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An independent agency, established by Congress in 1947, that operates under the National Security Council in conjunction with the President and all other US civilian and military intelligence agencies internally and abroad.
  You're probably thinking of PATRIOT or TIA (Total Information Act).
The World Factbook is a reference resource produced by the Central  Intelligence Agency of the United States with almanac-style  information about the countries of the world.
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  The CIA conducted covert operations. If people knew what they did, they wouldn't be covert operations.
Well, He wanted to kill Castro and I don't think the CIA liked that idea very much. Also I think they were disgusted with his womanizing. The FBI didn't like him either. J Eedgar Hoover had a thing for him and Bobby anyway
Chairman's annual salary is $191,300. The annual salary of the other Board members (including the Vice Chairman) is $172,200This though does not include the money received in bonus checks from the major financial firms in the United States. Examples include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and AIG.
Yes he was a CIA Agent for USA
After the attacks of 9/11.
  Because they are a bunch of dodgy bastards, always have been, always will be.
Something covert like a Ferrari or Bugatti Veyron. Because everything that happens in the movies is exactly like real life.
  General Mike Hayden. More info on CIA and Mike @https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/leadership/hayden
TheFBI and the CIA just don't tend to communicate well with each other... I would say they do NOT.
Well yes, if you are well trusted and are on a mission where you need to be protected
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They aren't referred to as 'spies'. The official title is Operations Officer (OO). Many movies and books portray CIA OO's as super-spies (invincible, able to do anything, ect.) Truth is they aren't out spying on high end criminals (most of the time) and seducing beautiful women and driving an Aston...
The CIA does not have ranks.
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Of course! -Applications are always available online.
no youcan not becase the cia works outside the us and the fbi always is in the us
The first think to do is go to www.cia.gov web page (see below in links), then click the link careers. Then, choose a job and fill the aplication. The CIA doesn't accept resumes; You need to fill their own resume format. If you are compatible, they will call you and conduct a phone interview with...
1949 was the beginning of the Cold War. The US and Soviet Unionwere competing to be the world leaders, and both createdintelligence agencies to figure out what the other was doing.
America's foreign policy is wrong. America's intervention in the internal affairs of all countries. Wayne has a high cost to America. America needs to spend money for the people of America.
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In July 1941, Roosevelt appointed Donovan as the Coordinator of  Information (COI) to direct the nation's first peacetime,  non-departmental intelligence organization. But America's entry  into World War II that same December prompted new thinking about  the role of the COI. The result was the...
The only CIA Director to become president was George H.W Bush
The CIA is an Intelligence Agency.
The CIA HQ is in the unincorporated community of Langley in FairfaxCounty, Virginia, United States.
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It's believed that the idea came around during Eisenhower'spresidency, but it was executed (and failed) under PresidentKennedy.
The KGB was an arm of the Soviet government tasked with internal and international intelligence (frequenty in competition with Soviet Army Intelligence, the GRU) and also enforcement of internal repression/security. The CIA was a bureaucratic body, an outgrowth of the WWII-era OSS, tasked with...
The Kempie Tai ( bureau of thought police- or opinion police ( propaganda) was a sort of militarized police intelligence agency- far removed from base security guards- Give me your camera- on the double!- no they were closer to the German SS or the Soviet KGB. Of course old Tenno-San ( the Emperor...
president roosevelt
The CIA is not law enforcement, and therefore, cannot arrest U.SCitizens. The CIA is strictly an intelligence agency that collectsinformation from foreign nations. If the CIA needed to have anAmerican citizen detained, they would delegate through the FBI.
At the end of May, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified 1,400 pages of reports on the 1954 coup it engineered in Guatemala to remove president Jacobo Arbenz from office. Arbenz became a target of U.S. imperialism for threatening to carry out modest land reforms against the interests of...
These organizations are not arranged hierarchically. Each has a different mission statement.NSA or National Security Agency has no power to arrest. Shrouded in more secrecy than the other agencies you've mentioned, very little public knowledge exists about any operations department -- something they...
