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Iron Age

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Characterized by the introduction of iron metallurgy, the Iron Age is the period in cultural development which succeeded the Bronze Age. It was the final technological and cultural state in the Three-Age System of the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age.
The Tollund Man was discovered when two men, Viggo and Emil Hojgaard, were digging peat. They first found his head, then they called the police, who then dug up his entire body, and to this day, it is still talked about.
how long did tollund man live for please tell me because i want to know its my homework and i need that ansew quickly for school please do what i say please
The reason these metals and alloys had ages named after them was because of their importance in making weapons and tools.Copper alone was not much good for making swords because it is too soft. Copper swords kept bending. You can't fight with a bent sword.Tin on its own was too brittle. Tin swords...
It is believed he did but no one can be sure. it is a story that  the neck ring was a present to the goddess of spring
As the Celts spanned the majority of Western Europe before the Romans took their land and intergrated them into their empire (with varying degrees of success), they would have been aware of certain items that could be used as seasoning. Certainly they would have used salt as a preservative for meats...
Iron has it's roots in the Proto-Indo-European *h₁ésh₂r̥ meaning  "blood", so named because of it's tendency toward a red color when  smelted and due to rusting. It's chemical symbol Fe comes from it's  Latin name ferrum.
There was a cord wrapped around his , this was used to strangle him.
The excavation was essentially done by Grethe Hojgaard who initially found him. No idea on how long it took thought to fully get him out.
The Maasai Mara is a large game reserve located in Kenya. The  reserve is named after the Maasai people who inhabit southern Kenya  and Northern Tanzania.
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the iron age began in 1200 bc
most of the iron got used then
The cathac is the oldest existing irish manuscript of the Psalter
Most likely an adze, which is a type of ancient hand plow, used for tilling the earth for planting.
lindow man was found in 1984 by men digging in a peat bog in northern England 
When iron became cheap enough to replace bronze.
  hammers     chisels     axes     pickaxes     arrow heads  
There is no exact answer to this question. Different areas of Europe entered the Iron age at different dates. A general guide is: Central Europe: from c. 800BC Northern and Western Europe: from c. 600BC Southeast Europe: from c. 900bc
sulphur is found at the top of match sticks (the little red circle)
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The Phoenicians lasted quite a while, and well into the Iron Age, so they doubtless had iron weapons.
how did the use of iron change peoples lives
stone age came first, then bronze age Put the materials used by chinese artist in order from earliest to most recent !. Earthenware ceramics 2. Silk garments 3. Painted hand scrolls4. porcelain
While the Celtic societies were basically patriarchal, women of ability could do anything a man could. Women ruled, were warriors, Druids, and bards. Furthermore women ran the schools that trained the warriors.Average women were protected by many laws and had may rights. They could divorce, own...
He is most known in Denmark, as he was found there, 60 metres from solid ground which is highly unusual. Plus he was found with a rope around his neck so people thought he was either hung or straggled to death.
they recycled it to make weapons and stuff.
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He is 5000 years old.
Americans did not know much about other parts of the country
In my history book it says 'The feudal estate and basic economic unit was called the manor. At its heart was usually a manor house or castle. Most of the population of the manor was made up of common people who farmed and performed other tasks as well. There were two types of farmers. Those who paid...
mostly they would have been farmers ,but some people would be called upon to fight for their master.
running,wrestling,and javelin throwing.
Yes. What the druids practised can be classified as a Pagan religion/belief system.
well the iron age helped citizens gain power in Greece because iron weapons where made so they could protect themselves and they could hunt and so they thought they gained power..
Schools have existed at least as far back as the bronze age...prior to the iron age. But there is little similarity between those early schools and the ones we have today. Back then, education was available only to wealthy families who didn't need to labor in the fields to survive, and schools were...
The Iron Age people did not disapear. First they stopped making more children, second, they worshipped mother earth and sacrificed their lifes for her because they believed if they don't sacrifice their lives she would not listen to them and they would starve to death.
They recycled it to make new weapons and tolls such as knives, swords, arrows and shields.
Type your answer here... 3500 age
They were allowed to take part of business and they participated in sports and were well educated they also stayed home to work like cook dinner do laundry and clean.
