upward would fit well depending on the horsesbuild.
Because a horse's skin is either black, grey o r chestnut, that depends on the horse colour, so the horse colour is going to be a mix between them or one of them.
That is exactly why the live in herds. Over millions of years they have developed complex social rules to enable them to prosper in groups. It must be working because they have been around for quite a while.
What any vet or equine specialist makes depends on the location of their practice, if they have partners and other factors. I do know from experience that I payed an equine chiropractor 75 dollars for 15 minutes. This was a few years ago so I don't know what the rate is today. I think you can find a...
DO NOT Cut off the forelock (like my neightbor did)
The process is quite easy. All you must do is eat a rainbow. Now getting to the rainbow is another story.
When we are riding a horse, there are three main things we use to control the horse's motions - our legs, hands, and weight. A horse is trained to feel pressure, and respond to it. If I squeeze the horse with my legs, he tries to move away from the pressure by going forward. If I pull on the reins,...
Bryer horses are quite detailed so i think they would get a fair amount of money. Another good horse model company is Schleich their horses are also quite well made.
jumping...i don't know what you mean...posting...no tht going up and down up umm.. when you frighten the horse he jumps(SPOOK) or YOUR CALLED AN EQUESTRIAN WHEN YOU JUMP HORSES.
This is a great question and every horse owner and lover should know the signs of laminitis or sometimes known as founder. At the onset the horse will sometimes shift his weight from one foot to another as if trying to take weight off his feet. Which is exactly what he is doing. His feet will be...
For Howrse, the answer is "Possum" Equine Protozal Myeloencephalitis or EPM is spread by opossums which aquire the organizim from birds. Contrary to what some people think, it cannt be spread from horse to horse.
It depends what type of male horse, like e.g. below; . A not neutered adult male horse is called a STALLION, or ifolder than 5 years. . A neutered adult male horse is called a GELDING. . A male horse at the age of under 5 years old is called aCOLT.
No it should not. As long as the eyes are clear and healthy and the horse has good vision his eye color should make no difference at all.
A baby horse has 24 teeth total. 12 incisors and 12 premolars. As adults mares will have 36-40 teeth. Adult males have 40-42. Adult horse's teeth continue to grow thoughout their life until they hit their middle-teens. All horses need routine dental care. Their teeth can get sharp points that make...
At the end of a horse race the winner's head crosses the finish line followed immediately by the next horse. This is a very close race. To win by a nose means the same thing, but instead of the head crossing the finish line first it is just a nose.
The British Horse Society was founded in 1947 from combining The Institute of the Horse and Pony Club and National Horse Association of Great Britian. There was no single person that founded the club.
Well, usually they will tell you by pushing on the stall door or gate. But you don't have to worry if they are always in a pasture!! Horses probably dislike being pinned up very much.
It is a gait, not a gate. The answer is most likely "3-beat".
Very fit, if you think.
idiot! that wouldn't work. eel and horse can't do it. grow up
they don't its just good for them
There are several different types of English riding without going over fences. Hunt seat, Equitation, Saddle Seat and Dressage are just a few. Some of these need specific saddles and/or bridles. All are challenging for horse and rider.
If a mustang (horse) gets caught by men usually the men will abuse the horse or they will enter the horse in a rodeo to do the wild horse race or something in a rodeo... If a mustang (horse) gets caught by dogs the dog will maybe (probably) injure the horse/hurt the horse.... =[
I believe, a finger bone or a hand bone. Either that or fingers are called filanges (phoenetically spelled)
There is no 'one' breed that is more prone to injury. Its what kind of work or sport the horse is doing. Young horses that are asked to do too much too soon is usually where a lot of trouble starts. Young race horses sustain leg injuries. Jumping horses can break down the legs and reining horses...
No, they do not.
There is no easy way to save for anything. But if you want it bad enough you will make it happen. The best way is to save more than you spend. This takes a bit of discipline and hard work. Do extra chores, odd jobs for neighbors, save Birthday and Christmas money instead of spending on things that...
im not going to tell you
Hisnostrils. Your horse's nostrils should be relaxed, soft andround. Hislip line. Your horse's lip line should curl down slightly in arelaxed, soft manner. Hislower jaw. Your horse's lower jaw should be loose when he's feelinghappy.
