World War 2

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The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945 and engaged most of Europe and Asia into combat between the Allies and the Axis powers.
Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food andother goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
Most of the American Ships were at their base.
It was a Lockheed Vega 5B:Seven-seat passenger transport version,built for higher gross weight operations with commercial operators.
Yes Edit: Morning reports and rosters for infantry companies are in theNational Archives. You can contact them ( and ask verynicely, and if you are extremely lucky and your request is assignedto a knowledgeable person who feels like exerting the effort, youmight get them to send a copy....
I searched for a roster of the 10 Infantry and the 10th Armored Division in the Battle at Ardennes/Alsace. I could find notations about them but no roster. Perhaps you should contact the 10th infantry or 10 Mountain Infantry at their website or consult the Oxford Military History Companion.
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This is not the place to answer such questions. There is no way to verify these weapons would be made only for fun, or with care sufficient to ensure safety. There are plenty of web pages for that sort of thing, and undoubtedly plenty of government computers watching them and watching out for people...
It was more than one dock. ALL of Pearl Harbor was bombed orotherwise attacked. However, not all of the American Fleet waspresent at the time of the attack. Notably the two US aircraftcarriers were at sea. The main area attacked was called Battleship Row, a mooring alongthe southeast side of Ford...
Victory in Europe......................V-E 1945
The Japanese war with China began in 1937, Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Germany and Japan joined up and then Japan attacked America in 1941 which brought America in to the war who joined the allies.
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
The people who were mainly kept at the concentration camps werejews.
When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
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WWII was the last war in which virtually every US citizen wasexpected to participate, by virtually everyone else (as well as bylaw in most instances). However, the civilian population was notengaged in actually fighting the war, as in the European countrieswhere battles were fought. The war effort...
Lockerbie which is a small town in the Dumfries and Galloway region which is a very small town was bombed on the 21st December 1988. There was no real reason behind the bombing it was simply a terrorist attack. The man who was convicted of it - Abdelbaset Ail Mohmed Al Megrahi - was released on...
Operation Torch was attempted mainly because Joseph Stalin wasdemanding that the allies open up another front against the Nazis.Unfortunately, D-Day was still a year and a half away, so theydecided to ramp up the pressure on their only existing front inEurope - North Africa. And yet, although they...
WWII was almost soley caused by resentment in Germany after WWI.The Treaty of Versailles pretty much screwed over German in 1918.Hitler rose to power because of the anger building up as a result.So in other words, WWII would never have happened(At least the wayit did) if WWI didn't happen. The main...
The Americans dug in to protect themselves. While the Germans would where American uniforms and take prisoners and cause chaos
It could not have, it was a surprise attack
The Battle of Stalingrad was widely viewed as Nazi Germany's firstmajor loss in battle. It marked the end of Germany's seeminglyunstoppable advance and the start of their retreat and eventualsurrender.
554 of the women's army auxiliary corps (WAAC) were promoted towomen's army corps (WAC), they were the first women to go to warother than nurses
They didn't have enough weapons to kill the other war people
It is debatable but the countries occupied by Italy prior to the outbreak of world war 2 were: Austria, Ethiopia, Mongolia, and other parts of Southern Europe and Northern Africa
Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. He wanted to create an world Aryan state.
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Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact .
Seven: Thomas Pelham-Holles, Henry Pelham, James Waldegrave (though only for five days), Charles Watson-Wentworth, Augustus Henry Fitzroy, William Cavendish-Bentinck and John Russell.
The Philippines were occupied by the Japanese Empire.
He was a fanatic, and the only good thing was show how we, as theUnited States, should not stand idly by while millions of innocentpeople in foreign countries are murdered. He massacred so many innocent lives and shocked the world with hiscrimes. Unfortunately, he was never able to pay for his...
Yesf course they can!
the axis power in WW2 were - Germany, Italy, and Japan
No, the United Nations did not exist at the time.
