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The Aztecs were active in Mexico from the 14th through 16th centuries. They are most famous for their practice of human sacrifice.


The Spanish and Aztecs fought because the Spanish wanted the gold and natural resources. It was actually the Spanish who had started the battle. Plus the Aztecs fought because the Spanish killed Montezuma.
The women wear a blouse called a huipilli, and wore skirts called cueitl. . The men wore cloth that went around there waist. . Men & women were required to wear sandals. Te poor went bare foot. . i love shaeane
At its pinnacle Aztec culture had rich and complex mythological andreligious traditions, as well as reaching remarkable architecturaland artistic accomplishments. A particularly striking element ofAztec culture to many was the practice of human sacrifice. In thebeginning stages of Tenochtitlan,...
Aztec nobles were believed to be the only method of communicationto the gods of Aztec Mythology. Sort of like priests. The populacewanted to please the gods so the people who could speak to themwere very important
Aztecs believed that if a pregnant woman saw an eclipse, her baby would be born with a cleft pallet.
We do not know. It may have been at the same early and unknown timeas the Egyptian and other great world pyramids were built. But itmay have also been later on when the Aztec were at their height inpower which is about the time of the Roman Empire.
Malinalli Tenepatl, who acted as interpreter as well as advisor to Hernan Cortes. She is often regarded as mother of the first mestizo.
Montezuma was the 9th, and last Aztec ruler.
Did the aztecs eat dogs, and yes they did :D
He was fair-skinnedand bearded.
Yes they did:) Im also trying to find more information about it as well but . this is a brief of what they did. The Vikings worshipped their gods by performing animal sacrifice they also occasionally sacrificed humans . sorry its not much but yeah a little :) Okay i have more information : ...
so no preditors will take your food or healthy suplys and you can get water for free
The bible does not exactly say which gods that Terah worshipped. Wedo know that he worshipped idols. Some believe that he worshippedmultiple gods and goddesses.
It's important because it helped them farm successfully so that they could get food.
Before 1325 AD, the Aztec or Mexica people were a nomadic tribe that wandered throughout the land, looking for a place to settle and build their capital. Their state religion awaited the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy: that the wandering tribes would find the destined site for a great city whose...
Empire is partly correct as it was an Empire but that isn't arelevant answer. As far as i know and i like studying about theaztecs, no actual group of people founded the aztecs it was a sortof culture that just slowly came to be.
The Most Powerful Group Among The Aztecs Were The Mexicas .
the aztecs send their message by
Of course: The Aztec civilization, which was destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadores.
The Aztecs where feared by the Spanish when the Spanish had arrived. This is because they didn't have reinforcements. Also the Chichimec tribes and the Apachean Tribes. NOTE: All of the minor tribes feared them because they didn't have power or good military.
Many of the natives died of small pox. This helped the Spanish takeover the Inca empire.
it started in 1519 and ended in 1534
Aztecs found Tenochtitlan where today Mexico City (Mexico) is located on March 13, 1325. New Mexico is a US state, which has nothing to do with such events.
Aztec girls would help with chores around cooking and cleaning, while the boys went to school. Girls weren't allowed to go to school.
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Only with the remaining city-states of Mayan culture.
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It made them really sick and most of them died.
The Aztecs lived on mountains, jungle ,deserts ,and plains
The Aztec Empire flourished in the Central American territories between the 14th and 16th centuries CE/ AD.
The Spanish thought that the Aztec's were crazy because they sacrificed living human flesh a held the human's beating heart up to the sky , then ironically burned thousands alive at the stake. - He called the gods devils and evil things. Conquistador Hernando Cortes retreated his...
The Aztec calendar is 365 days without a leap day (Xiuh-Pohualli). Like the Maya, the 20-day constant of a 360-day calendar will create a cycle with their 13 days so that the days which cycle numbered 1 thru 13 will also have the 20 names meet with them every 260 days (Tonal-Pohualli, or ritual...
It is unclear that there is a single answer to this question, because the Incas were a wide-ranging group of tribes. For about 100 years before the Spanish conquest, there was a united Inca kingdom with a seat at Macchu Picchu. The design of the temple there indicates the Inca worshipped the...
the gods told them to stop when they found a eagle on a cactus eating a serpent and they found it there on the island
Where: central region of Mexico. When: from March 13, 1325 when the Aztec people founded their capital Tenochtitlan (today Mexico City) until "The fall of Tenochtitlan" on August 13, 1521 at the hands of Spanish Conquistadores .
