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Bridges and Tunnels

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A bridge is a link between two places, such as over a river, a road or a depression, that caters to pedestrians and/or vehicles. A tunnel is an underground link between two places, often underneath a riverbed, for pedestrians and/or vehicles.
Tower rbidge.No it isn't. Tower Bridge is a different bridge altogether and London Bridge doesn't have another name.
The Bridge was built by 10 different prime contractors and theirsubcontractors.
The U.S war department initially objected the construction of the  Golden Gate Bridge because it feared that Navy ships could be  trapped in and plans to build a net under the span as a suicide  deterrent are being considered5
If you are talking about the balsa wood then you just need to just  the wood into necessary parts of the suspension bridge.Download  pictures of suspension bridge and then carve out the lower part  with roads and put holes on the sides of the flat wood for lower  part.Then make the towers to...
It was dug by two teams working from both ends around 9th or 8th  century BCE. It was not an enlargement of an existing tunnel, but  is an aquaduct that provides water to Jerusalem from the Gihon  Spring. At the time, this was a defensive measure to provide water  to the city. It is about 533...
The  maximum bending moment is located at the point where shear is  zero. This occurs because shear is the mathematical derivative of   bending moment, and the  maximum bending moment occurs when its derivative (i.e. Shear)  is zero.
A Kelvin bridge (as well called a Kelvin double bridge and in some  countries a Thomson bridge) is a measuring instrument used to  measure unknown electrical resistors below 1 ohm. It is  specifically designed to measure resistors that are built as four  terminal resistors.
London St Pancras International station   The chunnel services once operated from Waterloo, however in 2009 St Pancras International was opened and all services were relocated.   see: http://stpancras-international.co.uk   London Stratford International station   Stratford International...
Lloyd Bridges graduated from Petaluma High School, Petaluma, CA in 1931.
A hybrid bridge is a device with four branches  that are systematically arranged in a way that input signal is  equally divided between the adjacent branches. These are also known  as hybrid junction or hybrid tee. 
They summoned power from their ancestors. The power of the Japanese heritage can overcome most challenges that a mortal man can face.
  Sydney harbor bridge is not for sale yet. neither is the Opera house
The original London Bridge was built by the Romans nearly 2000  years ago and was the first place that they came to where the river  was narrow enough to build a bridge.
The Lincoln Tunnel is an approximately 1.5-mile-long set of threetunnels under the Hudson River, connecting Weehawken, New Jerseyand Midtown Manhattan, New York City, in the United States
On the first day of opening of Bridge, a total of 1800 vehicles and  150,300 people crossed it
Maybe Angel Island or if its small Alcatraz....
no they don't because there only of the city not the bridges.
It is technically classified as suspension bridge, which uses a  hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge design.
based on simple math i have estimated that there are approximately 2.5 million tiles in the long tube of the Holland tunnel. how did i do this? well the answer is simple.the tunnel is 8,558 feet long. each tile is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. wile driving through the tunnel i counted that each...
without stopping it would take approximately 1 hour
According to Yale University's online material, below: "Sound bridges can lead in or out of a scene." The bridge is built for continuity -- the sound from one scene is carried into the adjoining scene. For example: A boy sits in a park, watching his dog play in the autumn leaves, and the sound...
282.8 metres (928 ft) ; see related link for additional information regarding the bridge .
It isn't falling down. It's often confused with Tower Bridge. It's  a very ordinary bridge. It has no reason to be famous. It's  predecessor is in Arizona.
It didn't take skill to build the Golden Gate Bridge its all aboutstability and really the blue prints to make sure everything wasstable to drive on and walk on and make sure it was stable to thepublic just engineering experience.
The longest bridges in the world are viaducts or trestle bridges. It is easier to design a high, elevated roadway bydirectly supporting it with many towers or piers (as in a viaduct or trestle bridges).It is more difficult to design an elevated roadway with a large unobstructed span (as in a...
There are two; EUROSTAR which takes passengers from London/Ebbsfleet/Ashford to Paris/Brussels/Lille and LE SHUTTLE, which takes cars and their occupants from Folkestone to Calais.
No, it was new in 1973.
John Terry, Adrian Mutu and Eidur Gudjohnson
Two huge drilling machines were used. One started in France and drilled towards the English coast and the other started on the English side and drilled towards France. They met in the middle and were only a few centimetres wrong with their calculations.
an isthmus joins two larger bodies of land, and a tombola joins an island to a mainland. But may be flooded at high tide.
Eurotunnel is the name of the company which owns and operates the Channel Tunnel, as well as other business interests. The Channel Tunnel connects the United Kingdom and France. It runs between Folkestone in Kent and Sangatte near Calais in Pas-de-Calais. The Eurotunnel Shuttle is the brand name...
Yes, if you think about it, everything is man made. Man made the machines that build everything. So really everything is man made.
