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Playthings of children and collectors items of adults, these figures range from Barbie dolls to Cabbage Patch dolls to kewpie dolls
it is about 400 pound or 500pound and 4 second hand it is 59 pound aha losers u by baby
In a toy shop or the Disney shop in town! :) Enjoy buying your mermaid doll
It depends on the look of the doll. If your doll is a historical character then you can get a catalogue an sit down and find the match, but if it is a just like you then it should not matter. You are free to name her what ever you like. You can also rename historical characters too. Just remember...
You can buy them at a toy store.
Well you first have to complete every thing else before looking for  giraffe. When I checked the website I did not find that safari game  you speak of so, it depends on when you played the game. For right  now I think they took the game away. Sorry all you Barbie lovers!  =(
the answer is www.livgirls.wetpaint.com well at least thts my website for Liv the offical one is livworld.com
Barbie has many accessories. It varies from room to room. For example in the bedroom it will have a comb, nail polish ,many pairs of shoes etc.
There are 15       Amberly (Head Only)       Avery       Bria       Bryten       Chance (Boy)       Ida       Jaxson (Boy)       Jaylen       Kellan      ...
Her name is Sarah Burge. She has spent more than $46,000 in surgeries for her quest to duplicate the appearance of the Barbie doll.
Well, the commercial says, "It's a Bus, a Hot Tub and a House , All In One." It has lights & sounds. You can addwater. Lots of accessories, but needs imagination. Ratings postedsince 2007 average around 7 to 8 stars. Oh, and it needs batteriesbut the commercial does not state what size/s.
you get your American Girl doll to the AG hospital by sending an application in the mail along with your doll in the box it came in. Don't forget to take the doll's clothes off before you send it, because it'll be easier to operate on it that way.
Not far at all. It is about 3 to 5 miles from the <a href="http://www.americandollstores.com">American Doll Store</a> in Chicago to the Chicago&nbsp;Mccormick Center.
12 inches tall
there are many ways to do it but ill tell the easiest way. Just heat their head with a blowdryer until it gets squishy then pop the eyes in and move them around until they look right
etsy.com/1950s rock n roll doll
you can get the sophie liv doll at grenada the isle of spice
the American girl of 2000 is a doll named Victoria loon you can not see her in American girl stores because they made her and did not think about selling her but that is who 2000 doll is. from American girl storesThere wasn't one that year, It started in 2001(Lindsey Bergman) but Lindsey did so...
I believe that barbies are bad for children because they make children believe that they must have that great figure that a barbie doll has. Because of this perfection girls have become anorexic to fit their body into the size of a barbie dolls, in terms of skiny waist, perfect legs, etc. Besides...
if you are talking about the 1980s ones then you cant find them cause they are rare and WAY to hard to find but if you are talking about the ones from the Squeakquel then i saw some at Toys R Us and theres some on Ebay if you want some and Amazon. I think The Brittany The Chipette pkush is at...
It can be used to solve men's physical needs,it has more popular sex dolls
First of all it's d21. D12 was like an old or pretend real group  with Eminem and some other guys. E rangers from $8 to $20 depending  if she's in good condition or still in the box or not.
How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?
Ben , dave , bob , robert , sand crawler , michael guthrie , mr kippling , ronald , travis , tom , tommy , tommie , tomy , toomie , tomm , mot , keith , lol train , cabbage muncher , ezikiel , adam , mr krabs , squidward etc etc etc etc..........
According to the McDonald's website, the next series will be released late July/early August. The photo shows Alice and the Mad Hatter.
its possible it could be in the second one well if they make a second one but i say no.
Yes you can buy a liv doll from wal-martsince wal-mart has been lowering prices, the ones with the dogs, and the regular ones are both $19.99 in CanadaIm not sure how much they are in the u.sWal-mart also sells liv doll accessories and clothing.
