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Rick Riordan

This category is for questions about the author Rick Riordan. He is well known for his series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
Here are all the actors: Percy Jackson = Logan Lerman Annabeth Chase = Alexandra Daddario Grover Underwood = Brandon T. Jackson Silena Baureguard = Chelean Simmons Chiron = Pierce Brosnan Poseidon = Kevin McKidd Zeus = Sean Bean Athena = Melina Kanakaredes Medusa = Uma Thurman ...
December 27th 1988
Rick Riordan wrote the series because he was telling Greek myth stories to his son and he ran out of them. His son asked him to make some up so that is how Percy Jackson was born.
Almost the best series ever! Rick riordan, the auther is soon to make a new seires called the red pyramid on may 10th, 2010!!!!! The series is about Greek Mythology and is very fun as well as exciting. It is really good and everyone should read this book and series. It is amazing how "history"...
I would recommend this series to people around 10+. However, since there aren't any 'inappropriate' scenes or anything, I suppose that anybody could read it at any time.
Personally, I think that you could enjoy this book anywhere from the age of 9 to adult. I was my favourite book when I was younger. Furthermore, I had a teacher who was a big fan of the books. Therefore, the answer is 9-adult, and I recommend you read them.
Rick Riordan the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus, and the Tres Navarre.
Alexandra Daddario. Follow the link to see what se looks like: http://scifiwire.com/assets_c/2009/03/PercyJackson_AlexandraDaddario-thumb-400x268-15051.jpg
The curse, otherwise known as the Titan's Curse, is that only a Titan can be forced to hold up the Earth, anybody else must choose too.
Here's a longish summary of Rick I did as a assignment. Rick Riordan is a writer born in San Antonio, Texas on June 5,1964. At school, he never liked reading. He thought they were boring and made no sense. He never reads much until he was eleven or twelve, in middle school. Riordan was also a quiet...
Rick Riordan was a teacher. When his son was in second grade, he hated school. He was a very slow learner. He was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia. To make him feel better, Rick Riordan made up a bedtime story about a Camp Half-Blood and demigod heroes. The son made him write it down, even though...
I assume your talking about the movie that's coming out, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It's not known for sure if there'll be a sequel but its probable if the first film go's well
Rick Riordan has won 11 awards in all through 2012
Yes however very few. there is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (now complete). Rick also sketched the 39 clues series and wrote the first book. It is a joint series between many different authors writing consecutive books. Rick will be publishing "the red pyramid" which is the first book...
Rick has not seen the movie yet as of 2/17/10. He has been writing for a deadline recently and feels that the change in plot from the book to the movie is understandable: he says quote: "Its always tricky when you take a book and make it into a movie ... I know they have to make changes when they...
Yes and no: Books 1 through 5 have been published and are now known as the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. however Rick Riordan is now writing a second set of Camp Half-Blood books. this next set of books will be published sometime in fall of 2010. They will most likely have Percy and...
The Kane Chronicles It is about EGYPTIAN being real The series comes out on May 19th 2010
Rick Riordan is still very alive.
4 1/2 Stars because it stunk i don't like Percy Jackson, or Harry Potter
No but Rick Riordan is making another camp half-blood series. Some of the characters will be in it but they won't be the main characters. It is supposed to come out the fall of 2010. I think the series involves the prophecy that they mention in the end of the Last Olympian
Yes he was born June 5, 1964
The second book is The Sea of Monsters . It has not yet been scheduled to be a movie.
Sally Jackson didn't have a very easy life. Her parents died when she was young,and she had to drop out of high school to care for her dying uncle. While she was at Montauk, Long Island, she met Poseidon and became pregnant with Percy. She can see through the Mist. Sally had married Gabe Ugliano,...
Yes, her name is brina
Rick said that he would make a series about Egyptian gods. But he might do another Percy Jackson
He's already started but it's publishing date is most likely going to be somewhere around the fall of 2010.
Yes, the rumors are true. Goodbye, Percy, we love you and will miss you.
The Lightning Thief, Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, Battle of the Labrynth and The Last Olympian
Well there are a lot of problems in the Percy Jackson movie. First - Zeus and the other gods taught that Percy had stolen the Zeus's lightning and Percy must find it before the summer sun standing if he would not , there will be a war. Secondly - During the journey of Percy ( son of...
He won 5 awards: * 1998 Shamus Award and Anthony Award for Big Red Tequila * 1999 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original for The Widower's Two-Step * 2008 Mark Twain Award for The Lightning Thief * 2009 Mark Twain Award for The Sea of Monsters * 2009 Rebecca Caudill Award for The...
