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Includes questions about the life and works of physicist Albert Einstein.
Eduard Einstein July 28, 1910 Lieserl Einstein January 1902 Hans Albert Einstein May 14, 1904
The incredible 2 of the Mississippi
He played the violin. His second wife was originally attracted tohim by seeing him play Mozart on the violin as children.
Some people believe he wasn't a genius. Some believe he was less intelligent than average. Einstein was really bad at maths. He had trouble talking. Some people believe his wife, Mileva Einstein, and his friend,Marcel Grossman, invented all the formulas and theories for him. Some believe that...
Imagination and creativity is more important than knowledge.
I would ask him why he rejects certain experiments on light that goin circles.
While Albert Einstein was never a typical student, he excelled atcertain subjects. He took a lot of courses in mathematics andscience, particularly physics.
Albert Einstein was an only child.
Albert came up with 12 theories.
Albert einstain was an inventor who never pass any of his exames and he invented not much just the speed of light
E=MC2 Is the formula for the sun that Einstein invented, it explains how the sun works. I know what your thinking. How can that useless little formula explain how a big star can work? Well, this is your lucky day because Einstein was very clever and only god knows what was going in his brain at the...
Yes. Here's how: Max Talmud would bring to him interesting books like some nice science encyclopedias, puzzles etc and it is known that he read them voraciously. He even introduced the 13 year old Albert with some of the most inspiring scientific and philosophical texts like Euclid's Elements and...
I'm pretty sure that it would be illegal now as it is inhumane based on the trauma it would cause the patient. That child was taught to be afraid of anything white and fuzzy, imagine how he went through life suffering from that phobia.
Einstein did not invent anything because he was not an inventor. he also done nothing special but STEAL the theory of relitiviy...this is why i hate einstien.......if u want more peeps that stole their BIG idea just ask:)
yes they made most of it . Are you sure? Evidence, please.
ETH stands for: die Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich. It is also known as the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School (in) Zürich, Zürich Polytechnic, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. It was, and is, one of world's finest scientific schools, having graduated a...
It is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, Switzerlands leading university.
He hypothesized that the speed of light is constant, no matter what the frame of reference is.
By contributing to innovations in the Quantum Theory
Efficiency = ( useful energy output / total energy input ) x 100
Einstein is. Check the uncertainty principle.
Albert Einstein co-invented with Szilárd Leó a new type of refrigeration unit that received 45 patents and it had no moving parts, so it it could not leak toxic gasses from faulty seals. He was inspired by a newspaper article about a family in Berlin who had died from inhaling toxic fumes from...
Computers are not biological except for the imprint of a working finger.
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no. he did become a sientist and i think u have to like and be good at math to be a sientist
Energy is equal to Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared
E = mc 2 This is Albert Einstein's famous Relativity equation: Which means that in a vacuum the Energy is equal to the Mass times the Speed of light squared.
Einstein did not invent anything because he was not an inventor.
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 . For his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect" . The Nobel Prize Awarding Institution, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, decided to reserve the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, and therefore...
E=MC^2 the two means that the C at the end of the formula is squared, the 2 is an exponent (meaning that you times C by itself)
Albert Einstein is his real name. Does he have a nickname? I thought it was just Albert Einstein.
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1903 was divided, one half awarded to Antoine Henri Becquerel "in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity" , the other half jointly to Pierre Curie and Marie Curie, "in recognition of the extraordinary...
He helped the US of today by giving us theories that helped explorenew fields of technology.
Einstein's theory of relativity is E=mc 2
No. Nobody knows everything except you-know-who.
His actual working career spanned the time period of 1901-1945. He was born in 1879 and died in 1955.
That is a good question. This is because when you can not think of any other words than a curse word than that indicates you do not have a large vocabulary. Anyone can say, "What the f***." But only someone who has a higher intelligence will know a better word. No it does not. Neither does it...
