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The Great Sphinx

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The Great Sphinx is a statue that was built more than 4,500 years ago by Chephren's workers. It has the face of Chephren and the body of a lion. Over the years, part of the uraeus (sacred cobra), the nose and the ritual beard have fallen apart, though this does not stop tourists from taking a step back into the past.
the sphinx at Thebes in greek mythology was said to have the head and breast of a woman body of a lion and bird wings.
Both. The sphinx is part woman, part lion.
In mythology, a sphinx is a lion with a human head. The head can be of both a male and a female. A criosphinx is a lion with a ram's head. A hierocosphinx is a lion with a bird's head.
the pyramid of Giza is lower Egypt
The name of this sphinx is called the Great Sphinx, by the way.... The Great Sphinx has the body of a lion, but it has the head of a man. Historians believe that this head is a replica of Khafre (cah-freh), a pharaoh who supposedly had the monument built. The lion symbolizes power, while the human...
Well, no one really knows.
A pyramid because they are both ancient and in Egypt
15 meters each together they are the size of a blue whale
The Great Sphinx had a red face and a blue beard. It had blue eyebrows and eyeliner. All the paint has faded away, but there is evidence that there once was paint on the Great Sphinx.
It is located in Giza.
No, a sphinx has a lion body.
Of Course! It is one of the most important tourist sites in all egypt! :)
the question is not so much why they were made .. the answer to that question can only be answerd by asking your self another question .. "where were they made ...?" i have been building pyrmids on a web site named minecraft . i have just completed my second pyrmid or 42 thousand blocks , the...
it's role was to guard the kings buried inside the pyramids
The Sphinx is 241 ft long from head to paw.
The Sphinx was built in Egypt.
It weighs alot but to be exact 5.9 million tonnes ----- It is estimated at 6.5 million tons.
The Great Sphinx of Giza is commonly believed to have been built by ancient Egyptians of the Old Kingdom in 2555 BC to 2532 BC. Making it over 4,500 years old.
for the pharaohs be in when they die
They built it as a sort of scarecrow to guard the Pharaoh Khafre's tomb.
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No, it was made of limestone.
the shinx was not build but carves out of limestone bedrock.
Sphinks looking at mount Kailash in tibet!
There is no evidence that anyone did live inside the Sphinx, and noproof there is an inside where anyone could live.
The Sphinx structure was headed The Lion
The Shpinx is built in Eygypt
Yes. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g294202-i10418-k1305187-Visiting_the_Great_Pyramids_Sphinx_without_a_guide-Giza.html
the shape of a sphinx is a triangular prism.
As with most facts about the sphinx, this is not known, but it would have been many thousands.
The sphinx was sent by the gods. To plague the town of thebes for a ancient crime they comitted.
they cover it with seamen and the salt inside of the seamen preserve the sphinx
The great sphinx is 200 feet!!!!! it is accually 66 feet tall, and 239 feet long.
Muḩāfaz̧at al Jīzah, the Egyptian muhafazah
a pharaoh said "i have the body of a lion and the head of a human" meaning that he had the strength of a lion and the intellect of the human mind so he was the most powerful of creatures.
head of a human feet of a lion wings of a bird and a body of a ...
The great Sphinx is a heritage site as it was made in the B.Cperiod by the ancient Egyptians and it is beautiful peace of workand culturally significant.
It wasn't discovered, it was thought to have been made around 2500BC but in 1991 a scientist (Robert Schoch) found mysterious water erosions. A few belivers began to question it, the sphinx's carving date must have to be pushed back much further in time.. I hope this answers your question:).
No, it is the head of Pharaoh Khafre
it was finished in the 1780s
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The Great sphinx, the famous one, is located in front of the Great Pyramid at Giza. There are minor Sphinxes located all over the world
sphinx is a statue of a god or a ruler and a pyramid is what is built over a ruler's lifetime where he and his most prised pocessions are buried when he dies.
A record chamber of important Atlantis documents and books.
It was a lion but a king ordered it's head to be the head of himself.
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\n. \nThey are located in Egypt..
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Rumor is that Napoleon hit it with a cannon while invading Egypt, but I'm not sure exactly so don't go with that unless someone backs me up.
pharaoh khafre and people debate on who's face it is - Leo c & Emma
No, it is a made up fairy tale made by humans to tell to their young ones
No. The Sphinx was a mythical Egyptian figure, commonly put over the graves of the deceased.
Her-Em-Akhet. (Heru-of-the horizon)
they were scared to death and never saw again
8,000,800,000 feet in honor of the god Ra
The oldest sphinx is in giza,egypt.
People wanted to see the Sphinx because of its unnatural characteristics. It had the head of man, the body of a lion, and the tail of an ox. it symbolized peace and unity.
Most likely to stick some of the materials together. Some of the things used were limestone, marble, granite, and of course jelly.
They are Djedefra, Kawab, Khafre , Djedefhor, Banefre, Khufukaef, Hetepheres II , Meresankh II, Khamerernebty, and more.
The sphinx is not a dog. It is a lion body with a human head. Like a centaur but with a lion body, not horse.
The great sphinx was Resembling Menes the great pharoh and mixed with a lion to look powerful
yes.It has a cat body abd a human head
It is not "used" today. It is a historical site. Purely as a tourist attraction.
It is guarding the three pyramids of Giza.
Egypt offers innumerable attractions where tourists can immersethemselves in a rich ancient culture and history. Every major cityboasts of magnificent monuments that must be seen to be believed. In Giza, witness the colossal Pyramids of Giza and the majesticSphinx, which has been presiding over the...
People started building the Sphinx before you were born. The most accurate answer would be around 2558- 2532 BC.
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the egyptians worshiped the sphinx as a god the name sphinx is made by the Greeks its actual name is pe'r ah'h
Yes, it was most likely carved out of the bedrock with stone hammers and copper chisels.
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