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Seals and Sea Lions

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Seals and sea lions are Pinnipeds or fin-footed marine mammals. Earless seals that lack ear flaps are true seals, while eared seals are sea lions. These mammals can spend their life on water and partly on land.
The Marine Mammal Center recommends that people should stay 150feet away from seals and sea lions.
They are not very fast. They were measured at swimming .5 meter persecond.
They feed at night where they dive down and feed on schools of fish and squid.
The Caribbean monk seal, West Indian seal ( Monachustropicalis ), or sea wolf, as early explorers referred to it,was a species of seal native to the Caribbean and now believed tobe extinct. The Caribbean monk seals' main predators were sharksand humans. Overhunting of the seals for oil, and...
Beating baby seals to death could be a problem both in terms ofanimal abuse and making sure that seals stay a renewable resource.Whatever your views about hunting, or eating or wearing animalproducts, walking up to seals who are defenseless and beating themto death doesn't even seem like hunting......
They can swim after a couple of days.
People first started hunting seals for food
adults:6 ft babies:1 meter long (3 ft.)
Dolphins and seals are not related.
No, Seals cannot walk.
The Steller's Sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus), is also known as the Northern sea lion. It lives in the northern Pacific.. The population of eastern and Asian steller sea lions (California, British Columbia and south east Alaska) is currently at the status of "under threat". The western Steller's sea...
They mate and give birth on land. Births occur mid-May to mid-July and peak in June. In May, dominant males (nine years and older) establish their breeding territories on rookeries, and maintain them for approximately 40 days without eating. During this time, the males establish a harem and mate...
Their main diet is penguins and fish.
No It Isn't Because They Have 4 Predators, And Here They Are: Great White Sharks, Orcas, Other Leopard Seals And Most Of All, Humans.
In the Northwest Atlantic area between Newfoundland and Greenland.
The norm is around 1400 pounds.
Yes it costs a lot of money
Although Leopard seals have a fearsome reputation and are a top predator, the Killer whale is top of the food chain and will actively hunt and kill leopard seals.
It's a vertebrate because, it has a spine
Some do like polar bears
Harp seals have one baby at a time because although there milk is rich with fat they could never produce enough milk to feed more than one baby. Seals start breading at the age of 2 or 3 and breed at least once per year
The move Andre has a seal named Andre. That was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.
A seal can live as long as 40 years. It will all depend on theirliving conditions, species and what sex they are.
Seals dive for fish underwater, some might sleep underwater. But 6 types of seals live in antarctica! Seals breath air but do spend a lot of time underwater holding their breath. Sometime seals prefer to breath the air trapped under the ice then come to the surface. They would live mostly in the...
in the pacific coast
Sea lion's have an adaptation called countershading. When apredator looks down into the sunlight zone the sea lion appearsdark, when a predator looks up the sea lion appears lighter as toblend into the light above.
seal whacking is where baby seals are whacked repeatedly until they are dead, it will soon be considered a sport in Canada.
The scientific name for seals in general is Pinnipedia. Bear in mind that specific scientific name depends on the exactspecies. Phoca largha for example is the scientific name for thespotted seal.
They are called "Seal pups".
Estimated Seal population ranges almost to 700,000 individuals.. Although there are 35 species of seals, only six types live in Antarctica: Antarctic Fur Seals, Crabeater Seals, Leopard Seals, Ross Seals, and Weddell Seals. However, these six species make up the majority of the world's seal...
To answer your question, you would have to provide the species of shark and whale. For example, a sand tiger shark - one of the more common breeds seen closer to land - can grow up to about 10½ feet (a little over 3 meters), whereas one of the longest bottlenose dolphins grew to be about 13 feet...
The average male elephant seal weighs 3 tons.
This would only happen if your mama was a squid, fish small shark or octupus
yes, most seals live in cold conditions
in the air they will snort, hiss, growl, or sneeze usually as a threat. Pups (baby seals) will let out little cries.
Fish,squid,sharks and rays Answer Seals eat Fish, squid, sharks, and rays. turd Skates,rays,squid,octopuses,small sharks, and large fish.These are just some of their favorites.
They bite people
Because the seal population is decreasing and the reason they are killing the harp seals is because of the cod. And the snow leopards are starving and so are the polar bears. And the government is killing the seals for their hide to make leather. And i don't know hot they could kill them with that...
yes they travel around alot
A seal has many adaptations to allow them to dive underwater forlong periods. They have more red blood cells per ml of blood thanother mammals allowing them to store more oxygen in the blood, itis also thought that their red blood cells are larger allowing eachcell to take in more oxygen. Each red...
