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The WNBA is Woman's National Basketball Association. Founded in 1996 it is the woman's counterpart to the NBA, National Basketball Association. Their motto is "Expect Great" and many of their fans expect, and receive great. Ask your questions about the WNBA, WNBA teams, and WNBA players here.
Marion Jones, aka Marion Jones-Thompson is trying to go to WNBA. So  far, she has won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Jones was born  on October 12, 1975 in Los Angles, California. Marion is 5' 10".
24 seconds, same as the NBA
  The league was founded in 1996 and began play in 1997.
A rookie player in the WNBA makes about $35,000 a year.
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AnswerWomen's hands are smaller. and its easier to play with
The average yearly is 72,000. Some get more depending on how  excellent they are or signing deals with Nike, Reebok and so forth.
WNBA stands for Womens National Basketball Association
whos the most famous wnba
Diana Taurasi of Pheonix Mercury with 47 points on Aug. 06, 2006 vs. Houston Comets.
Nykesha Sales, Sue Bird, and Diana Taurasi
  1 out of every 16000 make it  
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Yes, Lauren Jackson is definitely the best
WNBA players do not make as much as NBA players because there is not as many revenue producing sponsors to market the league due to the fact that there are not nearly as many viewers who watch the WNBA as the NBA. The more people watch the sport, the more money advertisers will pay to market the...
Donna Orender is the current president of the WNBA Players Association.
the Harlem Gold Trotters are a mostly black African American basketball team that plays around the world, hence the name the Globe, not Gold, Trotters
The Women's National Basketball Association(WNBA) is the NBA for women basketball players
yes, because all games are not home games.
The Phoenix Mercury defeated the Detroit Shock in five games (3games to 2) to win the 2007 WNBA Finals. Phoenix point guard CappiePondexter was named the Finals MVP and this was the Mercury's firstWNBA Championship.
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As of the 2008 season, twice (2003, 2006).
The price of a WNBA ticket is lower because men are more athletic and therefore people want to see more action going on in a game.
I beileve its 10 feet, but I may be wrong
  You don't have to take classes. You just need to be really good. And if you want to get into a college with a really good basketball program, you have to practice ALOT!!
Teams in the WNBA play four 10-minute quarters. Each overtime period, if needed, is 5 minutes.   Games usually take about 2 hours to be completed.
The first player chosen in the 2008 WNBA draft was Candace Parker from the University of Tennessee.
  == Answer ==   The Charlotte Sting   The Cleveland Rockers   The Houston Comets   The Los Angeles Sparks   The New York Liberty   The Phoenix Mercury   The Sacramento Monarchs   The Utah Starzz
Diana Taurasi makes 100,000 dollars a year.
YES, but why would you do it just for the money? Do it for the fun dude! I can tell you I'm gonna be a WNBA player.
The WNBA was formed to let woman play basketball just like men.
Vicky Bullett was the first woman allocated to a team.
$15,000 and 1/2 off Subway from 4:30-5:00 on Sundays
It can be. but it depends on how you play in every game. so my answer would be yes.
You work hard on your basketball skills and fundamentals just like with any aspirations to become a professional athlete. I disagree! you have to be good, play on a college team, do awesome at a basketball game that a scout is watching, and get them to recommend you to the WNBA! After that you get...
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Margo Dydek at 7'2"
The WNBA Phoenix Mercury get their name from the city Phoenix which  is known for being hot. Being that they are the female counterpart  to the Phoenix Suns which again is hot. Mercury being close to the  Sun as in 3 planets away is hot.
Because Phoenix's are a Mercury red color.
what was the average salary for a wnba player ,between1997 & 2007
10 minutes, same as the NBA.
you must know how to play
Deanna Nolan is 38 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1979).
The Seattle Storm defeated the Atlanta Dream in 3 games (3-0) to win the 2010 WNBA finals.
The Seattle Storm did, beating the Atlanta Dream (who were in their second total season) 3-0 games.
Yes, you can dunk. Only two players have dunked in the WNBA so far: Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie.   Leslie in a 2002 regular season game. And Parker in two 2008 regular season games.   Leslie also dunked in the 2005 All-Star Game. And Michelle Snow dunked in the 2006 All-Star Game.
There is no specific degree that you need to play in the WNBA.  Provided you have your degree and talent in the game, you can play  in the WNBA.
Obviously, the better they are, the different the salary is. However, the average salary is around $75,000.
no they get paid like nba players just not as much.average nba player gets a 12 million dollar contractaverage wnba player gets 60 thousand to 100so they make alot of money just not like the men
28.5 inches (72.4 cm)
how to shoot 3pointer,crosss over
being in the wnba is their job
June 3, 2011 at 10:30 pm Eastern Time. The Minnesota Lynx travel to Los Angeles to take on the Sparks.
    Nothing now. She was cut before this season, unfortunately. The Mercury don't want good shooters, apparently.
Born to Louise Swoopes and Eric Jackson married 1995 divorced 1999.
  4 10 Minute Quarters   About 2 hours overall
  Lisa Leslie was the first to dunk it in a WNBA game, Candace Parker (rookie) was the second. She has dunked it twice this year. They both play for the LA Sparks
  12 players (as with nba) not certain how many may be on the injured list-one for certain however, may be up to 3 as with nba (will research further)
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According to wnba.com, through the games of June 14, 2008 Lisa Leslie was the all time leading scorer in WNBA history with 5,567 points. Tina Thompson is second all time with 5,048 points.
  um.....the WNBA didn't start until 1996....somebody is pulling yo leg
The WNBA did not induct her into the WNBA Hall of Fame
Nobody really knows, but they make six figures (more than the players).
  no they get paid by the year or years or sometimes coaches sign people in the middle of the year and sign them for the rest of the season
  the top in the WM+NBA league is temeka johnson. She is also the 6th frafted which is very good since, she is the shjortes player in the WNBA.   the top in the WM+NBA league is temeka johnson. She is also the 6th frafted which is very good since, she is the shjortes player in the WNBA.
- The Womens National Basketball Association (WNBA) Was Created , So Women Can Have The Experience To Play Ball.
It depends on which division you are talking about.High school, college, and nba are all different
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