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The life process of a horse is similar to other mammals. The zygoteis the first life process, then an embryo, fetus, colt, and horse.
Vets must go through 3 to 5 years of vet school after a 4 year college. If they special you can add another 1 to 2 years. Vet school is tough but the rewards are endless.
There are 2 basic types of whips. What is refered to above as a schooling whip is most commonly called a lunge whip. There are variations on this but these types of whips are used for inhand training. (handler on the ground). The jump whip is usually called a riding crop which a rider carries while...
I am not too sure, but i do know there is definitely one on Chincoteage island.
if your horse isn't eating his food... he might be sick and you should have him looked at promptly. however, i had a very picky horse who didnt like certain treats. also horses that were raised with out treats are usually very hesitant when introduced to them for the first time.
they do vary in size. ours i think is a 16 by 16 but they can be bigger and smaller
You sure can! If you don't know how to do it whilst on your horse there are lots of videos. Answer 2: Yes, stirrups can be adjusted from the saddle while riding. 1. On an English saddle you simply move your leg forward towards the shoulder of the horse and reach under the skirt where the stirrup...
that is most likey a absess in its foot.
Answer . ok the paragraph under this one is the long way to break a horse if you want to do it a heck of a lot faster then all you have to do is some ground work when the horse is young and give it lots of attention that way it trusts you to do any thing to it after it is 2 years old and it knee...
Wester riding is less discplined and more free. You can more likely or not tack up your horse and just ride on western without so much training. English is more formal and disciplined. If you want to look fancy riding a horse you usually ride English. Wester is used more in rodeos. western takes...
Mustangs are wild animals and need love, patience and training to become rideable and nice..
Answer . \nRichie Laurel.. Answer . \nLaurel was a fine player for Hofstra, but I remember seeing the greatest Hofstra teams play in the mid-sixties. Steve Nisenson, Larry Boatwright, Mike Tilley and super-sub Al Peshler. I distinctly remember Mike Tilley with his curly white man's Afro and head...
Paint and grey I believe.
I am the author of the Pony Pal books. There are forty-four titles in the series. Over ten million books have been sold worldwide. The Pony Pals now have a virtual life at clubponypals.com.
I think it depends on what are considered complications. In most cases a horse will complain loudly if breakfast is late. But it does not take long (a few days maybe) for the ribs and hip bones begin to show. The flanks sink in and the neck and back start to thin. When this happens the horse begins...
There are a few things that can be used. we call them "horsey asprin". most of the time we use a few grams of bute or banamine. they come in handy at the end of a long show day filled with lots of waist high jumps :)
There are still many places in South American countries that use horses for non-recreational purposes. In small and isolated villages the horse is still used for transportation and work. But South American countries are also strong contenders in Olympic and world class equestrian competitions. So...
1. Oldenburg 2.hanivarion 3. quarter horse 4. welsh pony 5. Thoroughbred 1. palomino 2. Morgan 3. dapple grey 4. Arabian 5. clydesdale
Depends. If its a riding school pony its not as likely since it gets ridden by so many people, but it is possible. If you go often it can learn to recognise you. When you have your own horse 90% of them will recognise you after a while
Horse power is "Power" it is not speed. You would need more HP to be able to drive a large vehicle at the same speed as a small vehicle.
Here is some information I've found below on how to wash a horsesafely; Part 1 of 2: Preparing the Horse for a Bath 1) Gather the correct supplies. . Properly bathing a horse requires the correct assortment oftools and supplies. Chief among these supplies are a shampoo andconditioner...
No, this has nothing to do with a horse breathing.
There are many different kinds of grooming tools and brushes. We will put them in the order that you would use them to groom your horse. Start with a rubber curry and work the hair in small circles from the poll (top of horse's head right behind the ears) down the neck all the way to the tail....
The Lusitano is from Portugal. Spain and Portugal used to sharestudbooks, but strife within the industry caused them to splittheir studbooks in the 1960s, which resulted in two separatebreeds, the Pura Raza Espanola (more commonly referred to in theUnited States as the Andalusian) in Spain and the...
Horses can eat lots of vegetables including carrots and parsnip. Vegetables should be treated as treats and your horse should not be given too much of them.
