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Social Security

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U.S. OASDI social insurance system funded by FICA payroll taxes and originally created by the Social Security Act of 1935


If she no longer a dependent of yours she should no longer be  entitled to the payments. They should have been paid to you anyway  for her behalf if I'm not mistaken. I'm sure a check was never sent  in the name of a minor. Make sure she does not call them pretending  to be you and change the...
Resources are things you own such as: cash, bank accounts, stocks,  land, life insurance, etc. Sometimes a portion of the resources of  a spouse or parent might be considered as belonging to the person  who applies for SSI.
It would depend on your level of withholding and whether or not you  are taking taxable distributions from your annuities. If you have  other income that is not subject to withholding, that would likely  require you to pay quarterly estimated taxes. On time and adequate  quarterly payments will...
Win it is not from us citizen or they do not I've permission to  work in US
yes. you can get both things at the same time. There is no limit of  amount of unearned income.
You may apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. They will  then determine whether or not you are qualified. Just because you  are currently out of work certainly does not mean that you are  qualified. If you were just working fairly recently, I can tell you  that you will probably be...
Absolutely. It affects her Social Security only.
I concur, this is still considered income earned from employment and includable in the SS tax base. Yes, bonus payments, in fact virtually anything received of value, are the same as cash or any other income received from your employer for tax purposes. It is simply an 'Income' and therefore...
Not until you reach the age of 64.5 years of age. If you are not  qualified to receive Medicare disability benefits then you will not  going to get them. Making a claim on someone else's is based on  death of another individual.
When a persons work they are productive and as a result of this increase the amount of cash that finds its way into the hands of the Government. Not to mention that a number of people that would otherwise have ended up relying on social security are still supporting them selves, instead of drawing...
Until you are legal you cannot file a tax return. If you are legal  on December 31st of the tax year you can probably file as follows.  You can be listed on a return as spouse and write applied for in  the place for your return. You will have to file this by mail as it  will be able to file...
Once you reach retirement age, your Social Security Disability benefits convert to regular retirement benefits, payable at the same rate. You cannot collect an additional amount due to disability. It is possible that you could qualify for the SSI supplemental security income, which is based on...
Yes. At present, Missouri taxes Social Security benefits based on total income. This will phase out at the end of the 2010 tax year. There will be no state tax on benefits received in 2011.
No, not anyone can require a social security number. In most cases, the general public will never need your social security number, but if someone does, be suspicious. Usually, only government or bank forms (and other types of official forms) are the only things that should require your social...
According to the Social Security Administration to qualify for benefits, you earn "credits" through your work - up to four each year. When someone dies, their survivors may qualify for benefits if you have to earned enough credits, young people need fewer credits to be eligible. The law governing...
Yes, if you continue working and earning wages, you pay FICA taxes even if you are drawing Social Security retirement or disability benefits at the same time.
Only if your daughter is a disabled person; if she qualifies for SSI now.
IRS can take 15% of a social security check under the federal levy payment program and more under regular levy procedures. That happens very infrequently and only to people who have made themselves extra deserving of harsh treatment.If it is creating a hardship you should contact IRS - ask that the...
American citizens' healthcare paid for by the Federal government.
For certain the party involved will need the assistance of an attorney who specializes in Social Security issues. The complexity of dealing with a government agency can be intimidating and frustrating to say the least. The other option is to use the appeal process, the guidelines for which can be...
Once you pass full retirement age, which would have been 65 for you, there is no cap on annual earnings. You can earn as much as you like without fear of reduced benefits.
Yes, if you qualify under each program. Both Social Security and the State of California allow workers to collect unemployment compensation and Social Security benefits at the same time without applying an offset or penalty to either check. Bear in mind that you have to be actively looking for, and...
No. California does not apply an offset to unemployment compensation based on Social Security benefits. You can receive the full amount you qualify for under each program.
yes, but there is a slight delay in delivery, make sure you have filed a change of address with you local post office and then be sure to inform the social security office with regards to your change of address.
The Social Security Administration averages your income for your 35 highest earning years.
No. The SSA gets your annual earned income information from the IRS using your Social Security number. The IRS keeps records of your wages and FICA contributions; the employer name or location is generally irrelevant.
  NO. Social Security income is protected from creditor claims.
Assuming you are talking about the U.S, for individual income  taxes, the due date is April 15th of each year. You can get an  extension that is good until October 15th. Note that this is an  extension to file the return but not an extension to pay your  taxes. If you owe additional taxes and do...
The below Related Link refers to as "if still attached to an employer's payroll not needing to register", apparently allowing unemployment for a temp layoff. You can draw Social Security benefits, regardless of temp layoff or any other employment situation because it is unrelated to employment...
Yes. It has been found, however, that for some reason some states (Virginia, for example ) reduce the amount of your unemployment compensation by the amount of your SS, which they should not because they are 2 separate and distinct programs that have no bearing on the purpose of each other. You...
Yes. If you qualify for unemployment benefits in your state, you can also collect Social Security benefits as they are 2 separate and distinct programs that do not interfere with each other.
According to page 8 in the Related Link below, you not only can collect Social Security AND unemployment, but your unemployment benefits are not reduced because of your SS benefits.
Because of the complexity in determining Michigan's worker eligibility and the several ways to calculate it, refer to the Related Link below. As for the SS part, it does not reduce your unemployment benefits at all.
You may request a statement of your earnings for Social Security  from the SSA in person at one of their offices, by mail, or through  the internet at their website.
  If you have been assigned a judge, contact the clerk of the court for that court and ask.
When do they stop taking social security from your pay check
They remain in the Social Security fund to be paid to other beneficiaries.
