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This category is for questions about Galileo Galilei, who was a substantial contributor to various fields of science and philosophy; continuing to be the "father" of many academic subjects today.
His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations and supportfor Copernicanism .
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Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter in 1610
Galileo was charged with hersey because the Catholic church decided that the idea of the planets going around the Sun was preposterous, they declared that scientists must treat heliocentric thinking as a hypothesis only and not fact. As it turned out Galileo went against the grain and published many...
4 actually, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
I'm not positive, but it was in the 1600's so i'd probably guess wood and glass. it might have been some kind of metal though.
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he made it in 1609
Answer . There were two. Until Galileo's experiment, it was widely believed that large objects fell to Earth faster than small ones. That is, it was thought that if two objects of different sizes were dropped from the same height, the larger one would strike the ground first. Galileo showed...
Galileo had many famous discoveries that contributed to astronomy. In 1609, having heard reports of a simple instrument that magnifies anything that it is pointed at, was put together by a lens-grinder in Holland, Galileo than constructed the first complete astronomical telescope. Exploring the...
Telescopes were invented so they can discover the universe and by that i mean to look at the stars or anything in space and figure out what they are or what they do. =D -yO WeLCoMe!!!!!
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Galileo was not a scientist-scientific method had yet to be created. He wasn't questioning things as much as trying to put across the viewpoint that the Earth revolves around the Sun, though he had many astrological discoveries.
According to Dan Brown's book, Angels and Demons, yes.
Galileo made observations of the movements of the planets and the Sun. By the relative movements of these celestial bodies, Galileo provided evidence that the Aristotelian model of geocentrism (the Earth is the center of the universe) was incorrect, and advocated instead heliocentrism (the Sun is...
maybe somewhere around the time of the publication of "The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass" which was about 1606.
He dropped two cannonballs of different weights to prove that Aristotle was wrong when he said that the heavier cannonball would fall first.
he did the invention of the earth . No, he it was that publicised the idea that the Earth was not the center of things, but merely one of the planets that orbit around the Sun.
It led to Sir Isaac Newton to create "The First Law of Motion."
The event is now being dismissed; scientists do not believe heactually did the experiment. The fact that the objects would hit atthe same time or nearly the same is still true. This wasdemonstrated on the moon.
Galileo had 7 people in his family 3 sisters, 2 brother 1 mother and 1 father
well children he had three kids name loretta, jade,and Nina
he made a telescope, made it look at images 20x closer. He looked at the Jupiter and then saw the four moons and called them the "Galilean Moons".
Pisa Florence venice Rome
Actually, Galileo had a large following among the Roman Curia, including the pope. However, Galileo got himself into trouble by teaching that the heliocentric (Sun-centered universe) theory was fact. However, at the time it was just a theory or hypothesis and Galileo even stated that he could not...
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He was famous for improving the telescope and for believing that the earth was not the center of the solar system, but that the sun is.
I am recently studying for a report on Galileo and the book I am reading says that his brothers and sisters were born between 1573 and 1591.
Well technically , Galileo had alot of accomplishments ,but I'll name a few of them. So one of them was he invented the telescope (to study outer space ) . While doing that he studied a lot of lunar activity. And finally he learn a lot about the solar system. So those were some of the (greatest)...
He was found guilty not for his beliefs but because he tried toreinterpret the Bible, which in those days was the crime of heresy.It was his aggressive promotion of an idea that (at that time)could not be backed up that got him into trouble. The Catholicchurch said that - as of then - the scriptures...
The Heliocentric theory. However, the Church did not oppose the theory but the fact that Galileo was teaching it as fact and it had not been proven as such at the time.
\n \nwho is Isca Newton \n. +++ \n. \n. :-) ISAAC Newton, not Isac or Isca! \n. Pioneering British physicist and mathematician, 1643 - 1727). Discovered the laws of gravity, also credited as an inventor of Calculus, the other being Leibnitz, in Germany, independently but some years later. \n....
the telescope, therometer, clock, and objective lens.
He made important discoveries like that the sun is the center of the solar system.
Galileo did not discover Saturn. It was know of by the ancients. It can be seen at certain time without the aid of instruments.
the moon had mountains and that the sun spins
Galileo was an Astronomer who believed in the heliocentric theory and was imprisoned for his investigations.
Because he had already known the knowledge and he didn't need to it really wasn't required for him but he did become successful so yeah there you go
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Not without the help of air resistance. With plenty of air resistance, a small, light, wadded-up sheet of paper could fall faster than a big, heavy sheet of lead foil. In the absence of air resistance, the size, age, weight, mass, shape, race, creed, color, religion, political persuasion,...
He improved life today by all of us knowing that the Earth revolves around the sun.
Galileo's about the solar system got him arrested for a decade (10 yrs). . \n
i know of a good page on wikipidia if you type in gallieo then it will come up with loads of information facts on him:)
Gallelio, when he dropped two stones of unequal weight from the top of the leaning tower of Pisa.
galileo was forced to stop studying astronomy after his claim that the earth moved round the sun. He was correct of course but this went against the christian teachings at the time as they believed that everything revolved around the earth
yes Galileo was astronomer if ur still not sure type Galileo galilei biography and its all there
Astonomy is fundamental to our understanding of the universe in which we live, and intelligent people generally desire such understanding.
A 16th-17th century scientist.
He did not discover the planet Jupiter. He only used his telescopeto see its four largest moons. The planet is and always has beenvisible to the naked eye and was known to people since ancienttimes.
They taught that the sky was perfect and unchanging.
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He found the earth was not in the center and found there are more than sun and earth. He found stars and other things that we see today in the night sky. Comment: Amongst other things, he found 4 moons around Jupiter, craters on the Moon and that Venus had phases like the Moon has. Also he...
He was the first to see them, but he thought they were big moons. His telescope was not powerful enough for him to realize they were rings. Christian Huygens was the first to realize they were rings.
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He had more than one home, but yes, Galileo died at his home outside Florence
\nyes, the first telescope was made by him
Issac Newton was a guy who made gravity and helped Galileo make gravity when he made the telescope I know you are a kid so tell me I have a nerd friend right next to me.
This theory is named as heliocentrism. It was found in the sixteenth century, or the 1500s.
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it was more than one person who invented this thermometer
A telescope he constructed himself from an earlier Dutch model.
Yes Galileo did discover it but Mikołaj Kopernik was the one who published it and the one who people belived.
galileo galilei was interested in astronomy because he saw lamps swinging at church.
motion of free falling object does not have friction, while motion of the cart has force of friction
Two common observations were believed to support the idea that the Earth is in the center of the Universe: The first observation is that the stars, sun, and planets appear to revolve around the Earth each day, with the stars circling around the pole and those stars nearer the equator rising and...
Galileo is famous for inventing the thermometer, perfecting the telescope, and for experimenting with gravity. No, galileo did not discover astronomy. But he sure did discover the four moons that revolve jupiter.
Galileo changed history by expressing his idea that the Earth and all of the planets revolved around the sun. Before Galileo everyone thought that all objects in space revolved around the Earth. Galileo changed this, and put the idea of everything orbiting around the Sun.. True.......though he was a...
the studies of Copernicus and Galileo changed that view by havingsex
They both belived that the Sun was in the center of the solar system.
It basically zooms into deep space for us to study planets starts etc.
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He was teaching as fact what was considered at the time to be an hypothesis or theory. He was not asked to renounce his view, just to quit teaching the unproven as fact.