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Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh who ruled Ancient Egypt. She committed suicide after losing the Battle of Octavia. Her liaisons with popular Roman figures Julius Caesar and Mark Antony are taken to be proof of her beauty and sexual appeal.
Free trade, but only to a limited number of Marc Antony's cronies. Otherwise, Cleopatra did very little for the world. It was not her concern. All she worried about was Egypt and keeping what she had. The taxes on ships using Alexandria's harbor and also on the goods that they brought, were just a...
Cleopatra basically did, but she was also helped by A man. She did rule an army of men in her position. She was a ruler, because she killed her brother. So yes she was a ruler, I'm pretty sure, but look it up incase.
Cleopatra VII's family came from Greece. She married a roman general and became the queen of Egypt. P.S... Soz if it's not so great as the other answers.
It was Cleopatra. In actual fact, this was apower play on Cleopatra's part. She became the lover of the mostpowerful man in Rome to avert the possibility of a Roman invasionof Egypt. The affair was also an alliance between Egypt and the manwho dominated Roman politics. Had the Romans decided to...
They felt that Cleopatra's father, Ptolemy XII, did not have a legitimate claim or right to the throne.
he was stabbed to death by rivals in politics and even friends in politics who wanted his job.
Cleopatra was the last independent queen of ancient Egypt. She died by committing suicide by some type of poison, or as modern research is saying, by a combination of three poisons.
all i know is that she came from a family of Macedonian Greeks. there family was ruling Egypt so she must be from Egypt. that's why she she is the queen of Egypt.
Egypt, tomb, bandages, coffin, and pyramid are associated with a mummy.
she walked in the garden,read scrolls in library,perhaps she simply chatted
Here is a list of things Cleopatra loved: her pet lepord, herprivate house by the sea, writing, her physician Olympus, learningabout her people, talking with her slave girl, Julius Caesar, markAntony, and probably parts of her family. Unfortunately, the above answer is strictly from some fiction...
Cleopatra VII married Mark Antony , Ptolemy XIII , and Ptolemy XIV . She had a child with Julius Caesar (Caesarion), but she never married him. she also had three children with Mark Antony : Cleopatra Selene , Alexander Helios (twins), and Ptolemy Philidelphus .
her fathers name was ptolemy XI.
Cleopatra's family was descendant from Ptolemy one of Alexander the Great's generals. That's why all the males in the dynasty had the name Ptolemy. Her immediate family consisted of her father, Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra V, who may or may not have been her mother, three sisters and two brothers. Her...
Cleopatra was born on May 27th I couldn't figure out which year she was born on, but a good search engine to research that is Jade. If you want to find out just go to and it will bring you to the search engine. Sorry for any inconvenience. Your one and on Elizabeth Dawn Joy Swallow. I love...
He reign started somewhere aroud 51 BC, but she was overthrown by her brother and was not firmly established on the throne until 47 BC.
Cleopatra wasn't queen of a state she was queen of Egypt.
Anthony and Cleopatra is a tragedy.
We don't know because we don't know who Cleopatra's mother was. There is only speculation about her mother, but no hard facts.
yes Cleopatra VII was very pretty
Cleopatra is perhaps the most well-known female pharaoh of Egypt.Thesis statements could include her affair with Marc Antony, or herpolitical prowess. A thesis could also talk about her death.
Cleopatra and Marc Antony were two self-centered individuals. Each one used the other for their personal gain and their personal advancement. Cleopatra needed Antony's power and Antony needed Cleopatra's money. That was the core of their alliance and relationship.
Cleopatra committed suicide. Just exactly how we don't know. It's suspected that she took a poison of some kind. There is a myth that she killed herself by being bitten by an asp (cobra), but this is just a story with no truth in it. There actually is some evidence. When they had finally caught...
No one knows where Marc Antony or Cleopatra are buried. It is highly likely that Octavian (later known as Augustus) had them both buried together in an un marked grave somewhere in or around Alexandria. Archaeologists are currently digging in Egypt to attempt to locate their last resting place.
