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Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is best known for her 'Twilight' vampire book series. She has also written books outside of the series including 'The Host.'


because the baby is half vampire and Bella was still human with blood rushing thou her , Renesmee wants blood and Bella still has some in her body.
I would think that some of the main events would be1) Wanda being shipped to Earth2)Melanie showing Memories to wanda3) Mel and Wanda Traveling to find Jared and Jamie4)Seeing Jared and Jamie5)Jared going on a raid6)Wanda starting to fit in7)Kyle hurting Wanda.......and many others like that
"the host is going out on the big screens!''
AS far as I know, Stephanie has written six books except only five has been published. Twilight, New moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and the Host has been published but Mid night sun is only on the Internet.
it came out along time ago man or girl
  Preface   1. Party   2. Stitches   3. The End   4. Waking up   5. Cheater   6. Friends   7. Repetition   8. Adrenaline   9. Third Wheel   10. The Meadow   11. Cult   12. Intruder   13. Killer   14. Family   15. Pressure   16. Paris   17....
she faced nothing if you look on every google site nothing influences stephenie meyer Stephanie Meyer is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Her personal morals influenced the fact that Bella and Edward barely kissed before marriage. As members we practice abstinence...
She has said she had a dream one night and woke up and immediately started writing her dream down, and then it evolved to the series now know as the twilight saga.
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer was published on August 7th, 2007.
She was born December 24 1973, so that would make her 36 years old.
Mike is a friendly boy who has a crush on Bella, though Bella does not have a crush on him.He is described as a cute baby faced boy with dirty blonde hair. His eyes are blue and he is 5'11"
yes...But she writid half and some acter sended and she doesn't write animor
People say she does, but it is not known for sure.
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she had a dream one night about her and a vampire so she wrote it down with different characters and she finished it in her book the first book is what happened in her dream and she added on n the other books in the series
See the link below.   www.stepheniemeyer.com  
Actually, it mind sound weird, but as I know. She had it in a dream. The forest scene in the movie, of Twilight, if you have seen it; was the dream she had. :D
She is the author of several books for young adults.
just go to Stephenie meyer.com and read the whole book there
She was trained to write
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Joyce Meyer's feels dating is fine as long as you know yourself andtake your time getting to know another person. She is marriedherself and gives great advice on what makes a relationship last.
Twilight, New Moon, The Twilight Saga Eclipse, Breaking Dawn [Part 1], & Breaking Dawn [Part 2]
Stephenie Meyer first became famous after Twilight was released in 2005, but people only started to recognize Twilight in 2008 so Stephenie Meyer started fame in the year 2008
Seth (after her brother and a werewolf), Gabe, and Eli! I LOVE TwILIGHT!
baisically, Edward leaves Bella at the beginning of the book, thinking that Bella won't be safe anymore with him. Bella gets heartbroken, and spends some time with her werewolf friend - Jacob Black. She starts to feel much better and then goes to save Edward...I won't tell you the ending
yes because she had a hard book and she also and to combine the movie with the the differint kid of books she read and movies
So far, there isn't anything released about the second Host novel. Stephenie said she was taking a break from writing. She is busy with the Twilight movies.
stephenie meyer has won 8 awards since bein an author
wait for the movie don't spoil it.
She has 3 boys; Gabe (11) ,Seth (8), and Eli (6).
WikiAnswers does not give out personal phone numbers.
Stephenie Meyer, the author of The Twilight Saga, writes books because she feels that it protrays her real feelings for people and life. She thinks that it is a great way to express your ideas. She enjoys writing and has a lot of books, inculding The Twilight Saga and The Host. Many different...
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She got the idea of vampires from a dream
I Read a Book On Stephenie Meyer ! And ThankYou So Much ! She Aint Dead! She Alive ! Writing Twilight And Eclipes And New Moon ! And Breaking Dawn!
Probably about 12 or thirteen because Edward proposes to Bella (not a good influence, teen marriages) . Don't read this if your under 11. Twilight and New moon are fine for like 11+.
He was in the Army as an Intelligence officer in G-2 in the German occupied zone of the ETO. He had access to top secret documents and was once either taken prisoner by the SS men or narrowly escaped. None of this martial background figures in any of his kiddy tales.
It's continuing the series of twilight saga books.. Bella, Edward..... and their story :)
Yes Stephenie Meyer has hobbies. Her hobbies are 1. reading 2. writing 3. listening to music 4. going to concerts
the best place to go is a book store like barns and nobles hurry their selling fast
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I am a PA to Bella Davidovich. She does not have a personal email address but if you need to get in touch with her, you can email me at boudanoque@yahoo.com. Best wishes, Anastasia Boudanoque
Victoria bringing a newborn army to kill Bella, and Edward and the CUllens doing everything they can to stop it. This book also focuses on Bella's choice of either Edward or Jacob, as to which she'll choose to spend the rest of her life with.
