Alligators and Crocodiles

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23 species of crocodilians, including alligators, caimans, crocodiles and the gharial of India. If you really want to know which is which, you need to know the particular characteristics of each of these carnivores. Ask your questions in here and leave the shoes, handbags and luggage at the door.
yes,. in the crocs body they need a palatel valve because the palatel valve stops the water from leaking from the water in the crocs throut. if you ever see a crocodiles mouth open, sometimes well most of the time you cant see down their throut this is because the palatel valve is closed!!!. thanks...
They have a clear coating around their eye making them beable tosee clearly under water. :D Alligators and crocs have two sets of eyelids. One, the outer, issimilar to our own. The inner set is clear, and closes back tofront. This is the one that protects their eyes and provides clearvision under...
What the hell are you doing with your free time?! You shouldn't bebutchering alligators !!
Because the weather is not appropriate for them, there is not thecorrect habitat, they could die there, there's not the type of foodIt's supposed to be. The primary reason is that alligators are cold blooded, like allreptiles. In very cold conditions they cannot maintain asufficiently high body...
yes an alligator migrate
so the prey doesnt find it and it can sneek up on the prey
no even a bigger croc cannot even destroy an elephant but a gustave i gonna say yes because he killed over 300 people in year .....
no they dont give milk for their babies
Crocodiles do not have shells, it is just super tough skin. Manypeople skin the reptiles and use their skins for many things due toits toughness and stability. No, it in the vertebrates phylum.
So that they can camouflage. When they camouflage, other animals won't see it, then when another animal is near by, it can move quickly and kill it, then eat it.
The American crocodile is considered an endangered species innearly all parts of its North, Central, and South American range.Survey data, except in the United States, is poor or nonexistent,but conservationists agree that illegal hunting and habitatdepletion has reduced populations of this wide...
yes, actually crocodiles are many in the nile river of Egypt
In water or on land? On land, they are not fast but in water theycan be fast.
Crocodiles spend a lot of time laying in wait in the water, readyto ambush a passing fish, or an animal going into the water. Duringthe annual wildebeest migration, crocodiles will gather at thecustomary river crossing places, waiting to catch a wildebeestattempting to cross the river. By crossing...
It adapts to its surondings by eating and getting the things they need
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They tend to lay just below the surface waiting for prey. They thentake it down into a death roll. They can cover their eyes andthroats up to stop water getting in them, so I would say they couldget to the bottom of a river quite easily.
Biotic factors of a crocdile are: *water *air *sun light (temperature) *foot *moisture availability. Daniel Reina 6c
No, its nostrils are on top of its snout, which is why they laywith only their eyes and nostrils out of the water.
With a toothbrush! It is a brush that brushes and cleans the teeth.
Crocodiles have between 60 to 70 teeth used to tear flesh!
There is really no way to find that information out withoutcontacting someone who new him before his death. But one of thelargest he ever handled was between 16' and 17' long.
Either from deforestation, people hunting them, or captivity. Verysad.
Hell yeah!! They will eat you up and will never let go unless they release you. So dont swim in lakes or rivers unless you wanna die.
If they bite a human which is unlikely, the person can be hurt.
It depends on what year. For example, there have been 1,159reported crocodile attacks on humans since 2010, and many otherattacks go unreported.
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Feeding time which is usually early morning and night
Alligators usually eat frogs when food is scarce and their is notmuch meat.
Not exactly. There were mega crocs living with the dinosaurs though.
It would be a good fight but..... croc shark leght 8-9meters 6.5meters wight 1500bl 3000bl bight 3tones 1.7tones speed in water 20 mph 25 mph speed out off water 6mph 0 mph Croc wins on paper and in most respects it does too.In deep water the great white would pretty easly beat the croc but in all...
No. Alligators are reptiles and therefore lay eggs and do not give live birth.
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Alligators and Crocodiles are very dormant species, and spend most of the day sleeping on the riverbanks or strolling effortlessly along the water.. Average sleeping time is probably 6 - 8 hours at a time - they do need to eat, after all!
They dont share territories because if they did they would fight and pythons look like !#%$
Yes Asian Crocodiles are endangered.
they are solitary animals unless mating or caring for young
To put and alligator to sleep turn it on it's back.
No, alligators, like crocodiles, cannot stick their tongues out.This is because there is a membrane that attaches the tongue to thefloor of their oral cavity.
the crocodiles eat and put the baby a side to find food
An adult shark can eat a baby crocodile
adult alligators prey on mammals
Yes they can. But alligators spend more time in water.
Yes they do. They will come out of the water to sun themselves on the banks of the rivers and ponds. They also will attack prey along the edge of the water that have come to get a drink.
I probably think that alligators might live in Russia, but I don't know but I'm guessing there might be alligators in Russia.
Saltwater crocodiles eat fish, birds, and mammals that come tooclose to the water's edge are eaten. The adult crocodiles will eatalmost anything that comes too close. Younger crocodiles will eatsmaller fish and insects. Hope this helps!
Crocodiles are ambush hunters, waiting for fish or land animals to come close, then rushing out to attack. As cold-blooded predators, they have a very slow metabolism, and thus can survive long periods without food. Despite their appearance of being slow, crocodiles are top predators in their...
females can live up to 50 year and male can get over 26 years old
the biggest croc we know was the salt water crocodile. it was 9 meters long and it could make nests out of straw. in the dino time, the biggest croc was sarcosuchas which was one of the dangerous crocs on earth. also sarcosuchas was 2 times longer and larger than the salt water crocodile. one of...
It might depend on the jurisdiction, but it probably falls under animal abuse in most locations.
Unless you have a permit from the state authorities you cannot buy or own an alligator in Texas. (Ch. 65, Texas Parks and Wildlife Code) (see below link)
Crocodiles are in the present world. The ichthyosaurus became extinct millions of years ago.
Abiotic factors are the nonliving components that affect the livingorganisms in an ecosystem. Some abiotic factors that may affect acrocodile are temperature, precipitation rate, and the chemicalquality of surrounding water.
it can open it's wide mouth and eat it's prey
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it can have 8 toes but some have 10. But it is rare to see a croc with 8 or 10 toes
Freshwater crocs will just wait for the eggs to hatch, put thenewborns in her mouth, release them into the water and hope for thebest. But saltwater crocs break the eggs open and guard the babies forabout 3 months or so.
yes they have teeth there most-est brown
Making the temperature go through its body keeping it active.1st it goes from mouth to stomack.2nd moving through its stomack through its lungs to poop.
The Egyptian Plover was believed to pick leeches off of thecrocodiles tongue, however that is incorrect. Instead the birdpicks food from between the crocodiles' teeth.
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it either breathes by gills if not lungs.
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Crocodiles are currently non-endangered species.
There are a few :) They can crush bones - "Bone Crusher"? They ambush their prey - "Spy"? Perhaps a more mature way to describe an alligator is as a large, carnivorous reptile.
Alligators live in area that are wet. They are called Wetlands.
no one really knows but it might be because hes the god of water
alligators come out after they make a kind of noise.
when threatened or hungry or if it gets mad they will hardly ever attack people on land, but be careful in water. also, NEVER poke it with a stick.
I'm guessing that, since the crocodile feasts upon much largeranimals than the alligator (gazzelle, zebra, wildebeest) theCrocodile will always need to be on it's guard in order to captureone of them - the crocodile.
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