Cleopatra knew 9 languages: Egyptian(also known as Coptic), Greek,Roman, Syrian, Hebrew, Ethiopian, Persian, Aramaic, and Arabic.
It was an egyptain tradition.
Cleopatra is always shown as beautiful not short and fat, but youhave to remember that the statues of all Egyptian rulers werestylized and only the face gives us clues as to who they were, ifthere is no inscription. However there is some evidence that shewas a bit on the hefty side. A Dr. Martin...
Ptolemy XII and Cleoptra X
Cleopatra became Queen of Egypt because her family was a dynasty.She ruled alongside her father at first, then with her brothers,and lastly, by herself.
No one knows. All they know is that he drowned in the Nile. As soon as he died, Cleopatra became queen, so she most certainly had the motive. We'll never find out if she did or didn't because there is no factual evidence to prove that she did anywhere in the world.
Cleopatra was not a strong leader. She was entirely dependent upon Rome for her very existence. She had no army or any type of military protection, except that given to her by Rome. That is the reason that she had to use her personality to manipulate Caesar and Antony into becoming her protectors.
Cleopatra lived in luxury in Egypt with her 5 siblings. She ate thebest foods, had very fine clothing, attended the most distinguishedceremonies and banquets. She had her own personal tutor, whomtaught her to speak six different languages.
By 100 B.C., the largest city in the Mediterranean world was Alexandria, which Alexander the Great had founded in Egypt.
First they joined together to defeat Julius Ceasar's assassins. Then they split the empire between them and eventually faced off against each other.
Cleopatra's life was far from privledged. She lived a sheltered life and had a childhood disease rare at the time. Her and her family moved around some and she was very distant from society. It wasn't until she broke free from her mothers control that she developed into the leader her father had...
Well she loved Marc Antony but after he took the cowards way out and killed himself she was taken prisoner by Octavian, later Cesar Augustus who turned the roman republic into the roman empire. I do not know if she was ever married, I doubt it though
Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh because after her death, Egypt lost its independence and became a province of Rome and was ruled by the Romans under Roman law. Her children were not allowed to rule Although her daughter became a queen by her marriage to king Juba, she did not rule in Egypt.
Cleopatra followed the Egyptian religion and even presented herself as the New Isis.
nice, rich, good to people, called the daughter of Ra ( the sun God), status of her looking like Isis, paid for old ruined temples to be rebuilt, "Queen of the Nile," beautiful, likes festivals.
Her brother Ptolemy XII
she sent spies to
because she was the most powerful and the last Pharaoh of Egypt
Cleopatra only had two husbands and they were her brothers. Ptolemy XIII would have been her first husband before she took up with Marc Antony.
The Roman Civil War (Final War of the Roman Republic), started by a disagreement between former political allies Octavian and Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony), ended at the Battle of Actium (September 2, 31 B.C.). It was the final decisive battle between the Roman forces of Octavian and the combined...
They were defeated in the battle of Actium by Octavian.
pretty good he just won the dead mans lotto nahh i keed if you mean who is cleopatras father's name was Ptolemy XII. He had a nickname "Auletes" which meant "flute player"
Cleopatra is assumed to have died by some type of poison. However we don't know what kind, or how she did it. There is a myth that she died by a snakebite, but that is only a myth.
It is believed that Cleopatra was born in January of 69 BC.
She didn't make the world a better place, in fact sh added to its turmoil by her greed and her meddling in her neighbors' business. She caused a costly war between the Nabatean Arabs and Herod and, though her manipulation of Antony, had eyes on the kingdoms to the east of Egypt and some say even...
no she wasent she was a very royal and good queen Actually that is very wrong not be mean she was very cruel and mean in some ways she was just basicly evil and devilsh. But in some was she was royal and a good queen but in most days she manipulated people.
There were many famous pre-17th century women, such as Julia Augusta (Livia), Eleanor of Aquitaine, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and Isabella of Spain.
