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Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML for short, is a programming language most commonly used to develop websites and offline applications, such as manuals. Though the initial intent of the language was to exchange information from a small network of computers, it is now most often used to share information and allow engagement in online activities throughout a network with an increasing number of host computers. Questions about the development of applications and pages through HTML belong in this category.


To clarify, HTML is not actually a protocol in the sense thatyou're thinking; it's a language. Languages are of course protocolsin themselves, but not in the commonly used sense in the IT field,which presumably is the nature of your question. Some protocols commonly used in the IT field are: ....
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Font color is the color of a font on a computer screen, on a printed document, or in HTML/CSS/web design (the website's font color). Hope that helps.
Most likely the attributes style, class, id, type and src.
As ever, there is a choice; you can use Frames - the top frame might have navigation options to other pages on the site - or you could use a table.
There is actually no difference to the final result; only the way in which you get to it is different. If you create a page in MS Word and then use the function to convert to a webpage, all Word does is create HTML code that will make a page look like the page you designed. Note though that the...
Dreamweaver and Front Page are very good. Notepad you can code inbecause HTML is text-based however it will take you longer. If youare on Chromebook you can use CARET, CARET - T, Text, or CodingWith Chrome
LEFT - Align all text even at the left margin, while letting it remain ragged on the right. RIGHT - Align all text even at the right margin, while letting it remain ragged on the left. CENTER - Align all text to center between the left and right margins, while letting it remain ragged on the...
It's not clear what the questioner means by "load first". One common way to preload images using CSS, so they will beinstantly visible when needed, is to assign them to an element'sbackground, but position them off-screen. For example: #preloader { background: url(img/image.jpg) no-repeat -9999px...
The tag is used to display text in Bold tag is used to center align text.
The table tags include - Makes table - Table row - Table header - Table cell Complex elements: . . . . . .
A Uniform resource locator, abbreviated URL , also known as web address , is a specific character string that constitutesa reference to a resource. For Instance (Wikipedia.c o m) is a URL where as e n .wikipedia.o r g is the domain name named using the DNS.
You can save Excel in many different formats. To save as HTML you select File|Save As. When the Save As window opens, look toward the bottom of the window for the "Save as type:" drop down. From the drop down selection click on "Web Page (*.htm; *.html). Navigate to the location in the Documents...
A background can be added on CSS. ex: #body {background: url(../images/bodybg.jpg) repeat-x;} The HTML code for background color is Note: The code must be put inside the body tag, that is between and of your HTML script and the values of color can be change accordingly. For example, if you... (by You can upload an image. It does a decent job, but isn't perfect.
You don't need to, just look at the file format. TTF is TrueTypefont, .jpg would be a type of bitmap font.
Yes, they're mostly made only for websites, but you can use them in different places as well, depending on your creativity. For example you can use hexadecimal color codes in Photoshop.
YouTube would be your easiest solution
Yes, HTML can be described as a meta language.
Use the html tag like this: Your browser does not support the video tag. Just change the src="movie.mp4" to the name of your MP4 file (andits location) Also, change the width= and height= to whatever size you need it tobe..
You have to use a Stylesheet (CSS). Or you can type CSS straightinto the document.
The general family is HTML , which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language but insie this you can have XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc which is almost the same as HtML but has few more rules or differences
The TABLE tag is used to store tabular content and as such has child tags such as TR (for table rows), TD (for table cells), TH (for table headers), etc. The DIV tag is used simply to encompass a block for styling or structural reasons, it is similar to the SPAN tag but it a 'block' element as...
href is a Attribute used for the Anchor tags to link a image orline of text to a specific website here's a visual for linking a anchor to a image using and hrefattribute I hope this helped you understand the href attribute
That would be the WWW, or W3. For more info, go to
In HTML code you have static information being displayed (liketext, images). Video, animation, forms require operations wheresome specific code is embedded (nested) in the HTML code, so as todisplay and run the video, display the animations and get the formresults.
THIS IS THE CODE For more customization, you can change these values in the code: margin-right: 10px; margin-right: 10pt; margin-right: 10%;
Adobe Dreamweaver Microsoft Frontpage Notepad The HTML Editor
Here is what I use: Server (if needed for server side): WAMP, XAMP Code Editor: Sublimetext3 or Dreamweaver if you are a beginner Design: Photoshop Database: MySQL workbench (offers a graphical interface to createcomplex databases)
Mostly web browsers. Examples are Google chrome, Internet explorer,Safari. Firefox, Opera, Maxathon, Dolphin, and Microsoft's upcomingSpartan
A Hypertext page is a page that contains text in the Hyper text mark up language or HTML. The page may resemble any web page you might see on the internet - even the one you are reading currently once viewed using a web browser.
The head contains JavaScript, favicons, styles, etc.. The body has text and images.
tag stands for line break. This is the first line This is the second line In HTML the above code will get displayed as: This is the first line This is the second line
This is pulled from one of my stylesheets. body { background-image: url(brnbak02.gif); background-repeat: repeat; background-color: #cfe3ff; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman", serif; margin: 0; padding: 0; }
Src is an attribute for an image tag used by the website to findthe source of the image here's a visual
A script markup has much, much more rules and the code must beperfect down to the smallest detail or the webpage will reject it.When using transitional, many more tags and attributes can be used,and if there is an error it will simply output it to the errorconsole.