"I like to read, swim, play guitar, and travel with my family. I also play video games with my kids (World of Warcraft or games on the Wii)." Source: www.rickriordan.com (this is Rick's official website)
Casual wear. he also wears his Camp Half- blood shirt a lot.
Plot In The Sea of Monsters, a 13-year-old demigod Percy Jackson goes on a quest with his friend Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, and Tyson, a Cyclops, who happens to be Percy's half brother. They go to save Thalia's pine tree, which has been poisoned mysteriously , and to save Grover, Percy's best...
" lightning hurts when you get hit with it, yeah yeah yeah yeah, thieves should be shot by my maths teacher, mrs dodds!!!!!!!!!!!!!" hope you liked it
Did not have a nickname but his full name is Richard Russell Riordan , but for short the called him Rick
Richard Joseph Riordan
Around fall 2010. no one can wait for it! (hoping there will be the same AWSOME characters as the first series!)
According to Percy, Apollo is terrible at Haiku.
Although that may be wished for by some (many? everybody?), no. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Archuleta
The Lightning Thief was the first book in the series.
you can buy it at most major book stores but i would suggest chapters
On top of the empire state building in new york, DA. its on the 600th floor.
sadly, no. The only books are The Lightning Thief (which is now a major motion picture), Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, Battle of The Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian.
on wikipedia it says the sea of monsters is coming out in 2012
In 2009 and 2008 for his books Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (2008) and Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (2009)
It was the cow serpent the official name was Ophiotaurus but Percy named her Bessie
He likes to read, swim, play guitar, and travel with his family.
Rick Riordan has written: Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Kane Chronicles The 39 Clues (Founded and then collaborated with various authors) Tres Navarre Series The Heroes of Olympus
Zoe Nightshade is a huntress for Artemis. Her father is Atlas and you know how there's the garden with the tree with golden apples? And you know those girls who are there most of the time? Well Zoe's their sister. Except she became a lieutenant of Artemis and she gave herself up to stop Atlas. It...
When his son made him make them up. From then he published them.
Rick Riordan does not have a brother or a sister!
Writing the book series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"
The maze of bones . the last olympian . the demigod files . south town . the widowers two step . the devil went down to austin . cold springs . reble island . the last king of the labyrinigs . the lightning theif . the sea of monsters . The titans curse . The Battle of the labyrinith
The auditions would not have been set yet, since they don't know when they'd film the movie. Besides, there is probably only going to be three movies (according to directors), which will be all five books blended into three movies.
Appears it will be sometime in 2012.
Because it was his talent, and he had tons of help, and that was what he wanted to be. But the beginning of PJO ( Percy Jackson and the Olympians) was when his son, Haley, wanted a bedtime story filled with Greek myths, so Rick quickly made up a story about a demigod named Percy Jackson. Then once...
Try emailing him! His email is; tnavarre@earthlink.net Before you email, read this page. 1. All email goes through the webmaster for rickriordan.com. Rick will do his best to read all fan email forwarded by the webmaster, but due to the volume of email the site receives, please be aware...
No. The fifth book, The Last Olympian is the last book in the Percy Jackson series. = (
By 'Q' I assume you mean Questions? I think some good questions would be: 'What was the weirdest thing that happened to you before you found out you were a demigod?' 'What do you like best about Camp?' 'If your ambrosia wasn't cookies, what would it be?'
His next book, The Son of Neptune,.
No. That would seriouslyy suck if she did. But she does kiss Percy, much better than dying.
Because Hestia is the only God on Olympus when the titans attack. That's the basic answer but you should read the book to find out more. The books are amazing and hopefully Rick Riordan will write more in the Olympian series.
There aren't any more Percy Jackson books because there is no more to tell. Percy and Annabeth are perfectly happy together. What more could anybody want? HAHAH
It is about Percy coming to camp half-blood so he can train. then he has to retrieve Zeus's lightning bolt.
he turns evil and betrays Camp Half-Blood then he becomes Kronos's new body in Percy Jackson 4.
He is an author, and he wrote the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
I saw it in a book store once. I didn't buy it though, maybe for my birthday I'll get it.
Found on page 60: His angry roar rolled across the plains like a nuclear blast
his son asked him to read a tell him a story so rick did. Ricks son has dyslexia just like Percy! So rick then wrote a book about trouble maker kids like his son and an explanation for it and what they do etc.
sorry but it isn't going to feature him its about two new characters who are children of an Egyptian magician who accidently brings back the Egyptian gods back!
A leisure man in a Hawaiian shirt, sandals, and running shorts
it kept me hooked the entire time i read it, it has an exiting mood.