The Aztecs lived in the middle of a salt-water lake, and were surrounded by streams that flowed into the lake, and mountains. The mountains were great defense, because they would see the troups of other tribes coming from miles and miles away, and then would have hours to prepare weapons, and get...
montuzuma is history but his wife is tipalzquixocntzin he was aslo king
Both atecs and Incas reched their peakes in the early 16 century
they didn't leave they started eating each others skin horrible did you know that's one of their foods.
The Aztecs were known for the trade and medication advances they made.
One reason for Don Hernando Cortes to be able conquer the Aztecempire was because of his military power. His army possessedsuperior weapons and armors. They also trained horses and dogs totheir advantage. The Aztecs also confused Cortes as one of theirgods and thus trusted him. In addition,...
Before the Aztec Met The Spanish There Worldview Was Religion And War. They use to believe that the sun would not rise if they did not sacrifice the human heart and blood to the gods.
j.l.abbott discovered the Aztecs 400 years ago
The Aztecs are known for the trade and medical advances they made. The capital of Aztlan (name of the country of the Aztecs) was Tenochtitlan.
The Aztecs ( or Mexicas) lived at Tenochtitlan. The Aztec's empire or civilization lasted 900 years. Until the Spaniard , Hernán Cortés conquered , or defeated the Aztec's empire all because the ruler of the time , Moctezuma II ( the second ) thought Hernan Cortes was a winged serpent god...
Aztec civilization flourished in Central Mexico from the 14th tothe 16th Centuries. The average life expectancy for the Aztecs wasaround 37 years.
Aztecs believed necessary to feed the sun god human blood. They believed that their life was based on signs from the gods telling the people what to do. They also believed fighting was the noblest thing a man could do, so they had many battles.
Each major Maya city had its own ruler. Maya rulers used their power and wealth to help out nobles who served the priests and officials. Rulers would keep their nobles close by for guidance. Noble families usually lived around the king's palaces. Maya kings increased power and prestige through...
Cortes had an advantage because there was a god by the name of Quetzalcoatl who resembled a Spaniard, in other words he was fair in complexion and had blue eyes. Now the Aztecs believed that Quetzalcoatl would one day return to Earth. So when Cortes came to conquer them, they thought he was...
Aztec crafts were made more for the upper classes like emperors and the emperors would have maybe necklaces or earring's . One common form of Aztec jewelry was the ear plug (also called ear spools.) Men would often wear ornaments in their noses (through a hole in the nasal septum). Men would...
The Aztecs made sacrafices because they thought that their god needed a feast of blood to balance the world
Aztec god? Aztec gods do not even exist.
It's no longer called Tenochtitlan, its now called Mexico city. That's where its located now, Mexico City.
They created the largest cities of their time. Tenochtitlan was larger then most European cities even!
Yes, he was the leader of the Aztec's. your welcome
In fact people still do look for the Aztec ruins. some of the explorers still try to find the ruins of the Aztec buildings.
Well its a simple question really, a Quetzalcoatl is a feathered serpent, the phrase originates from the nahuatl language. Thank you please :)
It was the Spanish, led by Hernan Cortes ( i think). The Spanish wanted the riches and golds of the Aztecs. the Aztecs thought the Spanish were gods until it was too late, and they killed, or made into slaves.
They had none, for the very good reason that none exist. The proof in this is their defeat by the Spanish in the 16th century.
some priest have to sacrific people by cutting out there heart, and they feed it to the gods so the gods could give them more power(so the Aztecs believed)
The Aztecs used obsidian for mostly weapons and equipment. For example, the Maquahuitl (pronouced Ma Kwee Thal), a double edged, obsidian lined sword club. And also for ranged weapons too, such as the Atlatl, a javelin type of weapon.
The 365 -day solar calendar, divided into 18 months of 20 days. Eachmonth is divided into four five-day weeks
The Spanish influenced the Aztecs', cause the Aztecs thought they were gods and they praised them with gifts. The Aztecs' figured out they were not gods and the Spanish turned and conquered them! Thy gave them the small pox and diseases. Which this killed many Aztecs, not the spandereds cause the...
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