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The Kingdom of Tonga is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean. It comprises 176 islands, 52 of which are inhabited. Tonga has an estimated population of 104,000 as of 2009.
Manu Samoa ! MATE MA'A TONGA! Both are very competitive... but if you look at the stats.. Samoa both in sevens and fifteens have beaten Tonga alot of times.. not saying tongas not good at rugby its just how it is... and there a more samoans in the All Blacks then there is Tongans ... that's...
Tonga - Tongan, English. Samoa - Samoan, English.
Tonga celebrates the kings birthday
Well idiot its simple :)...its made slightly smaller because in hot season,Temperature goes very high and Iron rim round a Tonga expands...so in other words its due to thermal expansion...
Tonga doesn't have a president! it is ruled by king tupou the 5
If its the polynesian word "Tonga" it means south
yes he is the strongest in the world
Tonga is not part of a continent because Tonga are little tiny islands in the pacific. Tonga is one of the pacific islands.
They were cannibals back then.
Stay strong in Samoan means "Fa'amalosi".
it means nothing, but how to say it in tongan is "tolu"
  They speak Tongan in Tonga. Though the large majority (especially the younger generations) are fluent in English as they're taught English at school
Je suis francais
it is in the South Pacific Ocean i got this from wikapidia anwsers
Definitely not. Tonga's royal family had stakes in many of the country's utilities; however, in an effort to appease their countrymen, they have given up control to private entities.
sione and tui and hun and bai
Tongas main sorsec of income are agricaltured food, manufactoring  good, but over half is the   tourism
Yes, of which the majority of seats are now elected by the people.
I don't know about King George V of England, I think they cared  about King George V as much as people did from Mexico. Many people  did like King George Tupou V of Tonga, he was somewhat popular.
very hot, the average temperature is around 32 degrees
There is poverty everywhere sweetheart
19.84 (births per 1000 persons)...
when captain cook came to Tonga he called it the friendly island because they were so friendly
Tonga was discovered by two unnamed Dutch explorers in 1616. However, Dutch trader/explorer Abel Tasman is often given the credit, as he was the first known European to land there, doing so in 1643.
yes, in the olden days
fruit bat and horses kaka
because Tonga and Samoa are two different countries, but somewhere down the line they are related =)
Tonga originated from Samoa and of the lapita people the first polynesians of the south pacific warfare broke out in Samoa do to the tu'i manu'a kings of Samoa islanders fled to other islands thus the name Tonga and Tonga started to build there own kingdom tu'i Tonga.tu'i ha'atakalaua,tu'i...
10 metres a second.
Samoa and Tonga have very similar climates. Samoa being closer to the equator however have recorded warmer temperatures.
To be honest none of them. Because they don't seem to care about school, only what sport there doing. spalin lik dis.
fish and fertile soil, and of course KAVA.
The national colours of Tonga are Red and WhiteThe White Dove of peace is also used often
Approximately 140 persons per square km.
Cuz we from the south pacific .The sun is always shining. &we are always outside, especially for agriculturing.
Yes! Actually, Tonga has one of the highest Mormon populations in the world (by percent, not number, since Tonga is quite small).In January 2010, there were 55,173 baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) in Tonga. The total population of Tonga was...
Tonga is in the South Pacific, halfway between Hawai'i and New Zealand
The full name of the main island of Tonga is Tongatapu (the forbidden south). The first people to arrive and dwell upon the island were the Lapita people. They at first settled in a fishing villiage called Nukuleka about 3,000 years ago. This information is according to Canadian archaeologist...
Tonga is a Constitutional Monarchy so it has the Monarch (King George Tupou IV) at the head of its government.
it is the resorts that they have
hell noo. there are small pockets of developement, but overall no Tonga is an LEDC
119,009 is the population of Tonga
Rugby,boxing,singing yes we sing remember the jets?lol.
There are all sorts of foods eaten in Tonga that include fruits,  animals and seafood. "Talo" (taro) and "Manioke" (a.k.a, tapioca or  cassava) are considered vegetables, and are popular common sides to  main meals in Tonga. They grow in the ground and Tongans eat the  root. At big feasts "puaka...
Tonga is in the south pacific
The climate is basically subtropical with a distinct warm period (December-April), during which the temperatures rise above 32oC (90oF), and a cooler period (May-November), with temperatures rarely rising above 27oC (80oF). The temperature increases from 23oC to 27oC (74oF to 80oF), and the annual...
She was known for making a difference . - Telesia Tupou Veimau(:
everything about Tonga is unique
Tonga is. But Samoa is Bigger than Tonga.
It is Capitan Cook means friendly island
Tongan is the official language of Tonga
straw, wood and id not know
21°8′0″S 175°12′0″W
Tongans in particular usually wear baggy rags, fabricated from the local cotton. They smell of mayonnaise.- Lonergan Sekona
Yes there are lakes (nomuka and niuafo'ou to name two) but no rivers in Tonga
Tonga does have faxes because when tongan people need it for help or somehting, there is always there tax to when they need something or not.LOL :LThanks fr tha addsfollow me on TWITTER or if not add me as a friend on FACEBOOK
" MAY-leh " and" MY-leh " are pronunciations of the word maile . Specifically, the word is a noun inthe Hawaiian and Tongan languages. It means a particular kind of"vine" ( Alyxia oliviformis , "olive-resembling chain") inthe language of the Hawaiian Islands, where the pronunciation is"MY-leh."...
Tigers, birds, lions, leopards and other animals
The absolute location of Nuku'alofa is 21°7'S/175°12'W
The absolute location of Nuku'alofa is 21°7'S/175°12'W
" Dog " and" vine " are English equivalents of the word maile . Specifically, the word in question isa noun in the Hawaiian and Tongan languages. It means "dog"( Canis lupus familiaris ) in the language of the Kingdom ofTonga, a Pacific Ocean archipelago which is closer to New Zealandthan to...
Not states, you mean Cities.
Yes things like Oil, Tapa, Ngatu, Food, etc etc.
Tonga is an island with very blue water with islands filled with green palm trees and bushes. (I'm sorry if this does not answer your question.)
I'm pretty sure its 12 June 2013
tangai is a tamil word refering to small sister
Tagaloa eitumatupua of manua islands in Samoa also a defied chief had a son with a tongan lady vaepopua born was Aso'eitu the first tui Tonga.
In the pacific ocean with all the other pacific islands.
It means "I will die for Tonga"
Tu'i kanokupoulu of vava'u and ha'apai aka siaosi tupou uluaki took the title from tu'i tonga replace it to tu'i kanokupoulu last dynasty
no. Tonga has only been a protectorate of the British Colony
Polynesians found and lived in tonga first but... captain cook found Tonga and called it the friendly islands