Yes, they do, i tried this with my American Girl doll and my Generation doll.
amazon do all the liv dolls apart from wave 2 and 3 daniela
I think you have to use a hot glue gun or regular glue.If you want a wig or a very cheap doll you can cheack E-Bay
You can use most barbie shoes, or buy some from MimiWoo on eBay. Also Barbie Skipper shoes work :)
I have a yolando bello doll and I was told it is over 20 years old and her name is elizabeth
It's just like a barbie. Execpt you can change their hair by buying Liv Girl wigs and you can change their out fits but they cant wear any other dolls shoes because their feet are much larger. But I usually buy barbie clothes for them because they fit just as well. Hopes this helps! from, smelly :...
I really don't know, BUT, you can audition for a roll on another famous girl magazine called discovery girls
TIFFANY TAYLOR! I still remember the jingle. And if i recall, i remember that she also came equipped with "nipples" and i thought even as a child that that was odd.
Tails Doll is a doll that looks like Tails and has the ability to take control of other people's bodies. He is a very good person when the light above his head is blue, but he's evil when the light above his head is red. So yes youtube videos are right he is evil as they say he is. That is because...
  You get bling at trevor-d.com in Toronto 211 yonge street suite 301 He makes the best bratz bling
See If you and your family are planning a trip to a state where an American Girl Shop is. (Some of the locations are Boston and New York.) Go to www.americangirl.com and click on "Visit" to learn more.
you plug in your usb and it will come up
si despues de comer
Well, they either fix you doll, or replace it.
dallas,atlanta,newyork, chicago
Search for one on "Amazon" or "Ebay"
No. Although they are both considered fashion dolls, Mattel makes Barbie dolls and MGA Entertainment made the Bratz dolls.
Tails Doll is evil because Robotnik made him. Some people thinks Tails Doll is an evil demon, but he is not, Tails Doll is just a badnik doll made by Robotnik in Sonic R.
Barbie dolls are still being sold.
When you talk about "The American Girl Doll Quiz", do you mean the one when you choose what sentence describes you than shows your doll on the screen? Well, the sentence you have to choose is "Likes flowers and gardening". Hope this works!
The Britney Spears "Baby One More Time" is the most successful selling doll of all time.
You can find molly the doll on eBay  and most other places. when i was little i watched it all the time.  now i'm trying to find the original molly the doll some day she  kept it as a keep safe but i think its still out there I'm 13 now  so its kinda babish but i love her and still kinda watch...
1960s: Dolly Darlings, the GI Joe nurse doll 1970s: Love and her friends, Leggy dolls, Charlie's Angels, Blythe 1980s: Jem and her friends, Maxie and her friends 1990s: Sabrina and her friends
I think dolls are not babyish at all. I collect them and I thinkthat they are beautiful, real looking and have a peace about them.As a child I never played with dolls so I think that by collectingthem and truly seeing their beauty on the shelf makes me appreciatethem more. My dolls were giving to me...
Barbie is not for babies. There are small parts and the dolls cancome apart. Barbie dolls are more appropriate for older children, 6 to 12 yearsof age.
there is more if there isn't more for the holidays then that is diffrent but is depends in stores or online stores
They are a doll that you are able to dress up and little girls can have fun with and be happy! They represent a toy or doll that looks like humans that they can express their inner liking for clothing and hair, or just because it is fun.
Which one? There have been five--the Country Camper and the Star Traveler Motor Home in the 1970s, the Rocker tour bus in the 1980s, and the Glamour Camper and the Glam N Jam tour bus from the 2000s. None of them are being made any more. You can check Amazon or eBay on the Internet, or doll shows...
One type is chemically identical to SARAN. but it is shot through a sort of nozzle machine and can be spun or woven. Saran is a type of plastic- used for plastic bags of all sorts.
try this link. http://www.facebook.com/GundamModelsAE
If you are referring that your ag doll HAD curly hair, but now all the curls are gone than here's what to do: get a wire wig brush(american girl brush), a misting bottle and your ag doll(with curly hair; this will only work for dolls with curly hair) first mist the doll's hair with COLD water. Once...
