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Gardening is a hobby that can be enjoyed inside or outside your home. There are many subtopics under the gardening topic you can ask questions about. Example: How to start and get organized in a particular garden project including watering,fertilizers,containers,equipment you will need to get started.
White oak trees like full sun and moist, well-drained, acidic soil.They don't eat, they make their own food from sunlight.
Restrepia antennifera
I love it and god make it like that
Cannot answer without a little more context to the question. If youare asking, can I transplant a tomato from one location to another,the answer is yes. You will have more success if the transplant isstill a small seedling. Relocating tomato plants later in theseason may affect fruit production,...
Holiness, faith and purity. Also, as they bloom in the spring theycan express the idea of rebirth.
(112-cm) Snow Blower has the capacity to handle big snow removal  jobs. .... X300 Series Tractors with foot lift and shipped with a  38-in.
Yes, gets a nice blaze, as long as it is properly seasoned.
The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.
     A hickory tree  produces nuts that can be eaten alone or used in various recipes.  If the nuts are collected, a hickory tree can be enjoyed for many  years. However, if the nuts are left on the ground, they can create  a nuisance for the homeowner. Getting your hickory tree to...
Blooming time takes place in the spring.
Some people wait until March or so, when new growth begins, to  prune the cactus.
this is the carnation flower from the inside
Pine trees originated in the northern hemisphere over 140 millionyears ago. The oldest tree, a bristlecone pine, is about 4,600years old and is located in California.
The pasque flower blooms in the spring and the summer.
Measure circumference at 4.5 from ground. Measure height by  whatever method you want. There are several ways to do it. Take the  height and multiply it by the circumference then divide by four.  That gives the volume of the tree trunk minus the branches which  can add a lot. When an ash tree is...
Wild huckleberries grow in forested areas with partial shade.  Domesticated western huckleberries are happy and produce well with  full sun, or in partial shaded gardens.
Yes you can because they are not dangerous.
Only if you drive nails into the tree or tie wire tightly round the  branches.
yes Africa does have cactus
Cotton does not produce well in soil of high organic matter. A  lighter sandier soil is better for cotton. Cotton can also  withstand high temperatures and loves full sunlight during its  growing season. Cotton is grown on different types of soils, such  as sandy loam, clay loam, black cotton...
Yes and no. It all depends on the shape and size of the frame or picture.
Yes, trees are good for the soil
Organisms in theground consume organic matter and deposit the  remnants as nutrients and minerals in the soil in a form that plant  life can more easily absorb. Larger organisms, like small animals,  burrow in the soil which increases the airiness of the soil.
I have a yellow hibiscus that produces four-pedalled flowers on one  side of the plant on various stems!
A fancy way of saying that more different species of trees in an  environment, the more resistance to diseases the forest will have.
Cave structures are divided up into three zone based on the amount  of sunlight extending into each. The amount of sunlight in the  entrance zone is unmitigated by the overhang of the cave entrance,  meaning local plants and wildlife abound. The dark zone in the very  back of the cave hosts no...
The sperm cells of the plant can swim. They swim to the egg cells to reproduce.
Yes depending on how long they have stayed in the grocery store or not. since mushrooms are propagated by mainly by their spores, there is a possibility of extracting the spores from the fruiting body (the mushroom) but this usually requires some technical expertise. However in relating to your...
You did not specify which brand of 2-stroke lawn mower you have.  So, the ratios may differ. For a Briggs & Stratten 2-stroke  engine the ratio will be either 50:1 or 32:1 depending on the  engine model. It is always advisable to check with the  manufacturer's manual or on the internet.
1.papaya tree   2. banana tree   3. traveler's palm   These are the most seen commonly available trees in Philippines.
First, you need an overall plan for the space. Then, choose plants  that grow easily in your area, or which are native to make  maintenance easier. These can be perennials (come back year after  year) or annuals (just bloom this year, may reseed). Some people  plan so that there is a design in...