A bridge needs at least 2 sides that can hold the amount of wight it is designed for. It also needs any kind of flat or curved surface to walk, drive, etc. past. The last structure is support beams under the bridge to make sure it doesn't collapse.
The 4 basic bridge structures are:1. Beam2. Arch3. Suspension4. CantileverBridges need this design to be safe, and good for people to use.
The Chunnel is a name that was sometimes used for the Channel  Tunnel before it was built.   The Channel Tunnel an underwater railway tunnel that links the  United Kingdom with France, it runs underneath the Strait of Dover.  It is 50.45 Km long.
the golden gate bridge
There are two methods of using the Channel Tunnel. Eurostar, a fast rail service from London to Europe. & the Shuttle, that takes passengers in their cars or coaches & lorries from Folkestone to Calais. Technically you cannot go ON the Channel Tunnel, but you can go THROUGH the channel...
No, it is manmade of stone and steel.
false the arch was created by the romans
All the way to the Pacific Ocean
With the way you spell career i don't think either will be suitable for you
  To get to the Tappan Zee from the Delaware Memorial, continue straight when you get off the Delaware Memorial, and you'll be on the New Jersey Turnpike. Take that to the Garden State Parkway. Go north on the Garden State Parkway to where it ends. It ends at I-87 in New York. Go south on I-87...
  I have answered a few popsicle building questions, it sounds like you have access to ton's of them. There are many sites on how to build bridges, but to help you the most, may I suggest checking your area for: (wood working clubs or assocations), these people love to work with wood and share...
Stone, iron and/or steel, concrete, and brick. . ADDED: The primary structure of the visible parts of the bridgeis a steel frame, clad for weather-protection and appearance by theornate stone-work.
Isimbard kingdom Brunel desighned it and it won a medal or somethin or nothin
NO, she is not died.
Who designed and built the Rainbow bridge's water feature in Seoul,  Korea
bridges ata. kasi nilagyan lang ng s para dumami
Compressive and tensile forces are present in all bridges, and it is the job of engineers to design bridges capable of withstanding these forces without buckling or snapping. Buckling occurs when compressive forces overcome an object's ability to handle compression, and snapping occurs when the...
The longest railway bridge in the country of India is the Vembanad  rail bridge. It is located in the state of Kerala.
Wooden. Cobble-stoned.Rickety.Weak.Mossy.Splintered.
Confining reinforcement refers to reinforcement that is applied in such a way that it "confines" the concrete within it to provide increased strength and deflection capabilities. Confining reinforcement is used in both beam and column designs. In columns, spiral or helix reinforcement is implemented...
It is cheap, it is strong, it is reliable, it is versatile and it is simple and easy to use. In short, there is the perfect building material.
Great Belt Bridge located in Halsskov-Sprogo, Denmark
  The story is that the Viking chieftain Olaf Haraldsson (St Olaf) tore down the London Bridge in about 1009. It might be a myth.
No because it doesnt need to as big boats dont go under it
The size of a giraffes neck
The Millau Viaduct bridge is the tallest bridge in the world. The  mast of the Millau Viaduct bridge is 1,125 feet or 343 meters high.
One famous truss bridge was the Tacoma Bridge.
I think tht brunel made the clifton suspension bridge so big because he wanted something wide and broad where pedestrians as well as vehicles could go on. In the first place, it was meant to be used for horse drawn traffic and pedestrians so tht's prob y he made it very broad and wide. Hope this...
The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate, which is a strait between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It connects the city with Marin County.Access the related link below for a Virtual Tour:
The Edmund Pettus bridge was built by TA Loving Company from Goldsboro, North Carolina in 1940. The company is still active today in the building industry with specific regards to utilities and heavy civil construction.
The constant left, right, in unison, like a beating drum, can set up a resonance and make the bridge sway or fail.
they can't hold up the middle and are not sturdy enough to keep more than its weight together.
It was designed by; Michel virlogex and a british architec Norman foster.
They put flexible connections in the road on a bridge because scientifically speaking, when the bridge is heated like when it's summer season, the bridge can move further apart, so in order to hold it, they put flexible connections. :)
  Port of Shanghai
If you are asking about the current London Bridge in London, it is  driven over by thousands of vehicles every day.
It is perishable that is why there is always demand, stockpiling is not an option.
  ==Answer==   The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (New Orleans)...the World's Longest Bridge.  The Causeway is the longest over-water highway bridge in the world.      The northbound span extends 23.87 miles and the southbound 23.86 miles.    The longest suspension bridge - to...
A water mill would be used for milling. For instance, the milling of wheat grains to make flour.
The bridge deck is 93.5 feet wide.
The Camp Covered Bridge Boy Scout Camp was located in Oldham County, Kentucky off Covered Bridge Road (State Road 329).Directions from Louisville, KY: East on Hwy 42 to Covered Bridge Road (SR 329).East on SR 329, pass Locke Lane on left, go over Harrods Creek and the entrence to the Camp Covered...
  == The akashi kaikyo bridge was made up of steel and cables. ==
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