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Transportation and Logistics

Logistics refers to the act of coordinating and managing the transfer of goods from a source to a specific destination. Transportation is a vital part of logistics as it requires the use of trucks or ships in moving the goods.


How are freight rates claculated
Required Delivery Date
Freight rates are detemined by the company, usually based on the  distance the package needs to travel, the speed (air freight is  more expensive than road freight is more expensive than sea  freight) and customs/border issues. Often there's also a part of  the fee set aside for insurance.
walking and horses and carriages. There's not too much info on the web. walking was the main thing because the poor could not afford horses and/or carriages. If you were rich you could be able to use whatever you want
The amount of fuel burn for a marine vessel is dependent on  multiple factors. These include the vessel size, tonnage,  propulsion type (fuel oil, diesel, nuclear, etc.), speed, marine  conditions, and the engine efficiency itself.
• TNT Express• AFL• DHL• Blue Dart• Gati• Safeexpress• Ashok Leyland• Agarwal Packers & Movers• DTDC• First Flight
I have included a number of links. The chief advantage is it is the most economical way of transporting large volumes of oil from the area of production to refineries, which then transport the refined petroleum products to consumers.It is frequently the only practical means of transporting crude oil...
The Requirement Definition Phase. If the logistician doesn't identify their requirements, assumptions, risks and dependencies, it is a bit late when the products and services get delivered to say to the PM, I am sorry I can support that, or can you please change this or that aspect - this has huge...
Reverse logistics refers to all procedures associated to product returns, repairs, maintenance, recycling and dismantling for products and materials. Overall it incorporates running products in reverse through the supply chain to gain maximum value.Key Features:- Product Returns- Repairs-...
Tips   Reduce overheads, free up resources  Minimize capital expenditure  Eliminate investment in fixed infrastructure  Offload non-core functions  Redirect energy and personnel into the core business  Free your executive team from day-to-day process problems  Focus scarce resources on...
  Based on a chance interview with a former (and female) G-2 agent back in l980 I would say this was normative, Knockout drops in both 24 and 48 hour dosages as well as (Double Red) suicide pills were (recommended standard) Edged weapons were carried principally as tools but not normally...
some ships move by wind or a flag.
  == Answer ==   Yes - walk or find another means of transport (which means purchasing another ticket)!!   == Answer ==     yes go to the ticket counter and they should help you. I missed mine one time and was put on the next bus out.
  Approximately 6.5M-8M dollars
Because this is safer, faster and more comfortable than carrying the heavy boxes on their backs
Cargo that has been strapped to the deck of the ship rather than stowed in a hold.
There are two types of organizational structures. In a centralized  structure, the top layer of management has most of the decision  making power and has tight control over departments and divisions.  In a decentralized structure, the decision making power is  distributed and the departments and...
  An order with specified conditions that is placed by a buyer to a supplier through a local or foreign agent and which constitutes to a sale once the supplier agrees to the specifird conditions.
the school is real self paced, it usually takes about a month and a half to complete
It depends on the pilot contract. Each company has different rates (dollars per hour flown) for each aircraft they operate. After that, it depends on how long (or the seniority) the pilot has been at the company (years of service). Most pilots have a minimum pay guarantee of 75 or 80 hours per month...
Yellow Freight and Roadway are now one company called YRC. (see related link at bottom)
  C.I.F - cost, insurance and freight   A trade term requiring the seller to arrange for the carriage of goods by sea to a port of destination, and provide the buyer with the documents necessary to obtain the goods from the carrier.
Major exports of Liechtenstein include small machine parts that are  used in machines worldwide, as well as parts for dentistry. Imports  include food, cars, and textiles.
The broker doesn't actually move it themselves - they contract third party companies to do it. A freight broker can broker international shipments, but they need the appropriate ISO certification to do this.
The same way that people travel in other western countries. Road,rail, air etc.
  At the beginning of the year, it went from $.399 to about $.599 by the year end.
An urban or suburban community located near a big city.
Headquarters is at 26 Creek road, Apapa, Lagos
JIT is intended to replace warehousing, by having loads delivered right as they're needed for use or shipment.
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There are three phases in a logistic growth curve:1 - Lag phase: the initial stage on which population growth rates are slow as a result of a small population size (occurs when the population is small and is increasing slowly)2- Log phase: The stage in which population growth rates are very rapid ...
Average Captain's salary with 10 years experience as a Captain  ~$265000.    The above "answer" is very high. Although salaries vary from  airline to airline, a more accurate ballpark figure would be around  $200K. By the way, the term "salary" is not really the right term.  Pilots are not...
The two major delays in its construction were the Second World War and an avalanche which occurred in 1945.
Square feet is a measure of two-dimensional area. Cubic feet are three-dimentional. One cannot be converted to the other.
Answer . Not sure how long but it is over a thousand miles so you can do your sums. Check this link. http://www.ehow.com/how_2023236_train-orlando-new.html
there are two major sea ports in Italy one being Genoa.
Victoria, Canada and Sidney, Australia. The Flying Scotsman loco, may well have visited these cities during tours after it's retirement from British Railways. The actual train named the Flying Scotsman, and not necessarily hauled by the similarly named loco ran between London Kings Cross and...
  The economist Michael Porter has criticisms of alliances and I take much the same view. There is no reason that such alliances should be bad but there are reason they could be bad. The premise is simple enough. I need something done for my business that I cannot do myself (or I can not do...
