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Turtles and Tortoises

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Turtles and tortoises are part of the family, Testudines. Tortoises are diurnal and land-dwelling, while turtles spend most of their lives in the water. These two reptiles also have other cousins named terrapins. They can live up to 300 years, but sadly are the most highly endangered species. Unfortunately, they are poached excessively for use of food, cosmetics, and medicine.
If I were you I would want to call and ask the vet if you need todo something different. If not then I would just feed it a LITTLE more not a lot just alittle because you don't want it to get overweight, you just wantto make it bigger. Also, look up your breed of turtle and find out what size...
You can feed them: \nCrickets (alive or dead)\nMealworms (alive or dead)\nTurtle pellets\nkrill\nshrimp\nsmall fish (for bigger turtles)\n\nAll of these can be found at most pet stores like PetSmart or Petco.\nThese are just some of the things you can feed them and I suggest you ask a professional,...
Red Ear Sliders are not "bottom walkers" so it won't stay on thebottom. They love swimming, and can get quite large so a lot ofswimming space is needed. They also absolutely NEED to bask toprevent shell rot and other not so nice medical conditions,including not digesting their food and eventually...
ANSWER Fish is the primary diet, but anything that can be eaten is fair game. Most enjoy different types of fish, veggies, and the like. snapping turtles are omnivores. they eat celery,baby chickens,lettuce,worms
No; they are semi aquatic. They need a floating log AND a landarea. If they don't have both, they can die. so the answer is no
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Yes they can, just make sure not to overfeed it with leafy greenssuch as parsley, cabbage, spinach, kale, etc.
As you have indicated, the tortoise moves 0.2mph, which is equal toone fifth of a mile in one hour. One mile will be traveled by thetortoise in five hours. Half a day is 12 hours, so 0.2 x 12 = 2.4miles. A tortoise, traveling at 0.2 mph would travel 2.4 miles in half aday.
need water to drink and swim. lots of green plants and sometimessandy
TurtleMass0.046. 0.046 kg (Leatherback sea turtle, Newborn) . 0.095 - 0.16 kg (Homopus signatus, Adult) . 250 - 700 kg (Leatherback sea turtle, Adult) .
Miniature turtle? That doesn't really tell us anything about thespecies...there is no such type of turtle as a "miniature turtle".Turtle species all have very unique needs. My advice is to find areptile forum and ask your questions there, and perhaps includephotos so that you may identify its...
They will go to sleep at night by themselves, if you make it dark enough. You just turn the aquarium's UV lamp off, and dim the lights in the room, and in a little while the turtles will go to sleep.
Yes they normally like other tortoises company
whatkind of turtle?
Claws and Jaws . The giant tortoise boasts five front claws and four claws on theback. They help the tortoise navigate through sometimes ruggedterrain. When walking, the front limbs and claws usually appear tobe turned inward facing one another. Complementing his primarilyvegetarian diet, the giant...
the average life span is 15-20 years
Spiny softshells primarly live in rivers, but they have been seenin large lakes. They typically prefer river bottoms with sand/mudbottoms with lots of gravel because they spend much of their timehiding in the gravel, stalking prey or staying out of sight ofother predators. You also might find a...
Box turtles, land tortoises, and any aquatic turtles have theability to put their legs, arms, and head in side of their shell.The shell is the turtles protector/house if someone threw a turtleit would go into its shell and the shell would hopefully protect itfrom the hard ground. Most turtles the...
soup and many other things
This depends on what type of sea turtle you're talking about. Greensea turtles reach about 78 to 112 cm (31-44 in.) and 68 to 186 kg(150-410 lb.), while leatherbacks reach about 1.2 to 1.9 m (3.9-6.2ft.) and 200 to 506 kg (441-1,116 lb.). Green Sea Turtles have green flesh. The shell is olive brown...
Males have longer claws and females have shorter ones.
This is something that needs pictures and more information. Do youhave a basking spot for your turtle? Why species of turtle is it?How much water does it live in? Does your water have a lotchlorine? How old is it? Is it an albino turtle? Is your turtlewheezing or have mucus coming out of its eyes or...
The flatback sea turtle is a sea turtle endemic to the continentalshelf of Australia.
No, the turtle can injure the cat (think biting through smallbones). The cat can kill the turtle. Turtles also can carrysalmonella. You can have both as pets, but you will have to keepthem separated.
Durine the spring and summer.
they have photocells in their eyes that allow to distinguish colorswith a certain frequency that commonly have the plants from whichthey feed. Some artificial objects also have this frequency and areoften confused.
for sea turtles, plastic bags. When sea turtles find plastic bags, they assume that it's their favorite food, jellyfish. They can get strangled by these bags. DON'T LITTER!
Snapping turtles are able to live until they are 150 years old. Theaverage lifespan of these turtles can be between 20 and 50 years.
There are different types of sea turtles. A snapping turtle is one. Another example would be a leatherback turtle.
Spawning occurs from April to November with a peak during thesummer months, and is influenced by the lunar cycle. Individualsnappers may spawn multiple times during the course of thereproductive season. Gray snapper spawn in aggregations during thetimes surrounding the full moon. The species is a...
The length of time it takes for an egg to hatch is known as theincubation period. The incubation period for most land turtles canrange from 45-90 days.
The link i will place below to the WWF website will provide you with the answer to this question.
That really depends on the type of sea turtle. I know that the Loggerhead Sea Turtle spends it's early life relatively close to shore until they are matured and then they move farther out. When they are at their adult stage they live at the bottom and occasionally come to the top. Females of course...
Their protection adaptations would include; Jaw Defense, BeakDefense, and Lack of Shell Defense.
Most animals move toward food and away from discomfort. Why do you move? It's probably the same answer.
