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Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 was the name of the fateful NASA moon mission which was intended to be the third space mission to carry humans to the moon's surface. An explosion of one of the oxygen tanks and resulting damage to other systems caused the mission to be aborted before the lunar landing could take place. Questions about Apollo 13 and its crew are asked and answered here.
Electrical fault on an O2 canister caused an explosion in the oxygen tank which also damaged the second tank. This left the spacecraft virtually crippled, as the oxygen tanks were necessary for the supply of electrical power. . CO2 scrubbers became saturated by change in mission profile. The Lunar...
Rescuing the three astronauts of Apollo 13 was arguably the mostdifficult rescue mission in all of human history. It showed thathumankind is not willing to give up on those in need of help. For afew days, the whole world banded together in support of these threeindividuals -- even the USSR, whom the...
Apollo 13 was sent to the moon to collect a metric ton of moon rocks for analysis back on earth
Apollo 7 launched from the Air Force Station's launch pad LC-34 (this was the only Apollo mission that did not launch from Kennedy Space Center's launch pad 39-A)
No the spacecraft was not a evil one.
Apollo 11 landed on the moon in the year 1969.
Jim Swigert was the command module and he was in the commandmodule, but both Jim Lovell and Fred Haise had gone to the lunarmodule, just before separating.
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The members of Apollo 13 were James Lovell, Ken Mattingly, and Fred Haise. However, NASA thought Ken Mattingly had te Measels so he was replaced by Jack Swigert.
The crew had just finished their TV show and were performing some basic housekeeping duties. From the Apollo 13 Technical Air-To-Ground Voice Transcription D H M S 02 07 49 25 CMP Okay, Jack, during the TV, we were AUTO TRACK, NARROW BEAM WIDTH, and the PRIMARY ELECTRONICS. And we had a...
The U.S. and the Soviet Union (USSR) were the two nations racing to put a man on the surface of the moon.
The ultimate cause of the Apollo 13 explosion (a thermostat that wasn't designed for the 68volt ground power which, when applied, fused the contacts of the thermostat open, forcing the tank heater to stay on, and increasing the temperature inside the tank to nearly 1,000 degrees, thereby melting the...
During a test run of the Apollo 1 module, there was an explosion. all three members where killed in the accident. Since th Apollo missions started a tragedy, NASA skipped ahead to Apollo 7, wchich is a lucky number. so,there was no Apollo 3
The name Apollo was given by N.A.S.A , it was their third manned spacecraft, Mercury was one manned craft, Gemini is named after the constalation Gemini , Twins as it was two man craft . Apollo would be three manned and they aimed to land on the moon, mind you this was way back in 1960.
Commander Alan Sheppard the first American in space.
The commander of Apollo 15 was David R. Scott
The lumar module is on the moon, part remains in space and small part where the three astronauts were sitting return to earth.
Neil Armstrong flew in Gemini 8,Buzz aldin Gemini 12 and Michael Collins Gemini 10 The Gemini missions were all about making everything come together for athe moon landings for the Apollo program. After Apollo 11, they were deemed to be far too valuable to NASA to be sent back into space.
100% Pure oxegen in the capsule ignited by static somewherein the capsule Actually the Apollo 1 fire was due to a 100% oxygen atmosphere that was pressurized to 16.5psi, which allowed a short circuit because of a chaffed wiring bundle insulation under an access door by Gus Grissom's feet, that led...
Approximately 2 days into the mission, Apollo 13's Lunar Service Module (engine and systems to service the Lunar Command Module an take it and the Lunar Excursion Module to the Moon) suffered a catastrophic Oxygen tank explosion in O2 tank number 2 (as a result of a inexpensive part malfunction)...
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You can find charts of all the Apollo missions at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Apollo_missions
It never went into space. Because of a wire short, and high oxygen levels, the capsule containing three astronauts caught fire during testing. All aboard were killed. :(
Fred Haise experienced Space Adaptation Sickness, a condition similar to motion sickness and caused by gravitational changes affecting the body's spatial orientation.
The oxygen tank of Apollo 13 exploded, just before they were to seperate.
It reached speeds of thousands of miles an hour during reentry - if it hit land it would have exploded.
The primary mission was "to perform a manned lunar landing and return". See link below for a list of secondary objectives, experiments, and vehicle objectives.
it was the first ever attempt at travel to the moon
Apollo 11 was organized by N.A.S.A.
No Steve Lovell is not a astronaut, only has the same name.
They splashed down in the South Pacific (not far from the Cook Islands and Fiji), all alive and well, on April 17, 1970, after nearly 6 days in space.
The moon is grey because it's made of rock. If you don't believe me then I'll put it this way: The moon was born millions of years ago when a giant meteorite hit the earth and an enormous piece of rock broke of the earth. The pieces of rock gradually clumped together to form the moon. If you still...
Apollo was the name of the U.S. space program whose mission was to land men on the surface of the moon and return them safely back to Earth. They accomplished this using the Saturn V launch vehicle, the Apollo Command and Service Module, and the Apollo Lunar Module.
All up testing began with the very first Saturn V launch (Apollo 4) on November 9, 1967.