You may be thinking of a CSS file that can set the styles foreverything and anything on a page, including font.
It is dome within the Head element of the beginning of the document by using: I pulled this off one of my pages and made it rater generic. The media type can vary, and I had that one say "screen" before I changed it. That page has another one only for printing, but the HTML of the page uses...
The very first thing you should know is in the 90s all of thewebsites were just text mainly and were very boring. As more andmore web developers wanted to program more eye pleasing websitesthe code started to grow more complicated. Using standards when you're making your website automatically...
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PHP is server side producing a webpage that is served to your browser. In order to pass details to a php script you will need to send then via a form. This can be done via a standard form with method="post" or method="get" the variables are read by php as $_GET['var_name'] or $_POST['var_name'] with...
Cascading Style Sheets control how a document is to be presented in a web browser or other sources that can display web content. CSS was created to separate the presentation from the content and markup. It allows you to declare a rule once and use it multiple times in the same document or on...
I am using the following code to display vertical text in firefox. .rot-neg-90 {-moz-transform:rotate(-270deg);-moz-transform-origin: bottom left;-webkit-transform: rotate(-270deg);-webkit-transform-origin: bottom left;-o-transform: rotate(-270deg);-o-transform-origin: bottom left;filter: progid...
Use text todisplay/click Change the song name.extention to the path and actual name of thefile, and text for them to click. If this does not work but instead opens it in its own window andplays it, then add download="file name" after the first "a". Thenchange the "filename" to whatever you would...
Yes, you can. They're all HTML, no matter which program you use to write them.
The newest released and most commonly used HTML version is HTML 4.01, a subversion of HTML 4. However, HTML 5 is currently being worked on and first drafts have already been released. W3C also already offers a provisory HTML 5 code validator.
Usually, the size used in MLA format is Times New Roman size 12.
because it's twice as bitty as a 32-bit web browser.
The older way is by using the tag Sample text All text that is entered between the above two tags will be of type courier new, size 3 and color red. However, generally people are no longer encouraged to use the font tag and instead to use CSS to do it. That involves using styles. The way...
The tabindex is used to control the order in which you tab between form elements on a web page. According the the W3C standards for HTML 4.01, the value of the tabindex must be a number between 0 and 32767. This means that 32767 is the highest value a tabindex value can be set to.
You can use "   "(Without double quotes)
No, not specifically for a TV, but the font size can be adjustedbased on the size of a screen it is being viewed on. If you are talking about the font that is shown in menus, then mostlikely no. You should try checking the owners manual that came withyour TV to be sure.
Change the font size in your word processor or layout application, the printer should print at the size specified.
anything from 12-16pt is a popular font size
Interchange/Swap List Items function moveToRightOrLeft(side){ var listLeft=document.getElementById('selectLeft'); var listRight=document.getElementById('selectRight'); if(side==1){ if(listLeft.options.length==0){ alert('You have already moved all countries to Right'); return false; }else{ var...
The program used to access and display a webpage is called the "web browser" or sometimes just the "browser" when the context is clear. Web browsers are software that read HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and then render pages. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox...
Using this code () look up a youtube tutorial
See if you have access rights to save documents to the PC. There is no specific restriction with respect to HTML documents and saving them using notepad.
HTML Tag is a piece of code that defines different elements of a web document. The tags that are recognized by HTML are listed below. Not all of them are widely used (or even at all) but these are the ones recognized. For more details on each individual tag you will need to search the internet or...
No, not really. You can even use a simple text pad or a notepad to create HTML pages. Using IDE's (Integrated Development Environments) for creating HTML pages actually quickens/simplifies the process of creating HTML pages but it is not a mandatory requirement.
HTML does not provide session handling. If you are using PHP for sessions though, you could simply check whether a session exists before the page is built up and return an error if there is already one. Of course you will have to watch out with that, because it's possible that the session hasn't...
HTML is a subset of SGML (Standard General Markup Language) with more forgiving rules that are not followed for XHTML and XML (also subsets.)
There are some online HTML editors, but the main ones are Notepadfor window and TextEdit for Mac.
Some of the various elements used in HTML forms are: . Button . Text box . Text Area . Radio Button . Check Box . List . etc
They are a place to input data related to your webpage. The meta title tag (not the tag) is used by some sites such as facebook for the snippet of information they use when you share a link. The tag is the most important tag on the page, and it should be unique and always contain your...
The easy way is to add the :hover attribute to a CSS rule and putcolor: red; or somthing
I don't know what you mean by that, but I am going to say no. HTMLonly works in HTML. You can add special characters to HTML bydoing: & copy; & trade; & reg;
HTML is the code used to create and customize web pages. It makes it possilbe to add things like pictures or links to a web page and much more. Its like what you use when you edit your myspace profile.
you can either use margin-left: 10px; padding-left: 10px; or text-indent: 10px; however text-indent will only indent the first line of text, for differences between padding and margin lookup css box-model
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There is a special language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language) that is used to create web pages. There are also many programming languages you can use such as Java, PHP, ASP and more. It will depend on exactly are your goals for the site, as to what you need to use to create it.
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It depends on the type of document, if it's a Microsoft word document it will have a file extension of .doc if it's a adobe acrobat document it'll have an extension of .pdf, at any rate you can Google the extension and it will tell you what kind of program created it, hope it helps. Karp.
There are several, the one I personally recommend is Sublime Text3, however is coming along nicely and is free.