A botanist.   Also, landscapers, genetic engineers, gardeners, and archaeologists  work with plants, both dead and alive.
With a chainsaw    Only if you have the skill and training, a chainsaw can be a lethal  weapon in the wrong hands.
Cosmos flowers can tolerate warm and dry weather.Cosmos flowers can  regrow in the following spring if seed falls on bare ground.
catalysthydrogensodiumcorrosion means when a plant is cold it stores water in the stem and if its really cold it frezzes ans has to close 0off cold by
When plants don't get enough water or sunlight, they begin to wilt and die. I hope this answered your question! :)
 I prefer organic fertilizers which stay in the soil longer. For  peach trees look for a 10-10-10 fertilizer, but any balanced  fertilizer, such as 12-12-12 or 20-20-20, will work.   When fertilizing peach trees, place the fertilizer about 8-12  inches from the trunk of the tree. 
Well you first cut them and pluck off the petals. Then you spray  them with water and then you can set them on a pan in the sun. Then  alternate days in the sun and inside.
It isn't "cheap" but it isn't as expensive as oak.
The purpose of pesticide is to prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate  any pest.
Nope, actually my cousin works with them and they are just coming out with a new song if its not already out... I think its called "we be workin"
Yes, Pine tree produce seeds because Pine trees are conifers (cone  bearing) and carry both male and female sporophylls on the same  mature sporophyte.
Impatiens, Hydrangea, sunflowers and peonies are the plants which  needed a neutral pH soil.
You should never by pass any safety sensors on your lawn mower. BUT :for testing your brake sensor you can try taking the wires off the switch that is hooked ether at the back of the peddle or on the linkage and join them together .That should bypass it until you get a new switch.
The pull-starter system on a Poulan chain saw includes a  pull-starter pulley, rope and recoil spring that are prone to wear  and breakage. The pull starter is nothing more than a thin rope  that rubs against the eyelet with each pull. That action slowly  wears away the rope, eventually leading...
Pokémon Diamon and Pearl. Well, most you can get after beating the game and getting national pokédex. With pokéradar, swarms, new places and such. Also more fossils underground. Before that you have to know where they are, what time they appear and have the patience to wait. Go to an pokémon...
it is not yet certain, due to many factors.    given how often land in organic matter.?   more often and with much volume, the soil will be quickly  recovered.    how often a given soil biological fertilizer.?   the contaminated soil will make positive bacteria will die and the ...
A weed that often is called the Irish daisy is the dandelion.
Sonoran Desert is the desert in North America which has Cacti.
  I know which one is a plant! Green Dragon is! greenstone is a igneous rock, and green wing is a all winning t.v. comedy set in fictional East Hampton Hospital trust
You need a third dimension to provide a cubic measurement.
No, snow gnats are not fictional.
bigger pots are for bigger plants, it is better for the plant to  start out in a container meant for its size otherwise the rootys  will grow the wrong way and the plant wont be able to collect  enough water and nutrients to survive.
Photosynthesis is a process that occurs in plants, which provides food, energy and carbon dioxide, while it realises oxygen for us to breathe. In order for this process the plant need mainly sunlight and carbon dioxide.
  There really isn't much difference. The purple has anthocyanins (more) that's what gives it the color. There is research that indicates this is a good anti-oxidant. I think the green has more flavor essence. I think both are good. You can't go wrong on this one.   For use in essential oils...
You probably know that Cacti are desert plants. That means they are  not used to or adapted to shade; so as long as the cover doesn't  infringe on the light it receives, the cactus will be fine.  Generally, a dog will only sniff a cactus once, but some types can  be toxic to dogs and it is best...
Privatization implies that information is        A. contained        B. implanted        C. disseminated widely        D. accessible
The original symbol of the Jacobite's was the white rose. It can be found on any number of artifacts from the time period.
