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Playthings of children and collectors items of adults, these figures range from Barbie dolls to Cabbage Patch dolls to kewpie dolls
its josefina. im soooooooo excited! it will come out in march!
it is about 400 pound or 500pound and 4 second hand it is 59 pound aha losers u by baby
at any walmart,kmart or target or eBay since they won an argument and did not go out of busness
I saw this on their website, . I've got some other questions. Where can I go to find out more? Read the official Barbie Girls® Rules to learn about the best ways to have fun and stay safe on our site. Our Message to Parents tells parents about our safety features on the site and offers...
You can.... I really wouldn't! But you can :)
In a toy shop or the Disney shop in town! :) Enjoy buying your mermaid doll
I would say that dolls are for the age of about 3-7 years olds
It depends on the look of the doll. If your doll is a historical character then you can get a catalogue an sit down and find the match, but if it is a just like you then it should not matter. You are free to name her what ever you like. You can also rename historical characters too. Just remember...
You can buy them at a toy store.
Well you first have to complete every thing else before looking forgiraffe. When I checked the website I did not find that safari gameyou speak of so, it depends on when you played the game. For rightnow I think they took the game away. Sorry all you Barbie lovers!=(
That's the rumor, but sadly only AG knows :( WAH! Lol
Check out my channel: itsgood2beme443 on youtube. You'll find some idea there. :)
No, the are fake, They are based on what REAL girls had to go through around there time :)
As of 1999, there had been more than 2,300 versions of the Barbie doll made since 1959. The number has probably doubled by now.
The Bratz dolls debuted in June 2001. World events at this time include, but are not limited to:. * The Nepalese Royal Massacre.. * Tropical Storm Allison kills 22 people in Texas and causes more than 5 billion USD in damages.. * 8 first and second graders are killed by Mamoru Takuma in Osaka, Japan...
I wish...... There is only stores in the U.S.A The closest two stores to Ontario are New York and Chicago. :)
the answer is well at least thts my website for Liv the offical one is
Barbie has many accessories. It varies from room to room. For example in the bedroom it will have a comb, nail polish ,many pairs of shoes etc.
Brad, Curtis, Steven and Jamal are four of his African-American friends.
The average age when kids stop playing with American Girl Dolls is twelve to thirteen years old.
There are 15 \n \n \n Amberly (Head Only) . \n \n \n Avery. \n \n \n Bria. \n \n \n Bryten. \n \n \n Chance (Boy) . \n \n \n Ida. \n \n \n Jaxson (Boy) . \n \n \n Jaylen. \n \n \n Kellan. \n \n \n Lexa. \n \n \n Merin. \n \n \n Monet. \n \n \n Owen (Boy) . \n \n \n Sarai. \n \n \n Sophina. \n \n...
Her name is Sarah Burge . She has spent more than $46,000 in surgeries for her quest to duplicate the appearance of the Barbie doll.
The International Barbie dolls were first sold in 1981.
The doll closest to a "plus-size" in Barbie's world is the 1999 Rosie O'Donnell doll. She was made with a unique body mold very different from Barbie and her friends.
The earliest outfits (from 1959 to 1972) were made in Japan. They were made in various Asian countries in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Since the late 1990s they have been made in China.
As a long-time adult collector, I can tell you what I have learned: 1. History of fashion for the past 50 years. Not just clothing, but hairstyles and even furniture. 2. Learning about other cultures and other countries, both through the dolls themselves and through other collectors outside the...
The importance of Barbie doll is a favorite toy for young girls and a collector's item for adults. Generations of young girls have played with several versions of the Barbie doll. Playing with the doll has challenged the imagination and creativity of youngsters who build their own doll houses and...
Well, the commercial says, "It's a Bus, a Hot Tub and a House , All In One." It has lights & sounds. You can addwater. Lots of accessories, but needs imagination. Ratings postedsince 2007 average around 7 to 8 stars. Oh, and it needs batteriesbut the commercial does not state what size/s.
you get your American Girl doll to the AG hospital by sending an application in the mail along with your doll in the box it came in. Don't forget to take the doll's clothes off before you send it, because it'll be easier to operate on it that way.
I'm pretty sure that Isaac Larian founded Bratz - I remember looking it up a few years ago. The Yasmin doll is based on his daughter, who's name I believe is Yasmin.
Not far at all. It is about 3 to 5 miles from the American Doll Store in Chicago to the Chicago Mccormick Center.
12 inches tall
there are many ways to do it but ill tell the easiest way. Just heat their head with a blowdryer until it gets squishy then pop the eyes in and move them around until they look right
Bunraku is a Japanese art that uses puppets, not dolls. Puppets used in actual productions are built from scratch by the performers, crew and puppet builders of each puppet theatre or troupe. They are works of art that require sculpting, costuming, hair dressing, painting and creation of the...
before in lyk 2007 u can buy some stuff but then dey change it now u cant u need to be vip hope i helped... i was an old vip i hav da mp3 but it expire... rock n roll doll
Believe it or not, FABRIC SOFTENER will detangle doll hair. Pour equal parts of fabric softener & water into a spray bottle and spray on the hair. Instant detangler and it won't damage the, it'll smell nice too!