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it should be the great naval battle in 32bc It was the Battle of Actium in 31 .
She was born in Alexandria, which was at the time was the learning capital of the world, and was the daughter of the king Ptolemy XII, also called Auletes, which means "flute player". Her mother is unknown, but historians assume it was Cleopatra V, a cousin or sister of her father. By the time...
Cleopatra had three sons, Caesarion, Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphius.
Cleopatra's largest obstacle was Octavian. She had ambitions to rule in Rome but did not know the character of the Roman people. Octavian personified Roman character, ambition and determination. He was an obstacle that she could not overcome.
she was touttered for accedently killed a cat
Yes. Cleopatra like all royals moved with a group of bodyguards and attendants at all times.
The son that Cleopatra claimed was Julius Caesar's son was officially named, Ptolemy XV Caesar Theos Philopater Philometor, (Father Loving, Mother Loving God) He is known in history as Caesarion.
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Cleopatra had herself wrapped in either a mat, rug, or laundry bag and delivered to Caesar's quarters.
Yes they entered Rome in silver clothing.
Cleopatra had 7 brothers and married 3 of them.
the play Anthony and Cleopatra lasted for 13 hours long!!!
Octavian/Augustus died of natural causes at the age of 77. According to the ancient writers, he caught a chill which turned to a fever. Today we could possibly say he died of pneumonia.
One version of the crucial Battle of Actium has indicated that at best there was a miscommunication between the forces of Antony and Cleopatra. The Greek historian Plutarch wrote that Antony became infuriated at his war partner Cleopatra, when she had withdrawn her troops and warships to Alexandria...
he was ten when they got married...she was 18
If you mean how Cleopatra got her country out of debt, it was by heavy taxation. She also more than likely used the revenues from the ruler's private source of income, which was the papyrus trade and the wheat trade. There were also import and export taxes plus harbor taxes. she had multi ways of...
It depends. Which Legion, and what kind of condition that coin is in determines its selling price. Some, with details, features and devices that are weak and worn smooth my fetch up to $100.00. However, their worth as a wonderful "day's pay" for a soldier can only be determined by a buyer and a...
None. Cleopatra was not a builder.
i think that he died of having heavy armour with somebody trew him in the nile riverand he sunk [drowned] to the bottom of the nile river also ptolemy [his name] was fifteen [15].
Yes, two of the main languages to use derivatives of the name Caesar were the Russian Czar and the German Kaiser.
the younger brother she married was 11 at the time of their marriage
she rolled her self in a rug and was delivered to Julius ceaser
no, Cleopatra dearly loved her father... her older sister Tryphaena, supposely killed her first father..
Cleopatra helped Alexandria, Egypt get out of all the debt that her father Auletes put the town in. Plus, she allowed Alexandrian merchants to improve trading and businesses.
It is regarded as the greatest of the Hellenistic cities.
she lived in the palace as a princess and spent her time mostly in The Grand Gardens Of Egypt
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Actually yes she was assassinated by the creed is assassins. The assassins took an asp snake and held it to Cleopatra and the snake killed her from venom toxins.
Her older sister was killed by her father. Her younger sister, Arsinoe, was killed by Marc Antony's orders at Cleopatra's insistance.
If you mean suicide, Cleopatra killed herself because she could not face the disgrace of being humiliated in Octavian's triumph in Rome.
Cleopatra's and Mark Antony's twins were called Cleopatra Selene II, and Alexander Helios.
If you mean as a burial chamber , the answer is no. In her period and she was really a Greek Regent, a provincial governor of a Greek Province, The pyramids were not actively used as current tombs or temples though it is of course conceivable they had landmark status like , to give a very rough...
We know absolutely nothing factual about Cleopatra's early life or childhood. We assume that she had the normal childhood and early life of a royal princess. Anything said about her early life is speculation on the part of the writer. Cleopatra herself, first appears in history as a grown woman of...
Definitely not! She murdered a brother and sister and it was only by a stroke of luck that she didn't have to murder her other brother.