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Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in meaningful and socially-acceptable ways. One who is able to do that is literate and those who can't are illiterate. Similarly, one can be computer literate or illiterate, depending upon the ability to use a computer. Questions about literacy are asked in this category.


I am a Chinese college student.
The literacy rate of Spain in 2009 was 99.64.
Your picture is worse than mine. (Comparative) Your picture is the worst I've ever seen. (Superlative)
The theme for "The Boar Hunt" by Jose Vascelos is that recklessness and greed can cause ones own demise. In the short story four companions, named after their nationality, went off in a major hunt for boars. They killed a few boars however due to their greed, they killed more and more and that...
cause it can save filing wrk and arrange thing properlyand also helps to resarch information better
The literacy rate for both male and female in Bangladesh is 57.7%Women 53.4%, and men 62% This is based on people ages 15 and overwho can read and write.
Reading is a great tool to increase vocabulary and is a reputable source of information, entertainment, history, and much more. However, reading in the dark and excessive reading that strain your eyes can damage your eyesight in such a way that would require a prescription of reading glasses. These...
therefore only men can do this or that. * Therefore is is a more formal way of using the words so or consequently. He was injured and therefore unable to play.
four out of ten working adults don't have literacy skills, here it goes one child out of four grow up not knowing how to read. About 67%
Informal groups are groups of people who work together, carpooltogether or eat lunch together. There are many other examples aswell.
He thinks it is amazing because it is his first children's book that he wrote. Also he enjoyed reading it himself.
Any reading will improve your literacy. Practice makes perfect. Poetry is especially good for improving your thinking skills, because you have to think to figure out what the poet is trying to say.
they are both emotions of mortals like you and i
It may be, if your school library has it in the system.
Indexing is the process of creating an index, which is a list ofterms related to the reading material that is sorted inalphabetical order. Abstracting is taking an academic paper ordissertation and generalizing it down into a basic summary.
who is skellig and what is he doing in a garage . Skellig is a part angel part owl. He was ill so he moved into Ernie's garage without him noticing. After Ernie died he had no food etc, and became ill.
Schools do still teach the students how to research...But it is done a lot different. Students are now taught how to research on the internet, versus looking things up in a book.
A girl at my school got over 2500 no joke!
Zimbabwe; it has an adult literacy rate of 92%.
we're reading this book in class and haven't finished it yet. i think Charles killed her because she was going to get money like judith did. i also think that Charles will try to kill judith and ms.hastings. I'll write back when we finish it.
well if your school is a user on the internet ask for your login and it will be free
A root canal (drilling into the root of a tooth to kill the nerves) can be fairly painful even WITH anesthetics; without them (and Novocaine is a commonly-used drug in dental surgery) it would be excruciating. So the phrase means "very painful".
name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management. name the companies using indian,american,japanese style of management
because reading books is good for your knowledge
sneaky, scary, slithery, supple, solitary, scaly, smooth, shiny, slippery, silky, sly
War and Peace is worth 130 AR points.
Literacy Rate The percentage rate of people who can read and write is called the literacy rate.
what is the capital literacy rate of 99 percent
When a man says men are sometimes afraid to be alone with himself,it means that men tend to be depressed without a company. Ifdepression sinks in, men may tend to do something horrible tohimself.
Well, just to point out you made one youself. You should replace "do" with "make"
50% those who were weak and couldn't keep up where killed the rest died of dehydration or starvation.
Misspelling. Grammatical mistakes. Sentence structure.
poverty is the main factor that affect literacy rates
The total literacy rate is 80% according to the 2000-2004 census. The female literacy rate is 80.2% according to the 2000-2004 census. What I can't find is the male literacy rate!
You need to read a lot of books and take the tests quickly, before you forget what happened.
You do something great or huge to attract a lot of people's attention. ex: Save a cat from a tree ( not really an example to get into the newspaper but you can do something heroic like that)
This question can be answered with another question What is Today but tomorrow's past?
kelan ipinanganak si efren reyes abueg ?
go to find your book. update in your student information. read away!
It is used to differentiate the number zero from the letter O in alpha numeric strings.
Everyone reads because then they know more words. If reading didn'texist then that means that words don't exist. People who wrotebooks had to put words in it. The words make stories for otherpeople. We read because it also helps us get in to better colleges.Most of the colleges want the people who...
you need to do your homework to understand subject and the material off school
The whole excerpt is: Osric [to Hamlet] "The King, sir, hath laid, sir, that in a dozen passes between yourself and him, he shall not exceed you three hits. He hath laid on twelve for nine, and it would come to immediate trial if your lordship would vouchsafe the answer." (5.2.178-182) - I interpret...
You have to go to the website. There is a time limit though. It won't let you take a test beforelike 8am or after 5pm. When you get there you click on student andthen type in your username and password. Ask at school for website To take the test at home, find out the information to log in fromthe...
Mina's Motto William Blake's "How can a bird that is born for joy / Sit in a cage and sing?" is Mina and her mom's motto.
Many kids seem to dislike it and avoid using it.
School, as an organization and institution, is responsible forsocializing children to live in society. School may teach childrento respect arbitrary rules which they will have to do in theworkforce.
Computer Literacy means the level of Experience someone has with computers. It is also known as digital literacy. As we are living in digital world so it is very important o access computer literacy.
Yes because they'll need it all their lives.
You cannot answer this question, because a square feet is an area measure and 3 yards belong to distance or length measure. One cannot be converted to the other.
No there isn't an accelerated reader book worth 435 points,sorry .
A mind map is simply one type of graphic organizer. The term"graphic organizer" describes any method for visually organizinginformation. Other examples of graphic organizers include T-charts,KWL charts, and bullet-point lists.
Yes, as long as your school is registered
divide the population by cigar
I believe not only if people on chat are being terribly rude and saying bad words in-front of people all over the world !
Consumers need information in order to make optimal economic choices. Without the ability to read, economic actors may find gathering important information more difficulty and costly, therefore acquiring less information. Without this information, they are more easily lead into irrational decisions...
You will have to contact your school district - Each one has it's own hosting facilities. We can not tell you where to log on, what website to go to, how to download necessary software, and you will not find any answers to any tests either. Schools that use Renaissance Place™ with the...
You concentrate on reading by blocking out all noises, and things that will distract you! . Get comfortable with a book that you'd like to read. Don't choose a book that will bore you. (: Choosing a book that would be easy for you to understand and one that you would like to read plays a big role in...
Year if Death Pip Davenport died in the age of what
Archie got married to Peggy, shortly before Danielle got killed by Jannine.
(boiled or plastic) egg, (toy) elephant, empty container?, eggplant, toy horse (equine)
An example of a informail group is a gang.