It was started by the Pleasant Company in Middleton, Wisconsin in 1992, [5] with the first issue dated January 1993. Aimed towards girls ages 8 through 14, the bimonthly magazine includes articles, advice columns, fiction, arts and crafts, and activity ideas.
YES.. you can order from anywhere in the world but heres the catch.. you have to go to and order a doll with a ceditcard and pay abit more money cuz you live so far ... for shipping im ordering one,i live in Canada i payed 14:99 dollars for my ag doll
you can get the sophie liv doll at grenada the isle of spice
It's plastic I believe.
You can start a bakery! Set up tables and put out some food. Your dolls will have a great time at your cafe. You can even set up a working place for your chef to bake in. I'm pretty sure your dolls will enjoy the meal has much as you would! Play fashion show! This is a great way for your doll to...
Bratz are controversial dolls that are Barbie's rival in sales. Bratz are made by MGA Entertainment and are represented to look like teenagers along with the Bratz Boyz. They were canceled in November of 2010 and were brought back in December of 2010, because the factory changed the dolls' apperance...
With most dolls, the head and legs are soft vinyl and the torso and arms are hard plastic. However, many of the posable dolls have both arms and legs made of hard plastic since the elbows and knees are jointed.
the American girl of 2000 is a doll named Victoria loon you can not see her in American girl stores because they made her and did not think about selling her but that is who 2000 doll is. from American girl stores There wasn't one that year, It started in 2001(Lindsey Bergman) but Lindsey...
I believe that barbies are bad for children because they make children believe that they must have that great figure that a barbie doll has. Because of this perfection girls have become anorexic to fit their body into the size of a barbie dolls, in terms of skiny waist, perfect legs, etc. Besides...
if you are talking about the 1980s ones then you cant find them cause they are rare and WAY to hard to find but if you are talking about the ones from the Squeakquel then i saw some at Toys R Us and theres some on Ebay if you want some and Amazon. I think The Brittany The Chipette pkush is at...
It can be used to solve men's physical needs,it has more popular sex dolls
First of all it's d21. D12 was like an old or pretend real groupwith Eminem and some other guys. E rangers from $8 to $20 dependingif she's in good condition or still in the box or not.
How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?
No they did not they sold American dolls such as felicity,josefina,Kirsten,addy,kit,Julie,molly,and so on hope u enjoy the information.
You Buy a be-bratz hook the key chain to the USB plug in your monitor and it will get you to the registration
the price of a doll is like $6.00 to $60.00
If a Barbie arm pops out of the socket, it has a ball-like joint similar to a human arm and can be popped right back in.
It Usually Means That The Original Leg Had A Problem And It Got Replaced With That On Is What I Think Is The Case, My Doll Has A Tiny Star On All Her Limbs, So Its Nothing To Worry About.
You Cant But I hope someday you can.......
I'm assuming you are referring to Barbie's sister Stacie's friend Janet from the 1990s. She's the only doll that fits your description. Or do you have one the of Mattel African-American Sunshine Family dolls from the 1970s? They aren't considered Barbie dolls.
Ben , dave , bob , robert , sand crawler , michael guthrie , mr kippling , ronald , travis , tom , tommy , tommie , tomy , toomie , tomm , mot , keith , lol train , cabbage muncher , ezikiel , adam , mr krabs , squidward etc etc etc etc..........
According to the McDonald's website, the next series will be released late July/early August. The photo shows Alice and the Mad Hatter.
its possible it could be in the second one well if they make a second one but i say no.
Yes you can buy a liv doll from wal-mart since wal-mart has been lowering prices, the ones with the dogs, and the regular ones are both $19.99 in Canada Im not sure how much they are in the u.s Wal-mart also sells liv doll accessories and clothing.
Yes, they do, i tried this with my American Girl doll and my Generation doll.
amazon do all the liv dolls apart from wave 2 and 3 daniela
I think you have to use a hot glue gun or regular glue.If you want a wig or a very cheap doll you can cheack E-Bay
You can find bratz movie posters on
they have a hospital for the dolls saw it in a American girl magazine
I have a yolando bello doll and I was told it is over 20 years old and her name is elizabeth
According to the book "Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Family & Friends Licensed Products 1961-1971," by Alva Christensen and Laural Schwing, copyright 2011, these are the 1964 watches and their prices: ponytail wristwatch $20-$60 mint condition; $125 NRFB pendant watch $225-$325 NRFB swirl ponytail...
Yes. Go to for more info.
These are the Barbie dolls that were sold in 1984. You will need to look them up individually to find their values. 1. Barbie & Ken Camping Out gift set 2. Crystal African-American (called Mille Luci Christie in Italy) 3. Crystal white, two different hairstyles (called Mille Luci in Italy) ...
The American Girl Doll OTY was Kailey. Her theme was 'save the tidal pools' and she had blond hair and blue eyes. She had a beach collection.
I don't know I've already looked in the two Targets closest to me and nothing. Let's just hope they come back. I don't know really what happened betwee barbie and Bratz but I'm sure it had to be big to make stores sell out.