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Turtles and Tortoises

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Turtles and tortoises are part of the family, Testudines. Tortoises are diurnal and land-dwelling, while turtles spend most of their lives in the water. These two reptiles also have other cousins named terrapins. They can live up to 300 years, but sadly are the most highly endangered species. Unfortunately, they are poached excessively for use of food, cosmetics, and medicine.
I had a snapping turtle and I fed it worms that you can buy at any discount food store. I fed him that and he was completely fine. One other thing, go to chelydra.org and check out the forums. You can find all the info you need on snappers there. Anything it can fit into it's mouth that moves,…
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This is highly dependent on which group the turtles belong to. Some turtles and tortoises, but not all of them by far, have differences in the curvature of their plastron (or "belly"). A male would have a plastron that is concave (bending inward), while a female would not. Some turtles have secon…
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Here's a description of a snapping turtle:large head, long thick neck and back of shell has sawtooth edge. The height of the head end is a lot bigger than the tail end.There is a good picture on the "Nova Scotia Turtles" page of the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History website.Scroll to the bottom …
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The most likely cause of the problem is that the weather is getting cold. Turtles are cold-blooded animals, meaning, they cannot create their own body heat. They use the sun's heat and light. A captive turtle living indoors does not get much (if any) direct sunlight, so you have to provide it artifi…
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That varies with different species of turtle, as well as with the health and living conditions of the turtle. For sliders, males need about 3 years for sexual maturity, females about 5 years. Floating turtles start to develop in 3-4 years. So in three to four years, make a nice dry area with a lot …
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If you want to sell your turtle all you have to do is take it to a pet storeand ask the manager if he/she can find a perfect home for it because you either don't want it anymore, you don't have not enough room, your moving or you just can't take care of it.  E-bay...they have everything else. …
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As little as possible!Without knowing the situation surrounding your inquiry I can't give you a true estimate. Too many variables. Generally aquatic turtles should have access to water at all times.
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The most common problem in slider hatchlings are eye infections. These infections develop due to dirty water and lack of vitamin A. The treatment is easy: Change the water more often (get a filter if you can), add higher doses of vitamin A to her diet. Ask your pharmacist to prepare you a solution o…
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Research. If you found the turtle your local library should have books of animals that are common in your area. You can call your local pet shop and ask them if they have someone who is knowledgable about turtles. If so, ask them if you can bring your turtle and have them look at it. If you can't t…
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Male and Female snapping turtles show their gender difference mostly in the tail. The male's tale is thicker and longer than the female. Snapping turtles have a vent and the male's vent is further from the plastron.
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Answer Yes, much larger turtles can hurt and even kill smaller turtles.Turtles need lots of space so if you have an over crowded tank you need to separate them. Answer Not necessarily. If your turtles have an appropriate amount of space they will happily exist with new additions to their grou…
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Answer The claws of the male are very long, they have a slightly concave plastron (belly-shell), have a long slim tail and are generallly smaller. Females have short claws, flat plastrons, a short stumpy tail and are generally bigger.
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They lie on the bottom of whatever water they inhabit and wait for fish to swim by. They have a worm like appendage on their tongues which they wiggle to attract their prey. When the prey swims within reach they attack and catch the prey and eat it. They are extremely fast and powerful. They grow qu…
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Only mammals have periods. Turtles are reptiles and reproduce by laying eggs. Therefore, no periods. Turtles don't even have wombs, since their embyoes develop in the egg, outside of the mother's body, usually buried in the ground.
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Baby turtles are mostly carnivorous and their diets should be high in calcium and other nutrients. I would only feed Total Turtle from PNWTurtleworks.com. They are the only pellets formulated by a turtle breeder for high hatchling survival rates. There is nothing better. But still they should get a …
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Answer According to the Blue Book, the rifle is worth $450 and the carbine $425 in 100% condition. The blue books are a joke, if want to see what the real value is follow the market on the auctions. I wish I could buy winchesters at blue book value
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It isn't called breathing but they can absorb oxygen through the mucus membranes of their rectum. It is possible for the turtles to sustain an oxygen supply for an extended period of time through this process.
