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This category really is for the birds. Class Aves in the animal kingdom, birds are bipedal, warm-blooded, winged vertebrate animals that lay eggs. With approximately 10,000 species worldwide, there is no end to the questions and answers you will find here. Fly in and flitter around.
Fish don't do the birds and bees thing. Momma lays several hundred unfertilized eggs in a cluster and poppa deposits his sperm on them. Fingerlings hatch and grow with no parental supervision.   Actually , the answer previous to mine is not entirely correct. That person forgot to take into ac…
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Keep Blackbirds Away from Bird Feeders My friend who is a member of the police department swat team uses an air rifle.You could paint the feeders blue & red. This may not keep the black birds away, but it should draw more blue birds & cardinals. Bluebirds are very territorial and if you get…
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We tried placing old and unused CDs on the rail for our above ground pool as suggested by Hawaii and it worked. There are high priced 'high frequency' bird repelling systems that you can buy, but they recommend that you use them in conjunction with the 'Terror Eyes Balls'. You might try a fountain…
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1 Here in the Midwest birds are quite a nuisance to pools. They like to be near water and find it a great place to get a quick drink. I have found that those plastic owls that you can buy at any home and garden store are very effective. You need one and place in on your fence or nearby. Birds don't …
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Training your pet: How to be the Leader of the Pack...And have Your Dog Love You For It Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy Your Multi-Dog Household. The Power of Positive Dog Training Train Your Dog - The Positive Gentle Method PuppySmarts Lessons for a Lifetime How to Get Your Cat to Do W…
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Answer the blue jays are named the blue jays because the held a draw for the name. The people of Toronto were asked to submit names that they thought the team should be called. The ballot that was selected had the name blue jays on it. that is why the blue jays are named the blue jays Answer …
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You can do whatever you like to your pool. Commercially there would be exit and height regulationsBird cages for pools don't work up north because the roof will not support the weight of snow.
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It depends on where you live and possible on what time of year it is.In the UK the most common birds are Wrens and Chaffinches.
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The most common bird in Pennsylvania is the Robin.
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1.Paint Plastic Bird Bath with Karalynn Paint If you go to your local hardware store ex. Home Depot Kent's Agathe have spray paint cans available for painting plastic. One brand is Krylon paints. 2. If the bird bath is made of PVC, you will find that the special spray paint intended for vinyl ca…
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Most wild bird species in the U.S are federally protected by the Migratory Bird Act Treaty of 1918. It is illegal to take and keep a bird, its babies, eggs, feathers, nests, body parts, etc, even if it is injured and you have good intentions. There are licensed wildlife rehabilitation who have ext…
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Answer Do you have Anti-lock brakes? My sisters van was doing somthing similar, and I found out that the ABS controller was mal-functioning.
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Answer The tires themselves may be the cause of your concern. If the tires have deep treads on them they will make some a strange humming sound. I would still advise having a mechanic check it out just to be on the safe side.
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Answer You may have problems with your brakes' master cylinder. Have it checked by a mechanic.
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Seabirds are omnivores. Some seabirds are omnivorous, many others are more specialized, feeding particularly on fish, the species and size of which will depend on the size and species of the bird. So, big birds will eat bigger fish. Other birds feed on marine invertebrates, such as shrimps.
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Birds fly to get to their food source, whether that means foraging locally or migrating hundreds of miles to get to feeding grounds. Where birds nest is a by-product of getting to their food source. Flight is also very useful for evading predators.
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The most widely used term is "murder." A group of crows can also be called a flock, muster or storytelling of crows. This is based on the (fallacious) folk tale that crows form tribunals to judge and punish the bad behavior of a member of the flock. If the verdict goes against the defendant, that …
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Answer 1 It takes about 18 days from the date incubation begins. Incubation usually begins with the second egg laid. Eggs are usually laid 1 every other day and, if fertile and developing normally, they hatch in the same order laid every other day. _______________________________________________…
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Answer This is possible because a bird only touches one line. If the bird were to touch another line or pole the electricity would travel through the bird, either to the ground or another wire. Answer To do any work, even to harm a person or other living thing, electricity has to flow FROM so…
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A swallow: - is a bird. Swallows are colorful, acrobatic flyers that catch insects on the wing. There are many species, among them the barn and tree swallows. The purple martin is the largest swallow. They belong to the family Hirundinidae. - is a bodily action. A swallow is a complicated maneuve…
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Depends on where you live. In some areas, some types of hummingbirds stay year round. Yes, however, if the winter is mild, and you keep the liquid feeder out, they will stay in your neighborhood through the winter season. This would probably just be one or two hummingbirds.
