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Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in meaningful and socially-acceptable ways. One who is able to do that is literate and those who can't are illiterate. Similarly, one can be computer literate or illiterate, depending upon the ability to use a computer. Questions about literacy are asked in this category.


I am a Chinese college student.
The literacy rate of Spain in 2009 was 99.64.
Your picture is worse than mine. (Comparative)Your picture is the worst I've ever seen. (Superlative)
cause it can save filing wrk and arrange thing properlyand also helps to resarch information better
The literacy rate for both male and female in Bangladesh is 57.7%  Women 53.4%, and men 62% This is based on people ages 15 and over  who can read and write.
Reading is a great tool to increase vocabulary and is a reputable source of information, entertainment, history, and much more. However, reading in the dark and excessive reading that strain your eyes can damage your eyesight in such a way that would require a prescription of reading glasses. These...
four out of ten working adults don't have literacy skills, here it goes one child out of four grow up not knowing how to read.About 67%
Informal groups are groups of people who work together, carpool  together or eat lunch together. There are many other examples as  well.
He thinks it is amazing because it is his first children's book that he wrote. Also he enjoyed reading it himself.
Any reading will improve your literacy. Practice makes perfect. Poetry is especially good for improving your thinking skills, because you have to think to figure out what the poet is trying to say.
Secondary data allows you to look at existing research to either  prove or disprove an hypothesis. Before using this data, it is  important to ask about the study's sampling and unit of analysis,  the levels of measurement used, and the variables used.
Indexing is the process of creating an index, which is a list of  terms related to the reading material that is sorted in  alphabetical order. Abstracting is taking an academic paper or  dissertation and generalizing it down into a basic summary.
== who is skellig and what is he doing in a garage ==   Skellig is a part angel part owl. He was ill so he moved into Ernie's garage without him noticing. After Ernie died he had no food etc, and became ill.
Schools do still teach the students how to research...But it is done a lot different. Students are now taught how to research on the internet, versus looking things up in a book.
    name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management     name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management
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because reading books is good for your knowledge
sneaky, scary, slithery, supple, solitary, scaly, smooth, shiny, slippery, silky, sly
Literacy Rate   The percentage rate of people who can read and write is called the literacy rate.
When a man says men are sometimes afraid to be alone with himself,  it means that men tend to be depressed without a company. If  depression sinks in, men may tend to do something horrible to  himself.
  Well, just to point out you made one youself. You should replace "do" with "make"
poverty is the main factor that affect literacy rates
The total literacy rate is 80% according to the 2000-2004 census. The female literacy rate is 80.2% according to the 2000-2004 census. What I can't find is the male literacy rate!
You do something great or huge to attract a lot of people's attention.ex: Save a cat from a tree( not really an example to get into the newspaper but you can do something heroic like that)
  This question can be answered with another question What is Today but tomorrow's past?
kelan ipinanganak si efren reyes abueg ?
Everyone reads because then they know more words. If reading didn't  exist then that means that words don't exist. People who wrote  books had to put words in it. The words make stories for other  people. We read because it also helps us get in to better colleges.  Most of the colleges want the...
you need to do your homework to understand subject and the material off school
The whole excerpt is:Osric [to Hamlet]"The King, sir, hath laid, sir, that in a dozen passes between yourself and him, he shall not exceed you three hits. He hath laid on twelve for nine, and it would come to immediate trial if your lordship would vouchsafe the answer." (5.2.178-182)-I interpret...
Mina's Motto   William Blake's "How can a bird that is born for joy / Sit in a cage and sing?" is Mina and her mom's motto.
Computer Literacy means the level of Experience someone has with computers. It is also known as digital literacy. As we are living in digital world so it is very important o access computer literacy.
Yes because they'll need it all their lives.
You cannot answer this question, because a square feet is an area measure and 3 yards belong to distance or length measure. One cannot be converted to the other.
