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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country located on the island of Hispaniola. It is the second biggest Caribbean country both by population and area. The republic's capital is Santo Domingo, where America's first university, castle, and cathedral are situated.


    == Answer ==       All about Dominican Republic here ............   http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/dr.html     == Answer ==     The Dominican Republic is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.
The Dominican Republic is 1 hour ahead of North Carolina.
The people of the Dominican Republic are Hispanic/Latino.
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In the Caribbean. South of the USA and north of Brazil. The Dominican Republic takes up most of the island that Haiti is on.
Traditional Dominican Artists of recent times have tended to be seen as proponents of the naive school typically painting beach, village, palm trees, landscape scenes in colorful 2 dimensional renditions. Often art that is available to tourists from street sellers, or local gallery shops is actually...
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The only true answer is because the Dominican Republic isn't developed.
Depending on your flight, it could be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.
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They are both located on a map as connected, but they are two different countries. The Dominican Republic is wealthier and Haiti is more poor. The dividence is from a war between The French (who owned Haiti,) and the Spanish (who owned The Dominican.) The result is of they split and they are both...
  Around 8,000 people were injured in the 1930 Dominican Republic Hurricane.
It's an island, next to haiti.
No, Haiti is it's own country. Haiti is located on the island called Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic, a separate country, is the other occupant of the island.
The time in the Dominican Republic is always Atlantic Standard Time (UTC - 4 hours).
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 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is 4 hours ahead of Salem, OR, USA   
 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is 4 hours before the oregon, USA   
The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean; south of the USA and north of Brazil. It takes up most of the island that Haiti is on.
Bartholomew Columbus founded the spanish settlement and named it La Isabela (August 5, 1496), after the Queen of Spain Isabella I. It was later renamed "Santo Domingo de Guzman", in honor of Domingo de Guzmán Garcés (1170 -- August 6, 1221) often called Saint Dominic who was the founder of the...
The first known founder was Christopher Columbus. First permanent colony in the New World was in Dominican Republic by Christopher Columbus and his posse.
Because it was forced to pay a large sum of money for its independence. In addition, Haiti is relatively resource poor.
When Christopher Columbus first came to Dominican republic he named it Hispaniola.(:
cocao,sugarcane,plantains,coffee, tobacco,plantains,rice,and beans.
A Doctor wins about $1,000,000 pesos in DR which is $25,000 dollars in USAn accountant would win about $700,000 pesos which is $17,500 in US
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Haiti is not in the Dominican Republic. They are two countries on the island known as Hispaniola. Haiti is the smaller of the two countries. The Dominican Republic is 18,704 square miles. Haiti is 10,714 square miles.
Yes. ( not true) you do not need a passport to fly direct from Canada to the DR. and that is a fact.
It really depends on how you look at it. Some people here, such as the president, are rich. Some people come in at middle class like here in America, and some people ARE poor. But you can't say if the country is rich or if the country is poor. It could be in between-you just can't say either one.
The main religion in the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholic. Catholic.
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Dios, Patria, Libertad or in english God, Fatherland, Liberty
The Dominican Republic is in one UTC -4. They do not observedaylight savings and the clock remains the same all year round.
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The dominican government is set up somewhat similar to the American national government, with its president, vice president, mayors, governors, etc, except you'll see names like sindicado, etc. At the moment, the president is Leonel Fernandez, serving his second term.
In 1905, the US assumed administration of the Dominican Republic's customs. Under the terms, a Receiver-General kept 55 percent of total revenues to pay off foreign claimants, while remitting 45 percent to the Dominican government.
if you are American, you obviously need a passport to travel to any country that is not an American state OR territory. so that would be a yes because the Dominican Republic is its own nation.
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I just checked a website that gives the current local time in the Dominican Republic (see the Related Link below), and it says it's 11:15 PM. In New York (where I am) it's 10:15 PM. So, the Dominican Republic is one hour ahead of New York. If it's 2 PM in New York, it's 3 PM in the Dominican...
Holidays in the Dominican Republic are Epiphany, Lady ofAltagracia, Juan Pablo Duarte Day, Independence Day, Good Friday,Easter, Labor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Restoration Day, OurLady of Mercedes Day, Constitution Day, and Christmas.
States that the Dominican citizen can enter without a visa
The flight duration is approximately 3 hours, 26 minutes.
The flight time for flights between the above places is 6 hours 13 minsThis is an approximate travel time (calculated in ideal conditions. The travel speed is 500 mph and 30 mins for take off and landing). The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc
Car, bike, motorcycle, and walking.
They share a border so you could say it takes no time to get there, if you were at the border.
Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic is the best area in the country for outdoor activities such as White water rafting, Gold Panning adventures, Hiking, Horseback riding and many others. The hotel rates and meals are less expensive than in the coastal resort towns. It is known as "The Dominican Alps" and ...
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It is easy to say Spain as the answer, but the area we now know as Spain has multiple languages, 4 of which are "official" languages of Spain. The Castillian language developed from Latin over the space of some 1,000 years following the collapse of the western Roman empire, and the occupation of the...
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"Dios, Patria, Libertad." "God, Fatherland, Liberty
A flight from the Dominican Republic to Geneva would take about 10 hours.
They eat rice and beans, but they also have their own traditional dishes such as 1) Sancocho 2) Mondongo 3) Mangú 4) Asopao 5) Moro de habichuelas Other traditional food they eat. 6) Casabe 7) Chicharrón 8) Tostones 9) Habichuelas con dulce Beverages: 1) Morir So...
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In 1838 Juan Pablo Duarte founded a secret society called La Trinitaria , whichsought the complete independence of Santo Domingo without anyforeign intervention. Matías RamónMella and Francisco delRosario Sánchez , despite not being among the founding membersof La Trinitaria, were...
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when Spanish colonists sailed to the New World, reached the island Hispaniola. from there they settled and created colonies that persist to this day. The Dominican population are the descendants of those Spanish.
The state capital, Santo Domingo, which is literaly translated  'Holy Sunday'.
Yes, they are. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the two countries located on the island of Hispaniola, and Punta Cana is in the Dominican Republic.
  The national language spoken is spanish. The island of the dominican republic is shared with Haiti. The Haitian part speaks french
The infant mortality rate in the Dominican Republic is 24 deaths per 1000 live births.
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The best selling beer in the dominican republic is Presidente, however Brahma is also a good seller and there are many more brands available almost everywhere.   - I live there.
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  The island of hispaniola is made up from Haiti and the Dominican Republic