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There are about 40 species living today. Please view the Related Links below for more information about flightless birds. Further information: There are 7 families of flightless birds in total. They include the Kiwi, Cassowaries, Rheas, Ostriches, Tinamous, Emus and Penguins. There are also nu…
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90% of Bird Species are monogamous. Monogamy, scientifically speaking, means that a pair bond forms between two individuals, and this couple remains exclusive to one another. There are 3 types of monogamy: 1.Sexual monogamy - mating exclusively with one individual for a given amount of time. …
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Answer You do see them, but you don't notice. Their beaks are slightly flatter and wider than an adult's and for the first week or two after leaving the nest, the feathers around the base of the beak are bristly and lay back along the face. You may occasionally see one begging a parent to feed i…
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It's 28 days for all domestic ducks except Muscovies, who are 35 days. Muscovies, at least, sit undisturbed for 24 hours when commencing the sit. If you have "other duck" eggs that you want to add to the Muscovy's clutch, wait a week and make sure the eggs are warm when you slip them under. You hav…
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Wing Clipping. Call a pet store that sells birds and they can walk you through it. Or visit on of the sites below. http://www.birdsnways.com/wisdom/ww19eii.htm http://www.exoticpetvet.net/avian/clip.html http://www.theparrotsocietyuk.org/wingclipping.shtml Y-THINK-Y Answer pinnion method.M…
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Answer What you're describing could be a number of problems, cupped tires, bad wheel bearing, worn idler pulley bearing, cracked serpentine belt, loose body part that's vibrating in the wind... It's difficult to figure out what you're trying to describe. Answer Could be your Torque Converter …
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I can't remember off the top of my head. But if you look near your TPS (Throttle Positiong Sensor) there is another sensor on the side of the engine that is silver with a black cylindrical cap. It;s held on by 2 bolts and the footprint looks like a diamond. If you replace that part the humming will …
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Controlling nightlights, monitoring leaks, and sealing cracks are ways to eliminate earwigs (Dermaptera insect order) from birdhouses without harming potential nesting birds. Birds like to feed upon nutrient-rich earwigs, which are attracted to damp, rotting wood; house and yard nightlights; and she…
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Birds in Wall of House I say you keep them there. They will only be there for awhile and they cant bother you that much. To avoid the birds coming back the next year, put something to block them from being able to make a nest. This is much better then knocking over the nest that took them so long…
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Algae in Birdbath Rinse it every other day or put in a circulating pump. The pump will only reduce, not rid, the bath of algae. More tips from FAQ Farmers: I rinse my bird bath at least four times a week. Scrub the bird bath with a stiff bristle brush, change the water, and repeat as necessary…
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Many foods are toxic or dangerous to birds. Some foods are obviously unhealthy for them while other things they cannot eat will surprise people.The seeds of apples contain tiny traces of cyanide, so you should always de-seed apples before feeding to birds.Avocado, onions, garlic, mushrooms, leafy…
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Many birds form long-term pair bonds that may last a lifetime, or only several years. No species is known to always mate for life; studies show that most monogamous species are more like humans, in that some pairings last only a short time, some for years, and a few for a lifetime. Birds known to …
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If turtle does not eat for next day. Set the turtle free NO!!! Never set ANY captive reptiles loose! This is what happened with Burmese Pythons. People figure, "I can't take care of it- I'll just let it free." Now there's a problem and all the responsible reptile keepers get tons of anti-python bill…
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Answer If they are really small, you need to go to a petstore and get some baby bird formula. You can feed them out of an eye dropper. Do not use heating pads or blankets. If the blanket gets too hot your baby bird has no where to go to get away from the heat. Instead use a low wattage heat lamp.…
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put it in a box with soft towels locate it to the nearest pet shop or vet .
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We have two of these fish. Recently one of them got really dark and has a large bump on top of his head. I looked around online and figured out that it is only the males that get this bump on top of their head. Hope that helps!
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Answer There are breeding populations that spend the winter along the coast of Texas near Corpus Christi at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Matagorda Island, Isla San Jose, and portions of the Lamar Peninsula. There is also a population of about 50 birds near Kissimmee, Florida. So, to lis…
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This design is around the intermediate level, an excellent project. You will find instructions if you follow the link below. Have fun!
