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This category is for questions about comic strips, also commonly known as Sunday funnies.
  I dont believe the name was ever mentioned.
Comics provide relief , amusement and enjoyment in contrast to the serious news found in the world and financial circles .
"When I eat a York Peppermint Patty I get the sensation..." A commercial which doesn't tell much about the product, only how itwill feel to eat it.
The "Peanuts" characters can be found in the Landmark Plaza - Saint Paul, Minnesota .
  spongebob squarepants, the fairly odd parents, and the simpsons
Dennis the Menace (1959 TV series) had a cast consisting of :Dennis Mitchell, a well-meaning but trouble-prone boy. :Played by Jay North Henry Mitchell, father to Dennis and Alice's husband. Played by Herbert Anderson Alice Mitchell, Henry Mitchell's wife and Dennis's mother. Played by Gloria...
November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995 .
Marene is a comune in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian regionPiedmont, located about 45 kilometres south of Turin and about 35kilometres northeast of Cuneo
Garfield is the world's largest syndicated comic strip and  has been carried by over 2,500 different newspapers worldwide.
The first daily appearance was October 2, 1950 .
Lucyno that's not rightit was the little redheaded girl or heather(but in the earlier strips it either Lucy or Violet)
Try http://news.yahoo.com/comics
Probably not. He ended the strip in December 1995. A quote from WikiPedia: "Since ending the strip, Watterson has kept away from the public eye and has given no indication of resuming the strip, creating new works based on the characters, or embarking on other projects."
"Dumbheart: A Get Fuzzy Collection" is readily available and has been out since October 2009 ; see Amazon.com or your local bookstore .
Miss a Football that he is trying to kick
"Dennis the Menace" and "Minnie the Minx" are characters from an English comic called The Beano, first published in 1951. Since 1970, the Dennis strip has been known as "Dennis the Menace and Gnasher", or simply "Dennis and Gnasher". (*The US comic strip character "Dennis the Menace", by Hank...
  Not the Fox film character, per se, but there have been comic strips using plots based directly or indirectly on the Anastasia saga. One lengthy adventure in Brick Bradford, a science fiction strip running in the sixties has a character called Shady Lane who hails from the Planet Gallia which...
I guess it's written in font 16 or 20.
Commonly accepted first superhero is 'Mandrake The Magician'(1934) by Lee Falk. And the second superhero is 'Phantom'(1936) by Lee Falk. He was the first superhero to wear a costume.
The teacher was always muted out, and her voice is just someone saying "Blah Blah Blah over and over again.
== it`s easy...and nothing to spend money... ==   just imagine that you fly...that`s the easiest way...   -psychologist
Prince Valiant was a Norse prince from Thule .
Linus from the Peanuts. I saw the movie a long time ago but I'm pretty sure that is right. I think Sally did to. I don't know if that's her name but I'm talking about Charlie Brown's little sister the little blonde who is in love with Linus.
Jim Davis .
Greg Evans draws the comic strip Luann.
George Washington Carver
Although there are some chacters in the old comic strip ( such as a dog ) ; the main character is the Yellow Kid himself , who always has a saying for everything , writing on the front of his long robe .
You come up with an idea...create a storyboard of what happens...make a rough draft...make the final one and clean it up...
She doesn't. She flirts with Schroeder, the piano player. She teases and torments Charlie Brown mercilessly.
Go to the Dilbert website, press the calendar button, and set the date to March 25, 1995.
Well I don't know exactly, but I know that they used the colors orange, black, and apricot to color him. I also know that they used pen to draw him. It was so cool!
George Everett Wilson from next door since he is less enamored with Dennis as is the others in the neighborhood .
Manga comic strips are Japanese comics that have been altered to read right to left. the cartoon characters have been drawn very different from normal comics in America. Manga on tv is called anime ( animation or cartoons) e.g. Disney :Pi bet you've heard of Astro Boy! yep, he's Manga!
located in the living section of your local paper...
Abu Dhabi Answer He didn't send him anywhere he sent Nermal there
Yes, he wrote one of the most famousanimated stories of the 21st century, Garfield the cat. ............Man i love that fat orange tabby.
There are some awesome ones on sonicandpals.com Also there are some in Segamemories.com
No. Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" was always the same age.
Yahoo.com/comics has Dilbert .
Hangs with his friends! Of course.Umm and snoopy i guess ...!!He sometimes does adventurous things like The mayflower episode.
Answer . The Kite-Eating Tree
They are both talking cats who try there best to help a human out. And at times, they both smile. Cheshire cat is a evaporating, mad, some what annoying, grinning cat. And Garfield is a mischievous, lazy, spoiled cat, who wants to make odie and John's life miserable.
You can use scenarios from "Slice of Life" situations or use anthropomorphic animals humorously engaged in a variety of events .
Charles M. Schulz was the creator of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts cartoon strip . Charles M. Schulz, who died Feb. 12, 2000 of complications from colon cancer. (schulzmuseum.org)
Charlie Brown isn't the name of the comic strips, it is called Peanuts.Anyway, the creator is Charles M. Schulz.
There was a "Korky the Cat" in The Dandy comic .
a beagle is a breed not a color an he is two colors
Silly question.
I believe Bill Watterson made Hobbes the smarter of the two.
Pointy-Haired Boss , Wally , Alice , Asok and Carol .
the answer is he have a hard work with his work
No, but he did have a sister called Sally Brown.
No , Bill Watterson concluded the strip in 1995 and in keeping with his disdain of commercialisation declined to allow the strip to be replicated in any other media than the comic's collection in books .
Garfield's favorite food is lasagna.
the author is bill watterson
Jim Davis' cartoon 'Garfield the Cat' was named after the creator's father James Garfield Davis who himself was named after President James A. Garfield .
Red..............................HAhAHAHAHAHa.......HE is Evill
  6 years old and never ages throughout the ten years Watterson drew the strip.
He's supposed to be cute; Tat's what Watterson wanted him to be.   He's cute because he is a furry lovable animal with total freedom to be his own playful, childlike self. Waterson kept him free of societal expectations and rules and therefore, he can act cute, sarcastic, funny, intelligent and...
Since 1995 Gary Larson is no longer actively producing cartoons ; he probably still doodles .
Snoopy had several brothers. His most well-known brother was Spike, but others included Marbles, Andy, Olaf or Rover (although he was added in film and not in comic strips)   Snoopy even had two sisters: Belle and Molly.
if it's a public library chair i would say no if the copyright for Calvin and Hobbs is still current (which i think it is).
The motto was "Who watches the Watchmen?" a popular translation of a latin phrase, "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?"
Jim Davis has a dog named Molly. Eventually, he does not have any cats because his wife is allergic to them.
He is mortal and has no superpowers.
warriors.com i think. maybe google warriors cat comic strips and you will probably get something
The meaning of Joy Hester's painting is that it portrays the emotions of love and loneliness. The bird symbolises life and the body composure of the boy indicates that he is protecting it from an exterior source as he looks anxiously.
Dogpatch , Kentucky