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Hip Replacement

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In a total hip replacement, damaged hips are replaced with artificial hip parts called prosthesis, a device that substitutes or supplements a joint. Questions and answers are invited about the surgery and the technology involved in this procedure.
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Though there could be multiple reasons behind this, and a real-timeexamination of the patient is required to make a proper diagnosis,a probable cause could be the compression of the venous network ofthe hip region involved in the surgery, due to which the venousreturn of the ankles and legs, which...
Whether they have a new hip or not, you are putting a magnetic strip into an incredibly strong magnetic field. The MRI should be enough to wipe or corrupt the data in the strip.
I had total replacement on July 13, 2009 and returned home on July 16th. I am only 49 but needed replacement due to MVA 10 months prior. Best procedure yet as far as before and after difference. I would highly recommend this procedure.
It has generally been discredited, though the results are still reasonable in men.
One alternative to a traditional total hip replacement is Hip Resurfacing. The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing ( BHR ) was pioneered in 1997 by Derek McMinn . The BHR currently has success rates as high as 97% after 13 years which is incredible compared to the statistics of total hip replacements. ...
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How long after hip replacement can i fly and how long after have sex
There are many reasons for pain after total hip replacement: 1. loosening of the implant: this usually presents as pain on starting to move in the morning or after lying or sitting for long periods. It can be diagnosed early by regular x-rays. 2. Infection: the pain is usually continuous, may be...
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This question should have been posed in another way, "Is there any chance of subluxation/luxation of a hip, no matter with or without hip prosthesis?".... And the answer is YES....so if you go for a total hip replacement, remember that you might unfortunately experience subluxations here too......
People require hip replacement surgery for a variety of reasons, but primarily because, over time, muscle and connective tissue get tighter and tighter and tighter. This compresses the joint and reduces circulation in and out of the tissue and to the joint lining itself. In simple terms, the...
An ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON is the type of doctor that preforms hip replacement surgeries.
If she 'just' had surgery, it is because they have just cut through her skin, muscle fat, and cut the bone and probably used a large metal mallet a lot. Nothing unusual, should subside with time.
Your medical practitioner and gynecologist are the people to advise you on this.
Healing time following a total hip replacement is dependent on a number of factors. These include the type approach used, the type of fixation used, your general level of health and fitness and how much effort you put into your physical therapy program.
Should be pretty safe because they do them alot.
When the stem of the implant starts to come loose you will experience pain and discomfort. It is important to visit your surgeon for two reasons. Firstly, to get the diagnosis confirmed - there are other possible sources for the pain and discomfort. Secondly, if the surgeon confirms that the...
medical reason for the surgery
That would really depend on the type of surgery you have had and how much progress you've made. For the vast majority of people the answer will be yes. A roller coaster might be scary but you really don't move much in your seat. However if you've had problems such as an infection or have weak...
Yes!! I rode roller coasters galore last May when we went to Orlando, which was less than six months after my total hip replacement. I had a ball, and no problems at all.
It should be fine, though I would avoid trying to lift weights from this position.
I normally park in a car park, can you re-phrase the question please!
You should limit yourself to swimming or stationery bikes at least at first if you need the exercise. In case of defective hip implant complications http://www.defectivehip.org/depuy/asr-recall/
The old view was always to leave the operation as long as possible but thinking has now changed. A painful, arthritic hip will continue to deteriorate whilst waiting for surgery with the possibility that the operation will become more difficult. In addition the other hip is likely to be affected as...
Not as a direct result of hip replacement surgery! But should be no reason to becoming pregnant in the normal manner.
Medical reason for surgery
Yes. One of our Orthopedic Surgeons at Annie Penn Hospital does perform the Anterior approach Total Hip Replacement. Dr. Harrison routinely performs these procedures on all his Total Hip Replacements. Wayne Mcfatter, RN, MSN Director of Surgical Services Wayne.mcfatter@mosescone.com
Hip replacement treatments and procedures are often suggested dueto damage caused by osteoarthritis or injuries that limit aperson's range of motion, mobility, and comfort. Hip replacementsurgeries tend to minimally invasive surgical procedures that areoften recommended after bone scans, MRIs, x...
Exactly what it sounds like. A hip bone is taken out, through surgery of course, and then is replaced with a prostetic. My mom's 'new' hip is made of titanium. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A bone conserving alternative...
Contact your physician for an examination of your implant system. Describe any potential symptoms you my be experiencing such as swelling and/or discomfort.
Generally, this is avoided, though in some cases a transfusion is needed, either because of the patient bleeds more than usual, or during a complex case.
I think you can but it has to be a serious accident to break the implant from the bone. I think usually people refer to breaking a hip as an explanation for dislocation which happens more commonly and with less force needed
The hip degeneration that caused you to have a replacement may not be directly a result of steroids prescribed for your Crohn's or any bowel disease. Long term effects of bowel disease can manifest in poor nutrition and essential vitamin and mineral absorption. This is often a contributing factor...
Just about 100g heavier then the average hip Actually it weighs about 250-300gms (9-10½ ozs) - I'm an ortho theatre nurse and I know!
Yes, the surgeon can use a spinal block.
Age is only one factor and for a fit and healthy 90 year old the operation should be fine. The Queen of England's mother had one done at 97
One alternative to a traditional total hip replacement is Hip Resurfacing. The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing ( BHR ) was pioneered in 1997 by Derek McMinn . The BHR currently has success rates as high as 97% after 13 years which is incredible compared to the statistics of total hip replacements. ...
It replaces the cartilage which is usually worn and painful.
Artificial hips are' man made ' thats why they have limited lifetime.