Harp seals are most often found in the Arctic and Northern Atlantic Oceans.
Fish and seals are similar in that they both: . are animals . are vertebrates . are able to swim in water . have eyes and mouths, stomachs and digestive systems . reproduce sexually
A harp seal can only have 1 pup and 1 pup only
Yes a polar bear is an enemy of the elephant sea land the elephant seals are a food source for the bears.
small mammals and insects
The literary device that seals swam freely through the icy sea isassonance.
They got their name from the mane of coarse long hair around their face.
yes, they are between the back flippers
Seals are good swimmers and can pull themselves out onto land. Their predators are white sharks, larger carnivorous seals, polar bears and killer whales. Essentially they are very wary and lithe and swim away form their predators or if appropriate pull themselves onto land.
No, they mostly eat fish.
Sea lions occasionally kill and eat other seals, but their regular diet is fish.
Seals that enjoy the Southern Ocean habitat -- which surrounds the Antarctic continent -- all breed in these waters during breeding season.
A group of seals are called a "rookery",a "herd", a "harem", and a "pod"
The consumer in the food chain/web that eats the Austalian sea lion would be forced to find other food. If that consumer can't find other food then it would extinct as wel. And so on...
Seals are an economic resource. The meat is edible, and some kinds of seals have valuable fur as well. There are people who make their living by hunting seals. If they did not hunt seals they would have to find other employment, and there is a lot of unemployment in the world today.
No fur so less friction with the water.
seal live on the coast The habitat of a seal varies by location. Some seals live in theAntarctic while others are found in warmer areas and there areseals in the eastern and western Pacific as well as the western andnortheastern Atlantic. They like land with rocks close to the oceanand live in areas...
the both give birth,they both can swim,and both eat
it has adapted to its environment by it developing flippers for swimming, thick blubber for tempatures
Some animals that live in the sunlight zone: clown fish, rock beauty, sea urchin
The greatest difference is in size. The male elephant seal can be three to four times the size of the females. Also the males elephant seal has a conspicuous nasal wattle while the female has none. Other difference are apparent in other species of seals but that can be somebody else's turn.
Antarctica is a continent and Weddell Seals are sea mammals. Theymake their homes in the Southern Ocean that surrounds thecontinent. The do, however, breed on Antarctica's beaches, becausethere are no land predators there.
No they do not eat Penguins! yes sea lions eat penguins.
They are very kind seals and behave nicely. They are only hysterical when they fight, give birth or get taken to the aquarium.
To warn boats that they're around.
because it is Fat and it has alot of bluber
Most seals' diet consists of various types of fish, crustaceans, and other marine animals.
pollution can be in many forms such as air pollution. When the air is affected it creates gobal warming. there for the ice(the seals habitat) starts to melt leaving only water for the poor seals....... the ice provides great breeding grounds go green!!!. and try to encourage your freinds to go green...
Seals keep warm because they have an extra layer of fat on theirbodies, much like whales. They also have fur coats to keep themwarm.
In the order of Kingdom, Phyla, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, the full scientific name for the Harp Seal is: Animalia, Chordata, Mammilia, Carnivora, Phociadae, Pagophilus, P. Groenlandicus. The Phylum is basically whether they have a backbone or not. Chordata means 'yes, they do.'
Sea lions breathe air through their nostrils when they are on land. However, unlike most land living mammals, they are 'voluntary breathers'. They do not breathe unconsciously as we do. When they dive into the water, their nostrils automatically close, and they hold their breath. They...
I believe so since they are the only species in Ommatophoca.
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they can dive 5000ft (1524 meter) under the sea for 70 min or more does that give you a hint because that is all I know
they use there flippers to move forward and to steer. and that's how sea lions move!
It depends on the species. Most seals are active at night (nocturnal) but there are some that have a tendency to be diurnal.
Seals are a group of marine mammals. The niche for seals are thesea in cold waters. Seals are predators and eat anything from fish,mollusks, and crustaceans.
Harp Seals have never been endangered there number is increasing more each year.
No, harp seals make their homes in the Arctic and North Atlanticoceans.
Polar bears, Killer whales and Sharks
I'm SORRY but YES SEALS EAT PENGUINS BUT NOT ALL THE TIME only when they are hungry or if they see them Sunday May 20 2012
Because the Earth's surface is 70% covered by water the seas will always be larger than the land mass.