Many say it is a fake as the flag on the moon is waving when there is no wind there.
See the links below for some websites that go into detail on the different parts of the Apollo space vehicles
The Saturn C-1 (also known as the Saturn 1) was only used for ten flights near the beginning of the Apollo Program, to test various aspects of the Apollo spacecraft and other technology. There were never any manned launches.
It wasn't. Apollo 10 was a real Apollo mission, they were the "dress rehearsal" for the Apollo 11 flight that took place 2 months later.
In the South Pacific, not too far from Fiji.
It never left. The spacecraft had an electrical fire during testing, killing the three astronauts aboard.
All three Apollo 13 astronauts got the American medal.
because the doctors believed that he had caught German measles.he never did.
The crew of the Apollo 13 were Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise.
The Apollo 13 splashed down in earth , in the Pacific on 17/4/1970.
I'm sure there must be people like that, but to tell you the truth they would probably start smaller, just the capsule. FWIW I once saw a web page devoted to making replicas of the DSKY (Display Keyboard) used in the capsule, the ancestor to the screen and keyboard you are looking at now. Not only...
100,937 miles per hour and 7899 days it took.
Blue plastic bags. You do NOT want the details.
For Apollo 13 to return to earth the moon mission was aborted on late 14/41970 or early 15/4/1970. The spacecraft had to make one orbit of the moon to return to earth.
The Apollo 11 did not come crashing down, it splashed down in the Pacific ocean on 24/7/1969.
it came from the austronauts. the co2 filter was broken .every time they breathed out, they exhailed co2.although the flight control helped fix that.
The Apollo 11 lifted from the moon on the 20/7/1969, so it landed thre days later on the 24/71969.
He said "Houston we've had a problem", although it he is often misquoted as saying "Houston, we have a problem."
The fire was started by a short in the wiring. The hatch was sealed shut and the inside of the capsule was 100% oxygen which created an aggressive blaze. Actually the command module was pressurized to 16.5psi of pure oxygen, which saturated everything in the spacecraft, giving the slightest spark...
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the commander was James A. Lowell Jr., the command module pilot was John L. Swigert, and the Lunar Module pilot was Fred W. Haise Jr.
The were the LEAST worried about any number of uncountable items. This questions is nearly impossible to answer with any accuracy.
James Lovell is a retired U.s astronaut.
Apollo 10 was launched from Cape Kennedy Florida.
Apollo 14 crew Alan Shepherd, Edgar Mitchell, Woods had to do the work tyat was planned for the failed Apollo 13 mission.
April 11, 1970 19:13:00 UTC
The Apollo is famous for landing the first man on the moon, and returning him back to earth. And the Apollo 13 , bringing back the damaged craft from the moon.
N.A,S.A used two types of vehicles on the moon, one was hand pulled by the Apollo 14 astronauts, and Apollo15,16, 17 used a solar powered vehicle on the moon.
No the Apollo 1 spacecraft did not take off, as the three astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward white and roger Chaffee ,were killed n a fire in the spacecraft during training.
Yes Apollo 13 was scary as a whole side blew up .
The name of the Apollo 13 astronauts are Jim Lovell, Fred Haise and jack swigert.
The backup crew for Apollo 11 was James Lovell (CDR), Fred Haise (LMP) and Ken Mattingly (CMP). They later became the prime crew for Apollo 13, though Mattingly was removed from the Apollo 13 crew a few days before launch due to exposure to measles. Jack Swigert, Apollo 13 backup CMP, replaced him....
We can say that it was a explosion in the oxygen cylinder.
It all happened luckily just as they were about to separate. It was near the moon about two and a half days from earth.
The Pacific Ocean. The Apollo landed in Pacific ocean near the coast of US Territory of American Samoa. (Not sure whether it was Apollo 13 or 11) Apollo 13 did not land on the moon. Due to major issues mid-flight the astronauts couldn't land.
It stoped because they didnt have enogh power to go to the moon
The Fra Mauro Highlands (see link below). This landing was eventually used by Apollo 14 instead.
First Thomas Mattingly fell sick, then it was delayed due to bad weather, then it exploded in space.
On the third day of Apollo13 mission, just as the astronauts were getting ready to separate from the command module, Lovell had gone to do the final check up before they went in the lunar module, the command module exploded.
As Apollo 13 had to cancel led their moon landing , they could not bring any information on the moon back.
There are no maps made as a result of Apollo 13. The mission objectives of Apollo 13 were never completed, and the crew almost died.
No I do not think the republicans objected the space program.
It was designed by N.a.s.A.
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All showed loyalty and worked as a team, if there was a mistake then they would not return.
The Apollo 15 spacecraft was a success ,it landed on the moon and the astronauts returned.
Both N.A.S.a and the astronauts , worked very closely as well as tirelessly to get the Apollo 13 astronauts home and safe.
The first major problem occured before the flight; the Command Module (Ken Mattingly) pilot was grounded by flight doctors after being exposed to German Measles; Mattingly was not immune and it was considered too risky for him to fly.. Mattingly was replaced by John Swigert.. The most serious...