Shin Bet, also known as the Shabak (שב"כ, שירות בטחון כללי), which  is a Hebrew acronym for "General Security Service."
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First off there needs to be some serious clarification here, CIA  Officers are the Americans who work out of U.S. Embassies overseas,  and their job is to recruit foreign assets who give our country  secret information. When we think of 'spies' we are thinking of CIA  Officers. CIA 'agents' on...
I think so but you can't work in the field hope I helped :)
  It all varies from criminal justice, international relations to political science. You would have to check into it.
it depends on the type of cia agent. Lots of paper work but they basicly find out about any threats that pose on the United States. They work off U.S soil while the F.B.I works on U.S soil
True, the CIA found Gerald Ford had been involved in illegal  activities.
In a way they are. It really depends on the assignment the agency has given them.
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The FBI posts ten priorities on their website. Here are the ten priorities as they appear on the FBI's website: 1. Protect the United States from terrorist attack 2. Protect the United States against foreign intelligence operations and espionage 3. Protect the United States against cyber-based...
CIA wins with 550 kills to the KGB's 450.
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    == Cold War ==     Russiea and America, two superpowers, lead to the Cuban Missle Crisis, brought the world to the brink of an all out destructive war. Treaties, like the Non-Proliferation Treaty, were signed and awareness was raised. The USSR was dissolved and Russia was...
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Firearms are issued in the 4th to 6th week of the FBI Academy. New agents are issued either a Glock 22 or 23, depending on inventory in stock, their preference, and input from their Primary Firearms Instructor. Some trainees are issued a Glock 17 or 19, if they are experiencing issues with recoil...
COI 1941-42 OSS 1942-45 CIG 1946 CIA 1947-date
The Security Service (MI5) deals with Domestic Intelligence, and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) deals with Overseas Intelligence.
Although the CIA doesn't technically exsist you should Have a Degree in a Middle Eastern Language, Special Operations experience, i.e. SF, Recon, SEALS. and Luck, become the go to guy in your SPEC-OPS unit then wait and hopefully the CIA picks you of all the special operators in the world.
All employees of the CIA must be US citizens.
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Bush was director of the CIA in 1976 and 1977.
apparently not..i was looking into this too because i am a Canadian citizen wanting to join the CIA or Secret Service but u need a U.S. Citizenship. :(
To gather intelligence on all things alien to the united states, conduct research into these subjects, and if required act upon the intelligence gathered. Basically find out everything possible about as much as possible so the American government and people have the best knowledge possible to make...
overlooking the city of Langley, Virginia
For the most part, DIA is all about data collection, analysis & dissemination, i.e. it's just "a bunch of guys in suits and ties, sittin' around and 'suckin' scopes." Nuthin' Jimmy Bond, they're ridin' desks and ticklin' keyboards! DIA has HUMINT (Human Intel) & CI assets and depending on...
New York, Calafornia, Texas
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It is unlikely, as there is experience needed generally in Analytics,Logistics as well as severe experience (years of it) in some field besides the CIA that is related to it to be considered in the CIA as likely you meant by the question.Is it clearly defined? No . Is it probable? No.
THE most common question I get asked is: "How do I become a spy?" Younger visitors will drop comments like: "I wanna be a spy when I grow up." nice, but unlikely.   Spies don't usually choose their career. Spies are usually selected not elected. A spy is an agent employed by a state to obtain...
Usually NSA of FBI, if it is an international non American hacker CIA might get involved. IF a specific agency is targeted then that agency would usually get involved like if CID was targeted then they would most likely help investigate
Yes they may! And in some cases they may have jurisdiction in other countries ( with permission. ) to make an arrest. Although usually the State's patrol of the arrestee will make the arrest. The CIA will supervise the case while the person is prosecuted on either a State or Federal level. Usually...
The federal government
I think you are referring to the Valerie Plame affair of 2003-2005 which was a scandal in the George W. Bush administration.
The CIA was created after World War Two. Before 1942 there was no national intelligence agency, but rather various parts of the federal govenment - the Army, Navy, Treasury Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State Department, etc. - collected information in areas in which they were...
the CIA works for the president and congressman Senators etc.