UPS is an international company and is much bigger than DHL. UPS has been around longer, and has become more known. In some parts of the county DHL may be used, however, in the long run UPS comes out up top because of its international status.
1885 Benz Patent MotorWagen (3 wheels) was the first car to go into production with the internal combustion engine. However, the Ford Model t of 1908 was the first mas-produced automobile with 4 wheels, on a production line
  DRY HIRE - Equipment may be "dry hired" ie without an operator or labour, or can come "wet" ie with operator(s). - www.skillset.org
CWT SATOTRAVEL, based in the United States.
Exponential Growth: occurs when the individuals in a population reproduce at a constant rate.Logistic Growth: occurs when a population's growth slows or stops following a period of exponential growth around a carrying capacity.
When you intend to export or import some goods or a consignment. In details we can say that: This is a Legal Document for both CNOR & CNEE to EXP & IMP their valued cargo issued by the Freight Forwarder or Shipping Line. Goods can not be released without this paper.So, it's resolved that, ...
Describing the size, capability, and staffing qualifications of a specific resource
They allowed faster transportation and allowed them to get to all corners of the empire easier; in other words helped both with warfare and economy.
in inbound marketing customers come to ask you about your product and services and in outbound marketing you contact and find customers to offer your products and services
Inbound logistics is the management of goods and materials which are arriving at your business premises. It is the opposite of outbound (or 'despatch') logistics. For example, in a tomato canning plant, inbound logistics is concerned with the receipt and storage of empty cans and raw tomatoes, which...
Quality Reward Travel, LLC, based in the United States.
I was also looking for the same, the best i can get is on the belo link.http://www.hslservices.com/knownledge/sea-way-bill
A piece of first class mail should travel from Chicago, IL to DesMoines, IA in 2 to 3 days. If the mail is not first class, it maytake up to 5 days to be delivered.
It's a shipping term: Cost, Insurance and Freight. A contract that specifies CIF requires the shipper to pay the costs of insurance and freight from the "originating terminal" to its destination. If the goods are moving by ship or train, CIF brings the goods from the factory or warehouse to the...
There are a lot of freight forwarders in the UK. The top ten are  AFFA, Western Worldwide, CMI Logistics Ltd, Freight Forwarding,  Quick Cargo Ltd, Global Freight Connections Ltd, Flex Logistics  Solutions Ltd, in time Wholesale Express, Frontier Forwarding  Services Ltd, and Castle Freight Ltd.
Consolidated Travel PTY Ltd. in Australia.
  Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability or impairment of ability of an individual or organizations to pay their creditors.   Insolvency is a financial condition experienced by a person or business entity when their assets no longer exceed their liabilities, commonly referred to as...
The transportation revolution affected the lives of many Americans by many new types of transportation. In the South, it helped transport the cotton to textile factories allot quicker and in the North, it helped the people go to many places and be able to transport their own cargo. The technology...
A disadvantage of railroads is that they are expensive to built andmaintain. Also, once the infrastructure is built it is hard toreroute trains.
U.S. taxpayers, through local, state and federal taxes, which are distributed to the appropriate maintenance authorities.
One may ship freight by air, land or sea.
C-130J, C-5 Galaxy, or C-17 Globe Master lll.
  Call the Base Procurement Office. They can answer your questions regarding the need for your services and provide the necessary forms to complete to bid on services you are qualified to perform.
Please define "olden days". The answer could be everything from by foot to railroad. Makes a difference about the time. I would say either trading or by food or ship of by railroads...
Means the seller pays the insurance.
I think this link will help you with the supply chain management. http://www.management-vs-leadership.com/index.php/management/supply-chain-management/35-supply-chain-management-and-hint-on-manager-salaries
There are many ways that a car dealership makes their money. They  make a large chunk of their money from selling cars.
  This is a pretty broad question. It will depend on the model of Gulfstream, sizes range form Super-Light to Large-Heavy Jets, and how often you are flying. Fuel consumption of a Gulfstream can range from 186-358 gallons per hour, but the number of hours will vary from month to month.
  You should always confirm your claim by filing a claim form with the bankruptcy court. It confirms the amount you're owed. If the amount differs from the amount that the company has on file, you may need an attorney at some point, because if the company contests or disagrees with your claim,...
Olden means of transports were slow and modern transports are fast.
The major US tax on gasoline is an "excise" tax, added to the cost of gasoline, and is currently 18.4 cents per gallon (24.4 cents on diesel fuel). This is collected like a sales tax, but as part of the total price. State fuel taxes vary, but are added to the advertised price in the same way.
It links France and the United Kingdom.
In 1821 by William Becknell.
Bill of Lading, a written receipt issued by a transportation company to a shipper. It also serves as an agreement, or contract, between the shipper and the transportation company. In this agreement the shipping company is called the carrier; the shipper is called the consignor; and the party to...
All types of medium of communication
The management of business operations, such as the acquisition, storage, transportation and delivery of goods along the supply chain.
There are ten reams in a single case of copy paper.
According to the Fleet Manager of the Birmingham office, there are approximately 2,100 vehicles in the whole company. This includes leased vehicles, forklifts, cars, and delivery trucks. In Birmingham alone, there are 225 vehicles operating in the metro area.   Buffalo Rock consists of thirteen...
A freight forwarding company that provide logistics services to customers.