Well, there's Yasmine, Chloe, Jade, Sasha, Dylan, and more.
The 1996 Baywatch Barbie doll came with a dolphin, but it didn't  have a name.   In a Little Golden Book about Barbie called The Big Splash, by  Barbara Slate, copyright 1992, the dolphin's name was Herman.
no, talking to barbies is not normal
Well, it could just mean a doll or figurine made out of glass. Or do you mean something else?
felicity i going acturally on Halloween of 2010 this year if you like her they said they don't have the official day
guys like the way barbies look... if that's what you mean. but do they like to PLAY with barbies? idk unless they're gay... THATS UNTRUE! WHEN MY BROTHER WAS A BABY HE PLAYED WITH THEM! AND HES //FRIEKIN' GAY! if you want a boys appinion ask me ok boys don't like barbie they might like the look of...
the tails doll myth has us believe that he killed a child. but in the games no he hasn't as he was only a one time character in sonic r
Not in any substantive way. There have been numerous studies of the doll claiming that it warps a girl's image of themselves, but ultimately the thing is just a toy. A healthy child will not notice the exaggerated figure of the doll, simply because the child does not have a discrete body image yet....
Yes, they probably will. Little girls will always be growing up and needing dollies to play with.
they are from the 21st centery and that is the centery we are living in so they are probably about 15/16.
As I understand it, Raggedy Ann and Andy were (Plant comrades) in effect brother and sister. This was a common counterfeit love device not confined to children"s stories- it WA used in Ben-Hur under vastly different circumstances, I Guess they didn"t want Boy meets Girl in a religious context.
I'd ban barbie dolls that you can take there clothe off, showing nudity, and its almost just as bad as showing little girls naked woman. like i did, get all the barbies bras and underwear, which are harder to find but safer.
The early Barbie dolls used a variation of Bakelite. It was hard, and the dolls were very durable. Because it was so hard, the dolls had holes in their feet to correspond to a "spike" in the high-heeled shoes that fit on their feet. It kept the dolls' shoes on.
Well, Benny South-Street has a quite large part in the jr. version, but be more specific. do you wanna know about his lines? His Blocking?
in the 70's or early 80's there was a doll called star that was sold with a paper record she was blond and had curly hair and her band was sold separate
To untangle an American girls dolls hair, you need a wire brush. First you lightly mist your dolls hair with a misting spray bottle. Then you gently brush your dolls hair until you gradually get the tangles out. Remember not to pull the hair hard and if you don't get the tangles out, then go to the...
yes she did have a doll
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . Jump to: navigation , search An assortment of worry dolls.. Worry dolls , or trouble dolls , are very small dolls originally made in Guatemala . A person (usually a child) who cannot sleep due to worrying can express their worries to a doll and...
a farmer or other land owner :)
I can't tell you the value of your doll but I can tell you how to find out. Dolls are sold on a secondary market for people who collect them. Books are printed annually listing the values of dolls and other collectibles. Cabbage Patch, the last time I looked, had its own book. Look in the book find...
Many Barbie creators think it is much cuter when Barbies wear short mini skirts
I can't tell you the value, but I can tell you where to look to find it. Collectibles are sold on the secondary market to other collectors. Books are put out annually for the types of collectibles including dolls. The books list the dolls according to maker and then according to the name and date of...
well im think their clothes are too small for moxie/teenz because i have the moxie dolls and liv dolls and by the looks of it they are a little bit too small. ive tried it on my barbies with the regular moxie girls clothes and didnt fit at all but hopefully it will work with the teenz because it...
You can find your own look alike doll here on eBay for pretty cheap. I had a doll made of myself and I had it muscled up and stuff. It was pretty cool. http://cgi.eBay.com/Look-Alike-Dolls-with-Your-Photo_W0QQitemZ180478130077QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2a0555b79d