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Masculine turtles usually: have (slightly) concave plastron have a bigger tail
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There are different opinions: You are only supposed to feed small turtles every other day, and only give them a little food, until they get older (but when they get older, still only feed them every other day). when you see the food dissapearing faster, feed them a little bit more. You feed them …
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Turtles live in water all around the world. Sea Turtles (superfamily Chelonioidea) are turtles found in all the world's oceans except the Arctic Ocean. There are seven living species of sea turtles: flatback, green sea turtle, Hawksbill, Kemp's Ridley, Leatherback, Loggerhead and Olive Ridley. Pa…
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Reptilia Order: Testudines
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Yes turtles will lay eggs if they have not mated. The eggs will not be fertile in most cases, unless the turtle has mated previously. A growing number of species are known to retain sperm to produce mixed parentage clutches, sometimes for several years.
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Turtles Not Eating A turtle that won't eat is probably sick. It could be as simple as insufficient warmth. Consult an expert at the pet store about sort of temperature a turtle aquarium should be. You may also need to see a vet.
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Turtles need a warm environment to stimulate them to eat. If the water they live in is less than 70-80 degrees, they begin the hibernation process and stop eating. Try purchasing an aquarium heating pad (goes under it to warm water) and a UV light to warm him from above. Be sure your environment fo…
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No turtles do not travel in herds the mother turtle laids down it's eggs days after the baby turtles hacth and head to the sea by followind the moons light, ufortually some get comfuesed by the beah house's light and head to the city , some are able to go to the sea but the others that reach the sea…
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I don't know about other species, but I have a red-eared slider (one of the most common types of aquatic turtles in the U.S.) and she sleeps at night just like I do. After the sun goes down and her heat lamp turns off, she goes up against one side of her tank, pulls her head in, and sleeps like that…
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Male Red eared sliders have a thicker tail base and long claws used to help in mating also they have a slight indent on their tummies to again help with mating. Females lack these attributes, therefor they have smaller claws tails tend to be thinner at the base of their tail and no concave to belly.…
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Answer This is EXTREMELY inadviseable. Dart frogs are toxic. While they are much less toxic in captivity, they still produce toxins. They are also extremely small. Turtles are omnivores, and may decide to try to take a bite. This would be fatal for the frog AND possibly for the turtle. Dart frogs…
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Red-eared or painted turtles are very common pet turtles. Although not as bad as they once were, you still have to be careful of salmonella. A curious child of 5 might like to play with the turtle and then forget to wash up afterwards. I had a red-eared turtle for 6 years, they are very interesting …
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It is possible and done by experienced people, but difficult. It requires proper humidity, moisture, and temperature control first of all; eggs when found must be carefully marked as unlike bird eggs the developing reptile attaches to the wall and rotation can lead to smothering, or detachment and d…
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turtle laying eggs Well,the females tail gets fat. And the male's tail gets curled at the end. The female will usually beach herself just a few yards from the water and dig and lay her eggs. Eventually the tide comes in and the eggs will hatch. If she lays 5 - 10 eggs only a small percentage may…
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Chop up celery and lettuce They will also eat earth worms and small fish depending on what size they are. but if you put it in front of them they will probably eventually start eating it. I am sorry, but I extremely disagree. Turtle are omnivores when adults. Not strictly herbivorous. When y…
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Answer when the snapper is young it wont eat because its still surrounded by the egg york so it doesnt have to eat as it gets older it will start eating. i had the same problem when my snapper was a baby:)
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The current value of a tortoise shell is around 3,000 to 5,000 dollars depending on condition and size. It is around 1000 dollars if used for medicinal value.
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yes this is normal. a male tortoise with sex on his mind will not be interested in food. i advise that you separate the male from the female. if you keep them together for too long then the female will become very stressed with his relentless advances and he will drop weight from not eating and will…
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They can be found now in Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, the Galapagos, Sulawesi, Timor, Flores, and Java
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For aquatic turtles, the males will circle the female and in certain species (sliders, cooters, maps and painted turtles), the males will put their front foreclaws by the side of their head and wave it quickly in front of the female's face. If the female accepts, the male mounts her from the behind.…
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Answer There is an electrical charge going through the water when this happens, you can also get this from a broken heater. But the turtles are not affected because they are not grounded. Its the same thing as having a live wire lay across your car, the tires insulate you. You should remove the …
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o you will need the water to be over the turtle because turtles can only swallow under the water / i feed my baby snapper raw meat like fish i catch out the lake you will need a heat lamp so it can bask they dont bask much and dont make the water realy deep they can drown you can use decorated rock …
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Honestly I'm not sure that I understand your question. Turtles grow the same way any other living thing grows... taking in nutrients and converting them to energy (calories) which prompts growth. Obviously this is the short simplified version... but it is the same with all living things. We all grow…
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Turtles don't get pregnant, they lay eggs.