The three forms of stigma recognised by Goffman include: The experience of a mental illness (or the imposition of such a diagnosis); a physical form of deformity or an undesired differentness; or an association with a particular race, religion, belief etc. (Goffman, 1990). Institutional abuse occurs...
As of April 5th 2010, there is no evidence that Albert Einstein was a member of a Masonic Lodge.
Not Really...he was less intelligent than average. Einstein was really bad at maths. He had trouble talking. Some people believe his wife, Mileva Einstein, and his friend,Marcel Grossman, invented all the formulas and theories for him. Some believe that Einstein stole ideas from Lawrence Shwartz.
atom- an atom is the smallest unit of matter. the atom helped scientists name and classify objects into groups.
no, it was patented first by him.
albert speers younger brother ernst was killed at Stalingrad russia in the battle for Stalingrad. like so many other Germans his body was never found or returned to the family and there are some letters that exist between ernst and the parents which he wrote and sent during this battle. The oldest...
Albert Einstein received three years of Catholicschooling as a child at the Petersschule in Munich (1885-1888). Hemust have been present at Holy Mass at least 30 times. His wholelife was consumed with the study of the mystery of light and itsrole in a grand unifying theory. He never found it! Or...
You are obviously trying to make some point or other. What is it?
yeah aistien in narnia and in nipplelopolis
They didn't, they just meant he was wrong.
Answer At no time, in human history has science ever got things exactly right. Scientists constantly question what is accepted and what is suspect. Observation and experimentation using the scientific method is the only way to reach true knowledge in science. Answer Scientific theories...
e=mc 2 is a simple science problem. stares come under it cause e(energy), m(mass), c(speed of light), c 2 (speed of light squared) its finding the energy of the stars. if you need any help. im open to questions on science
Einstein never split any atoms. He came up with a formula which decribed the relationship between mass and energy (e=mc 2 ). This showed how much energy would be released when mass disappeared, which is what happens when the bomb explodes, but he didn't actually do it.
Albert Einstein Suffered from Aspergers Syndrome, Dyslexia, learning disorder ,epilepsy
There were lots of obstacles for Albert Einstein. First he was kicked out of school. Then his dad died. After that, he was fine until he got stomach ulcers. Then, it was bad from there until he got married, then divorced, and then finally married to his cousin. Hitler and the Nazis were a problem...
its not about stars its about mass and he proposed that mass can be converted into energy
Princeton Hospital in New Jersey.
Many...But his Special Theory of Relativity was a revolution inphysics.
He is not. He is famous for popularizing relativistic physics.
Albert Einstein did attend public schools. He went to a Catholicschool for awhile and then attended Lutipold Gymnasium. He alsoattended Argovian Cantonal school.
Attributing cleverness to one's enemy makes him a great adversary. That way, if you suffer defeat by your enemy, even on a small level, it does not make you look bad, since you have made it known that he is very clever, etc. Conversely, if you defeat your enemy, you look much greater than if you had...
Fat Albert was voiced by Bill Cosby .
No one... And I think that no one will be.. He is the father of Physics.
Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His parents were Pauline and Hermann Einstein. It is interesting to note that neither of his parents had any knowledge in the areas of math or science. The parents of Albert Einstein were worried that he was mentally slow because it took...
No, he didn't think so. but he for sure had changed physics.
Besides discovering the photoelectric effect, Einstein developed the Theory of Special Relativity and the Theory of General Relativity, which are the basis for quantum theory and particle theory, and the formula E=Mc 2 that indirectly led to the atomic bomb, nuclear power, and much of the current...
no he died in 1955 of heart failure
Einstein proposed a formula describing the relationship between mass and energy - it is e=mc 2 where e is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light, so the amount of energy (in juoles) is equal to the mass (in Kilograms) multiplied by the speed of light (in metres per second), all...
None, Einstein had no part in either inventing or making atomic bombs except to sign a letter to FDR that Leo Szilard had written. Leo Szilard is the inventor of both the atomic bomb and reactor.
heart falure