  Social Security has been in trouble for years and years, I will never see my money, this I know.
social security comes from the govt not from your husband
You will NEVER be able to STOP paying income tax on your SSB amount as long as you are still breathing and you other sources of gross worldwide income and tax exempt interest and dividends that you are required to report on your 1040 federal income tax return.
Go to the main menu and open the security tab. Then click on disable features.
Yes, if you qualify under both programs you can receive Social Security disability or retirement compensation and VA benefits at the same time without a reduction in benefits for either.
In the State of North Carolina, Yes you get from the week after you first file aka your " Holding Week " to present back. Plus the 25$ Making Work Pay :)
Yes, many. In the US some are on SSDI and some are on SSI.
  No. It should go to the caregiver of the child for the housing needs, food, care, school, etc., for the minor child.
The US Department of State says you . Must provide your SSN in accordance with 26 U.S.C. 6039E .
Yes, you can draw both. In Social Security, you have taxes taken from your paycheck that you are able to access after you reach 62, are blind, or disabled. Unemployment benefits are paid by the state, from payroll taxes charged the employer, for the benefit of people who have lost their jobs through...
Generally you need 40 credits. You should go to the SSA gov web site for more information.Click on the below link
Francis Townsend   Except he was a man (1867-1960). So the question presumes a falsehood.
Some states do add benefits if there are dependents. What those state's requirements are, however, would have to be asked of them. Not all states include dependents for extra benefits.
Yes, as long as you file a return...even if the return is 0 due.   You may also use the link provided to complete a free form that qulaifies:   http://www.irs.gov/efile/lists/0,,id=179739,00.html
Net profit from business operation 536.30 X 15.3% equal to 82.05 social security and medicare tax. But please understand that SS/FICA taxable income is NOT the same as taxable income for other purposes. For example, you cannot take the amount of income that tax has been withheld on and use it. Or...
to ensure that thier chilfren conform to the rules of society to produce contributing members of society
Yes.   Modification: You might collect both IF you are physically, mentally able and available according to "Basic Eligibility Requirements" on page 4 of the Related Link below. This would mean the Social Security Disability must not be too severe (and SSD investigators thoroughly check out a...
Yes, you can collect from them both at the same time, as long as you qualified for each of them.can you collect unemployment and social security
if i am receing my spouse social security is it possible for me to get my own when i am 66 years old
The specific amount withheld should be shown on your payment stub or direct deposit receipt, and is labeled FICA. A total of 7.65% of your pre-tax income (6.2% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare Hospital benefits) is withheld from each paycheck until you reach the current earnings cap of ...
Social Security was originally introduced as part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal pacakage of reforms, which were intended to remedy problems which had been caused by the Great Depression. Certain groups of people were particularly vulnerable to poverty, and one of these groups was...
Not if your income is below $25,000 per year for a single person, or below $32,000 per year for a couple filing jointly. Payment is based total taxable income, not age.
Yes, a reason is MEPS needs to make sure you are legal in the US.
Since they decided that if you don't, they "don't exist" as a citizen of the country they were born in, so if in (say) Britain, they would not be able to receive free NHS care.
Yes and its always good to have reliable evidence to back up your statement.
Yes, someone on the social security can be able to cosign for a  loan. The person cosigning the loan however has to have good credit  regardless of his availability on the social security benefit.
Essentially, it is worth the scrap value of the metal. Metal and plastic Social Security number cards are not authorized nor verifiable by the Social Security Administration. They are made by private companies and are not official government documents. If you have recently obtained a replacement...
If she remarries after age 62, the best case of her present husband and the deceased one is used to determine the pension.
If the spouse was eligible in the first place you can, regardless if he was unemployed at the time.
what is maximum income one can make at age 63 without penalty on  social security
Yes, if you own a private Disability insurance policy, the guidelines and benefits are accounted for separately from Social Security benefits. A person can be eligible to receive both benefits. A private Disability policy can have two types of benefits: Base and Social Insurance benefit. Base...
No. It is a Federal program and has no boundaries.
Yes, if you have paid taxes, or had taxes withheld for that tax year, you may be entitled to a refund. If you have not paid taxes for the year in question, you will not receive a refund.
If you legally change your name, you should inform your employer and SS ASAP. This will make sure your withholdings and SS benefits are not interrupted.
Depending on your injury (at work or.., and the severity of it), you might be eligible for your state's workman's comp or the SSI (which is for the aged, blind, or DISABLED). See the Related Link below below for SSI information, and your state's unemployment office for particulars if you were...
No, your benefits will not decrease, nor will the benefits of anyone else who may be entitled to draw Social Security against your work record (a current spouse, minor children, etc.)
Yes. Social Security is a federal benefit that varies primarily according to the amount you paid in FICA taxes, the number of years worked, and your age at retirement. The benefits are the same in all 50 states. Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a form of welfare for low-income disabled people...
No, Social Security Disability can not be garnished for anything. That is not considered earned income. So no one can garnish it. sorry
The "lowest" social security number (001-01-0001) was the one issued to Grace D. Owen of Concord, New Hampshirethe first three digits of social security numbers are used as identifiers for where a person was born
    == Answer ==       No. Not as long as he is illegal.     Edit - The statement above needs to be more detailed.     If you entered USA illegally (meaning you didn't have a visa to enter the country), you have little to no chance of acquiring a green card + SSN...
The U.S. Armed Forces has used the Social Security number as an identification number for the Army and Air Force since July 1, 1969, the Navy and Marine Corps since January 1, 1972, and the Coast Guard since October 1, 1974.
How much and what types of other incomes count against me when I am  receiving Social Security
Social security benefits is not qualifying earned income that you can use to contribute to a IRA account.There are three categories of qualifying income that can be used to make contributions to a IRA account.Amounts earned as an employee,Self-employment income, andAlimony income.