None they were probably just good and too innocent to know anything- coz it was ages and ages and ages ago - History is a Mystry
iron tools enabled farmers to grow more food
It made weapons availible to not only the military, but to pretty  much everyone which caused uprisings.
They began to evolve 600,000 years ago, reaching full development 130,000 years ago. They died out 27,000 years ago.
they lived in the iron age.
the discovery of iron lead to changes in sosiotie with new tools and items to use in there every day life. this is the history and ect. A thousand years before the age of empires in Rome and Greece, the Iron Age was ushered into the world with the clank and clatter of the blacksmith's anvil.The...
it can affect the technology because of the gravity of earth
No, the artifact has to have carbon in it. In other words, you can't date rock, ceramics, etc with C-14 dating.
tollund Man had several injuries. He had a broken collar bone and a swift cut running along his arm.
  Try this link; encyclopedia.com/doc/1E1/-/IronAge.html
They were stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters.
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Bronze was first used to make tools because it has a lower melting  point then iron. With the development of higher temperature  smelting techniques, however, people could make iron more easily  than before. Iron is a stronger metal than bronze, but the two  metals weigh about the same. People...
Carved stone requires more heat to melt than metal Depending on which era you are talking about; metal workers either used dirt holes in the ground or carved surfaces of rock with hollow bowl shaped indentations Doing it in dirt obviously produced very low quality metal Some also used thick...
i belive that it would have been made origenaly from bronze could you let me know if i'm wrong.thanks gerry dyson
Because their life revolved around war. There was a political king, and a war king at all times, and the war king could have easily had the political king killed he wanted to. It wouldn't have a happy ending, but it was certainly a big possibility. The war kings weren't exactly known for their...
It is difficult to imagine our world without iron and it's useful counterparts, steel and cast (pyg) iron. How we eat, how we travel, how we communicate, would all be different. Vastly different. To give you some idea, our world would be less different if we didn't have plastic. I'm not sure the...
He was sacrificed to the goddess of spring.
It is the age of where men sttarted using iron in their weapons,  ex: A dagger in Egypt.
discovering some weapons with the new metals (invention on the Iron age).
They just did! You know IRON spears, IRON arrows, and with..........snares.
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We do still use aqueducts. An aqueduct is nothing more than a water pipe. We get our water to our homes by water pipes, so in effect we are still using them. If you are meaning the ancient Roman aqueducts, some of them or parts of them are still in use today for irrigation and industrial purposes....
The Lindow Man was killed in his mid-20's after being strangled, hit on the head and having his throat cut after having one last, burnt meal.   lindow man sacrificed himself for the pleasure of the gods
They spread colonies around the Mediterranean too, but they did itby seizing land rather than trade.
The ancient Britons
possibly, roman generals spectated when visiting the area that criminals were hung by the neck and thrown in swamps
people had the right to trade things with other colonies
When people speak in tounges, they make noises with their nouth andit is their own language they use to talk to God.
Food was cooked by means of fire. There were fireplaces, stoves, and ovens that all worked by means of fires, usually based on wood or coal (natural gas was not utilized during the iron age). There are still places in the world in which dried animal dung is burned as fuel.
Is there any particular reason why they might be underground? Iron Age man tended to live in what was actually a fairly comfortable home built firmly on top of the ground.
The Roman empire ruled Egypt in the second century AD. The Roman empire ruled Egypt in the second century AD. The Roman empire ruled Egypt in the second century AD. The Roman empire ruled Egypt in the second century AD. The Roman empire ruled Egypt in the second century AD. The Roman empire...
The Danish archaeologist Christian Thomsen (1788-1865) introduced  the concept of the three age systems based on the ages of tools,  weapons, and other artifacts found at archaeological sites.
Bread dates back at least to the prior Bronze and Neolithic Ages when agriculture was established and grain produced, a rough estimate would be around 10,000 BC. Iron Age people would be aware of the process by their time.
They didn't "die out". They're the same people as we are. We've been the same people since the stone age. see related question below.
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There were a few schools the rich could go to and a chuch wich helps you read and write
Boudicca was defeated by the Romans because she had no control over her so-called army and no battle plan. Although Boudicca's forces greatly outnumbered the Romans, they were easily defeated, or perhaps slaughtered would be a better word. The bottom line is: Boudicca had a mob; the Romans had an...
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why were the primitive society called the iron age