The larch is a deciduous conifer. In other words it is a conifer that drops it's needles in the Autumn.
Yes. Quercus rubra is commonly called the Red Oak. It is native to Eastern North America.
Urine from any predator can be used to deter damage by herbivores like ground squirrels, rabbits, and deer. Fox, coyote, bobcat, and lynx urine are good repellants for small herbivores like ground squirrels and rabbits. Place it on rocks in your garden starting in the spring and a few times through...
The societies (societés) of Saint Lucia are two historic associations on the Antillean island country of Saint Lucia, La Woz ("The Rose") and La Magwit ("The Marguerite"). Ostensibly based around singing the virtues of the rose and marguerite flowers, the societies are intense rivals, and their...
all plants can with the application of compost as a source ofnutrition, especially combined with the use of biologicalfertilizer, the results can be maximized. The most important should be routine in the care of providingfertilizer, because the nutritional content of compost is verylittle different...
acidic soil limits the availabilty of major nutrient Nitrogen. Acidic soil causes Nitrogen to held in solid form NH4+ so it is unavailable to the plant. Plants need Nitrogen in solution which is NO3-
Desert flowers . Succulents, cactus, anemone. IN ADDITION: . The iris is also a desert plant in Israel and Pakistan.. PLUS: . ~Desert flowers are known as xerographic plants, they have the ability to survive without water for long periods of time due to their Dicotic, extra vascular potentials...
The ashes after the fire would contain a lot of nutrients so the  grass would take the nutrients and grow quickley.
Radishes are sometimes red and can be found in other colors. Their stems are always green.
  Much depends on where you live and the amount you are growing. A very good outlet is the Farmer's Market. There is usually a web site for the local market with their particular rules, the schedule, etc. In our area there are six markets a week, none of which are at the same time.   Get a...
The first person to plant a peanut plant is Sheala McWilliams - Brigham and Alexis Wallen from Peoria, Arizona
his name is Wyclef Jean and he is not with the black eyed peas. he is a solo artist.
It looks like you are asking about the saguaro cactus. There is no  type of cactus with a name that is any closer to "saroya".
The cactus seed may be found within the fruit . It tends to germinate between 66 and 70-81 degrees Fahrenheit [19 - 21-27 degrees Celsius]. Germination tends to take about 2-4 weeks. A properly treated cactus plant may be of good size within 1-2 years of germination.
Most aromatic herbs help repel garden pests since the volatile oilsthat they give off interfere with the chemical sensors insects useto locate host plants. Lemon basil, sage and summer savoryrespectively help repel white flies, cabbage worms and cucumber andsquash beetles.
  crabapple trees can and will litter the ground beneath them including sidewalks and anything else you may not want apples on, including your lawn . I plant crabapples only on a raised terraced area in my backyard so that my husband doesn't run them over with the lawn mower. Also if you have...
Seeds are inside fruit; fruit is a vehicle designed to transport  the seeds by falling/rolling (apple), water (coconut) or being  eaten and seeds deposited (berries).
  == Answer ==   All you really need is a lot of dill weed.  Salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders can be obtained at the grocery stores.  I have found that dry dill weed actually does the trick quite well.
Five materials necessary for a successful compost pile are bokashi,earthworms, manure, natural soil and unpackaged food.
  == The root. ==   The root, after being dried, is ground into a coarse powder and either served orally via a capsule, or steeped into a tea.
== Answer ==   italian flat parsley or basil   === Answer ===   You could also try a prostrate sage, parsley, mint, thyme - especially the creeping sort, and chives.   == Answer ==   You can grow any types of Herbs in a window box, including all the herbs mentioned above, as well as...
Yes cedar is a very easy wood to work with as it is quite soft thus easy to shape. Very good for external work due to its properties; used internally it makes a nice feature because of the colour and grain structure. All-ways use sharp tools as with all timber
This gigantic cactus can be found in desert regions of Arizona, S  California, and Mexico,