Around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit is good. Hope this helps :]
It is not recommended to "play" with your RES. You can and shouldhandle them, but not frequently and not for long periods of time.If you want to bond with it, you can take it out of its tank andlet it walk around in the grass, but this can lead to all sorts ofproblems and should be done under...
If the tank is large enough and the turtles are compatible. Ifthere is aggression, separate immediately. The general rule ofthumb is 10 gallons of water for every inch of shell. So, if youhave two 4 inch turtles, you need at least 80 gallons of water. Bottom walking turtles don't need that much...
Turtles that live in the sea face challenges that are verydifferent from terrestrial turtles, they have adaptations thatallow them to swim, breathe, and find their way during long divesor lengthy swims across the ocean: Sea turtles arestrong swimmers. The cruising speed for green sea turtles is...
well you can buy them with face-book credits, let some one send you it, or someone just puts one up for adoption, there's many ways though.
When they get horny
There are two ways, you can tell visually by seeing if there is anysign of wrinkles on the shell, and if you cant tell visually, thenjust lightly poke the shell. If it gives way a little bit, you knowit has a soft shell.
Around 100. A lot. Sea turtles lay about 20 and then they go backto the sea and come back and lay more.
Its expensive to raise any turtle really but I got some and its like a 20 gallon tank you put in some rocks like it were a fish and move them to one end and then put in water make it so it can get into water and get out get an UV spectrum-light because they need sunlight and this will help and get a...
they swim around in the water they rob it
Besides the free movies for classroom use, there is the Audubon video called Sea Turtles: Ancient Nomads
Not at all! They can hatch anytime depending on when they areready.
They usually eat bloodworms, mealworms, spinach and lettuce. I hopethis helps!
Green turtles - 6 clutches of 115 eggs every 4-6 years Loggerhead turtles 4 clutches of 120 eggs every 3-5 years Leatherback turtles - up to 10 clutches of 100 eggs every 3-5 years Olive ridley & Kemps ridley 2-3 clutches of ~90 eggs every 2years Hawksbill turtles 4 clutches of 120 eggs ever 3-5...
Sadly they do. Their beautiful shells like to be used for manyreasons.
Fairly easy though they are very dirty if you are thinking of oneas a pet. They grow very fast and can get pretty good sized take upa lot of room. And I know that it is illegal to own them as pets inthe state where they are native in the wild so be sure that theyare even legal as pets in your area.
through their nose
Turtle eggs look almost like a ping pong ball. The only thing is that they are a rubber feeling if ou were to touch them. The only time bio techs takes the eggs is when they did not hatch.
Slightly delicate. it does not take much forse at all to crack one
Yeah. I found one on my driveway after a flood and made him my pet.
YES they are fragile.
How do sea turtles protect themselves? The most obvious answer tothis question is prominently displayed upon their backs. The hard,bony external shell, called a carapace, not only indicates therelative age and species of sea turtles; it also functions as anatural suit of armor. Unlike land turtles,...
If it became extinct, then there would be more of the species offood it ate, and it won't be balanced.
One advantage is that their muscles are stronger than human muscles; therefore they are born with the ability to swim. One disadvantage is they are colorblind.
They carry aids, so use protection!
Depends on the species and sex of the turtle.
That would be the ' Dermochelys pokemonus'. More commonly referred to as the Blastoise Turtle. I cannot answer the question above but I can unanswer it by saying the above answer is a joke. There is no such species as pokemonus in the genus Dermochelys , except maybe in the game of Pokemon. The...
Over the Hedge was a children's film released in 2006 that followedneighborhood animals and their struggle to adapt toindustrialization. There have been no plans for a sequel.
Loggerheads, like all turtles, are reptiles
I live in NJ and Snakes cost $80.00. I think that's very expensive. If you are lucky enough to go to a reptile show, you may be able to get ball pythons for $15. I want to go to a reptile show soo bad for ball pythons.
Known for being big...and is the fourth heaviest modern reptile(specific name-Dermochelys coriacea)
Usually leaves, woody plant stems, and vegetation around them.
Well their incubation or gestation is about 3-6 months. As far as I now!!!!!
Sea turtles live in the ocean, near the Pacific or very near Bermuda if you know where that is
Most all states have turtles.
no no no no no no no no they will drownd right when they hit water u should give you turtle sand to lay them in please
Local knowledge in South West Mexico says 28 days from laying to hatching. I'll update soon as I have 2 eggs growing in a drawer of sand at the moment - I rescued them from a raided nest 18 days ago. w.cosic@gmail.com
somewhere warm and in the ocean!
Turtles do have a backbone; they are vertebrates. The turtle'sbackbone is partially fused to the shell, as are the bones of therib cage.
They have a hard shell, a slow metabolic rate, and modified forelimbs.
Every turtle has a different shell, bumpier, smoother, or lighter.
The leatherback sea turtle is a sea turtle, which is classified as a reptile.
Yes, snapping turtles do not care for their young after they arehatched. They are left to fend for themselves.
because they are not reuseable like that
Depending on the type of tortoise, diet could range from vegetables and fruits to worms and crickets. Most tortoises are vegetarian, but all tortoises could use a little protein once a month. A good protein source is a little wet dog food or live food such as meal worms. A processed tortoise food is...
A terrapin is a carnivore and a tortoise is a vegetarian.
they wont live very long cause they get dry so fast so about one hour
well about 18 to 30 baby's at a time (:
yes they do
Large western painted turtles rarely exceed 8 inches in length, andsouthern painted turtles are not normally larger than 6 inches.Eastern and midland painted turtles are in between, maxing out ataround 7 inches. Males do not usually get quite as big as females,but their size difference is not...
They can take up space, eat food, get rid of waste, walk slowly, and swim.