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It depends on the species of the bird and also whether it is being kept in captivity or not. Some parrots have been noted to live over a hundred years in captivity, but the lifespans of most large birds range from 30 to 70 years. Smaller birds live for shorter lengths of time. For example, a pet can…
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It's food that attracts them and also some colors of flowers during the summer months. Learn about the different species of birds and find out what they like to eat. Once you start feeding birds you should continue on because they begin to rely on you, especially during the winter months when food m…
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Pet Birds That depends; I would say yes as long as they are not dangerous and they are not expensive in case it dies or flys away. Answer I think they should only have pet birds if they are responsible enough to care for a living thing. If they're aren't then they should NOT be allowed to own…
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they repeat something you have said if you say it over and over
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Answer This is normal on guitar amplifiers because of the very small signal from the guitar pickup one will need a high gain pre amplifier to boost the signal to drive te main amplifier, if you touch the tip of the phone plug you are actually feeding a 50Hz or 60Hz signal that is picket up by you…
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Answer Be sure the blackbird isn't trapped and that you know for sure it's coming out (often they are trapped.) If you know for sure it's actually coming out then phone your pest control and get their advice. Often they rent cages out and you may just be able to lure it out with food and water. …
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Birds are able to fly because of a variety of specialized adaptations. They have high metabolisms to supply their body with energy. They have lightweight bones. They have feathers, some of which are "flight feathers" that are long, strong, and able to produce lift and act as control surfaces. They a…
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Depends An ostrich egg can be compressed quite a bit. A chicken egg, not so much. It also depends on whether you put the pressure on the long axis or across the shorter one. There are a lot of variables involved here. Just one would be the shell thickness of a pair of eggs that are identical in s…
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Black GuillemotBlack Guillemot is a bird the size of a pigeon, that breeds from Arctic Alaska and Canada, south along the Atlantic Coast to Maine.It winters south to the Bering Sea on the Pacific Ocean side of North America and occasionally visits Long Island, N.Y.,U.S., on the Atlantic Ocean of Nor…
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It varies. It varies. Some eat it right there on the spot I think a lot of birds eat it right there and then regurgitated it up for their young. If they are small then elderly owl can eat it
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Yes it does sing all year people!!!!!
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Most of them aren't. They have REAL quick senses, and know better than to stay close to us! Try taking parrots for example. They can talk, and they branch into even more breeds; African Amazon, ( I forgot the rest, lol. )
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Happy Holidays!Christened the Christmas bird for its spectacular red color, the cardinal has become a symbol of the beauty and warmth of the holiday season. A glimpse of this brilliant bird brings cheer, hope and inspiration on a gray, wintry day. As natures reminder for us to focus on our faith, th…
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No, there are birds that stay in a particular area year round (sedentary populations) and there are birds that migrate usually due to a change in the weather.   Most birds who fly South do so during Winter in the North which is Summer in the South. They do this because birds do not have a thi…
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Answer seagulls, pelicans, ducks, geese, swans, osprey, loons, cormorants, cranes, herons, turns and dippers.
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Can All Birds Fly ???Certain elements in are life are merely taken as granted. When I say this line, what I actually mean is, for example, if a small child asks us the question, " What is a bird? ", our general answer to that would be, "Anything that flies is a bird."By actually giving that answer, …
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Answer Hummingbirds feed their babies insects or regurgitate nectar.
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The bird itself isn't used for anything. Its image is used as the state bird for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.
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Kerala is not a Country, it is a small state in India. Malabar Hornbill is the State Bird of Kerala. The Malabar Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros coronatus) is a Hornbill. Hornbills are a family of tropical near-passerine birds found in the Old World. The Malabar Pied Hornbill is a common resident bre…
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Answer Local to its home, they use landmarks that they remember, over long distances they navigate by using the sun, or stars if they are flying at night. They also have a tiny magnet in their heads that acts as a compass and also enables them to "read" the earth's magnetic field, which is far fr…
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It's black and white WINGS!
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It is probably a Red-winged blackbird. In the New England area at least, the red bands are not very prominent when the bird is on the ground but show up when the bird takes flight.
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Answer The wing of a bird is an elastic, flexible organ, with a thick anterior and a thin posterior margin; hence the wing does not act like a solid board, but is thrown into a succession of curves. When a bird rises from the ground it leaps up with head stuck out and expanded tail, so that the b…
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Answer Try to act humane about it, killing is bad, crows are actually good to eat dead animals they deserve to live. Crows are very smart, and will even post lookouts while they are feeding! The best way besides killing them is to make a lot of noise, using firecrackers, or firing into the air. …
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To locate food kiwi birds' long beaks (with nostrils at the end!) allow them to find insects and worms underground without even seeing or feeling them. The beak functions like an upside-down periscope. Further a Kiwi's sense of smell is extremely good and so it can smell its food as the insect / wor…
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Most wild birds do not get along with dogs. Yes, wild peacocks do screech at night! Answer The birds will most likely not bother the dogs, unless the dogs bother them. Most calling is done in the early morning (can be before sunrise) and during the day. The birds roost at night and are quiet while…
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7422 Abbeydell Pike, West Baden Springs, IN
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Pigeons provide food for falcons and people. Yes you can eat them. They are a delecasy in france.Mmmm...squab.
