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Blood is a bodily fluid consisting of plasma, blood cells, and platelets that is circulated by the heart through the vertebrate vascular system, carrying oxygen and nutrients to and waste materials away from all body tissues. In many species, it also carries hormones and disease-fighting substances. In this category, you will find questions about the blood in your body, including blood types, blood diseases, and the function of blood.
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No immunoglobulins (Igs) provide that! That is because Igs or antibodies are in blood tissue and circulated all over blood and immune system. The mucous membrane and skin are actually functioning as a physical barrier preventing invading microbes.
     Genotype (DNA)     Blood Type     (+  , -) or (+ , +)  Rh  +    
A reticulate red blood cell, or reticulocyte, is an immature red  blood cell. In mammals, reticulocytes do not have a nucleus. They  are slightly larger and appear more blue in colour (with standard  stain) than mature red blood cells.    A nucleated red blood cell is one which contains a...
If you mean 5.18M, then no.
arteries carry red blood (oxygen), veins carry blue blood (no oxygen), i don't think that blood carries CO2,
the white blood cells could attack the red blood cells and a  horrible collision could occur
A mass of clotted blood is called a hematoma.
Yes.   Blood type is determined by the antigens present on the surfaces of  red blood cells. There are three types of antigen, A, B and Rhesus.  O blood types have neither A or B antigens. A types have A, B have  B, and AB have both. Positive blood types have rhesus antigens, and  negative...
There is a greater risk of infections.
An infection would increase a person's white blood cell count.
Trisomy of chromosome 12 is one of the most frequent cytogenetic  abnormalities in karyotype chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). A  high incidence deviation in B-cell CLL is the deletion of  chromosome 13 (13q14) is detected using modern diagnostic methods  such as Southern blot hybridization,...
People having the blood group AB positive are called 'universal  acceptor' because both anti-A and anti-B antibodies, as well as  anti-D antibodies are absent in there blood circulation. Hence,  these people generally face no chances of agglutination when  transfused with blood of whatever blood...
No, AB Rh negative is the rarest blood type.
The alleles for Immunoglobulins are carried on autosomal  chromosomes, not on sex chromosomes. Hence, both parents are  equally responsible for a baby's blood type.
No, that's not true. If you are a Rh- mother then your  immune system will become sensitized by an Rh + baby and if you  were to have a second Rh+ baby without taking medication to control  this then that baby would have a condition called fetal  erythroblastosis.
I`m pretty sure that the answer is that the father has O negative  blood and the child`s blood took after the fathers. But my answer  could be wrong
It is possible in the very rarest of cases when actually the O  parent is an A without producing the protein. In most cases,  however, no.
In sexual reproduction among animals fertilization of egg takes  place by forming an internal transfer of germ cell by the two  parents of opposite sex. When the germ cells fuse it forms zygote.
O positive is the most common blood type making up about 38% of the  population.
No - the genes required for the parents to have an O positive blood  type make it impossible (except in the case of mutation) for them  to have a child with any other blood type than O.
Blood groups have nothing to do with marriage or even sexual  relations. Blood groups come into play for transfusions and  sometimes childbirth. It is important during times that large  quantities of blood are being exchanged, because the body can  reject certain types if they are not compatible...
I would need more information (like what blood types the child's  grandparents are) to narrow it down. The child could be:   - A negative   - A positive   - AB negative   - AB positive   - B negative   - B positive
the parents who say their child has been lost should have their blood test taken in order to find out their blood groups and all the lost childrens blood group should be taken. continuous study should be carried out to find whether the parents were hetrozygous or homozygous and all possiblities...
Yes, platelets are smaller than red blood cells.
It increases the blood pressure
Erythrocytes is the another term for red blood cells (RBC). Thrombocytes is the term for platelets.
  == sedative ==   Valerian root is a sedative herb used for anxiety and certain types of pain, among other things.  Do not mix with alcohol.  My source for this is 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing' by Phyllis Balch. 
== Answer ==   c-reactive protein is elevated during inflammation...its released by ur body to help in the inflammatory process, it helps in the activation of complement system.   CRP is an acute phase protein and can be raised in many circumstances including   Acute and chronic infections,...
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  == Answer ==     Yes, it sounds like implantation bleeding. Meaning: your pregnant
It stops bacteria entering the blood.
White blood cells (WBC) fight against the infections.
High monocyte counts are associated with hyperadrenocorticism, exogenous or endosteroids, and stress, inflammation, infection, immune-mediated tissue damage and malignancy. In fact any condition in which tissue damage is a feature.High neutophils can indicate inflammation, infection, the presence of...