Mares and stallions are both raced but not usually against each other. Stallions are bigger and stronger and its hard for mares to compete with that.
The sport of horse racing is the competition of horses of the same breed running against each other. They are usually divided by sex, age, and races won. Although Thoroughbred racing is the most common other breeds have racing programs too. The American Quarter Horse is the fastest horse on earth...
There are several different joints in the back leg of the horse. The joint high up near the flank is called the stifle joint. Next will be the hock, the 'backward knee' half way down the leg. At the bottom right above the hoof is the ankle joint.
The horse is probably hurt. It may have something wrong with it'shoof. Check its hoof and if it doesn't seem to have anything wrongit may, unfortunately, be crippled. This can happen easily to ahorse. It could also be because its horseshoe fell off or needs tobe replaced or tightened. The horse may...
Is the horse really white or is it a gray that has faded with age. Gray horses start out life black, bay, even chestnut, but all fade into grays. Several breeds come to mind and one of them is the Percheron. Gray is the most common color for this breed. Another is the Shire. This breed comes in a...
Shetlands range in size from a minimum height of about 28 inches to a maximum height of 42 inches at the withers.
I have never heard of a palm rest before but it sounds like it may be a crest release. A crest release is used when jumping a horse. As the horse extends his neck and rounds his back the rider's hands need to move forward with the reins so the horse can stretch his neck and jump correctly. There are...
I think the term is a string. This is also the word a group of poly ponies.
actually, it doesn't always be like this. in Hong Kong, when china sent over the two pandas, they changed the horse carousel into panda carousel. Horses are considered majestic and noble, so that's probably why.
"Dont spur a willing horse" means don't hurry someone who is already on their way or don't tell someone to do something if their already doing it.
Neither rats nor horses have the ability to regurgitate (throw up). As gross as it sounds, the ability to throw up something bad is a life-saver.
Sudden movements, loud noises or yelling, and umbrellas.
A hamster has 124 bones in its body.
The plural is hooves.
If there is not a lot of grease or additives and spices that could upset his stomach I see no reason why he can't have a cooked potato skin. But remember, everything in moderation. If your horse is not used to eating things like this it's best to keep it to a minimum.
There could be several reasons why a horse has edema, which is a swollen, fluid filled area. An insect bite or sting can cause this kind of reaction. Another possibility would be some kind of trama. If the horse displays no other symptoms like lethargy, refusal to eat, then keep an eye on the...
16 hands is 64 inches, so that would make the horse 5 feet 4 inches high at the withers.
The last horse is located on the shield of a knight on the bottom portion of page 11 in front of the scaffolding.
It is probably best if it's not. Grooming serves several purposes for the horse. It not only makes the horse look and feel better but this is the owner's chance to check the horse's skin and coat looking for any problems or parasites that may exist. A tangled mane can hide skin problems on the neck...
The real video two guys one horse is available all over internet.Type the name in the URL to get the related results.
For it's back. it's spreads out the pressure, so when the horse has a back problem you don't put so much pressure on it. Oh: and it's a shock absorber. Think about it: it you wear a gel pad in your shoe the pressure will also be spread on the lenght of your foot, and so there will be much less...
Without a colt or foal it is called a mare. Surprisingly, it is called a dam when it does have a baby.
Yes, these two horses will likely get along with each other. The nibbling is mutual grooming, which is used between horses to say "we are friends".
if by class, you mean breed .... mustang is its own breed.
If you mean clipping as we would call shaving on humans, then it is really up to the individual, not all horses are clipped. but if they are clipped, and you want them to stay that way, just clip them when their fur is longer than you want.
no horses were never endangered
Secretariat was the fastest horse that ever lived
It would depend on the size of the human vs. the size of the pony. If the human is too small, and the pony is too large, you could still ride it but getting on its magical horseback would prove quite a task. Alternately, if the human is too large, and the pony is too small, there is a very small...
Answer . \nIn the U.S. it is manditory 18 years of age.. Answer . \nUnless you can get your parents to dissown you pretty much in the courts it is the age of 18.. Answer . different states have different ages\ngo to http://www.google.com and look up your state \nor country if you don't live...