The Germans offered nothing to the US for sinking the Lusitania.German government argued that Lusitania was legitimate militarytarget because it was caring a large amount of ammunition on board,and, besides that was registered or listed as an auxiliary cruiser.And in spite of non-military passengers...
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Romania, Finland, Italy, Albania, Solvakia, Bulgaria, Vichy France,Spain, Yugoslavia, Japan, and other nations fought under Germanyand the Axis powers. There are several nations not listed here.
There were many bases where the WWII US Army trained. With the beginning of the draft in 1940 the Army cranked up its division creating process. Initially the army reckoned it would take 200 divisions to fight the war, but in the end wound up creating about 90. Some of these were National Guard...
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Inger is not a German word, regarding surnames it's a suffix. Family names in Germany developed during the medieval times. At first people had only a first name. In a small village where people knew each other it wasn't much of a problem. But later, when the citys increased and people had to...
They were first evacuted when The Nazi empire rose and bombedLondon in 1940-41. parents sent their children way when the Nazisbombed london thinking they would be safe. They were sent toamerica.
No, the people apart of the Manhattan Project did.
No, she died in the camps.
People go to the Nou Camp which means New Fields just to watch Barcelona play their great football.
Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.
Answer . The Permanent Member of the UN Security Council are:. 1. China. . 2. France. . 3. The Russian Federation. . 4. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. . and . 5. The United States of America
Although the exact figure may never be known, it has been estimated to be 2 million.
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POW camps for the Japanese, but NOT in the Pacific. In the UnitedStates itself were POW camps held. They were for the Japanese whomwere deemed spies for the Japanese government.
All four members of the Frank family in hiding (Anne, Margot, Otto and Edith) were initially sent to Auschwitz from Westerbork. On 30 October 1944 Anne and Margot were transported to Bergen-Belsen, where they both died in March 1945. Edith Frank died at Auschwitz in January 1945, and Otto Frank...
Americans and Japanese
Corporal Black History Month: Lincoln Alexander - Accueil
Nurses, doctors, factory workers, drivers, all of the jobs left behind by service members.
Yes they did. Germany started regular television broadcasts in1935. Although most people didn't own televisions then, they wentto television parlors to watch.
An estimated 50,000 children were kidnapped by the Nazis in Poland.
Russia was capturing it from the Germans.
After the war, there were many Soldiers coming back with no ideawhat they were going to do with their lives. Most thought the warwas going to last a longer time than it did and were not preparedfor coming home and working again. Unfortunately, the militarybranches didn't really teach their men...
I assume you refer to Ongar, which was closed in 1994. It was situated on the Central line, east of Epping (further from central London).
Most countries simply stood by. They didn't interfere until they were drawn into to war, and even then it wasn't for the sake of the Jews but to keep themselves safe.
Yes, there was one.
Alicia Appleman-Jurman is still alive, and is living in Califronia. This answer was written in March 2011.
Tecumseh organized the shawnee and other native americans to _ and_.
About 301,400 Italian Soldiers, which includes 10,000 Africanconscripts, were killed in WWII.
Prinsengracht 267 Amsterdam Netherlands
Europe: 1939 Germany invades Poland 1940 Germany invades France, Belgium, Netherlands; Battle for Britain 1941 Japan attacks Pearl Harbor; Germany invades Russia; Winter Warin Finland 1942 Battle for Stalingrad; Siege of Malta; Battle for MIdway 1943 Germany looses North Africa; Battle for Tarawa;...
Hiroo Onoda was a Japanese Army intelligence officer who was in the Philippines during World War II. He refused to believe that Japan had surrendered to the Allies until being found by a young Japanese tourist in 1974. He only came out of the jungle when he was ordered to do so by his former...
For World War 2 there was Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, DwightEisenhower, Adolf Hitler, Herman Goering, and Douglas MacArthur.
The house she stayed in after the attempt was extremely remote with no roads or tracks leading to it. She survived until 4 or 5 years ago.
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