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Birds declare their territory by singing. The male bird stakes out a bit of land or sky and sings to let other birds know to keep out. They also attract mates by singing. Once they have this bit of land, they let the females know where they are by singing.
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How can you keep birds out of the yard? That's a very complex question, as each bird infestation requires a different strategy to eliminate it. However, I will point you in the right direction. The first thing is, you absolutely MUST use humane bird control. Lethal methods never work, as even if …
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The largest flying bird in the world is the Andean Condor. Argentavis magnificens was the largest bird ever to have flown EDIT: Incorrect. The Andean Condor is not the largest flying bird currently living. The Dalmatian Pelican has a bigger average wingspan and a larger average weight and is the …
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Sometimes a bird may be flying and not know that a window is there. They will keep flying and end up slamming into a window. This would seem to be a case of a simple misperception and accident. However there are widespread reports of birds compulsively knocking into the same window repeatedly over d…
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By flapping their wing. Sometimes, by just stretching out their wings, they can glide in the air, once their high up. Hoped that helped! :)
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description of a bird bathit is round like a bowl and filled with water. birds are attracted to the bath and then they bathe in it.
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Birds eat all food sources, though individual birds do not use all the foods available. Some, such as crows and Blue jays, are generalists able to use a variety of foods, birds like eagles eat only meat, warblers only insects, and cardinals only seeds. Birds can eat seeds, insects, nectar, meat, ber…
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Do you mean how much is a mynah bird?
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it takes 13 to 28 days for eggs to hatch! It depends greatly on which animal the egg is from.
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The Vermont state bird is the Hermit Thrush.
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The smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird. It's about 2.3 inches long and weighs only about 0.06 ounces (1.6 grams)and is capable of sitting on the end of the standard size pencil.
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Answer In Chinese, it means: 不鸣则已,一鸣惊人. A bird can sing beautiful song but we don't know. once she opens mouth, it would be amazing. For human, one guy with endowment and also works hard, but we didn't realise. He will make us surpise once he comes out.
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Crustaceans that can be found near the edge of bodies of water.
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WingsBeaksFeathersThey flyExcellent eyesightThey all have talons (of different sizes)They lay eggsThey build nests
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One of the differences is in the breast marking. The mistle thrush has round breast markings and the Song Thrush has arrow shaped markings. The song thrush is also smaller and browner than the Mistle Thrush.
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Note that the continent of Antarctica is too cold to support animal life: there is no food chain on the continent. However, according to the Australian Antarctic Divisin, it is estimated that each spring season about 100 million birds breed along the Antarctic coastline and the offshore islands. i…
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First you get a heat lamp, than you put the eggs in a nest or tissue, then you turn them every 1 or 2 hours. When they hatch don't take them out side yet. First you wait until their feathers are strong and dry. Then after 3 weeks you take them out and throw them up, and they fly. :)
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As a matter of a fact all living things need to eat so you need to feed the bird even in the summer.So don't stop feeding it! :)
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Yes, it can but it rarely does. They mostly run, but they can flap up away out of danger. A bit like chickens. Source: http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/education/factfiles/04.htm
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Answer It is said that birds have no marrow in their bones, which allows them to be lighter for flight. This is partially true... The major reductions in weight however comes from the lack of large jaw bones, no teeth because no jaw bones, small skull, and very little tail [bone]. There is no ma…
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Petrel : Name given to various ocean birds belonging, like the albatross and shearwater , to the order of tube nosed swimmers. Many petrels fly over the waves skinning closely that they give the appearance of walking on the water. Being tireless fliers by day, at night they rest on the water; many r…
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The Bird of hope (Cardinal)
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Answer It depends on the species of bird.a chicken egg will take 21 to 23 days to hatch but some may not hatch like if it is to weak or died in the egg
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Answer There are many birds that eat other birds, Most of them lie in a group called Raptors. Raptors are predatory birds such as Falcons, owls, Eagles and vultures. They have sharp talons (nails), downward beaks and specialized feathers that help the bird to swoop down quietly, grab the small m…
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They are inspired by they creator
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parrots and cockoteles i think that how you spell it ?!?
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Most experts recommend 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Ratios from 1:3 to 1:5 are all similar to the sugar concentrations found in the nectar of hummingbird-pollinated flowers, but solutions stronger than 1:3 may not provide enough water, especially in hot, dry wearther, and those weaker than 1:5 may…
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There are many different type of Bird of Paradise plants. Depending on where you live, depends on which butterfly in native to that area.
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About 28 - 30 days
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