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No.They eat bugs,fruits and vedgatables.
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Of Course! Turtles, like any other animal, sleep when they need to. I catch my four napping on a regular basis. They love catching a snooze while out sunning themselves. They can't sleep under water they have to be basking. If they were to sleep under water they might drown. My turtle spent her…
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Webbed feet is more of a water turtle. No web is a land turtle and each type of turtles has their own features. if it has a yellow belly then it is a yellow belly sea slider(like all 3 of mine!)
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i heard something about using copper sulfate to get rid of the salmonella germs on my turtles.
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Snapping turtles are carnivorous, and eat mainly fish, amphibians, invertebrates (when young), and carrion.
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females eyes are dull orange or brown males eyes are bright orange or red
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Tiny bugs, worms, and little birds
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Lakes, rivers, and streams. They should not be kept as pets under any conditions.
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Land turtles eat earthworms and insects outside! if you found a turtles outside it is not your responsibility to keep it. it could be dangerous! they do not even like people. i got one and it just wants to leave.
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big turtles from small?Some turtle just have different body sructures, they just come out the way the mother was, but big turtles can live way longer than small turtles can. actually, even small turtles can live 50+ years. Even one that only grows 4-5 incheshappy herp keeping :)
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On a painted turtle you look at the design on the bottom of their shells.
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The natural habitat of a turtle would depend on bread, but most live in small bodies of water or big ones such as the ocean.
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well it has a long tail and a bird like beak.
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Answer Tortoises mate by crawling on top of each other then they crawl on to the beach and produce eggs.
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There is a law called "the four inch law" which means that any turtle/tortiuse with a shell that is 4 inches or smaller cannot be bought or sold. Most stores won't sell baby turtles, but some do although they probably are aware that they are breaking the law! If you find them in nature, if you can f…
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No, Turtles are reptiles. Reptiles include turtles, crocodilians, lizards, snakes and tuatara (found only in New Zealand). Reptiles were the world's first truly terrestrial vertebrates. All reptiles have scaly skin that can withstand desiccation and lay eggs with hard shells and an amniotic sac,…
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Regular turtle food
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by Hunter Beck yes of course if they did not they would die. All living creatures breath, even fish and plants do.
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yes but barely i suggest u use a litte bit of a grape tomato or if you have a fly swatter u can kill a fly and feed him the flyhope it helped!
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A lot of people would tell you that you know how old a turtle is by counting the boxes on its shell, but it isn't true. I guess the only way to know is to know when it was born. To check it out yourself, you can go to www.yourturtle.wetpaint.com:)
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Answer to your quetion They have shells because it protects them from animals that could eat them.It helps protect it, and it's the turtle's home, because he pulls his parts in to sleep.
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Turtles can eat many different fruits such as apples,bananas,and tomatoes. They can also eat small bugs,worms,and turtle food from the petstore
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A general (non-breed specific) baby turtle is called a hatchling. When they are still in shell, a group of hatchlings is called a clutch. If they have been born, a group of them are called a bale. A bale of hatchlings will grow into a bale of yearlings (juveniles). Terrapins are actually small edib…
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insects and allot more Ella McGuire
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Yes, to a very limited extent. Land turtles should not be kept in fish tanks, but tortoises have been known to float between islands.
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Snapping turtles eat mostly fish.
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Mud Turtles eat fish, carrots, algae, floating food sticks like repto-min. btw DO NOT FEED THEM SPINACH!!! mud turtles are allergic to it!
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incets,fish and plants
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Depends on the type of turtle. If it's an aquatic turtle I would give it hatchling pellets. You can get them from any pet store. Also aquatic turtles can only swallow their food while they are under water.