A mind map is simply one type of graphic organizer. The term  "graphic organizer" describes any method for visually organizing  information. Other examples of graphic organizers include T-charts,  KWL charts, and bullet-point lists.
Yes, as long as your school is registered
You concentrate on reading by blocking out all noises, and things that will distract you!Get comfortable with a book that you'd like to read. Don't choose a book that will bore you. (: Choosing a book that would be easy for you to understand and one that you would like to read plays a big role in...
  (boiled or plastic) egg, (toy) elephant, empty container?, eggplant, toy horse (equine)
  An example of a informail group is a gang.
No. Because comics can distract you with pictures and can addict you to watch movies or play games.Yes. Unlike classic literature, you will almost certainly have some interest in the plot and characterization within a comic. You will also encounter unfamiliar words which are given context clues by...
Estonia's Literacy Rate   Using the definition of literacy as the population 15 years old and older being able to read and write, the literacy rate of Estonia in 2000 was 99.8% (from 2000 census).
Namibia's Literacy Rate   Using the definition of literacy as population 15 years old and over being able to read and write, Namibia's literacy rate was 85% in 2001 (from 2001 census).
I think that we should have shorter school years all over the United States. Then we would be able to spend more time with our family. It would be possible to take more vacations too. We would be able to work longer in the summer. We would be able to make more money off of that work. Then we would...
Yes, August is the 8th month of the year.
Abby is legit and tertitary sources are not by
Obstacle, oblivion and obesity. To name a few!
mina is taught by her mumhoolmicheal is taught by teachers (which means he is taught at a school
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Literacy Ranking of Pakistan   According to the United Nations Development Program Report, 2009, Pakistan's literacy ranking was 160 out of 177 countries. Data that determined the rankings was collected by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) UIS (Institute...
England's Literacy Rate in 1750   According to one source, England's literacy rate in 1750 was 40%, though there would have been a noticeable difference in literacy between the classes. Though today's definition of literacy is based on the ability to read and write, some estimates of literacy at...
Here are a few good links to help you out.
looking for biases and implied messages.swer here...
Michael feeds Skellig cola with paractemols in order to remain his strength.
it helps you identify with content and characters, making reading more understandable
Not Atlanta, Georgia if that's what you're asking.
Statistics show a correlation between education levels and: higher earnings, better health, higher social status, and higher levels of influence and power. If any of these seem attractive to you, then school is a good thing and the more, the better.
Just read the book at your own pace. The book is long, but very interesting. I read the book, took the test, and earned a 100%. Just READ the book.
a library within a school serves as a place for students to do independent work, use computers, equipment and research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs; and for tutoring and testing. A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge in...
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Persephone is a goddess who got trapped in the dark deepest underworld
How you think about the book, (times) a very small summary, information about the book, characters and: would you advise it to other people? (;
Yes, on the website. It will work from 8:00 am until 6:00 in the  evening, so if you get home before 6 you can do it. You can do it  anytime at school.    It really depends on your teacher if they want accelerated reader  for student at home or not and it depends how far you live from  your...
He used to live in Random Road but then moved to 9 or 5 Falconer Road
  breads wheat and rice
It is the mathematical equivalent of illiteracy (not knowing how to read and write): not being able to do simple math. It is also known as "innumeracy" which is the opposite of numeracy (being fluent in the use of math).See the Related Link below for more information.
Stationary refers to something that is standing still or not moving.   eg. The car is stationary.   Stationery (with an e) is used as a term to describe items related to writing such as pens, paper, sharpeners and colouring pencils.  
well it is easy for user name you can write your date of birth and your initials and for password you can copy your user name to your password.
\n. \nThe literacy rate in both South Korea and North Korea is a very high 100 percent rate of literacy.\n. \n. \n. \n. \nthat is bs. the rate is 98%
If the poem was written in the time then it's primary, if it's written after the time then it is secondary.
African American..or dark skinned.
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literacy requirements were usually aimed at minority groups
It is easier because you don't have to lift your pencil.