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Although we'd like to provide all the answers, questions asking about events in the future can only be answered with predictions. Have an idea when the world will end or who will win next year's Super Bowl? Add your opinion here. Only time will tell if your hunches are correct!


In 1861 a man finally decided to put his predictions into writingand it was actually correct. Francis Beaufort and his studentRobert FitzRoy worked on a new science in meteorology.
Its a science that is being worked on and doesnt get enough money  to work on, Once an earthquake has happened, then the regional  centers can predict if there are going to be more or not, but its  not a perfect science. How they do what they do is they have remote  sensors that they deploy to...
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring when  you are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below points  can be of help:    Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement.   A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth's  crust. An increase...
between the ages of 6 to 12 months for both males and females,  although this can be delayed until up to two years of age for some  large breeds.
no a fox can not
He no doubt predicted many things which the unbeliever in his prophetic gifts may ascribe to great natural shrewdness. Among these may be placed his prophecy, 150 years before the Caledonian Canal was built, that ships would some day sail round the back of Tomnahurich Hill. A gentleman in Inverness...
That is on a Tuesday.
a very very very very long time. no one can actually predict how  long except punxsutawny phil himself. <3 :) 
Mendel Diagrams. If the offspring gets a dominate gene from both parents, the offspring will exhibit traits from the dominate gene. If the offspring gets a dominate gene from one parent and a recessive gene from another, the offspring will exhibit traits from the dominate gene. If the offspring get...
I am 14 years old. My parents are physically and mentally abusive.  i can not handle it anymore. they have threatened to send me to a  nut ward even though i didn't do anything. i have arranged plans to  move in with my uncle. my parents don't know, can me or my uncle  get in trouble if i move...
it m refers to the three witches of death... they determine your  destiny in greek mythology
prediction, predictability, predicting, predicts, predicted.
it will become smaller because of global warming is melting  antarctica
Well, honestly, this depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I say  "Well, yeah, it does make you think about the future. Yet if you  ask some people that I know, then they may say   "No. It makes me think about the past." Or..." Nahhh. I don't care  what happens." Elderly may think into the...
you accept that and move on
ok so the inmate in me bob the  builder
Moore's law is the observation that, over the history of computing hardware,  the number of transistors in a dense  integrated circuit doubles  approximately every two years. The law is named after Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of the Intel Corporation, who  described the trend in his 1965 paper....
Sir Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier, GCMG,  PC, KC, (20 November 1841 - 17  February 1919), known as Wilfrid Laurier (French: [wilfʁid loʁje]; English /ˈlɒrieɪ/), was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada from 11  July 1896 to 6 October 1911.  Canada's first francophone prime minister, Laurier...
No and Yes, He is off a little by the years, but the influence is  helping those create his predictions in a rapid time.
Vancouver will have a major earthquake
i think by sending satellite on space to look at every single thing on the universe
Anyone can by looking at how fat they are or family history, my  fathers half brothers all have had heart attacks due to high  cholesterol. So it must have came from the re-married step father,  not his real father.
Depending on what materials you have. Making a paper cone and placing the egg in it would work!
Well, since this is an old question I would say the future looks  like crap now that Obama's in power.
it is always going up, so stop buying chips!
  They predict that, not him, but his descendants will be in the royal line  
I would hope you wouldnt stand on the highest tree in your area  with a umbrella. That would be a hilariously horrible failure.
There is speculation that the earths magnetic orientation will shift soon based on previous history, however no one today knows the answer. Sometime in the future your compass will read south when it is pointing north. This will affect the earths magnetic field, when it occurs. The Mayans never said...
 Thales of Miletus    The  ancient Greek philosopher Thales was born in Miletus in Greek  Ionia.Aristotle,  the major source for Thales's philosophy and science, identified  Thales as the first person to investigate the basic principles, the  question of the originating substances of...
The meteorologist predicted a rainstorm for next Tuesday using his  very reliable storm-tracking devices.
To make an experiment more accurate, repeat the experiment several times. If you do it 5 times there could be one or two anomalous, however do it 10, 15, 20 or 100 times you would find that about 95% of your results say one thing and that 5% say another, then your experiment will be dead accurate.