Probably Wanderer/Melanie, don't you think? :P
So far Stephenie Meyer has written eight books and has two upcoming books. Of course she has written the Twilight series(Twilight,New Moon, Eclipse, The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner, Breaking Dawn). She has also written Hell on Earth and The Host. The to upcoming books are The Soul and The...
Yes, she has a husband, Christian, known as Pancho, who she married in 1994, and 3 boys, Gabe, Seth, and Eli, ages 11, 8, and 6. no girls.
Not origionally although she did enjoy writing. She didn't plan to write any novels until after a dream she had. It was the scence in the meadow when Edward finally confurms to Bella that he is a vampire. Meyer was so intreged by the dream she didnt want to lose it so she started to write it down....
Like, Jacob in the old testament Bible? Well, he wasn't a prophet, but he is considered one of the fathers of ancient Israel. I believe the Bible only mentions his brother Esau. This would be in Genesis if you wanted to look for yourself.
Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Alice Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Charlie Swan, Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Emily Young, Mike Newton, Angela Weber, Jessica Stanley, Victoria, Laurent, The Volturi,...
I read somewhere that there's going to be an open casting call in San Antonio, Texas, but i don't know when or where. Also, on acting411.blogspot.com, it says that headshots and resumes can be sent to here: Extras Casting (Los Angeles): Brandi S. HawkinsCentral Casting220 S. Flower St.Burbank, CA...
Twilight The Twilight Graphic Novel: Author: Stephenie MeyerNumber Of Pages: 224
Stephanie Morgan Meyer was married to her husband Christian Meyerin 1994. Although there is no generally available age information,he is likely the same age as Stephenie or a year older (born 1972or 1973). * not to be confused with the German Olympic cyclist of the samename, born 1969.
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Stephenie Meyer loves Selena Gomez and is ok with Justin beiber. others i am not sure of.
She currently has an Edward perspective rewrite of Twilight, Midnight Sun, which is on hold due to an internet leak. Other than that, it is presently unknown if she working on anything else.
two major ones are wanderer trying to survive in company of the humans, and attempting to love and be loved by the right people. later on the conflict is wanderer giving her live for her beloved humans knowing many will hate losing her and will try to stop it.
Well actually I know this (because I am a TWILIGHT Edward and biggest fan freak) that Stephanie Meyer dreamed the books so the books were Stephanie's dreams then she woke up and wrote her dream thoughts down. :)
loves to read, write, spend time with her family, and drive around in her car.
no one inspired her to become a writer she woke up from a very vivid dream about and average girl and a extraordinary boy sitting in a meadow she didn't want to forget this dream so she wrote it down and started to add more in as she went along if you want the full version this is the websitehttp:/...
 The book explores the depth of love and how devastating it can be when a relationship ends. Another theme is immortality (the dilemma Bella and Edward face over whether to make her a vampire or not)    The Twilight Series is AWESOME and New Moon (the second book) sets up the love triangle...
62 including the prologue and the epilogue
She was born in Hartford, Connecticut and her parents were Stephen and Candy Morgan. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. She had 5 siblings called Seth, Emily, Jacob, Paul and Heidi.She went to Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona and went on to go to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and...
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No. He does not die in Breaking Dawn, he imprints on Renesmee and hopes to live his entire life with Renesmee
Nope, it is awesome and probably the second most entertaining.
Ahmed Ben Bella was born on December 25, 1918.
No. The Host is a independent book that has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga.
  Sometime in august. The web site says August 2. But I'm not sure when in Malaysia.
  Yes, it does :]   Yes, it does :]
Her husband real name is Christian but people call him Pancho
your local library does have each book in the saga. You could also buy the book or look for it online for free.
It is called th short second life of bree tanner. She is the new born in Eclipse that Carlisle spares but the volturi dont like it. If you want me to elaborate please let me know. p.s if anyone thinks twilight is awesome put a exclamation mark under this sentence. ! I heard that she has another...
First off, we are not allowed to give any IM, emails, etc. here unless they are publicly released. Luckily, Stephanie does not have any email or IM open to the public. This is said on her website. She does not have a fanmail/IM because she is so busy writing books that she does not want to have to...
She rarely writes on her site. Her brother Seth is the one who usually does the updates so the real question is why hasnt HE been updating the site.
There is no offical date out there yet for The Soul, The first place you might see the offical release date is at Stephanie Meyer's website called www.stephaniemeyer.com
By writing the Twilight Saga.