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European Union

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An organization of economic and political union of some of the countries of Europe.
The EU. . ' . +++ . Those are its initials. It was formerly the EuropeanEconomic Community (EEC) , sometimes shortened to EC, but itsfull title now is the cumbersome, European Union of the Citiesand Regions . (Notice what's missing?). . ' . When Britain was seeking affiliation, the then-Prime...
British overseas posts are a frequently forgotten part of the British state, yet they play an important role in domestic British politics and foreign policy. This paper, while providing analysis of the current overall role and structure of HM Diplomatic Service, will concentrate mainly upon the work...
Opinion is divided and there are many advantages and disadvantages commonly listed by different groups. Some of the advantages include:- European Common Market - free trade within the European Union. Some argue that free trade in the EU can be achieved through the EFTA, but members of the EFTA must...
The country has to swear allegiance to Europe and agree to help it prosper and help other nations. Im not completely sure that the country has to be in Europe specifically.
Slovenia, Croatia, Boznia-Hertzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia andMacedonia were parts of Yugoslavia.
Yes. France is part of the EU and has been for quite a while.
No. It was one of the first members. Croatia joined on the 1st ofJuly 2013 and it is the newest member.
May 1, 2004 No its the 8th of MAY 2004
The Netherlands has the highest standard of living in the EU.
Non-members of EU . Albania . Andorra . Belarus . Bosnia-Herzegovina . Gibraltar (UK territory) . Guernsey . Iceland . Isle of Man (UK territory) . Jersey (UK territory) . Liechtenstein . Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of) . Moldova . Monaco . Montenegro . Norway . Russia . San Marino ....
France was an original member of the European Union and joined on July 23rd, 1952.
999-8'/'9Home of the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom has produced many great scientists and engineers including Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. The father of modern economics, Adam Smith, was a Scot. English literature has produced an endless stream of poets, dramatists, essayists and...
* Bulgarian-Европейския съюз/ Evropeĭskiya sŭyuz * Czech-Evropská unie * Danish- * Dutch-Europese Unie * English- European Union * Estonian-Euroopa Liit * Finnish- Euroopan Unioni * French- l'Union d'Europeenne * German-Europaische Vereinigung * Greek-Evropaiki Enosi *...
== Confusion! ==   West Germany was one of the original founder members of the European Economic Community (EEC) when it was set up in 1957.   It looks to me as if you're confusing West Germany and Austria! The country that joined in 1995 was Austria. During the Cold War Austria was pledged to...
Answer Britain has been a member of the EU and its predecessors, including the KJC, continuously since1973.
No, San Marino is not a member of the European Union.
No, they are not a recognized member of the European Union.
after one year.sure 2011 \\1\\1   Answer 2 It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
Regional Integration of Political and Economic Systems
Germany (81,757,595 as of Eurostat 01-01-10)
The Netherlands were one of the original European Union members. They were officiall members of the EU on July 23rd, 1952.
Denmark officially joined the European Union on January 1st, 1973.
Hungary was invited to join the EU on March 31st, 1994, and officially joined on May 1st, 2004.
No, Bosnia uses the Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark.
kindness of heart  a characteristic that makes her different from others   That Is So True!   And Clever, Too.
Yes Ireland is part of the European union.
The EU is just the European Union. Any countries of Europe can apply to receive EU membership if they qualify. The EU (or Euro) zone is the collection of member countries which share the currency the Euro. The Euro is now compulsory for all EU members, except the UK and Denmark which have opted out...
Yes, Greece uses the Euro.
It is an organisation consisting of 27 different countries. Together they have a large trading capacity.
Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It's the country's largest city and its center for business, culture and government. Additionally, it's a world center for shipping and maritime activities.
It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
The European Parliament meets and debates in public. Its members meet for one week a month Elections take place every five years.
The only African nation not in the African Union is Morocco.
No, I think it's too far south into Africa to be considered European.
Yes. Estonia joined in 2004.
because they were made in the same year
The main 5 aims of the EU and what they are trying to achieve: trade, free movement, to give justice, equality, greener Europe/environmentally friendly.
Albania Tirana Andorra Andorra la Vella Armenia Yerevan Austria Vienna Azerbaijan Baku Belarus Minsk Belgium Brussels Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Bulgaria Sofia Croatia Zagreb Cyprus Nicosia Czech Republic Prague Denmark Copenhagen Estonia Tallinn Finland Helsinki France Paris ...
the eu started in 1957 and since then 27 countries have joined the eu.hope this helps! <3 :-)
President Kwaniewski lead Poland in its drive to become part of a  broader European community when he made peace with the United  States.
Well,The public voted know to joining the EU!The EU would not agree with the supporting the farmers.