Candice Swanepoel
Quite a few most likely, the only two I can think of is when the meteor crashed into the earth and killed the dinosaurs, and in Y2K.
Predictions include a 20-40% reduction in the next ten, twenty-five, fifty, or one hundred years; a 40% reduction in the next few (undefined) years (which has been debunked as fraud); total loss within the next one hundred years; or little to no change and possibly rebound due to intervention...
Entertainment continues to evolve or more accurately entertainment  continues to devolve. As American culture tends to revolve around  television, music and social media, these outlets will have to  lower the standards morally, socially, politically and  intellectually. It would take years ...
Kindness is courageous. If you are kind to someone, it affects them  and causes them to want to do the same.
The future prediction of the krakatoa is that it will not shake again after the 1883 eruption     yours sincerely professor chi chi
Almost 126 years to the day since Krakatoa first showed signs of an  imminent eruption, It might very erupt soon enough
No. There is no relationship between palmistry and one's directionin life. It is just another version of fortune-telling likeastrology.
Chances are you will not.
precdiction about the story before
Weather satellites are used to observe changes in climate, with a  close focus on the movements of clouds.
volcanos are easier to pridict because a volcano has only heat andother cemicils and earth has hills and water and it can rain anyday
no greed towards gold all greed towards money
If they are helpless than it is impossible to help them.
yeah dude a scientist can predict when a tornado will happen.
there are many methods inwhich you can predict them such as:   seismometer   tilt meter   gravimeter   hope i helped
  == Answer ==   well, it is expected to be in the next 20 years... it is a known fact by all the world
Earthquakes can never be predicted because Mother Nature is a  surprise to us all
It means there is a blizzard on the way. -_-
There is really no way to forecast an earth quake. Scientist is  working on how to forecast.
so if somebody wanted to go out they would know the weather!
Fercansquazle-a random word invented by Peyton Summers in 2009. It is a word to use as onomatopoeia, such as BAM! and POW! or MOO! Definition worded by Lizzy Charleston just now. Please visit the official website of fercansquazle- fercansquazle.weebly.com
Sarah Jayne Brooks
well, I dont have an opinion about the 2012 prediction????????????? all we need to do is to live each day as if its the last...................... hahahahahahahahaahh
it will still be the way it is because God created the earth and  nothing on earth will change until he comes back for the rapture.  He is the one and only God.the god of neptune and all of these  other greek "gods" are fake. So to answer your question. no one  knows what will happen. the...
you feel the earth shaking or look on the news.
It depends on how good your observations are. If your observations  are really good then maybe they can lead up to a good prediction  but make sure it all makes sense and you reread you obsrvations  aloud plenty of times
Yes, there are many scenes between these two characters.
A machine that able them to read the levels of ground movements. This machine makes a drawing in zigzag Like a heart beat reader. When the lines are high there is going to be a big earthquake. low zigzag having stationary lined means not much earthquakes. Hope this helps!
Stranger.... its already 2014.... start living in this moment. It  is a great one!
Yes, Mayans predicted disease outbreaks and droughts
Geologists can fairly accurately measure a volcano's activity,  pressure build-up etc. Many volcanos that are labelled as 'active'  now have permanent monitoring stations in the neighborhood that  warn if the pressure starts to build up beyond a 'safe' level. The  chances of a vulcano erupting...
The same way they are predicted in the rest of the world...not at all. It is difficult at best to predict an earthquake. Some earthquake prone areas seem to follow a regular cycle, so geologist can predict when a event "may" take place. But, so far, we don't have the technology or ability to say...
Since a prediction is based off of one's thoughts/understanding of  the story.
No!;p I do phone readings so I regularly make predictions without the client in front of me. Spirit is not bound by time or space.
For climate change it is predicted that in the (near) future it will become increasingly warmer here on earth and some scientists even go as far as saying that the poles will then melt causing catastrophic flooding on land. Non-Speculative Response: Some will take the space as an opportunity to bang...
Temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction,  precipitation, and humidity and dew point.