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Space Aliens

The existence of life beyond earth is strictly theoretical. Whether you consider them friendly visitors, aggressive invaders, or just characters in a science fiction novel or film, ask your questions about our space neighbors here.
They can come from anywhere, but normally the term is applied either to people from other countries, or creatures from other planets (the latter type being as yet entirely fictional).
Well, not recently, but there is evidence that there used to be life on Mars. Satellites were sent near that planet and the satellite captured pictures of frozen lakes and oceans with parts of "ExtraTerrestrial" life. I hope that answers your question.P.S. I put some websites for you to look at! :...
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Many scientists consider the possibility life exists elsewhere in our universe (and more particularly even within our own galaxy) quite likely. A few do not think it is likely.
I do. I think that in all the100,000,000 or whatever of stars out there, there must be some other kind of life form. there is so many stars, each with over 5 planets, and most of the planets have got moons.
Area 51 is a closed military area. The existence of UFOs there is probably a rumor, but since access to the area is closed, it is hard to verify.
They would behave according to the environment and lifestyle given.  Also by the intelligence of the creature.
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It is a proven fact that invisibility can be achieved through bending light around an object, acting as a cloak. So if aliens exist and have the technology to prove it, then yes they will be able to *POOF* stupid old answer - No body actually knows because there hasn't actually even been proof...
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Neither aliens nor time machines are known to exist. They sure do, they are called clocks.
There have been reports that people have seen UFO's. We are not sure if there is life out in space, but there has to be something out there. Actually, seeing something in the sky you can't ID does NOT make it an alien spacecraft. In fact that is the most farfetched explanation for the UFO phenomenon...
Of course it can, haven't you watched any sci-fi movies or games? There's this game called Halo. it's when the earth over populates and the human race colonizes other worlds. After a while, on a planet the humans called "Harvest", an alien race was detected, known as the Covenant. They were...
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Yes indeed they have.
People have their believes but i think that alien really don't exist, some day we will find out but not today, so be there when they tell you.
Well it has not been proved that there are such things as aliens yet
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Ancient Egyptians (humans) built the pyramids. Those who say otherwise demean the intelligence, ingenuity, and abilities of people and the Egyptians.
there are moon in other Galaxy that could probably hold some sort of life form
Not that anyone has been able to prove, but it is fun to pretend, isn't it? yes ascropshave been seen
Since aliens do not appear to actually exist, and are probably not criminals if they do exist, there is no way. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and there is no reason to think it is not us.
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Now, let's get serious. There are no aliens known to exist, just a bunch of anecdotes, and no matter how high you stack anecdotes, they never become evidence. We hope there is other life out there, and we consider it likely. But someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe,...
We haven't found any space aliens, so nobody knows.
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If we was to ever get an alien signal, we wouldn't be able to read it.
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Well, when I dispatched for 911, I would pass off all the UFOnuts to the nearest airport, as there is no law against seeing (or being!) a light in the sky, and flying stuff is their business. And the local airport would tell them to call us. Ideally no one had to deal with it. The USG stopped any...
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The word "aliens" refer to any existing life form that did not originate from the planet Earth or to (legal or illegal) immigrants to a country that who were originally born to another nationality. No outer space-type aliens are known and proven to exist. There are some suggested locations for...
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The answer varies with each individual, but the general principle is: Old Age if nothing else gets to you first.
First we have to know whether or not they exist.
They hang out at Quark's bar. Don't you watch Star Trek.
Any aliens that may or may not exist may or may not be monitoring earth. Any monitoring depends upon the level of technology, location, interest and awareness. Specifically, aliens may not know of our existence if their technology is undeveloped, their location is far away, they have other...
Not so far. There are NO known and proven alien spacecraft to have ever come to Earth. So far all we have are tall tales, worth about as much as you would suspect. The pretense, by UFO hoaxbuffs, is that somehow the US government somehow always manages to steal the proof. The US, by the way, covers...
Who knows? maybe they speak, ir maybe they have mutant powers! like in the xmen! So cool!
No aliens, in the sense of extraterrestrials, are known and proven to actually exist.