A UK passport holder does not need a Schengen visa. A UK passport holder is also an EU citizen and can travel freely to all EU and Schengen countries without a visa. He/she can also live and work freely in any other EU country. The only time you might need a visa is if you wanted to live and work...
Maghreb means west. The countries of the Maghreb region of Northwest Africa (which is sometimes called Maghrib)are Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and Mauritania. Traditionally the geographical region included only Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya. The Arab Mahgreb Union of 1989 included...
21 COUNTRIES Australia,Brunei, Darussalam Canada.Chile People's Republic ofChina Hong Kong, China Indonesia,Japan Republic of Korea Malaysia.Mexico New Zealand Papua New Guinea Peru The Philippines Russia Singapore Chinese Taipei Thailand The United States Viet Nam
It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
Yes, Definitely. The European Union (EU) it gives Austria advantages on growth, trades, and their culture.
1) You must, as a country, eschew freedom; 2) You must, as a country, accept being subservient to the UN;3) You must, as a subject of a country with no cultural foundation or self-respect, expect and accept the erasure of your heritage.
  * to reduce barriers to trade  * to increase cooperation for improving working conditions in North America  * to create an expanded and safe market for goods and services produced in North America  * to establish clear and mutually advantageous trade rules  * to help develop and expand...
No, but it has applied to join.
All the members of the European Union are European countries. Not all European countries are members. There are no countries in it that are not from Europe. However, Turkey, which is mainly in Asia, having just a very small part of it in Europe is currently a candidate for admission. For a country...
It is now 2012, and Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.
No, it is not a member.
Edward Heath negotiated the United Kingdom's entry into the European Common Market in 1973. When the Labour party came to power in 1974 they decided to have a national referendum on the issue, which happened in 1975. The British public voted to remain in the common market.   The Conservative...
Yes. England and the rest of the UK joined the European Union on 1 November 1993 when the Treaty on European Union (otherwise known as the Treaty of Maastricht) came into force. No country could have joined before November 1993 as the European Union did not exist till the Treaty on European Union...
1 could be Europeans can move around freely within the European Union and therefore seek for jobs in other countries than there own
The Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, and Dutch all influenced the Guianas.
It is in the European Union. It does not use the Euro, which is probably what you mean. Only 16 of the 27 members of the European Union use the Euro. The others use their own currencies.
Probably because centuries ago, the Europeans' ancesotrs owned castles and had a high caste status, thus giving them the privilege to name their home something grand like Castle Higorria or something. Since naming your house isn't illegal, many Europeans choose to name them.
No! Communism is an economic system in which all property is shared among all people.
Yes, it is part of the EU.
No, they are not, along with the Soviet states which have territories located in Europe, such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova , Azerbaijan and Georgia.
No, Switzerland is not in the EU. The Swiss have sworn not to ally themselves with any country, including their European neighbours.
France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg constitute the "Inner Six" countries, the founder countries of the European Coal and Steel Community, the predecessor of European Union. Then, the UK, Denmark and Ireland joined in 1973, the first enlargement. Norway had also completed...
Originally the European Union was a treaty organization for the purpose of doing away with tariffs on coal and steal. It added other commodities. Gradually, it became a confederation with suggested laws for all its members. Some taxes applied to some members and some to all members. It is slowly...
Tatars are the second largest ethnic group in Russia after Russians. Tatars can, however, be said to be largest minority ethnic group in Russia. Sometimes, when talking about "ethnic groups" or "ethnic population" people exclude the majority population from consideration. Only in that sense can...
The last I had heard, the European Union refused to allow Greece to leave. It is my understanding that Greece wants out to help recover it's economy. Greece is not going to be kicked out of the EU simply because its economy is failing. Greece is not the only EU member with strong economic problems....
Italy takes the most money out of the EU and spends it on new roads and stuff
The European Union ( EU ) is an economic and politicalunion of 28 member countries which are located in Europe. The members are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,...
Italy Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Germany France UK Rep of Ireland Sweden Denmark Spain Portugal Poland Latvia Lithuania Estonia Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Malta Cyprus Greece ...and there's a couple more I haven't recalled, because there are 25 countries. Switzerland...
Denmark is ranked as the best country to migrate to that is a part of the European Union. Denmark has a large income, low unemployment, high standard of living, and it is also ranked as the happiest country in the world. Denmark also has no financial problems, with zero debt at a national level.
The EU never finished. It is still very active today with 28 member countries. It is a major power of the world.
Its agreements call for the elimination of tariffs and other trade restrictions among members and the establishment of uniform tariffs for nonmembers. The EEC also encourages common standards for food additives, labeling, and packaging. The combined gross national product of the EEC is nearly equal...
The Treaty on the European Union or the Maastricht Treaty
As of 2012, Cyprus still has no date for joining the Schengen Area.