Normally, the hip replacement will 'deteriorate' due to wear, as the particles can lead to a body reaction leading to osteolytic loosening. Though some patients don't get this.
Look in the mirror.Beat your hips with a scale.You will see that they would be in 2 parts. tada.
A cyst is an unusual collection of fluid and endothelial lining. Asubarticular cyst is a cyst that occurs below the surface of ajoint.
Yes, in a BIG way! I feel it's so loud I must be disturbing the peace. My replacement is just over a year old. I first tried a Birmingham Resurfacing but my femur neck fractured only 3 weeks after surgery. Now I have the full replacement with the grinding.
Iron will corrode (rust) in the body for a start. It is also not strong enough, the surface would also wear quickly.
You may ask your doctor about it.
The Synergy system should have no higher risk than other hips, though on average the dislocation rate is up to about 5% of hips at 10years. This may be affected by many things including surgical technique, prosthesis orientation, head size, and the activities that the patient is doing.
It depends on the doctor but they should not. But why would you get a hip replacement? I feel so sorry for you. I would hate to have a fake hip... For a primary hip, approximately 2-5% of hips will dislocate according to the literature. However, depending on your activity level (lots of bending...
They will open up the hip capsule (or what remains of it), dislocate the hip, and then take the polyethylene liner out of the cup (often using special tools), and put a new one in, then reverse the procedure.
It has more particles with more bonds, meaning it makes it more sturdy and stronger.
Specific to the DePuy ASR hip implants the list of symptoms for afailing replacement include: * Swelling * Limited flexibility resulting in change of stride or limping * Hip and or groin pain
The surgeon will cut the head of the femur, then cut a hole for the implant with a rasp, he will then cement in, or press fit a stem in the femur. They will also cut into the acetabulum with a reamer (looks like a round cheese grater), and put a cup in.
Is encore hemispherical shell 58 mm with a 6.5 mm 40 mm cancellous bone screw apex hold eliminator and a 38 mm metal liner
This should not limit you much, though I would avoid career that involve a lot of bending over.
Probably wouldn't be too smart. Try speed walking.
Normally cycling is fine, though every case is different, so speak to your Dr,
There are quite a few variables here 1. There are two versions of each. Metal on metal and metal on polyethylene and ceramic on ceramic and ceramic on polyethylene 2. Polyethylene wears out quicker then either metal or ceramic 3. There is currently a massive recall of metal on metal hip...
An artificial socket made of metal coated with polyethylene (plastic) to reduce friction is inserted in the hip. The top of the thigh bone is cut, and a piece of artificial thigh made of metal is fitted into the lower thigh bone
It depends. Many people who just filed for compensation with Depuy have not even received enough back to cover the additional medical expenses. Some of these people have had to partake in separate lawsuits related to this. That payout varies according to the case.
A surgeon will often use screws to secure the cup into the acetabulum.
One of the most promising advancements in hip replacement is minimally invasive surgery. Explained at www.newhipnews.com
The operation itself is called hip arthroplasty .
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Yes. Replacements usually last from eight to ten years, depending on a variety of factors.
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a standard procedure for hip replacement; a newer technique known as minimally invasive surgery (MIS), pioneered in Chicago in February 2001; and revision surgery, which is done to replace a loosened or damaged prosthesis.
A standard hip replacement operation takes 1-1/2-3 hours. The patient may be given a choice of general, spinal, or epidural anesthesia.
Between 200,000 and 300,000 hip replacement operations are performed in the United States each year, most of them in patients over the age of 60.
The most common conservative alternatives to hip replacement surgery are assistive devices (canes or walkers) to reduce stress on the affected hip; exercise regimens to maintain joint flexibility;
In general, hip revision surgery has less favorable outcomes than first-time replacement surgery. The greater length and complexity of the procedure often require a longer hospital stay
Because iron is an element meaning that it only contains iron atoms, pure iron is easily oxidized meaning that oxygen readily reacts with the surface of the iron which causes it to rust. Therefore, since the iron joint replacement is surrounded by wet tissues would it would rust and flake off which...
Osteoarthritis (OA). Osteoarthritis is a disorder in which the cartilage in the joints of the body gradually breaks down, allowing the surfaces of the bones to rub directly and wear against each other.
The life expectancy of implants used in first-time hip replacement surgery is usually given as 10-15 years, whereas revision implants may need to be removed after eight to 10 years.
Dr. Gavan Duffy and Dr. Kevi Murphy of JAcksonville are great!
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Well that depends on how you define "new" and where you live. Assuming USA, and that by "new" you mean "newly approved for widespread use by the FDA," then there are a couple products. 1. Very large diameter Metal on Metal bearings for both Resurfacing and Replacements 2. Improved Ceramic on...
In November 2010, Northwest Hospital and Medical Center, a suburban hospital in Seattle, has a "facility charge" for a 3.9-day stay of $90,000 (!). This does NOT include the surgeon's office calls or surgery fees, or the six-weeks of post-of physical therapy.
Hip replacement surgery can be performed in a general hospital with a department of orthopaedic surgery, but is also performed in specialized clinics or institutes for joint disorders
Hip replacement surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon, who is an MD and who has received advanced training in surgical treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
The longer term issues are mainly: asceptic loosening, dislocation, infection or some pain.
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Hip revision has different ICD-9 codes. 00.70 is the code for hiprevision of the acetabular and femoral components. 00.71 is foracetabular component only and 00.72 is for femoral components.81.53 is any hip revision that is not specified.
any time you experience pain lasting more that an hour after exercise you should consult your Doctor.
I had hip replacement surgery 2 years 2 1/2 months ago and my upper thigh is still numb! I was told it could be up to three years until I get the numbness to go away! I have until 2013 to look forward to finding out.