  == Answer ==   There are 2 explanations , biblically from god the creator, scientifically from a gaseous substances that forms a solid core, with all the neutrons, electrons, protons and forms the earths energy fields
Aliens didn't build the pyramids, actual humans did that.
There is absolutely no scientific proof of aliens anywhere, let alone among us. It seems likely there may be aliens somewhere out there but that is very different than pretending you have actual proof.
Nothing yet. There is no reason to think there are any. Hope so, though.
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There are numerous people who claim to have personally interacted  with aliens. However, none of these encounters have been  scientifically proven. So it would be safe to remain skeptical when  evaluating these sorts of accounts of aliens dealing with humans  directly.
In "Discourse on The Method," Descartes implies that traveling  abroad can alienate you from your homeland" "if you spend too much  time travelling you will end up being a stranger in your own  country; and someone who is too absorbed in studying the practices  of past ages usually remains quite...
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Judging by the actual evidence, never. There are a lot of tall tales, but no matter how high you stack anecdotes, they never become evidence. So far no one has slapped an alien (dead or alive) or any piece of transhuman technology on a table in front of the scientists of the world. Since...
No reason to think there are any.
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Any color a human can imagine. They do not appear to exist anywhere but in the human imagination.
Since they do not appear to exist, they can't.
Alien is the creature with four legs, tail and nested mouths. They can easily climb the walls and ceiling. They are really fast and agile. Their saliva and especially blood is extremely corrosive. Predators are the human shaped creatures with a mask/helmet. They have a HUD (Head-Up Display) with...
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Basically, Von Daniken is concerned with the alleged space-travel and UFo existence and assistance to man, in the Ancient Past. One is reminded of a popular series of science fiction novels that had sidetracks into ancient cultures. if the cultures were extinct, there would be no ethical problems in...
Why should extraterrestrials negate religion? Even the Bible doesn't exclude the possibility - "God created the heavens and the earth" allows for things to be in "the heavens", but just doesn't say what/who/where. ---------------------------------- Why would seeing things in the sky you can't...
There is absolutely no scientific proof of aliens anywhere, let alone contacting us. It seems likely there may be aliens somewhere out there but that is very different than pretending you have actual proof.
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Aliens have nothing to do with religion, as the afterlife and God are metaphysical, and aliens and UFO's are earthly beings. Quite true. Aliens and UFOs both spring from the mind of Earth humans. The arrogance of assuming anything in the sky we can't ID is an alien spacecraft! The silliness of...
Well it depends what planet they are from if they are from Pluto, Saturn or Jupiter then No the only way to kill them is to drown them in wee. If they are from any other planet in our solar system then yes. However if they are from outside our galaxy then only if the name of their planet begins with...
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There is no reason whatsoever to think so; in fact every day that goes by we learn more about our genetic oneness with the other living things of this world. As a matter of fact, though, we don't actually know for sure there are any aliens, so using them as an explanation for our existence is kinda...
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yes because i follow in youtube.com and i have seen a ufo before
So far as anyone knows and can prove, no. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and there is no reason to think it is not us.
you wouldn't want a probe in your eye would you. Plus they cant really find much info from sticking it in your foot.
NO!but what I mean is there is no good or bad people, just different situations..which bring out our good and bad sides essentially. Basically if we were to put a load of 'good' people into a hostile environment and tell them to fend for themselves they would very quickly become 'bad' or else carry...
If we were there, we would be aliens. If they were here, they would be the aliens. Depends on the type of alien.
Since we haven't actually discovered any aliens yet, we do notknow. However scientists do believe that due to there being billions ofgalaxies out there, there must be another planet like earth withlife on it.
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Because gravity tends to bring things together into either stars, planets, or the like, and the gravity of these sweep up anything in their vicinity, leaving vacuum.
No .So far, in real life, there is no reason to think there even are aliens, let alone aliens who build starships. Someone in the universe has to be first, no reason to think it isn't us. Also, "UFO" means Unidentified Flying Object, something you see in the sky that you yourself cannot ID. It does...
people believe aliens are responsible for crop circles. some also think aliens created Stonehenge as one of many communications posts. these people are crazy. There are no aliens known to exist, in real life. Sorry. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and it might...