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Answer In its shell? If you encounter a Texas Tortoise in the wild do your best to observe it at a distance. To defend itself....... A Texas Tortoise may stand up tall to look menacing and may force air out it's nose in a hissing fashion. But most definitely if you pick it up will urinate and …
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best answer you will ever get by lionel13-i have my baby snapping turtle i keep changing the environment he doesent care aslong as he gets food i put em in sand dirt are just keep the tank how it is empty but with one big rock i got from out side or rocks you get from the pet store or out side but t…
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well it can be nothin but yo dont have to but you will need a rock bigger not smaller than the turtle so it can bask under the heat lamp. you can make the environment how ever you want it
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in the woods and near food and water sources
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well really it depends if the turtle is wild or not if it is not it eats of course turtle food. if it is wild........... they eat jellyfish, clams, and clown fish turtles dietsit depends on what type of turtle e.g. an adult freen turtle is a strict vegetarian  turtles dietsit depends on th…
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Answer I would take it to the vet. or if it doesn't seem to be hurt too badly, get it out of the road and release it somewhere where it should be safe. but be very careful if you do either. turtles can bite! or there is always turtle soup. but you you will need a large pot and a low heat. season…
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Answer 1 The three-toed sloth someone called a "sloth" or "slow as a sloth" because they move really slowly? That's because the sloth -- especially the three-toed sloth -- is the slowest animal around. Their legs and feet are shaped to hang from trees, so it's actually hard for sloths to walk on th…
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worms, small fish, turtle food, small shrimp, small snails
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Turtles may not be energetic, but in my opinion they would look beautiful if you keep them cleanly. Ps- I saw a turtle once that WAS really energetic.... ;)
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Answer by ked arctic And Rockabella1 They can make wonderful pets. Most of them bite so I wouldn't reccamend them to people with small children or anybody who will want to hold them, but they are really fun to watch!!! Not to mention hey are absolutely adorable They make great pets. They're easy…
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You can buy special turtle food diet pellets at the pet store. You can also feed your turtle insects like worms, grasshoppers. crickets and more. One of the more healthy foods for turtles are fruits but don't feed fruit to them all the time. They need their protein. Vegetables and fruit. You nee…
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Turtles are reptiles for one and they do sleep. One of my turtles sleeps while he is basking. It is funny, when I check on them when I go to bed I will wake up in the morning to find him still asleep...But anyway, they sleep while basking and/or they sleep underwater. I have seen this. I saw the sam…
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I live in Florida and have severial species of turles, in my experience with turtles and rain are the followingMost water turtles stay submerged when a storm is coming or overhead, I have watched this behavoir in my pond over the past severial years, I'm asuming this is to protect them selves from a…
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The difference between a female snapping turtle and a male snapping turtle is the difference in their tales. Each snapping turtle has a small cirlce looking shape on theie tale. If it is a female snapping turtle, it's circle will be closer to the shell (or the butt) an if it is a male snapping turtl…
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Look at the bottom of its tail, if there's a hole closer to the tip of the tail, it is a boy, if its closer to the body, its a girls.
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2 days later they are born
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Land turtles usually prefer moist sandy soil, although they can vary in their selection. Often features like sand/soil humidity and temperature, protection from predators, and ability to cover over the nest end up being the most important factor instead of staying to just sand or just dirt.
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fish, water plants, insects(catapillars), snails, vegtables, and fruits.
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Answer Just one. It's their egg tooth that they use to get out of their shell with. they don't keep the egg tooth forever, though. It falls off because they don't need to get out of any more eggs as they are beginning their adult life. Aside from the egg tooth, their mouths have a hard, sharpened…
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A turtle is an amphibious reptile that lives on land and underwater. Some are small, but the largest can weigh over 1,000 pounds. It moves slowly, but lives a long time. It tucks its head and limbs into its hard shell for protection.
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Baby tortoises can sleep anywhere from 18 to 24 hours when they're young. Their need for sleep diminishes slightly as they get older.
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Climates of tortoisesYes, they can. Tortoises such as the Herman's tortoise which is native to hotter climates such as the mediterranean and east turkey can 'adapt' to colder climates such as England - with a little help from modern technology. Heated cages called vivariums are used to house tortois…
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all you do is count the squares on it's shell ! easy!
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yes. internal. they have small holes on outside. Like birds. They're certainly not deaf.  Turtles don't have any "outer ear," the part that sticks out from your head, but they have all the "inner ear" mechanisms that other animals do. They also have the auditory nerve and brain center require…
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Box turtles eat plants and meat they are omnivories.Answer: Fresh fruits(fruit cocktail as a treat), fresh vegetables(mine likes orange peppers), red wrigglers(worms), earthworms, night crawlers, crickets and meal worms. Half of their diet should consist of insects and worms and the other half shoul…
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wear do u think......in a bed?or or a a bAG!? on the land okay there now go right that down in ur itty bitty note book if u havent yet
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Most turtles do not eat snakes as most of them are vegetarians. Snakes do not eat turtles either because of their hard shell. However, snapping turtles are omnivores and will gladly eat any snake they can catch in their tough, powerful jaws.
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