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abundance of platelets is seen only under observation through microscope...JD
  If your blood was ever truly too acidic or basic, you're body would go into massive shutdown as your blood completely dissolved you from the inside out. However, unless some organs are failing, you have absolutely no need to worry. Lots of alternative medicine sites would love to sell you...
the parents could be IAIA IAIB IBIBconsider A and B as superscript as i dont know how to write it in superscript
    Ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, or anaplasmosis.
A person with AB blood is a universal recipient, that is they can receive blood that is either A, B, AB or O providing the other antigens, eg Rh positive/negative, are compatible.
Because hyperthyroidism tends to lead to anemia, which will result in decreased hemoglobin
Yes but i would want the test re done..i dont think you would be alive
No, mammals have a closed circulatory system as the system consists  of veins and arteries, that carry blood through them. Unlike an  open circulatory system which also has a heart, but the blood is  free flowing throughout the body. For example when you kill an  insect, it is like popping a...
Yes, serum does contain antigens
Leukemia is a blood disease that prevents the body from producing healthy red blood cells, usually by creating too many white blood cells. This leads to many health issues as the blood is unable to do its job properly.
By hyperventilating , or overbreathing, there is a rapid decrease  of carbon dioxide in the blood. To regain balance, breath through  pursed lips or cover mouth and one nostril until the episode  subsides.
A basophil releases histamines
A normal platelet count in a normal healthy person is between 150,000 and 450,000 per microlitre of blood . Ninety-five percent of healthy people will have platelet counts within this range.More information on platelet count at the link provided below.
The primary function of the thymus is the processing and maturation of special lymphocytes (white blood cells) called T-lymphocytes or T-cells, which are associated with antibody production. T-lymphocytes migrate from the bone marrow to the thymus, where they mature and differentiate until activated...
Red blood cells/Erythrocytes: A mature blood cell hat contains hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the bodyily tissue White blood cells/Leukocytes: Fight infection Platelets/Thrombocytes: Helps blood to clot
First, it depends on whether you're a man or woman (assuming you're not a child-children have a naturally lower count) and the reason for the low counts. Don't know about the platelet count, but a hemoglobin count of 9 and hematocrit of 31 would indicate moderate anemia in a woman and more severe...
Beyonce blood type is "O" negative also known as Rh blood negative.
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ESR is a nonspecific test to determine whether or not you have an infection the values are not so important all we need to know is that the ESR was raised.   This means that in a test tube the speed at which the blood cells are clumping or sedimenting is faster than normal. This increased rate of...
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A styptic (also spelled stiptic) is a specific type of antihemorrhagic (anti bleeding ) agent that works by contracting tissue to seal injured blood vessels. Styptic pencils (sticks) contain astringents.
The Blood Clotting MechanismIntroductory Note: Knowledge of the structure and functions of blood and other aspects of the heart and vascular system are part of training in many therapies, such as Massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, and others. This page is intended as Revision Notes for Basic / First...
No. It is composed of red blood cells (oxygen carrying) and white blood cells (immunity and defense)
It builds some sort of shield, I think like a scab. So bacteria and germs do not get inside and infect the wound.That's all I could really come up with... Hope it helps!!!
37.4% are O+35.7% are A+8.5% are B+3.4% are AB+6.6% are O-6.3% are A-1.5% are B-0.6% are AB-
  == Answer ==   Sucrose is made of 2 sugars, glucose and fructose. It is broken down into these components during digestion.
Lymphocytes or leukocytes
get a bandana get beat up get money wear red. from saahir larosa       = Answer =   I'm going to say this in a sense that you have some clue about what I'm about to say. The child CAN indeed have a blood type of A negative, because the mother's Rh is Rr which is still considered Rh+...
 Aqueous is mixed with Benedict's reagent, a solution of copper sulfate, sodium hydroxide, and tartaric acid. The mixture is heated. Carbohydrates which react with Benedict's reagent to reduce the blue copper (II) ion to form a brick red precipitate of copper (I) oxide are classified as reducing...
When the pH of blood rises above 7.45 the person is said to have  Alkalosis.    If their blood pH is less than 7.35 they are said to have Acidemia.
Staining is done to distinguish the cells from each other. It also allows detection of abnormalities in the white blood cell, red blood cell and platelets.
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causes of low basophils in the blood are iron deficiency ,leukemia,thyroid disease ,drugs side effects chemotherapy, romarthritis ,tuberculosis, lymphoma ,case